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  1. So I feel I need to apologize for the lack of content, and lack of posting. Life has been weird for the past 6-8 weeks. Between all of us in the household getting sick (damn flu) then immediately getting a massive sty in my eye life has been a pain. I am working on a new non-mtg project right now, but hopefully next week I will be producing content again for both Youtube & Vidme, I just need to get this project settled and started so I can get back into a rhythm again. Content plans (weekly) MTG Opening X 1 Pokemon Opening X 1 Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay Video X 1 MTGO Gameplay Video X 1 (This is a maybe) Content Plans (monthly) Patreon Opening X 1 TCG Giveaway X 1 [Opening 3-5 packs of either Pokemon or MTG and sending the rares/hits to a randomly selected person] (Details are still being worked out)
  2. Good to know! I don't play a who lot anymore so the nicknames of cards isn't my strong point.
  3. Wrong thread?
  4. What is up everyone! For this month's Patreon opening we cracked a Eldritch Moon booster pack. This was requested by Zubatron for his monthly Patreon reward. Be sure to check him & his podcast "Magic with Zuby: out at the link down below, and down't forget to toss him a follow on Twitter as well.Magic with Zuby: on Twitter:
  5. At the kitchen table, no not at all. At a store, sure since most of them use the "official" list. I refuse to use it at the table since it is inherently flawed. The group that controls the list has stated that it is based on their local EDH meta, I personally feel this is a very flawed method of doing it.
  6. Comes from when I was first introduced to the card the people pronounced it TERM instead of TARM, so when I shortened it and was corrected I looked the guy straight in the eyes and said "he's gonna terminate you" just called it that ever since.
  7. So the box I opened for Stream/Youtube was.......sub par to say the least, a single fetch and a single Goblin Guide was the only other value. Today my wife surprised me with a second box, and since she enjoys cracking packs I decided to split the box and not film it, choosing to instead sit on the couch and enjoy cracking packs with her. Hot damn if it wasn't far better then the box I filmed. 4 fetch 1 foil fetch Voice Lili Termie Cavern Blood Moon Goblin Guide Foil Craterhoof All this from one box, not including the decent rares & uncommons. I would say it redeemed the failure of the first box. Total value of the $2+ dollar cards is around $530, will add pictures of the rest of the hits later.
  8. My wife loves to crack, not a huge fan of playing but she'll crack with me all day. it's an awesome feeling.
  9. Just opened a box off stream & didn't film it. My wife surprised me with it and it's the box that should have been filmed. :-P
  10. Welcome to the board, glad to have you!
  11. Welcome aboard, glad to have you!
  12. It comes from the causal players who maybe want to go to an LGS once or twice a month and sit down who were forced to NOT play their deck by counter magic decks. It comes from people who want to play green stompy or ramp, or just a fun causal deck being basically told "nope my deck says you don't get to play with your cards, and if you want to play with your cards get a deck like mine" Control isn't fun for casual players on a large scale, some minor control is, but full control decks that work how they are supposed to? Not fun at all for a causal player anymore then sitting down at the kitchen table with a Teir 1 modern deck against newbie jank decks is.
  13. modern

    I will say Seismic/Hunt & Zombie/Hunt are my two favorite modern budget decks so seeing an off shoot win (even a tiny event) is awesome.
  14. Got my greedy little paws on a box a day early, shall we see what it produces?