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  1. With the current hosting plan coming to an end, I decided to give Discord a try and was impressed with it's community features. I don't think we have an activity level currently that warrants a dedicated website and forums. As much as I love forums, they just aren't appealing to most users any more. Apps like Discord are too easy to use and too many features to join different websites. I'm still new to Discord, if anyone would like to be an admin and give me a hand with moderation and other fun stuff, please let me know. I setup a Discord server for TGA there, you can join here: I'll try to send old TGAers on Steam the link, maybe they will join us as well. Hope to see you there
  2. Updated invite link:
  3. Thats a set I haven't purchased a single card from, surprised to hear it was such a boom
  4. Forums have been dying off for a while now, I've been in denial about that. It's my favorite type of communication for big groups, but unfortunately other services have taken over. I think MTG is probably doing OK, I thought there were more people who played for fun and would want to chat about it. Not everyone wants to be on the tournament circle.
  5. I always do, I'm not a monster.
  6. Due to lack of traffic (and an overgrown database that requires a bigger hosting plan), will be closing the site next month and moving to Discord. Looking back 4 years ago, I thought there would be more of a demand for a casual MTG community without the toxicity of a place like reddit. Even though the site didn't survive, it was a fun ride and worth a try. Thank all of you who have supported the site over the years, I can't tell you how much it means to me personally. Even though I've had a few negative experiences, the majority of it has been positive. The Discord server is new, so it's a clean slate. I'm hoping someone will be willing to help with the setup and such, and we can keep the core group of members together. I'm open to ideas and I'm not too familiar with Discord, so the help would be greatly appreciated! The invite link is: I would like to revive FridayMTG there as well to help content creators. On to the next chapter, I hope to see you all there and continue the fun.
  7. Hope you all had a great one
  8. If that list is true it's good news, at least. If this kind of insider trading is this common, imagine what else goes on behind the scenes with some of these more popular content creators.
  9. I must have missed it when it was first posted, but I read the Wired article about MTG finance and insider trading. The Stockbrokers Of Magic: The Gathering Play for Keeps I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but some of the information in the article caught me off guard. Especially the insider trading and shady MTG finance practices of "community" members.
  10. Wonder what the price of packs will be
  11. I probably missed it, but they back tracked on the whole no more Masters sets?
  12. I haven't, it's times like these I regret not using social media like Facebook.
  13. I have a couple per week, my favorites are maduros but I enjoy pretty much anything. Connecticuts aren't usually my cup of tea but there are a few I have time to time.
  14. You can, some people play via skype but it just isn't the same imho
  15. Good to hear from you, glad college is going well. It tends to take up lots of time. Haven't been keeping up with MTG lately, too busy with other stuff but been playing other games here and there.