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  1. I've heard rumors that they are going to allow cross platform saves. Edit:
  2. If you've been wanting to try Destiny 2 on PC, now's your chance.
  3. That's what I thought, too. Maybe they are making more improvements?
  5. Has anyone tried No Man's Sky Next? I'm hearing some really positive feedback from it after the last big update.
  6. Usually teams that make a big leap one year take a step back the next after other teams are able to game plan for them. They are a strong team and contender, but that's a little high on the list imho. Sure, they look good. Bringing everything together (especially OBJ) will be the hard part. It's hard to call them a contender when they haven't done anything as a unit yet. Don't get me wrong, I'm rooting for them and they have a real chance at winning the division but Super Bowl is a leap. Lots of strong teams in the AFC.
  7. Sweet looking ship.
  8. Browns will be better, but let's pump the brakes a little bit. Every year some one bets on the Cowboys, I don't see them being any better than they have been the last few years. Chiefs will come back down to Earth. Bears will be good but they aren't there yet. Saints have the best chance out of these 5. Yeah, the Bills still suck. A .500 season would be about right, possible playoff birth and I'll throw a party. Drafts are a strange thing, because it can look fantastic on draft day but you never know how everything will fall into place. You can draft the best players but if your coaches and front office sucks, it won't matter.
  9. Because it's animated I think it has a chance to be decent. The Russo brothers being involved means nothing to me, I'm not a fan. It is interesting that they just directed Endgame that made 2 billion (or close to it) and right after they are directing an animated series on Netflix.
  10. Tectonic Edge maybe will see play? Maybe going in with a few people and doing a draft is what I'm thinking. Seems odd to have these kind of cards in a set that is targeting Modern, as you said it looks like it's for casual and EDH players.
  11. We'll be heading out to Ithica, N.Y. tomorrow for the Science Olympiad tournament. We decided to drive instead of fly, which I'm kind of regretting now the day before we leave.
  12. It will be a long drive, but I kinda dig road trips. We're going to take our time and not be in a rush. Still in Cleveland?
  13. Thank you for the update! If you'd like, you can also add the file to the Downloads section:
  14. That's what had me confused as well.
  15. If I have both of these cards on the battlefield and my opponent has 4 cards in hand, do they have to discard a card from Necrogen Mists, causing Shrieking Affliction to trigger? Or does it depend on which card was played first?
  16. Have you tried playing again, @Jag?
  17. As much as I hate loot boxes and similar practices that are becoming the norm, I don't think it's the governments job to intervene.
  18. I have to admit, that old feeling of wanting to buy a box is starting to creep in again. Damn you, Wizards.
  19. Some spoilers are out, anyone excited about this set?
  20. From my perspective, I relate more to the mistakes and style of play. Easier to learn from the videos and correct mistakes of you own, instead of play that's too fast to really keep up. I can watch profession games too, but casual play is easier for me to follow and I find it more interesting.
  21. A lot of coverage goes to the profession scene and it's players. I have zero interest in it, but I'm curious how many of you are interested in it. When I read or skim through these articles I don't share them here because I didn't know how many of you care. How interested are you in the pro scene and it's players?
  22. Welp…
  23. After being a little burnt out on MTG, in early January I decided to take a break from the game. I don't even think I was burnt out on MTG, it was more being burnt out on the negativity in the "twitter mtg community" and some YouTubers (none of you reading this, of course). Not sure why I allowed it to get to me so much, but it just kinda wore me out. On New Years Day I played a game and decided to take a few week break. Recharge. Here we are in mid April and I haven't had the desire to pick up my cards to play or even sort them. I have lots of cards to sort. It even got the point recently that I considered following the path of @MTGZuby selling my collection, keeping only a few nostalgia sets and my decks. My wife stopped me from doing that. I think everyone has these periods of time that they take a little breather, but this is by far the longest break I've had. When you all are in a funk, how do you get out of it?
  24. Episode 2 was... O.K.