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  1. Not really much. I think I'm just gonna be playing vidya tbh. That and making calls for dad.
  2. Let's be honest, anything is easier than the clusterfuck that is MTGO @teh_chris
  3. Hoo boy. I've been playing a lot of games recently. I'll start with the standard FPS' that I like. Firstly, I succumbed and reinstalled Overwatch (I know, I know.) With mom, I've been playing mostly Infinite Warfare Zombies, but that's on my Xbox and I much rather prefer my PC to my Xbox. I've also been playing a ton of Rainbow Six Siege, and am excited for the new update coming (cause Season Pass for Christmas woo). And of course, my cousin bought me the deluxe edition of Dark Souls 3. It's fun, but I'd rather play something else. Now, to move onto the more unorthodox games Firstly, I've been playing a story-based game called Orwell. You take the role of an investigator in an NSA-like agency that has the power to spy on you if they think you're a terrorist. Great game, VERY intriguing. plus, a good, cheap, low space install. Next, I started playing Dead By Daylight. If you've ever played Evolve, it's similar in the 4v1 style. There's a killer and 4 survivors. The survivors need to work together to escape the game and the killer has to try and kill them all. I enjoy the game so far and it's fun. If any of you want to add me on Steam, my profile name is SilverSlash, my picture is Pepe wearing a Make America Great Again hat. My Discord is SilverSlash#1369 and my ID is SilverSlash#1120 HMU. We'll play something sometime.
  4. Boomer is the only one that I'll use. Praise the Blessed Doggo. Fair enough. I get that. I think the last actual RPG I played was Fallout 4 and well... I didn't really like Fallout 4.
  5. Oh, yeah, it's a shooter, but it has RPG elements, enough to make me think of it that way. Again, you have games like Fallout, Borderlands and others that have you rely on your guns, but have other ways to murder things. (Baseball bat, swords, knives, grenades, etc.)
  6. You and me both, Elovia. I never got it. I heard it was because he was better than the Right Shark?
  7. I'm a huge nerd for RPGs. Fallout, Skyrim, Borderlands, etc. However, one RPG I discovered is finally getting a new release. Granted, I've had it on preorder for around a month now because FUCK YEAH, FAR CRY IN AMERICA AND THEY'RE NOT DEMONIZING AMERICANS. Basically, my reaction to this game's announcement: I linked the time code for my reaction. What are your guys' thoughts? Preorder? Wait and see? It looks so cool though, and I'm excited
  8. Yup. Play a lot of Corrin and Little Mac. I'm around that level too.
  9. I think that standard is dead. At least until Kaladesh rotates out. EDH is pretty strong, at least from what I've seen I never really played anything else.
  10. BTW: This is still open. Keep asking!
  11. Exactly. Do something like that instead of cyberstalking people.
  12. Here's my problem with the definition of "toxicity": It's completely subjective. There's no definition besides "being an asshole". But asshole is different for everyone. I was reported for being "toxic" when I still played Overwatch because I refused to heal the Widowmaker who missed EVERY SHOT to focus on other teammates. Was it a dick move? Eh, maybe, but I want to focus on the people actually defending the choke. Then there's the people who report for picking the wrong character. Hoooo boy. That was a problem before I left. The Mercy changes were on the PTR and I said "I'm gonna have to learn Ana again," so I did. "Why won't you play Mercy?" "Cause Blizzard's gonna ruin her in a week, and I don't want to be fucked when it happens." "Reported for toxicity, asshole." What truly defines toxic? I still don't think it's right to MONITOR PRIVATE SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS. Some 1984 shit man
  13. So, I know this video is from Jeremy, and this site is not very friendly to him, but this is very important. Go watch this video. Legit, what the fuck Blizzard? Great idea. Totally. Nooooo sarcasm.
  14. Teen illegal drug use. It's illegal if you're under 21 That depends, is it European or African? I actually didn't watch it last night. I've seen gifs of Bernie being pissed at the individual mandate repeal, which is YUGE. I was in the middle of an Arma 3 mission when it was happening. Prediction is that they go batsh- FUCKING CHRIST THEY'RE STARTING Bitch please, I know who my dad is. It's Donald Trump
  15. Can't really talk about that; I was born in late '99, so I kinda missed all of that. Vanilla Ice maybe? This issues actually is where I'm neutral. On the one hand, I think that if you're not violating someone's rights, go ahead and do it. That includes weed. However, it hasn't especially helped Colorado. While this is true, it has also spiked our DUI rates, our teen drug use rates, the amount of people on welfare, and the amount of Californians. Yes, Californians are a negative.