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  1. Probably doom blade for my pick. Boring, safe cheap removal. Runner up is merciless eviction but I'll take mono colored removal vs. multicolored sweeper p1p1
  2. I'm down for a cube night on Xmage! Any day after 9:00pm CST works for me. Link to my cube for anyone interested: Gathering4Magic Peasant Cube
  3. This or That, #PeasantCube edition: Dreg Mangler, or Ebony Treefolk, and why?
  4. @Lasraik, it is great! I've had it build for a few years now, but about once a year I pull it out, organize by color, and do an overview to see what has been working, what hasn't and tweak as necessary. Currently doing so now. The link to my cube is in my signature, and here is a link to the write-ups I'e done so far for the archetype in the Peasant Cube. Missing the last 4 because I got bogged down with college stuff when originally writing them, and now that college is done I'm working two jobs so haven't had much time to finish. The last four are Gruul aggro, Boros weenie (token aggro), selesnya midrange (kinda token weenie with enchantments & combat tricks), and a Simic Flash deck. Working on tweaking the cube has me interested in finishing the write-ups for it so hopefully I'll start cranking those put soon.
  5. Hey gang, So, how many of you here are into Peasant Cube? I have one, and I have been working on it for years. Was wondering if we could start a discussion thread for all things Peasant Cube. Who's with me?
  6. Greetings all, my name is Derek, and I'm a big fan of MtG. I have played off and on for over 20 years. I love #Pauper, #EDH, #Limited, especially working on and drafting my Peasant Cube, which I rarely get to draft in paper, but I draft and tweak often online. I'm a Casual yet competitive player who typically avoids the tournament scene. I thoroughly enjoy the fun and fellowship of the game. I play locally in paper, and online using Xmage. Check out Xmage ( for a free, fully rules automated online MtG client.