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  1. That's probably for the best, I've got so many I'd like to pick up for cube. Maybe I'll be sensible and try and pick up some as singles (bar Mana drain for obvious reasons)
  2. To be honest I'll be cracking a box if I can, but in terms of picking up cards it really does depend if they do that staggered release/second print run nonsense or not. I'm sure you'll find plenty of bargains 1 month or so after release for sure though. So so many great reprints and downshifts for pauper too!
  3. In case you missed the videos, here is a compilation of all of the rarities here. Definitely some exciting cards to come from this set! It's a shame I've opened 20 packs so far and still no opt or chart a course...
  4. All good thanks bud, I can't wait for the pauper content either, I may even start talking about the constructed format on the channel too later down the line - as for the move, all well as I didn't have any of my deposit taken away from me so that's a plus! I get my sky tv installed on friday so once that's happened then I'm all settled in. The new set I'm a lot happier with, still want to get some blue led lights to make the background pop a little more, but that side of things does look a lot better and more professional. I'm dialing in my camera settings each video to find the perfect setup to make my grading as easy as possible (I shoot in a flat/log format so I can adjust anything in post if needed)
  5. Looking at it in terms of cube there are a few. I can't wait to get building this now! Opt is a really welcome reprint. Skymarch Bloodletter. Black wind drake with a nice etb drain on top. Seems solid. I'm a fan of Territorial Hammerskull, nice upgrade to master of diversion and it's an awesome looking card. Jade Guardian essentially a 3/3 hexproof for 4 with a counter synergy seems great to me. Nest Robber (2/1 haste for 2 seems great alongside rakdos shred-freak and spike jester) Bishops Soldier (another new lifelink 2 drop for white after seeker of the way gets downgraded), Tishana's wayfinder is really fun for so many archetypes and my number one common from the set. Ramp, discard, improving your next draw and counter synergy too.
  6. Welcome to the Introduction to a new project where we are going to build an MTG Cube from scratch with a budget in mind from start to finish. This series is aimed at beginners where I'll be documenting the process from what is pauper, why I chose it for this budget cube and continuing on to how I go about building this cube so that you can follow it along. This will hopefully help you to understand how to a build a cube and use this knowledge to make your own and explore this great format! I'm really excited to get going on this project as I've been wanting to get into the pauper format for a while too so that is an added plus. Make sure you subscribe so you know when the next episode is released!
  7. Not sure rotating them is a good idea for consistency, but I can see if I can get the original and make it a little sleeker. I just wanted to up the production value and felt that the original intro was a little basic (more so the backdrop than the revealing text) - I'll see what I can do in my downtime.
  8. Hi all, The HASCON promos are up on their site to order now. I'd get one if I could but only ships to US and Canada. Good luck to you all trying to get them!
  9. I think that's the issue a lot of people are having and I completely understand. I'll keep working behind the scenes and see if I can find a better solution. If I could make the original as sleek that may be the best of both worlds. Thank you for your feedback
  10. Would love to know your thoughts on this as I've had a mixed reception to the new intro. I have no issues going back, I'll just have to make it a little sleeker (if possible) - but if you prefer the new one also do let me know. I've got this poll on twitter too so I can try to gain as much feedback on this as possible. I will be toning down the volume of everything graphic related in the next video too so it's a little more bearable for headphone listeners. Thanks in advance for taking the time to look. Video with new intro: Video with old intro:
  11. No worries at all bud, end of the day magic is just a game and real life does come first. Seem's we are all coming back at the same time, the MTG community is going to be spoilt for choice
  12. Completely agree with Alby here - Kalonian hydra is definitely the best card in the pack by a distance. If that wasn't the obvious pick, I'd then be looking at a control deck with fumigate or a rakdos aggro deck with exava.
  13. After a few weeks off the channel is back online! In this video we share my post commander 2017 cube updates plus what's going on with me.
  14. All I'm going to say is my cube is going to be very happy when this releases, that is all.
  15. cheers bud!