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  1. You have it right, as long as you don't bring an obviously top tier deck you are not going to have any problem. I have had a lot of fun with it so far! I think that the Wardens are my best bet for this because they enable adding Famished Paladin for redundancy. I love the idea of Apostle's blessing! I was thinking Brave the Elements would be great to protect Soul Warden, Midnight Guard, Famished Paladin and Heliod's Pilgram in the case of a board wipe. Do you think 8 life-gainers are too many?
  2. Hey y'all, I'm new to MTG, and I am trying to get a reasonably priced deck together for FNM to play in a casual tournament with my girlfriend. I am supping up a pauper combo deck with a few modern staples and a legacy tutor(Casual at my FNM is not strictly modern as long as you don't bring a top tier deck). I have done my research and purchased/traded for cards. Now I need some advice on putting a deck put together with what I have. I don't know which proportions I should have of which cards, and which I should pick over others with similar effects (ex. Vines of Vastwood vs. Blossoming Defense). I think I have covered my basses, and have the best options for this build except for Modern staple lands and Noble Hierarchic which I'm not ready to splurge on. The deck is simple, when Midnight Guard is enchanted with Presence of Gond, it taps/untaps to produce infinite 1/1 elf warrior tokens. If I have Soul Warden or Essence Warden in play I gain infinite life as well. If Altar of the Brood is in play, I deck my opponent. If I can't find Midnight Guard, Famished Paladin will do the same song and dance as the main combo with the stipulation of one of the Wardens in play. The casual tables at my LGS don't tend to use alot of modern staple sideboard hate, and Wraths and removal seem to be the go-to disruptors. Even then, not a terrible amount of them are used, therefore, I don't think I need a terrible amount of protection. A perfect game goes as such... Turn 1: Forest down and tapped for BoP Turn 2: Land down and tapped alongside the forest and BOP for Midnight Guard Turn Three: Land down and tapped alongside the previous two and BOP for a Altar and Presence of Gond. Tap until they are decked and I lord over them with a massive army. (Laughing maniacally optional) I have full playsets of the following cards, but getting the right numbers right for the deck is hard for a novice. How much redundancy should I plan for? How much protection? How many Tutors? This will be my first deck I've brewed so I'm very exited! Thanks for the help guys, my cards are as follows... Tutors: Commune with the Gods Eladamri's Call Heliod's Pilgrim Combo Pieces: Presence of Gond Midnight Guard Protection/Removal: Vines of Vastwood Blossoming Defense Path to Exile Pacifism Redundancy: Famished Paladin Eliminating the problem of my elves not being hasty: Altar of the Brood Essence Warden Soul Warden Mana dorks: Birds of Paradise Elvish Mystic Avacyn's Pilgrim