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  1. I use Puca Trade constantly. Yes it has it's flaws at times, but overall its a great service. As long as you get your cards in fairly short order and you feel you received like value what is there to complain about. Just realize you likely will have to add a little something (10% to a want to get to the front of the line.) But since you just dropped off two spell quellers at 15 bucks a piece to another pucatrader who so desperately wants them - knowing that is better than any buylist by a mile - who cares. I have received every card committed to me except for 2 and puca has a tiny insurance that covered both trades. Just keep in mind things move slow. Your cards do not come as fast as you hope (no different than any other service using the mail). As far as the scams for players getting points.... well that sucks, but i am sure that is tougher as they get smarter at Puca Trade. Lastly, all the comments on the puca economy, well who cares. My balance never lasts long enough to matter. I will get off my soapbox. I just feel Puca Trade is inherently a great solution.Give it a try, and no I don't work there.
  2. I love magic cards ... so well ... more stuff about magic cards!!!! - Hope to enjoy checking out the site. Thanks for the Twitter follow!