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  1. pasta maker review.

    Pasta has become a very common and popular food in our daily life. Pasta is made with the machine called pasta maker. There are several types of machine for making pasta, some are electrically operated and some are handy, manually operated. Both types are available in the market. Pasta made by machine are more testy and healthy than other ways and only this is why Pasta Maker has become widely popular now-a-days. Most popular brand of Pasta machine are CUCINA, GOURMIA, IMPERIA, MARCATO, KITCHENAID, OVENTE, PHILIPS etc. Except these brands lots of makers are available in the market but unfortunately they are not reliable and durable that's why you have to choose the brand makers so that you can make best performance. You should keep these in your mind before purchasing it. its vary with size, pasta rolls size, shape and stretching quality, motorized or not etc. Dies is another important factor, high quality bronze dies are durable. different shapes of dies are available with the brand company products. more over you also should have a knowledge about Wrench, cleaning Brush, Crank, Clamp and dies. Specially in case of electric pasta maker you should check up the motors quality, and control panel as well. If you really wish to buy a pasta maker for your kitchen. I am suggesting you first to visit Kitchen Decking ( for getting details knowledge on the machines. If you read those products in details you could have a clear conception of which pasta maker is suitable for your purpose. Here all the major brand Pasta machines are reviewed details so that you can have clear knowledge on them and able to choose your best pasta maker.