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  1. Once I'd spent the small amount of tix I had already, I just found every time I loaded up MODO I felt putting any money into it was not justifiable. Eternal is a game that's easiest to explain as a cross between Hearthstone and MTG, designed by Direwolf Digital, whose team includes LSV, Patrick Chapin and possibly Patrick Sullivan. It looks like Hearthstone, but plays a lot more like MTG, but is also free to play like Hearthstone, with the option for those of you who are more impatient to speed up the process of getting cards by putting money in
  2. It's out of beta now, can be downloaded from Steam
  3. I've officially given up with MODO, and now satisfy my online card gaming needs playing Eternal instead. Anyone else here play?
  4. Hard to say, phasing hasn't been used in so long nobody really remembers. I can only guess from this ruling that phasing would have killed tokens previously, but no cards with that mechanic have seen play since the time when tokens were still very few and far between
  5. I still say ban Collected Company. It's just gross- how many times have you seen players come back from seemingly the brink of defeat by casting CoCo? Or even worse, EOT CoCo, hit Eternal Witness + X, get back CoCo, untap, recast CoCo, get more creatures Whenever it's on camera when GPs/SCG events are on, I just skip past/turn off the stream, I absolutely hate even watching those decks
  6. A few sweet looking new cards though.
  7. WARNING: this is not an exact math(s)ematically correct answer but close enough to be of use Unless my math(s) memory is wrong you can roughly work this out by using the hypergeometric calculator to work the probability of exactly 1 copy of your creature in opening hand, which is about 1 in 3 assuming you have four copies of it in a 60 card deck and then do a second calculation for 2 (or more) lands in a six card sample and multiply them together.If you have 24 lands and they are all equal in terms on ability to cast the creature you want to play, the probability of exactly 2 in hand is about the same, just under 1 in 3. This means your chances of exactly 1 of the desired creature and 2 exactly 2 lands in your opening hand is somewhere in the region of 1 in 10 The probability of 2 or more lands out of 24 in a six card hand is much higher (78%), so approximately speaking, the chance of one copy of your creature and enough land to presumably play it on turn 2 is slightly better than 1 in 4 Again, not the complete, 100% correct method, but a useful estimate
  8. I just feel sorry for the people who can't separate the two things, who only enjoy the game if it's all going their way
  9. This brings me on to another key giveaway point, if the price is too good to be true, it usually means you're getting scammed somehow. Anyone who has internet access can pretty easily find out what a sensible value for cards/boosters/boxes is
  10. In the case of booster boxes, if it doesn't have the original Wizards plastic seal wrapping, assume it's been messed with in some way. I'd be very wary about buying any individual boosters that weren't from a box I'd physically seen the seal broken on, or from a shop I knew was trustworthy. Modern sets that were mappable, like RTR and just before, or Eldritch Moon with its initial run where all mythics were in packs with the same art, are even more risky Regarding fake cards, the first question is "How much is this card worth?", there aren't many people out there producing good quality fake Elvish Mystics or anything else worth less than $10-20. The usual biggest giveaway is the feel of the card, too thick, too thin, too easy/plasticky (like many previous of standard playing cards). If it feels and generally looks OK, the best way to be sure is to get out your magnifying glass and check the printing. There are lots of pictures online as examples but the short version is that the text and black border of cards are printed separately from the coloured parts. The coloured part of printed with a rosette pattern, the text and border are not. The rosette pattern can be faked but it's almost always applied to the whole card so the solid black parts that shouldn't have it also have the pattern on the vast majority of otherwise good quality counterfeit cards
  11. It was brutal. In that kind of high stakes game for the first time it's natural to fall back on the habits learned over thousands of games- play spells as late as possible, attack first then do other stuff. Got to hurt when it goes that badly wrong
  12. Haha, could I have been any more wrong. This was easily the biggest mistake of the entire PT weekend, nobody could possibly do anything worse
  13. Eventually there will come a day when there are enough good mill cards that it becomes a competitive Modern strategy and I'd be surprised if Fraying Sanity isn't part of that
  14. Good to have you on board, even if I disagree with your apparent opinion on the speed of Legacy 😀
  15. I see your point but, according to Mark Rosewater, Unstable has been a work in progress for several years and I think we can all agree that there has been no issues with the main competitive formats to suggest that R&D weren't fully focused on, for example, picking out broken 2 card combos or appropriately judging the power level of story cards and new card types