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  1. Here it is shipmates!! Grixis Pirates Deck Tech
  2. So i was very lucky that wotc contacted me and gave me some free Unstable products before release here's what i pulled and the deck i built.
  3. NEW Standard Deck Tech!!!
  4. Check out TOTALmtg's new gameplay video, it's quite the epic match!!
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  7. This weeks deck tech is a sea of BLUE!!!!
  8. This weeks Deck Tech!!!
  9. Some gameplay with my deck from this weeks tech, Mono Green Stompy Standard
  10. Ixalan spices up my Mono Green Stompy brew!!
  11. This weeks deck tech check it out thanks
  12. I won a great prize!!!
  13. Deck Tech Tuesday!!!
  14. My first Ixalan brew check it out thanks!!!