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  1. Shunt says I can change the target of a spell into another target, but can I change the target creature of skreds spell into target player?
  2. I still need another creature, I am thinking of running Undergrowth Champion. I haven't played since like, Zendikar and I wanna get into Modern so I can play that the tournaments at my LGS. Ideas on how to make this work well? Creatures: Bloodbraid Elf x4 ( already have em) Turntimber Basilisk x 3 - I have two daggerback Basilisks until I can get two more Turntimbers. Groundbreaker x 3 ( planning on getting) Ball Lightning x 3 ( planning on getting) plated geopede x4 ( Have em) Non Creature Spells: Already have all these spells. Khlani Heart Expedition x 2 Explore x 3 Searing Blaze x 4 Burst Lightning x 3 Magma Jet x 3 Magma Spray x 3 Land: ( I have all my lands here) Evolving Wilds x 4 8 Mountain 8 Forest