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  1. XP to Level 3.
  2. So, here's my two cents from someone who never really watched the Simpsons. Apu being axed (whether or not it's true) is stupid. All the portrayals I've seen of him have portrayed him as simply a man who wants the best for his family, who works hard to get it, and just so happens to be Indian. But I always just read the comics, never really watched the show. Not too much my style :/
  3. Wellll... I've already made myself well known as a conservative, so eh. Keep in mind, this was FAR before I EVER knew who Alex Jones was. I think that Sandy Hook was a false flag attack intended to incite the public to push for more gun control. There are several questions still unanswered, such as the fact that his mother was never even registered as a nurse at the school, the coroner supposedly not going on the second floor, changing stories, the fact that there was a FEMA training exercise a mile down the road, specifically, "Helping Children Through Crises." There's too many unanswered questions to definitely say anything. I also don't believe the Vegas shooter was the Vegas shooter. First up, the guy has a PERFECT life. Millionaire, wife, great job. Why throw that all away? Second, listening to the shots makes it sound almost like automatic fire. And that was confirmed by a Marine friend. Something is fishy with Vegas as well. A guard who was supposed to go on an interview just up and disappeared. Idk. I may be insane though. Also, bump stocks don't increase firing speed. Just reduces recoil.
  4. I finally realized the other day why they were called "Spaghetti Westerns." I would watch them, the problem is that they're nearly impossible to find. Netflix doesn't trust us with DVDs anymore either.
  5. There are a couple that I believe, and I won't go into one of them because it's too controversial. The first is that I think that JFK was killed by the mafia. It was LHO hired by them and he shot JFK, Ruby killed him to tie up a loose end. It makes sense, especially since Robert Kennedy was going hard after them at the time. I also do believe in aliens. My cousin put it the best way: "If God gave us this big universe, why would he leave us alone in it?" Food for thought.
  6. *The Good, The Bad and The Ugly theme plays* Yes, I know it's not a John Wayne. Still one of my favorite films though. And it's a Western.
  7. Halloween (2018) -9.9/10 Holy shit, this movie was amazing. This movie is my first actual Halloween movie, and I loved it. The kills are amazing, Jamie Lee Curtis is a fucking badass, and Michael Myers is legitimately terrifying. Throughout the whole movie, you never FULLY see Michael's face. Sure, you may catch a glimpse or two in the mirror, but it's never fully clear. Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her original role as granny Laurie Strode. She cares for her daughter and granddaughter, even though they're estranged. She takes her family to her house to stay protected from Michael when he escapes the night before Halloween. And the house fight is just tasty. I know that this film isn't perfect. One of the characters stabs someone who hurts Michael because he wants to hear him speak. That was my one criticism, although it made for an AMAZING kill later on. Go see. Is good.
  8. Alright everyone in America, you know what time it is. Election Season. I'm going to say this, I did vote R down the ticket. However, I did so after looking at both sides (Except in the case of mom; I know her opponent, and she would be terrible.) Listen to all the phone calls. Watch all the ads. Do all your own research. Most importantly, get out and vote!
  9. Venom: 8.5/10 I loved this movie, for various reasons. While the story was a little thin, I loved the rest of it. The action, the interactions between Venom and Eddie, and just the general hopelessness portrayed by Tom Hardy as Eddie after he lost his job as a journalist. Also, anyone else hyped for Woody Harrelson as Carnage when this inevitably gets a sequel? Edit: YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO VENOM'S GETTING A SEQUEL BSIFYHBUY((Q_W#UUU(WFBHIJ CARRRRRRRNNNNNAAAAAGE
  11. Eh, fair enough I guess? I am a bit of a gun nut XD. However, Desert Eagles (Or DEagles, as I will now refer to them to in order to avoid future confusion) are hard to come by and expensive as shit. Not only that, the ammo is basically just "Fuck you, fuck your armor, and fuck anything within a half mile behind you." The only time I would use it would be for fun or MAYBE home defense. DINGDINGDING!!! Generally speaking, yes? Scouts was (At least for the past year) still huge in America. But now that I think about it, yeah, probably would still be confusing. Unless you clarified as NOT the animal. Is it Explorers? I thought it was Venture Crew. And this is coming from a staff member at Colorado's biggest camp, and one of the most famous (to my knowledge) in the US.
  12. Getting back together with someone who had hurt me. I had dated this girl sophomore year, and then found out that she cheated on me. November of senior year, I got back together with her. We went to Hamilton, a nice dinner, and were planning on going to prom in spring. Then it all came crashing down about 2 weeks before prom. I was at FNM playing Draft and had some time between rounds. I said bye to her, and she said bye to an acquaintance that we know. I think I said something along the lines of "you've been good to her, i'm her bf, etc." He looked shocked and wouldn't tell me what was wrong. Eventually, he said "She and I have been dating for a year and a half." That felt like shit. I went home, pulled my bottle of Fireball from under my bed, and knocked back most of the bottle in one night. It felt fucking terrible. And she had played me all along. I called her brother on Discord the next day to talk with him. He and I are really good friends, and, if we had more time, would hang out more often. We were playing Magic on Untap when she texted me and said "Hey, I'm so sorry, I didn't know what was going on with X". I just texted back and told her to leave me alone. Yeah. That hurt. A lot. And currently, it's my greatest regret.
  13. Deciding to get my Eagle. Is there really anything that needs to be said?
  14. So, anyone wanna talk about the bullshit call on Philip Lindsey during the Broncos/Ravens game? Come on. That was him flailing in the pile.
  15. There's no Orzhov... I don't know what I was expecting, but I'm still disappointed.