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  1. They need Arena to have at least one of (a) real constructed formats- Standard at least should be part of the game surely- and (b) draft or sealed. The economy is still awful, which puts a lot of people off building constructed decks, as being hold of the rare and mythic cards you need is so hard, but at the minute the only play option is not-quite-Standard with no KLD/AER in the game. It's not entirely what will cause true Standard to become part of the game, but I expect it will just be time and the rotation in Sept/Oct time
  2. Agreed. Watching the coverage of the last legacy GP, i reached the tipping point of having seen more then enough games dominated by who can stick a Deathrite
  3. My wish would be to remove the planeswalker card type. Their introduction had overall been a negative influence on the chances of a typical constructed game being balanced and interactive, the first player to land a planeeswalker too often goes on from there to build up an insurmountable advantage
  4. Shaping up to be a sweet set, good to have Richard Garfield back on board. I might even pick up a booster box for the first time since Shadows over Innistrad
  5. The last cards that have a different set symbol on them, are they from the new duel deck or something?
  6. If they ever downshift Surgical Extraction to become pauper legal, the relentless rats deck becomes kind of sad
  7. These are the Eventide ones, looks like the Shadowmoor allied colour pair set are not included, shame but 10 card rare cycles are difficult to reprint
  8. Pillage is my favourite so far. Counterspell is back again too, looks like I need to pick up another foil version to keep my full set
  9. Registration just opened, I think I will go if I can get the Friday off work (it's a double GP so legacy starts Friday morning)
  10. Game 3 I ended up with I think 1 land and 2 pithing needles in play and just couldn't get anything going on my side. This deck is definitely not designed to go long, turn 1 sire is definitely a good plan (as it is against most decks). Shane the only match I managed to get sire into play as against dredge, where it is the worst creature in the deck
  11. The usual problem with these kind of products is being able to actually find them at MSRP, but including them in the range that are sold in Target, WalMart etc would take care of that. The decks should really be available for 30 dollars, which is awesome
  12. Tinker is such a fair card
  13. The general line from people close enough to Wizards to know what they're talking about is that having restrictions as well is "too complicated", particularly for the 'new players' for whom all Magic rules and policies must be tailored
  14. I definitely think Jace could easily get back on the ban list really fast. Bloodbraid Elf is probably just fine though
  15. I think the B&R people missed this video