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  1. Hope you all had a great one
  2. I must have missed it when it was first posted, but I read the Wired article about MTG finance and insider trading. The Stockbrokers Of Magic: The Gathering Play for Keeps I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but some of the information in the article caught me off guard. Especially the insider trading and shady MTG finance practices of "community" members.
  3. If that list is true it's good news, at least. If this kind of insider trading is this common, imagine what else goes on behind the scenes with some of these more popular content creators.
  4. Wonder what the price of packs will be
  5. I probably missed it, but they back tracked on the whole no more Masters sets?
  6. I haven't, it's times like these I regret not using social media like Facebook.
  7. I have a couple per week, my favorites are maduros but I enjoy pretty much anything. Connecticuts aren't usually my cup of tea but there are a few I have time to time.
  8. You can, some people play via skype but it just isn't the same imho
  9. Good to hear from you, glad college is going well. It tends to take up lots of time. Haven't been keeping up with MTG lately, too busy with other stuff but been playing other games here and there.
  10. I didn't expect much from Knives Out, but it was really enjoyable and clever.
  11. I'm not even certain we will have an NFL season, at least not a full season. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.
  12. Midsommar I was a fan of Hereditary, so I wanted to see what other movies the director was involved in. It's a long movie, but I enjoyed it. Definitely not for everyone, but I enjoyed the little hints here and there as the story unraveled. Grade: B
  13. Tried watching Billions after hearing how good it was. Sadly, it's not very good. Gave up on it after a few seasons. Just finished Tiger King, because I was curious what all the fuss was about. It was funny, interesting, awkward and depressing all at the same time.
  14. I've been on a mission to find new bands that I haven't heard before. Bought tickets to see Deftones in August (which will probably be cancelled now) and Gojira was an opening act. Started looking into them and found other similar bands and found Deafheaven
  15. Was pretty excited to see this series even though I haven't spent much time playing the game I'm still a fan of the genre. It wasn't as good as I expected, but I'm glad they are making it.
  16. Has anyone tried No Man's Sky Next? I'm hearing some really positive feedback from it after the last big update.
  17. I'm all about supporting small businesses and ordering take out, but we're getting mixed messages. Don't touch the Amazon package from the delivery driver without gloves. Throw the box away immediately and wash your hands after. But have a stranger make your food and eat it.
  18. Probably doesn't help that everyone is online doing stuff all day, every day. I'd like to see how much the traffic for PornHub has spiked over the last few weeks
  19. Same, I usually say it's a card game just because I don't have the patience to explain it.
  20. New Mexico shut down pretty fast, we only had a handful of cases before the Governor issued a stay at home order. No groups larger than 5 and only essential travel. They aren't pulling people over to check, yet. But thankfully they encourage small household groups to go for a walk or ride your bike. So I'm still able to ride my bike and get out a little bit. I'm considered essential at work, so nothing has really changed there. It's the gubment, so of course there is no plan if someone gets sick and everyone gets it. They are just crossing their fingers nobody gets it. Starting to get a little stir crazy, it's just weird everything being shut down. It's unfortunate for those people who have lost their jobs or businesses. Things will change pretty drastically because of this, I think more companies will have people working from home instead of paying for office space.
  21. The more copies of these cards, the better. The prices even after 10 years or so is still too high.
  22. I was pretty close with my predictions except the Bills actually making the playoffs. Browns have to fire Kitchens and hire someone like Mike McCarthey, then trade OBJ.