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  1. In this deck, we want to be attacking with creatures, while also gaining value through our creatures as well. This deck is still in testing and almost completed, but I'm super excited to share this deck tech with you!
  2. In the spotlight today we have a Marchesa the Black Rose EDH Deck Tech. With this deck you want to be putting +1/+1 counters on your creatures, sacrificing them for value and we then get to return them to the battlefield with some cool ETB triggers! The Decklist:
  3. This deck wants to play Enchantments to buff up our Commander, as well as controlling your opponent's board! Stuff like Nevermore can make your opponent(s) hate you, and stuff like Daybreak Coronet can buff up your creatures.
  4. I made a deck around Maze's End. This deck is NOT meant to be competitive but it's meant for more casual games. There is no sideboard, but since this is a 5 color deck, the sideboard slots can be really customized! The Decklist:
  5. The reason why I I chose Negate was we have 8 draw spells. And with the 3 T-Gearhulk, it brings us up to 11 Draw spells. In testing negate outperformed Failed Inspection almost all the time. Also, in this deck you don't want to be discarding cards (even if they are land) If we miss a land drop in the early-mid game, it can be hard to catch up with the opponent.
  6. With this deck, you want to have The Gitrog Monster out with a discard outlet Lotleth Troll and have a card with dredge in your graveyard Golgari Grave-Troll. When you have to sac a land to Gitrog, you can replace the draw with the dredge. As long as you get 1 land into your graveyard from the dredge, you can dredge again if you discard the Grave-Troll to Lotleth Troll before the extra draw on The Gitrog Monster. The Decklist: ‪‬
  7. Check out the deck that I brought to gameday! In this deck, you want to be countering your opponent's spells and killing their creatures, all while stalling out the game and finishing it off with one or two Torrential Gearkulks! If you want to see the decklist, you can click here: If you want to check out the video you can click here:
  8. With this deck, you want to be producing tokens to sacrifice to gain an advantage in some way. This deck is meant to be budget, but suggestions are always welcome! You can find the decklist here: You can check out the video here:
  9. Why thank you! This deck is also competitive and Legal which is awesome considering the name :P
  10. In this deck, you want to be attacking your opponent while burning them with burn spells! Oh, I forgot to mention, the deck's idea is to have cards that are banned/restricted in other formats! You can check out the decklist here: You can check out the video here:
  11. The MtgSpotlight Channel made it to 100 Subs!!! We are also giving away the Duel Deck: Blessed vs Cursed and the contest will end on February 9th! You can check out the video here: