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  1. That being said.. lands are not cast. so i dont think Cage hits them.
  2. The word cant always overrules the word can
  3. Ill look around! thanks bud
  4. I use obs to record then i just upload is there a setting im missing to make resolution better on the screen cap process?
  5. Im using obs that is normally used for twitch streaming. But im using the record only setting instead of stream setting
  6. Should of changed our whole build.. damnit picked a blue card going green blue now
  7. i ended up going 1-2 with this
  8. the damn miss pick on the zennith seeker lmao
  9. I hate the quality.. im recording at 30fps i dont understand the horrible quality.
  10. 2WW Viligance Whenever this creature attacks you may return target creature card with cmc 1 from your graveyard to the battlefield 4/4
  11. exile and +2 life. compared to destroy for 1 extra colorless is huge
  12. so a better hero's downfall?
  13. i cant really read anything on this sheet
  14. the walker has flavor text.. its disturbs me a bit