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  1. yeah i looked into it afterwards
  2. Hey guys after a hiatus due to personal life (Work, Family, etx.) I am back from my hiatus and ready to start making some new videos
  3. Captain Sisay can now search walkers and went from 50 cents to 50 dollars
  4. Notable commons... Ambuscade and Puncturing blow are really good
  5. In late game after a board wipe it is devistating. Or as a board wipe. from prerelease at my store in all three it was a beast of a card
  7. commander

    Honestly all we have is a picture of package with a card. with the dragon spoilers we had physical cards. not gonna say this is true till we get spoilers
  8. commander

    Honestly dont know how i feel about this one. Really dont think cats is an iconic tribe and alot of support for cats was just printed in sets we are getting now..
  9. I want to also become a more active subscriber to the people i subscribe to. SO if you see an influx of me commenting on all your stuff dont be surprised as im going back over things i may have missed haha
  10. I like it alot. i just hate their ranking system as they rank some things way higher than it should be
  11. Draftsim and Magicdrafting are good and the 5 color combo app is decent. but does anyone know any drafting websites that have hour up that allow me to open packs indiviudually in my sealed pool.
  12. I do like four or five pools for each video and i get shitty ones all the time. i rank each deck at end of building process and predict how well a deck like that will do in a standard four round pre release
  13. going to be doing some sealed practice today anything specific you guys wanna see