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  1. I'm all about supporting small businesses and ordering take out, but we're getting mixed messages. Don't touch the Amazon package from the delivery driver without gloves. Throw the box away immediately and wash your hands after. But have a stranger make your food and eat it.
  2. Probably doesn't help that everyone is online doing stuff all day, every day. I'd like to see how much the traffic for PornHub has spiked over the last few weeks
  3. Same, I usually say it's a card game just because I don't have the patience to explain it.
  4. New Mexico shut down pretty fast, we only had a handful of cases before the Governor issued a stay at home order. No groups larger than 5 and only essential travel. They aren't pulling people over to check, yet. But thankfully they encourage small household groups to go for a walk or ride your bike. So I'm still able to ride my bike and get out a little bit. I'm considered essential at work, so nothing has really changed there. It's the gubment, so of course there is no plan if someone gets sick and everyone gets it. They are just crossing their fingers nobody gets it. Starting to get a little stir crazy, it's just weird everything being shut down. It's unfortunate for those people who have lost their jobs or businesses. Things will change pretty drastically because of this, I think more companies will have people working from home instead of paying for office space.
  5. The more copies of these cards, the better. The prices even after 10 years or so is still too high.
  6. Has anyone tried No Man's Sky Next? I'm hearing some really positive feedback from it after the last big update.
  7. I was pretty close with my predictions except the Bills actually making the playoffs. Browns have to fire Kitchens and hire someone like Mike McCarthey, then trade OBJ.
  8. The best thing about Pioneer is no Lightning Bolt
  9. They are pretty fancy. I don't mind them changing it up from time to time though. Would be awesome if they teamed up with artists online and had them create artwork for lands, but I doubt that would ever happen.
  10. I don't mind Thoughseize as much as the others you mentioned, although it would be nice not having it. Whenever you're looking over decklists for non-Standard formats (hell, even Pauper) you always consider Lightning Bolt.
  11. What cards are you all looking out for or digging out of boxes to sell off now that Pioneer is gaining traction? Lots of my old lands that I thankfully kept in binders will see some sunlight again, thanks to this format. I've mostly been on the lookout for lands, they seem to be most likely to hold their value even after bans. A channel I've been keeping up with is Hero's and Legends, they stay pretty up to date on finance stuff
  12. Banning part of the Copy Cat deck is going to have an impact on card prices for sure.
  13. Haven't tried it, but for a table top game all that for $70 isn't bad!
  14. That's very true about RTR era cards, the costs are low.
  15. Frontier was an unofficial format that was from Magic Origins on. It was popular for a while but kind of faded away. People were asking Wizards to make it official, but they never really acknowledged it (from what I remember). It's a little funny that they create their own format so similar to it now that it's been two or three years since the popularity of Frontier was at it's peak.
  16. They were trying too hard to catch up with Hearthstone instead of just starting slow and building from it. And nope, they never learn. Focus on what you do best, instead of spreading yourself too thin.
  17. So, it's Frontier basically? I'm not a fan of so many formats, it waters down the existing formats and almost prevents them from reprinting cards later that people are avoiding by going to the new format (fetches).
  18. I'm happy to get more Un cards, but it would be better to get another full set.
  19. The idea of buying old sealed packs is fun. Nostalgia and potentially some expensive cards to pull because of the print runs not being nearly what they are today. Do you ever buy old sealed packs?
  20. Does anyone else use Telegram? I started using it and am impressed with the features it has.
  21. I think certain (most?) apps are listening. Facebook owns Whatsapp so I don't trust it. Recently my wife and I have noticed that after we have a conversation about something we need to buy the ads start popping up for those products. Even if we never searched for the product anywhere, there it is. At my nephue's tattoo parlor he has an Amazon Echo that he uses to stream music in the shop. We've talked about bands while the music is playing, and even if it's playing a totally different genre of music, it will start playing the band we just talked about. It was playing country music (meh) and we talked about the new TOOL album coming out. The next song was TOOL. I've been making a concious effort to stay away from anything Google and Facebook. Instead of using a google search, I use DuckDuckGo. Ditched Chrome as well.
  22. I really need to join your playgroup Great job!
  23. I'm lucky to not screw up a bowl of cereal, so I'll have to pass on this one. Are you going to give it a try?
  24. Even though Kitchens was the OC last year, it's still kind of a new coaching staff. They need time to adjust to the new day to day routine.