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  1. I am in the process of putting together a blue/black discard deck. So far I have this in it: Millstone x 4 Mind rot x 4 Thought Erasure x 2 Thief of Sanity x 2 Etrata, the Silencer x 1 (Just because) Drowned Secrets x 4 Wall of Mist x 4 Nightveil Predator x 2 Selective Snare x 2 Exclusion Mage x 2 Manalith x 2 Mnemonic Betrayal x 2 Looking to throw a splash more of black.. Really wanted to do a straight discard deck, but new standard lack damage/speed for discard like Megrim/Bottomless pit
  2. I am sorry to say this but.... The new cards feel cheap and they have a very strong chemical smell to them that doesn't go away. The cards of the newest set are definitely thinner than older sets as well. I have cards from back in Alpha, up to the newest set and these new cards are some of the worst that I have ever seen. It seems as though Hasbro has found a "cheaper" way to produce the cards, in order to make even more money off of them. Being a player that started "back in the day", when WOTC owned MTG and everyone used Inquest or Scrye to determine prices, I feel that when Hasbro bought WOTC out, and started mass producing cards, that they have always been coming up with "new" ways to maximize their profits. Unfortunately, this usually happens at the expense of the players.
  3. If you are a "Guest" and looking here just to see what was in here for you to see, then it's a welcome from a new member. If you are actually a member that isn't signed in, then let me know that you were here so that I can gauge "How many members browse the site without signing in". To all the "actual" Guests: tell me what it is that you are actually looking for in a "Mtg" site... You might actually join in order to post... To anyone, Guest or member: What is it, that you would actually like to see more of on this site? Deck suggestions (aside from the normal decks that everyone is playing), perhaps advise on how to play against specific decks? Maybe just more postings about Mtg related events and such? Whatever the case, I am curious to know. Thanks for stopping by
  4. Hmm... I don't know what to say. I finally find an outlet for my interest in MTG, and then I find out I was seeing things through "Rose colored glasses". My question is: If I were able to reach out to a few people that I used to play with, that are now affiliated with the "Pro tours" and R&D for MTG, would having them join the site for whatever purpose "help"? No guarantees, but I don't have an issue trying to get a hold of them, if you think it would help.. I also know a few "old school" players, as well as some newer ones (started playing around Prophecy or so) that I could have take a look to see if they have any interest in joining, sharing, posting, and such. Let me know, Thanks.
  5. I agree about the feel too. Older cards had a much better feel. Hasbro must be trying to make even more money on mtg by using cheaper cardstock.
  6. Here is a good example of a combo deck that I made "Back in the Day" around Urza's Block: Scent of Cinder x 4 (urza's) Sizzle x 4 (Mercadian) Ball Lightning x 3 (dci) Wake of Destruction x 1 (urza's) Keldon Champion x 4 (urza's) Goblin Gardener x 4 (urza's) Avalanche riders x 4 (urza's) Stone rain x 4 (dci) Shock x 4 (6th) Incinerate x 4 (deckmasters) Warmonger x 4 (Mercaian promo) Ghitu Encampment x 2 (urza's) Mountain x 18 (various) You had your choice of Burn or Land Destruction... Looking at the cards that came out in M19, I started to make a "Megrim/Bottomless Pit deck, but couldn't find anything from Guilds to add to the effect of your opponent having to discard...Hence I am changing to something Black/Blue.. Perhaps a little Control/Discard
  7. The past several booster boxes that I have opened smell so bad...What the hell? The cards smell like they are being run through horrid smelling chemicals as a part of their "new" process. Is it a definitive way to tell a "real" card from a "proxy" or did they just do it, to kill us off slowly? Whatever the case might be, I still have a great time opening packs ( opening a box of Guilds now), but I could definitely do without that horrible smell. Any thoughts?
