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  1. Casual/Practice/Educational Legacy matches, including Gunhee's first time ever playing Legacy! (with my BR Reanimator deck). D&T vs Grixis Delver BR Reanimator vs. BG Turbo Depths BR Reanimator vs. UW Stoneblade Berserk Poison vs. UW Stoneblade
  2. Final update: We will start after 6pmET, which allows everyone to arrive and us to setup. See you soon!
  3. Hello to all, Today, Sunday Oct 15, 2017 at 5pmET on http://twitch.tv/mirrodintech will debuting the famous local Vintage Power Cube. No proxies, some of the best cards in Magic, and no limit to the shenanigans. A mostly-accurate list (15-20 cards have been changed) is depicted below, but the core and power remain in place. Several Klug alters will also be premiering. We hope to do this again in the future, so please come show your support this first time! See you all soon, -The Dean
  4. @Dunnar Sorry, were you being sincere, sarcastic, or facetious? I genuinely can’t tell.
  5. I think a large part of the problem is the lack of support for a genuine youth system that favors talent as opposed to economic resources. So many elite soccer academies and clubs have prohibitively high entry fees and tuition. If you’re not a part of these, the odds of getting scouted by a pro team are slim. When you consider all the untapped potential and talent in the immigrant communities, whether Latin American, African, or otherwise, there is considerable talent that for whatever socioeconomic imbalance, is not able to be fully developed. Another consideration is that college soccer has such liberal rules, that the style of play is not suited to anyone who would go on to play at the international level. And, the NCAA talent pool is not the same as the USSF Youth Team System (e.g., U-23). There isn’t really a well demarcated infrastructure where one can trace a professional soccer player from youth to career, the same way it would exist in Europe. Even in another American sports such as NFL Football or basketball, it is much easier to trace. You can can throw money at a problem, but when there’s no infrastructure that genuinely cultivates the youth and puts them in an environment that forces them to grow (NOT the MLS, with salary caps and little incentive to post results and work hard towards a better contract if you’re not a (often the case) foreign designated player), then what can you expect. Well, a World Cup without the US. As an American born child of Mexican immigrants and grandson of Spanish diaspora (not to mention a German girlfriend,) there’s plenty of teams for me to cheer on. Even then, great club players we know and love will be there for their countries. There will be no shortage of talent and interesting matches, in my humble opinion
  6. Perhaps my experiences and insights from doing exactly what you're proposing (Making a Legacy Playgroup) could offer some insight as you pursue this! Here in South Florida we had a unique problem - a huge, solid group of 30-50 Legacy players (mostly competetive-focused), and a large group called South Florida Magic(SFM). They essentially would host and organize tournaments at local stores for a fee paid by the store owner, and they would be allowed to sell and promote their single-card sales at these events (I was present when a new store was approached about paying into the group). For better or worse, the organization was felt by some to be too prohibitive to newer players based on the highly competitive nature of some the players. Moreover, strong personalities were abound, which likewise tended to ostracize newer players as well as keep current ones away (I can speak for myself and several other Legacy players in this regard - I can play at a high level, but at a local event I just want to play without judge calls every 5 min.) Ultimately, for reasons that aren't entirely clear to me (but based on my observations probably include dropout of attendance at events, less stores buying in, becoming too "cliquey," etc.) the three owners split up their ownership of the group. They have not organized events, or maintained a commercial venture at the same level as before. I don't mention this to speak ill of them - in fact, some of their former players have become quite good friends of mine. Rather, that even a large, organized, and passionate base can become unraveled. Thus, I sought to focus on what may have contributed to this ultimate downfall (at the very least, considering what kept me largely away,) and create a group that tried to avoid repeating mistakes, or at least anticipating possible hurdles. Thus, I founded the Mirrodin Institute of Technology as a community that helped organize Legacy and non-rotating Magic tournaments at local game stores. I approached it the following ways: 1) In contrast to SFM, I decided there would NO commercialization. That is, NO fees for hosting events, NO selling cards, NO money exchanging hands between MirrodinTech and any store as a pre-requisite for our services. SFM was a business, and we are not. It was designed to run entirely on volunteer support without the need for money. That way, the organization would not disappear if certain financial "quotas" were not met. 2) Focus on positivity and collegiality, not competitiveness. I always find it amusing when people treat local non-competitive events as if they were on the pro tour. This stifles deck creativity (i.e, you feel you have to play the "top decks,") and is really unwelcoming to new people coming into the format. This is a place to develop players, not scare them away. Sure, occasional competitive REL events are needed to keep the play high-level for top players, but these should not be the bread and butter. As a corollary, the focus should be just as much to improve current players, as to develop new players through a welcoming and informative experience. 3) Multiple locations in the US: I have not only established a system for MirrodinTech co-hosting and organizing events here in South Florida, but in South Texas as well. This way, the playgroup and philosophy aren't tied to one location where if I move away it would disappear or lose its ability to organize. 4) Allow Proxies: This should be made an option, and decided upon by the local players. Alternating proxy and non-proxy events should also be made an option, for those players who truly want a competitive experience, while not alienating new players that are interested but still working on trading up. 5) Stream events online. Creates motivation for making sure events are run, creates a presence and recognized name, and is not tied to a particular location. Offering this at a store is essentially free publicity for them, and we get our name and Legacy out there. 6) TOA EE Series: http://eemagic.com The Tales of Adventure Eternal Extravaganza Legacy Satellite Series allows FREE participation for stores. They allow events to have proxies, the have a national leaderboard, and you can earn byes for their yearly national Eternal Extravaganza tournament. Our main Legacy location at this time has joined with us and TOA to add legitimacy and incentive to events. So far, our community is growing. We don't make membership or nonmembership an issue, and are trying to avoid clique mentality. However, the skepticism of many players of the previous playgroup has impeded faster or greater growth. Nevertheless, with a core group of 15-20 guys, and NEW Legacy players every weekend, we will grow and show that this game and format is beyond a single group, entity, playstyle, or name. Hope this helps!
