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  1. I semi got a mention, I'm almost famous
  2. Energy decks (which are already not far from Marvel without the Marvels and Ulamogs) and the assorted BG decks still look strong. The revival of UW flash is further hit by the loss of its best top tier matchup
  3. Some sweet invocations in this set. Sunder and Lord of Extinction are also included but, then again, it is an imperfect world Still got my fingers crossed for Invocation Flusterstorm in the vain hope it might make a dent in the price of the copies currently on the market
  4. Without the life gain part, this is basically a slightly less good Grafdigger's Cage so hopefully not 3W to cast it. At 1W, it's potentially a great sideboard card in pretty much every format Still doesn't stop Living End though
  5. For people who do their Christmas shopping much earlier than I do
  6. Best news day ever- new Un-set, and a return to Dominaria, the true home of Magic Did the announcement yesterday not specifically acknowledge this idea? Maybe it was just how I interpreted however it was phrased, but I thought this is pretty much the reason they gave for not including them in every set. Either way, I agree with you guys, Masterpieces need to be more special. I can't decide which has been the most disappointing inclusion so far, Divert really sticks out in my mind right now but Kor Haven (and to a lesser extent Tectonic Edge) was a questionable choice too. Who, apart from people trying to collect a full set, would want an Expedition Kor Haven? Sure it's cheaper than the Nemesis foil, but so what, the same applies to those foils too
  7. It's a good point from Jamie, colourless is important. 4 Ziggurat would be too many for sure
  8. I'm just surprised Wizards felt another Standard banning was overall a likely positive effect on the format, nobody benefits from cards getting banned in Standard
  9. I didn't really understand the leap from the table of match-ups against other widely played Standard decks, showing most of them were 50-50 or better against Marvel, to "but we still think it should be banned. The unspoken connection here is presumably players moaning about losing to Marvel, but the numbers show it on average happens less than half the time, so the deck can't really be that oppressive, right?
  10. Looks like I need to do something like that
  11. Not had new episodes into my ears lately, did I miss something with my low quality podcast app?
  12. And that's why I'm considering buying them now, while they're still about 50 dollars.
  13. Very much in favour of both reintroducing core sets, and reducing the frequency of sets having Masterpiece subsets included (we'd have been seeing Masterpiece Dune Beetle or something of similar appeal within a few years otherwise). Open to the idea that getting rid of blocks can be a good thing, and having some flexibility on how many sets to stay in a specific plane for seems good but, since they'd have to decide it well in advance of players actually getting to use the cards and mechanics, will be difficult to judge properly. It's not hard to imagine a situation where they visit a world (probably one we know already) that they think we will love so decide to base 2 or 3 sets there, then the first one is awful and most of the year is a complete disaster for new sets. Less focus on the Gatewatch is also good, but not really news, they told us about that already. Can't wait for tomorrow's announcement that, as they're going to be printing fewer new versions of Jace, they've decided to undan JTMS in Modern
  14. It sounds 100% like something is going to change for the make up of standard