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  1. I tried out Eternal. Not my fancy.
  2. Agreed, that is reserved for DnD. MTG is all about strategy
  3. Already did it! I'm interested to see the data that WoTC will never publish
  4. This episode is all about Commander 2017! We discuss all the new cards! Let's just say I'm a bit pumped about these new decks! Then I answer your Q&A questions! There's also a special guest who shows up in the beginning of the show! Enjoy the episode!Magic with Zuby can be found at:Facebook: @magicwithzubyGmail: mtgzuby@gmail.comiTunes, Google Play, Tunein Radio, Stitcherhttp://podcastradionetwork.comGonnaGeek Network: View the full article
  5. Alright! Same thing folks! Ask me any question! Been enjoying answering these questions!
  6. I will answer your question next week @Lasraik you can also lock this thread as well as I'll make a new one.
  7. Yes from the start. Only on like episode 5 or 6 of Season 1. What spin offs did they do?
  8. I've always loved this series for a long time. I just got back into reading recently and then got onto the first book here and now I'm 13 or 14 books deep into these books? It definitely helps with the DnD addiction. DnD is just a nice distraction from life and something different than MTG.
  9. Let us know how it goes. I'm interested to try this too.
  10. Started watching Criminal Minds. Usually not into crime dramas but this show just has an interesting cast of characters and its easy to watch and have on as background noise as well.
  11. Thinking of this, I don't want it to end
  12. WoTC has all but killed Dragonlance and only cares about Forgotten Realms which is sad.
  13. It was. The story was born out of a 1st edition DnD campaign from what I've heard. There are even some ways to DM Dragonlance characters in the back of the books.
  14. I would definitely try this in Green Stompy type decks. This screams aggro. Any other kind of shell doesn't seem worth it.
  15. I completely understand and agree with them trying to just cram everything. That's why George needs to get off his butt and finish writing the series.