  7. Greetings, I decided so start this thread such that it would serve as a go-to for the going-on and updates that relate to the channel, from behind the scenes. As some of you know, in my day to day life I am a physician. Tomorrow (FRIDAY, OCT 13TH 2017), I will be traveling upstate and presenting my specialty Board Exam. Studying for this extremely difficult and comprehensive 8-hour exam has been one reason for the recent general paucity of content. Once I'm back, I will be doing the following: 1) Directly and definitively finalizing out sponsorship deals and getting some awesome shirts for the local "students" and "faculty" of the Mirrodin Institute of Technology 2) Increase the quality and quantity of Legacy-specific content - better equipment for our regular streams, new deck techs, and possibly new venues. 3) Begin creating Vintage content. Access to high-quality proxies will allow us to play paper Vintage (never misrepresenting card authenticity of course) on camera, and at local casual/unsanctioned events. We want to play with power, and share it. As someone who played that format back when it was just called "Magic," and when you could make a deck without the Power 9 and do alright, I can't wait. See you guys after this exam, and after the weekend of recovery that will follow. - The "Dean" of the Mirrodin Institute of Technology
  8. Thank you! It's gone through quite a few mock-ups, but bright green on black really fits the high-tech e-Gaming look, plus fits the color palate of our main sponsor's logo pretty nicely. It's given me the welcome challenge of working on a new logo to fit a more modern/sleek design.
  9. One thing that has come up as more and more people join our play-group in South Florida (especially with the disbanding of South Florida Magic as an event-hosting and commercial operation,) is people have asking how they may represent the institute at events where they compete. Thus, the idea of jerseys in the style of eGaming shirts came up. Then before I could mention it, we were approached by a potential sponsor! Just looking to get some thoughts on the preliminary design/mock-up. I will finalize details and negotiate specifics with these stores (and any others interested) after my board exam on Oct 13th.
  10. Rd 1) TES (Storm) v Maverick @2:41 / BR Reanimator v Maverick @28:00 Rd 2) Merfolk v Eldrazi @1:00:00 / Miracle v Nic Fit @1:16:40 ....And MORE! Recorded LIVE from Hey Wanna Play, Plantation, FL on 9/3/17, part of the TOA EE Series -- Watch our next event live at https://www.twitch.tv/mirrodintech
  11. Stream of IXALAN Pre-Release #1 (Midnight), Sealed Deck Construction with Professor Ben, and ROUNDS 1-3 Please pardon any choppiness in the video - we were trying out some new network settings tonight that did not work as well as anticipated.
  12. Stream of IXALAN Pre-Release #2, Sealed Deck Play, ROUNDS 2-4 Connectivity issues meant stuttering stream, but it largely resolved after 11:40 ! Please pardon any choppiness in the video - we were trying out some new network settings tonight that did not work as well as anticipated.
  13. Stream of IXALAN Pre-Release #2, Sealed Deck Construction, by Professor David Please pardon any choppiness in the video - we were trying out some new network settings tonight that did not work as well as anticipated.
  14. Here is the video for our stream: Tales of Adventure Eternal Extravaganza Satellite Series - Bronze held on FRIDAY, Sept 22, 2017. Please pardon the choppy video - we were trying out some new network settings tonight that did not work as well as anticipated.
  15. We will have TWO streams for this event! 1) FRIDAY Night pre-release. Sep 22, 11:30 PM - Sep 23, 4:30 AM EDT https://www.twitch.tv/events/108761 2) SATURDAY Night pre-release. September 23 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM EDT https://www.twitch.tv/events/108771