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  1. Oh yeah. The video sucked SO MUCH. "The Return to Return to Ravnica". My want to die was immense. I'm super excited for Ravnica though. I love the set, although I would have liked to see Theros or even Tarkir. Regardless, really, imaginary friend as a promo? Laaaaaaaaaame
  2. Woah, is it actually May? Holy crap, the year has gone fast. I know I've been inactive, so I'll give you a rundown of the events. Firstly, again, both of my parent's have been running for office. This is huge for me, because both of them need my help. So that takes a lot of my time. Second, I had relationship problems. I had dated this girl before. Long story short, I still had feelings, we hung out, I took her to Hamilton, and was going to take her to Prom. And then I found out that she was cheating on me. So that was fun. Oddly enough, I found this out at an FNM after she left. And to make it worse, both my dogs died around this time. Third is school. I finished up my finals, and just graduated high school today, actually. Woo! The fourth is my Eagle, which I got. Yeehaw! I got my Eagle officially on Saturday. We used my dad's pin for his Eagle that we found in the garage. Also, I now have a job, BUT! I'm only part time at Jesus Chicken (aka Chick-fil-A) so I'll try to post more here on these forums. Thanks y'all MTGMTB
  3. INFINITY WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR: 9/10 Loved the movie, cried at the end. That's about all of the commentary I got.
  4. @Aurian I see you and I have had the same experience! I bought a Switch a couple days ago as well, and of course Zelda. I also bought Bayonetta. I just bought Payday 2 as well cause it's on sale today.
  5. Went to Midnight. Sometimes I regret it, but it was pretty great. Got a promo Gilded Lotus, Promo Jodah, traded for a Promo Squee. I did pull the BW Knight maker, and it immediately went into my commander after the event was over. It was pretty great. Went 1-3, but made them fight for dat pack (my store does pack rounds every round to handle prizes) @JesGolbez HOW DID SO MANY PEOPLE DRAW A KARN???? One person in our entire shop pulled it!
  6. Here's my idea for entitlements: Hand up, not hand out. We give them welfare for a year. We help them search for a job, but do not pressure business to hire. If they reach the end of the year without getting a job, they can provide that they've been looking for a job and renew it. Then, after they do get a job, they stay on for a few months just in case they get fired. Then it renews. Of course, there should also be drug testing. Thoughts? I personally believe that private charities do it better, but this can be a government function to help people back on their feet.
  7. Planning on Far Cry 5, Jazz? Lol
  8. Interesting idea. Never played FoW. Is it any good?
  9. Nah, we'll use Roll20. Invite me @MTGZuby
  10. What days would you prefer? Since I'm stuck in school, I can play usually till Midnight EST, and I DO have a couple of differenr campaigns going with some weird as hell schedules. I could do Monday or (Most) Thursday nights. Also, I do get away with only 3 PCs a lot. Actually, the two I'm running have only 3. We used to have more in my WW2 homebrew, buuuuut... They dropped.
  11. Look, I'm done arguing Jeremy. I'm sick of being attacked for this. I even made it clear that I thought that would be impossible and offered my second solution. Now stop.
  12. I don't do more than 6 player characters for DMing.
  13. It gives people a chance to not feel attacked for not having the "correct" views. Me and other friends who lean right do feel attacked for that, and you shouldn't ban anyone just because they disagree or say mean things. Your wish is actually cool too, and I like it. But the market demand will never go down for singles, cause basic economics. (The one thing that Adam Smith got wrong) Regardless, packs at say $1.50 to $2 would be nice. It would still keep singles where they are (roughly) and more people could crack packs. Cheaper booster boxes too.
  14. Reverse Jeremy's ban. A lifetime ban was overkill, and he exposed a MASSIVE problem in the Judge Community, along with instilling great changes. (Also, it was bullshit) But, since we can't do that, reprint the restricted list. It allows for the renewed interest of collectors, hopefully.
  15. Should I post an ad for it? Or naw?