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  1. There's no Orzhov... I don't know what I was expecting, but I'm still disappointed.
  2. Alas, we couldn't find any ;-; it was a damn good drink though. I'll let you guys know our other drink selections throughout our campaign.
  3. Any of the top-tier commander decks. I wanna win.
  4. "Orange juice, Pineapple juice, grenadine syrup, mango rum, all into a glass with ice, a pineapple wedge, a cherry, and a bendy straw" He also made like 16 parts of itall into a big ol' jug. That's where the Jack came in when we ran out of rum.
  5. Alright, I've found a new drink that I love. Muay Thais. I drove up to Fort Collins this weekend with a couple of friends to play DnD. Our DM is hosting his sessions once a month at his apartment, and sent me a recipe for a mixer that he found. He mixed it after we were done with DnD. We decided to make all of the mixer cause why not. He then realized that we didn't have enough rum. So we cracked open the Jack Daniel's. At the end of mixing, it was like 60% Jack and 40% rum. It was better like this. We were also hammered in like 10 minutes. It was a great night.
  6. I need to read more often. The last book I remember that was significant in size was Atlas Shrugged. Good book, but LONG. @Dunnar if you liked the modern day aspect of Dresden Files, you might like another series called The Iron Druid Chronicles. An old Celtic Druid walks the earth, fighting off ancient love gods and Thor himself even. It's a good series.
  7. I just like Fireball. Yeah, that's fair.
  8. Glad to hear you enjoyed America for the most part! Next time, go to a Chick-fil-A; we still have damn good coffee, and we'll do about whatever you want. Also, when you come back, consider exploring the Mid-West. Maybe even Colorado? The only thing I'd recommend is making sure that you have a day or 2 to do nothing in Colorado, especially the first days. Because if you don't, the altitude will mess with you, especially in the mountains.
  9. It's a 99 card singleton (only one copy of each card) deck. The commander is the 100. The commander has to match the colors in your deck. This can be met through abilities, I.E. Alesha's activated ability. The commander starts in a special zone on the field. You can then cast it for its mana cost the first time from the command zone. Whenever it dies or goes to exile, you can choose to have it go back to the command zone. After it goes to the command zone, the casting cost is two plus the original casting cost. Generally, you do want a commander to play around. For example, I play a Krav, the Unredeemed and Regna, the Redeemer deck (Partner is also allowed in commander). I run tokens with this deck, and focus on killing my tokens to make the enemy suffer/pump up my guys. However, I know people who put in a commander simply because they had to. One of my friends plays a Guildgate deck, and he runs Child of Alara simply because he needs a commander that's all 5 colors. I also have a friend who runs The Gay Bois (TM) (I can't remember the name) Control deck, even though The Bois are generally thought of as group hug. As for the search question, that's the bread and butter. I have like 3 or 4 spells in my deck and ways to filter. I think the main appeal (for me at least) is the idea that I have one deck that I can improve as time goes on. I don't have to spend hundreds of dollars every 3 months when Standard rotates. I can just drop a few bucks here and there in order to get some more pieces to improve my deck. Hope this helps!
  10. I went 3-1 with a White Weenies deck and then worked 3 hours later. All of my good cards were in white, save for one Lili.
  11. Even not chilled, it's good. I may or may not have blown through most of a bottle in one night when I learned my ex was cheating on me.
  12. Yes, actually. There's a difference to casting and it hitting the field. I'm studying to become a Judge, and the Apps give us obscure questions like this.
  13. Yeah, I know. That's why he asked me to take the photo for him. I agree with that as well. Onto my ACTUAL ban list. 1: Cheating. Fuck you if you cheat. 2: Assault. You don't get to play in my store if you have problems with anger. 3: Being drunk or high more than twice. More to come if I figure out more.
  14. Seems like a good step in the right direction. And I will too, I agree that Jeremy can be a bit of a dick. And I facepalm at some of the things he says. However, WoTC needs to be called out. They need to stop drinking the Kool Aid. Will you get that from Tolarian? Will you get that from Wedge? Will you get that from ANYONE other than a few people who are fed up with it? No. That's why I stand by Jeremy. That's why I always stand by him.