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  1. Port will probably be in. At least once a week I think about trying to sell mine before this is confirmed, with a plan to buy more at half the cost after the reprint hits stores. Maybe I still will. I'm hoping Masters 25 is a bit more different from MM2017 than most people here so far- Port and Chalice are about the only cards mentioned so far not reprinted already sometime this year 1. Rishadan Port 2. True Name Nemesis 3. Pox 4. Reanimate 5. Eventide/Shadowmoor filter lands
  2. Getting regular Legacy play here in England is hard, the nearest reliable weekly and monthly events to me as in London so would take a couple of hours to get to. A few months ago some people tried to get a weekly Legacy event going he in Southampton but attendance quickly fell off, hopefully the second attempt which starts next week will last longer
  3. I just like to see the possibility of huge pulls from old packs- watching someone open the latest standard set isn't that exciting (i could do that myself anytime i wanted to). The series that was on YouTube last year some time of the guys opening a Beta starter and 3 Legends boosters each for a ridiculously expensive sealed deck tournament was so much fun to watch, even though the production was nothing to write home about and most of the guys involved quite nervous and wooden on camera Can't remember what the name of the tournament was now, but the videos sadly seem to have disappeared
  4. Upheaval has to be in the conversation for blue's best sweeper too, right?
  5. great idea and great start to the project, looking forward to more
  6. Interesting, I for one would love to see the return of counterburn
  7. 1. Armageddon/Ravages of War 2. Wildfire 3. Destructive Force 4. Ruination 5. Jokulhaups
  8. What's the potential role for Baral? Anything in particular that would see him promoted from the maybeboard?
  9. The total raised must be over £300,000 by now- pretty good considering the target was 5000 when they started
  10. I was very disappointed to find I only had one copy of Opt that survived from playing back in Invasion block times, it's a sweet card For me Jade Guardian has got to be in the discussion for best common in the set, should be a big addition to Pauper
  11. I've not been able to join in as much as usual lately but I'd hate to see KTM disappear. It's lasted through what has been a relatively poor time for the game, but now things are looking much brighter. Ixalan looks like a lot of fun, EDH is slowly taking over as one of the most important formats and a new, hopefully better, digital version of the game is on the horizon. Plus there's some Legacy happening local to me so I should get to play some paper Magic again soon. If only I can manage to get my hands on some Volcanic Islands while still being to pay for rent and food, the MTG world will be perfect...
  12. These playmats look great, I managed to get in on the Kickstarter in time to get 2 artist proofs as well, very happy to be getting my favourite mountain art to play Legacy Burn on
  13. Great selection, I love seeing Visions getting opened- the printing of the cards in this whole block was just amazing, so much colour on the cards. They must have really blown the ink budget with these sets, eventually as a result they had to stop making artifacts brown
  14. Goyf is selling for £50-60 here, which I think is closer to around $80, though that is partly due to the terrible state of our currency right now