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  1. I play in a monthly legacy tournament which allows unlimited numbers of proxies, the successful running of which is dependent on the fact that it is accessible for players who don't have the cash to invest in a legacy deck. In @MirrodinTech's analogy, my real Ferrari would just be sitting in my garage if I insisted I could only race it against other real Ferraris
  2. But is that legit, foiled out tier 1 legacy deck of any use if there's nobody to play against, no tournament to play in? Of course, the individual cards have financial value regardless, but the whole point of having a legacy deck is to play legacy
  3. "On and off the platform"? Apart from sites a user has linked their Twitter account to in some way, how exactly would they be able to do this?
  4. These graphs are really interesting, especially how pretty much every single one has regular dips around the end of one month and beginning of another. i don't use Patreon at all so this might be a stupid question, but is there something about the way it works that means people are more likely to lose backers at those points?
  5. A committee of people deciding whose behaviour is acceptable and whose isn't, with the power to banish the second group. Sounds like the start of a cautionary tale.
  6. And if we think it's reasonable for Wizards/the DCI to ban players for objectionable behaviour outside of the game, who should decide what qualifies as objectionable enough to deserve a ban? It really seems like a dangerous road to go down, judging and excluding people in that way tends to set precedents and lead to more and more judgement and exclusion
  7. Is there even a bannable offence involved? I wasn't really around when the guy who had a criminal record for sexual assault or something similar was banned, so I have no idea how that was justified. Is there something in the tournament rules that basically allows DCI bans for being an extremely unpleasant person?
  8. Fair enough. Shadow is pretty annoying, I can see why you'd have doubts about having shadow creatures in the cube
  9. How is Gitaxian Probe connected to shadow?
  10. I think this point is missed by a lot of people in the community. Yes harrassing/bullying people is wrong, especially if they end up feeling so bad about it that they leave the community, but being tolerant is not the same as being intolerant of intolerance (it's that old classic "2 wrongs don't make a right" basically) Nobody should be excluded from playing Magic because of their opinions expressed online. Actual harrassment at an event, or during a match on MODO, is already covered by DCI/MODO rules and should be punished. Other than that, all players should walk through the door into an event equal in the eyes of Wizards and TOs- unless you are already suspended for some reason, you can play until we have evidence you have done something wrong while participating in an event
  11. To be fair, it's probably going to be great in EDH, most players that aren't running a ton of planeswalkers could probably run one
  12. When I had the Barbarian Ring in, they were good for making sure I got to Threshold to use its damage ability too. Some Burn players prefer the Patrick Sullivan version with all basic Mountains (Arabian Nights printing for the true Patrick Sullivan experience) and fewer, if any, Lavamancers. I'm quite particular about my basics and have never tried this version for the slightly weird reason that I don't have 20 copies of any one particular Mountain (and zero Arabian Nights ones!)
  13. Finally, some planeswalker hate! 6 mana is a tad expensive for shutting down planewalkers, but the Sun has an impressive set of extra effects. If a deck appears that can ramp it out a couple of turns early, it could be a big hit in Standard. Once Kaladesh rotates out obviously, it doesn't really stop Energy decks pounding your face with enormous Longtusk Cubs and Bristling Hydras. Come on Wizards, I dare you to ban Attune with Aether!
  14. Agreed, too often a resolved planeswalker just takes over the game. If there was one design decision I could go back in time and undo, it would be the introduction of planeswalker cards. Also, Armageddon is clearly a fair and fun card- it destroys the caster's lands too so it must be fair, right?
  15. Lavamancer needs cards in the graveyard to use its activated ability. Fetches are an easy way to get cards in your own yard