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  1. I've found discord to work well with computers that can't handle skype @JesGolbez, and honestly webcams are optional in my book. Long as you can dictate what you're doing, we gucci I'd say. @ChuckWagonMTG A few hours on Saturday morning could be all we need, schedules depending. And 4+ kids?! goddamn man..
  2. We've barely begun to figure out scheduling @ChuckWagonMTG, so if you're interested we could work around your free time
  3. @Rhino Stream it? I wouldn't mind personally but I can't speak for everyone. Are you familiar with cockatrice? It's a tabletop simulator designed around MTG and a few other card games, very simple to use, but very manual. Also doesn't host it's own voicechat, so discord/skype/hangout would be necessary to facilitate communications.
  4. I saw this post was pinned so I figure I'll pop a post to re-up the date to 2018. Obviously a bit of a necro, but I've got my eyes open for playgroups and fellow EDH fans if anyone's interested
  5. @Lasraik I'd say yes, Cockatrice is a pretty solid platform to work with and it updates fairly regularly. Its one drawback is that the field is very manual, nothing happens automatically. It is a very good interpretation of a tabletop in the sense that the stack happens at your discretion. It definitely helps to have a microphone if you're going to be using cockatrice.
  6. @Lasraik Eyy no problemo, we're all in it for the game. Talking of schedules, I'm currently open most nights after 7:30pm CDT or Tuesdays and Thursdays after noon'oclock. Work and academic schedules will change those numbers in about two weeks, so we'll see how that rolls. And obvi most anytime during weekends. Like the man said people! Post your schedules if you're feeling social. EDH is a very welcoming format, and we are very welcoming people. The more the merrier!
  7. @Lasraik Sweet, I have one other buddy here who might be interested in hoppin' in, let's rally the troops!
  8. Hello All, So my local EDH playgroup recently dissolved due to disinterest, but my spirits still yearn for Magic. Does anyone know where a sociable rando might find solace in a friendly and welcoming playgroup? Maybe a public Discord server or a google Hangout where folks can gather to play casually? Skype is also awfully convenient. I've been using cockatrice to build and test decks with friends, is there anybody out there interested in getting a lil sumthin sumthin organised with cockatrice as the playable medium? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello Strangers, Is it too late to jump in on this band wagon? My IRL playgroup just dissolved due to disinterest, but EDH is mah shit. Anyone hosting auditions? Apologies for necro, Wren