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  1. cube

    I store my pauper cube (450 cards) in one of these. Holds the entire cube (top 2 rows, and lower right), 40 of each basic lands (lower middle) , and tokens (lower left). Only $15 on amazon.
  2. Normally I use Ultra Pro satin towers, but recently I picked up a "Stanley 10 compartment Deep Pro small parts organizer", after seeing a video from TCC. Was cheap at Menards only $14. The smaller bins hold a full double sleeved commander deck, plus tokens, and all bins are removable. The bigger bins I was able to squeeze 4, 60 card decks but it is very tight. It does get a bit heavy when fully loaded, but not to bad. It will be nice to just have it loaded with various decks, and grab and go to game night.