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  1. Big deal, no deal or little deal?
  2. 1.) Liliana of the Veil - for a Modern Jund Deck 2.) Tarmogoyf - see above 3.) Cavern of Souls - to finish my Legacy deck 4.) Chalice of the Void - see #3 5.) Goblin Game:
  3. Aquaman I've been a defender of the DC movies, mostly because they take risks and offer a different take on the super heroes. They aren't cookie cutter movies that a machine churns out. Well, at least they used to be. I had high hopes for Aquaman, but it just didn't do it for me. It felt like they played it safe and mostly by the numbers. The special effects were great, but does every scene need it? The fact that it's made more than any other DC movie speaks how most people don't want movies that make them think, they just want to be entertained. Grade: C
  4. Not sure if it even matters, but the latest poll can be found here
  5. Ahh, Leisure Suit Larry. Good fun for the whole family
  6. Picked up The Division on Steam during the Lunar Sale for $5. Based on the reviews it seems as though it's more fun if you play with friends. Anyone playing it or anyone that has played it?
  7. I used Chrome for years, when I knew I probably shouldn't have been because of security and privacy issues. So I'm looking for suggestions on a new browser. Which one do you use?
  8. It's on sale now on Steam for about $10
  9. Hello, which format were you looking for help with?
  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one who despises social media. There are definitely cliques and if you aren't in one of them or align yourself with what they think like a lemming, it will make it much harder to get your content out there. Lots of the bigger creators talk about 'muh community' but it's all lip service. With one click to share a link or a post from another creator would expose that content to thousands of people. They don't owe anyone anything, of course. They don't have to do anything to help anyone else, but don't talk about how much you love the community and how much you want to help and do next to nothing to help new creators or creators who have been grinding for years but just need that one click to push them over the edge. Twitter especially is such a cesspool of negativity and drama. Creating content is tough, and I have the utmost respect for those of you who put in the time, money and energy to create content that most of the time goes unnoticed by most players. It's too bad, because theres so much great stuff out there that doesn't get the attention it deserves. I'm glad some of you still create content because I enjoy it and know there are others out there who do too.
  11. This year I plan to really push to get into shape and exercise more regularly. I finished 2018 pretty strong, bicycle commuting to work and I started mountain biking. I moved back to night shifts for a year or so to catch up on expenses and get ahead. It's a 15% night differential, so I gave myself a pretty good raise choosing to work nights again. Trips planned to Ithaca, New York in June depending on how my son's Science Olympiad team does, the national competition is there. If they don't make it to nationals we're going somewhere else, we just aren't sure where yet.
  12. They must be losing money on events. How many new players do GPs bring to the game? Other than players who are already familiar with the game and mechanics, who do these events appeal to? You have to be familiar with the format and cards to really follow along. From Hasboro's perspective, do they even need these events to sell product? The amount they spend on the event, contractors and flying their favorite content creators in from all over adds up. I can see Arena not having enough options for some people that they turn to paper Magic. The problem with paper Magic that I've experienced before I was able to get my friends hooked is your options can be limited. When I lived in Reno I learned how to play and ended up with a few thousand cards in my collection. When I moved back to Albuquerque I didn't know anyone else who played. I went to a few local game stores but everyone was rude and I didn't have the desire to deal with those people to play. So for years my cards sat and collected dust. It wasn't until 5 or 6 years later that I convinced my friends to try and ended up with a regular play group. In the meantime I found a good group to play with at a local game store, but I work weird hours and sometimes making those events proved to be a challenge. Other nights I was available they were playing Standard, Legacy or Modern and I didn't have a deck good enough to even bother going. With Arena I can be in my underwear at home and play Magic anytime.
  13. What are your thoughts on the future of paper Magic? Is Wizards trying to push everyone towards Arena, or is digital just another way to enjoy the game?
  14. It's been on my wishlist for a while, just one of those games I haven't picked up. I'm happy to hear there's a storyline to play through, and not just survive as long as you can.
  15. Well said