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  1. I have bought the eclipse sleeves, and they are by far my favourite ones. I lost my faith in Ultra Pro a long time ago, but after seeing the video the Professor made I gave them a try. Best sleeves in my opinion.
  2. It´s very hard to know without having official numbers. Usually if a card is played in the various formats it goes up in price. For example, I was just checking the price of a card from Aether Revolt and noticed it had spiked in price by 5 dollars. At a first glance nothing had changed but as it turns out it has been played in Commander decks. If you have a good knowledge of what might be playable in other formats, maybe you can rank them for yourself even though in a very superficial way.
  3. That is actually something very probable. I never thought about it, but now since you said it yeah it makes a lot of sense. specially once the set is out of print.
  4. Modern masters wasn´t a very successful product. Wizards in a blog post admitted the thing kind of missfired. With the intent of as they said printing modern staples needed for some decks, I would say they kind of failed. IF it was me I would hold on to them the foil one at least (Goyf). I don´t think they will continue with modern masters or any type of reprints unless they actually make them valuable.
  5. I think I saw Rudy from alpha investments saying something shady was going on, like someone was doing a buyout of those to spike the price. Not 100% sure but I believe he was talking about Cavern of souls and some other stuff.
  6. Oh it most certainly has legs in modern, but out of the Cards I want to keep and sit on, fatal pushes aren´t one of those.
  7. Since I just play standard, and with the rotation these are one of the few cards I will be selling. I thought the whole uncommon thing that went high in price was a very nice surprise.
  8. I keep mostly everything to be honest. Only thing I sell are bulk commons, and even those can spike a little bit due to pauper.
  9. Hey everyone ! Been away for a long time ! Due to health reasons I was unable to continue on my magic the gathering shenanigans. I wanted to say Hello to all the new members I missed, and a hearthwarming greet to all who were here and welcomed me back then. Have a nice day !
  10. Thank you all for the info
  11. Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay!
  12. Despite only playing standard,i think this is a terrible decision from WOTC. The game is vast and should try and cater to all formats.
  13. Would love to,but it is really far for me
  14. Hello, hope you enjoy your stay!