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  1. Title is pretty misleading
  2. I've loved the comic book for years now (it gets a little convoluted at the end, but still good) but never thought they would ever be able to make a TV series or movie based on it because it's so violent and explicit. Well, looks like they did: From the reviews I've seen it stays pretty close to the source material. After Seth Rogan shit all over 'Preacher' I really hope this series does Garth Ennis some justice to highlight some of his great stories.
  3. casual

    That card is going to be fun. With the above list I'm going to swap out the Sanctifiers and use Thraben Inspectors instead. Some digging help.
  4. I'm wanting to build a casual Angel deck, mostly for multiplayer games. I've picked up a few cards for it, namely Avacyn Angel of Hope (x2) and Archangel Avacyn (x2) to build off of. Wanting something aggressive and frustrating, not really a white weenie type of strategy. White is kind of new to me, I'm used to building black or blue asshole type decks. I'll probably dust off my cards and start putting stuff together on my weekend, but looking for suggestions or ideas!
  5. Something about letting those cards go that you pulled from a pack fresh. I did that a little building my Legacy Eldrazi deck and wanted to keep going but stopped.
  6. Going through some binders today and ran across my 4 copies of Mycosynth Lattice and one foil. It's a little beat up cause I played it unsleeved for a while before I knew better. Started to wonder what worth, so I pulled it up on mtg stocks... whoa! About $55 and up to $200 for the foil.
  7. casual

    I found so many angels in my collection that instead of trying for one angel deck, I'm going to try for two. One mono white and one boros. I just searched through my collection and started a draft: Why the Cathedral Sanctifiers? Well, I'm trying to add in life gain for survival and to buy time before I can get the bigger angels out. Plus, they are fodder for Emancipation Angel (should be 4 copies, not 1).
  8. I've been holding onto mine for nostalgia reasons, but it might be time to say goodbye.
  9. casual

    Good stuff... I was thinking using it with Lethal Vapors and maybe something that punishes them when creatures die. Although I'm not sure how long that would last, someone would volunteer to skip a turn.
  10. Organizing cards when I ran across this one: So many assholish possibilities with this card in a casual or maybe even EDH game. Has anyone ever played around with this card or have any ideas?
  11. Now that Pauper is an official format, which cards are good to grab now before prices rise? Whether it's to use in decks or resell
  12. There's a ton of browser extensions out there. Some really handy ones and some pretty useless ones, too. Any that you all recommend using? Just found ClearURLs that is super useful.
  13. The last episode kinda threw me a little, didn't end really strong but still a really good show. They are filming season 2 now so that's good news.
  14. Oh boy, this has so much fun potential
  15. Been getting lots of bots lately, partially my fault for not keeping up with captcha stuff. Going to disable new registrations temporarily until I can make sure it's good to go again. Kind of a pain in the ass going through all the posts and members to remove them. Some other pretty big changes coming soon, too.
  16. There are no coincidences!
  17. That's nasty. Another good one! I had kind of given up on the idea, but I think I'm going to give this strategy a try.
  18. This card was played during our new year games and I guess I never really paid much attention to it, but I think it could lead to some fun. The problem is getting to 5 to cast it, but after it's on the battlefield there's some fun possibilities. First thing that came to my mind is something like Energy Chamber Thinking of going with a Boros soldier/soldier token strategy. Any ideas for this deck that will be played mostly in casual multiplayer?
  19. I almost didn't recognize that the actor playing Homelander was the main character from Banshee.
  20. Yeah it really sets the tone lol. I'm 3 episodes in and pretty happy with it, they are staying true to the source material for the most part. Does Elizabeth Shue age?
  21. There are a few of us out there, seems like we can be hard to find.
  22. Playing Cities: Skylines and X-COM 2. What are you playing?
  23. You could go for cards like Mind Crank, Dustmantle Guildmage or Wheel and Deal to go along with your draw strategy. Could also go for a win with a Sanguine Bond and Exquisite Blood combo with your opponents taking damage when they draw.
  24. How is ESO these days?
  25. Been looking forward to this one for a while. I don't think Woody ages.