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  1. A greenhouse, huh? Sure you won't be growing kush in there Jazzy-boy? I'll see myself out
  2. Sitting here at my LGS, waiting for the midnight one. Rip me.
  3. I believe wise words from our President are appropriate here: "WE CAN'T STOP WINNING!"
  4. Fuck off Jazz lmao DAMMIT YOU JINXED IT
  5. Ladies and gentlemen... ... ... We got him. *applause raises from the side sickened by the pedos/Jeremy Supporters whilst Reddit goes batshit crazy over the fact that it was because of Jeremy* Will provide pictures from the MtG subreddit if asked.
  6. Well, my mom's a firearms instructor by trade, sooo
  7. Yeah, my mom has been playing CoD since around Black Ops 2. Either that, or since I got Modern Warfare 2.
  8. I was shocked when I first saw the whole "Pedophiles in the Judge Program" from Jeremy. Sure, he's a dick, but I still support him. He's nice when you get to know him. Regardless, I thought that it was maybe something baseless. But when you start actually checking... Dear Lord, it's sickening. How could WoTC let this happen? When you think about it, the banning has been good for the community. While under false pretenses (Sprankle said that she was stopping for nursing school), this has revealed a major problem that we can fix now. We can help make Magic great again. It can truly be a game for all people, no matter creed, sex, gender, skin color, etc. And we can weed out the pedophiles that lurk in the Judge program.
  9. All the way Las. All. The. Way.
  10. Honestly? I never used my dot that my grandpa gave me, because I don't like the thought of it listening to everything you say. It's cool though. I will admit that.
  11. I know I'm really late to the bandwagon. Also, really late to falling asleep. It's currently 1:30 AM as I write this at my uncle's house while I housesit. So, What IS Doki Doki Literature Club? It's a free game on Steam. It's meant to be a visual novel, developed by Dan Salvato, mostly known for Doki Doki, but made a Twitch extension and has been a modder for Super Smash Bros. Now, let me preface this by saying, I am NOT a fan of Visual Novels. The closest thing I played was Huniepop. But my friend convinced me to get it before I got Nekopara from him, so... Yeah. I won't spoil anything, but the game is spooky as FUCK at points. Legitimately. What are you waiting for? Go get it! It's free on Steam! MTGMTB
  12. So, I got the game. Graphics: 10/10. The game looks FANTASTIC, even with split screen on. Story: ?/10. Have not had a chance, but my mom (person I got it for) says it's good. Zombies: 8/10. Cool story, cool characters, hard to figure out how to finish it. Other things: 5/10. OH MY GOD IT LOADS SO SLOWLY. JESUS Overall: 8/10. I like the game, and I like the War game mode
  13. Good news, everyone. Updating the drivers from Nvidia made it work, so... I dunno
  14. LMAO! On PC, right? My handle is SilverSlash223; if he plays anything else on PC, that's my usual name, just without the 223. So, I'm running Win7, but idk whether it's an SSD or Mechanical, but I would guess mechanical since I only paid around $100 to get it replaced. If it is, I still have like 25%, but was planning on clearing stuff out anyways I'm running on an i5 Processor with a GTX 960 that I got for my birthday. (Woo!) It wasn't having this problem after I got it. The tech guy who has been coming out to our house lately for network stuff suggested updating my Nvidia drivers, so I'm doing that now. Otherwise, I'm calling Ubisoft here next week.
  15. Did that already. People who worked on the PC suggested that. It's not that, per se? I can get into the game, find a game, select my character, and then it just forever loads. I dunno. Maybe? Lmao, true tho. I did verify the file integrity. Comp should be at the furthest firmware, updated it the first couple of nights that it was back. How to defrag?