  8. I basically want any foil version of any wall that I currently have that isn't foil( Although it has to be from the 1st edition that they made it in foil, i.e. "Wall of Air 7th ed foil", was the first edition that it came out in foil) I would also like to expand my collection to encompass any foil walls that I don't currently have, from the edition that they first appeared in foil form in. Also any foil Promo walls that are not shown here. I will post more clear pictures later, when I have time to un-sleeve them, because they look great not under plastic Thanks
  9. Everyone has collected something at some point for whatever reason. I have seen players collect sets, a binder full of the same single card (usually a "goblin" of some sort for whatever reason), or just whatever caught their eye on any given week. I on the other hand, started a "Wall" collection back in the day, because the art back then was cool & because no to walls are ever the same. My collection starts in Alpha and ends around 8th edition or so I believe. I will list the walls and the edition in which I have them from and then I will add pictures. The list is as follow: Wall of Air (Beta) Wall of Air (7th foil) Dark Maze (Homelands ver 1) Dark Maze (Homelands ver 2) Glacial Wall ( Ice Age) Wall of Kelp ( Homelands) Illusionary Wall ( Ice Age) Thunder Wall (Ice Age) Wall of Vapor (Legends) Wall of Water (Alpha) Wall of Wonder (Legends) Wall of Tears (Stronghold) Vodalian War Machine (Forgotten Realms) Fog Bank (Saga) Stinging Barrier (Masques foil) Quicksilver Wall (Prophecy foil) Floodgate (Mirage) Mirror Wall (Judgment foil) Mistform Wall (Onslaught foil) Hover Barrier (Return to R) Wall of Diffusion (Tempest) Cinder Wall (Weatherlight) Wall of Razors (Stronghold) Wall of Heat (Legends) Wall of Earth (Legends) Wall of Lava (Ice Age) Barrier Rampart (Masques foil) Flowstone Wall (Nemesis foil) Pitchstone Wall (Torment foil) Wall of Fire (Alpha) Wall of Stone (Beta) Wall of Dust (Legends) Wall of Opposition (Legends) Blistering Barrier (Mirage) Whip Vine (Alliances ver 1) Whip Vine (Alliances ver 2) Wall of Roots (Mirage) Carnivorous Plant (Dark) Vine Trellis (Masques foil) Wall of Brambles (Alpha) Wall of Pine Needles (Ice Age) Tinder Wall (Ice Age) Mindbender Spores (Mirage) Wall of Blossoms (DCI foil) Wall of Wood (Alpha) Wall of Ice (Alpha) Sunweb (Mirage) Wall of Essence (Stronghold) Alabaster Wall (Masques foil) Wall of Caltrops (Legends) Wall of Light (Legends) Prison Barricade (Invasion foil) Sunscape Familiar (Planeshift foil) Wall of Nets (Exodus) Shimmering Barrier (Saga) Wall of Swords (Beta) Angelic Wall (Odyssey foil) Wall of Glare (Destiny foil) Ageless Sentinels (Scourge foil) Wall of Hope (Legions foil) Steel Wall (Mirrodin foil) Wall of Resistance (Mirage) Wall of Corpses (Mirage) Wall of Tombstones (Legends) Wall of Putrid Flesh (Legends) Wall of Souls (Stronghold) Cemetery Gate (Homelands ver 1) Cemetery Gate (Homelands ver 2) Drift of the Dead (Ice Age) Wall of Vipers (Prophecy foil) Wall of Shadows (Legends) Wall of Bone (Beta) Wall of Bone (7th foil) Carrion Wall (8th foil) Wall of Blood (Mirridion foil) Wall of Distortion (Masques foil) Wall of Spears (Antiquities) Necropolis (Dark) Shifting Wall (Stronghold) Shield Sphere (Alliances) Snow Fortress (Ice Age) Wall of Shields (Ice Age) Crenellated Wall (Masques -need foil) Walking Wall (Ice Age) Wall of Junk (Saga) Mobile Fort (Saga) Jungle Barrier (Apocalypse foil) & The Crown jewel that started the collection... Living Wall (Alpha, signed I am looking to trade for walls that I don't currently have.. I only want walls from their original appearance as well as the first edition that they came out in foil.. Promo foils walls as well. Thanks for looking..
  10. I will post a topic titled "My Wall Collection", and then any wall that you don't see, is what I would be interested in.
  11. Ok... I see that a few people on here do some trading, and that's good. I haven't traded in a while (in literally in about 10 years), typically I will just sell some cards on EBay, and then buy whatever I want.. I also have plenty of store credit at the local gaming store, although they usually don't have whatever it is that I need. I have decided that I want to expand my "Wall Collection", so I would like to know how it is that I go about trading here.... I only want walls from their original edition (meaning if it came out in alpha and then was reprinted in 4th, I only want the Alpha edition). Secondly, I want walls in their "foil" form, when foils began. Thirdly, If a wall only came out in foil by like DCI, FNM, or Deck masters, that is something that I would be interested in as long as I didn't already have it. Lastly, but most important I only want walls in Near Mint/ Mint condition. So, let me know what I need to do. Thanks
  12. I don't understand why WOTC would need to pay anyone to play the game, if they weren't in fact on the "payroll". As nice as it would be to get paid to play game that you like to play, I don't see the point. I play MTG, because I like the game. If I decide to enter a tourney and I win and get some money or cards, cool. If I lose and I get nothing other than the satisfaction of being able to compete, then that's cool too. Pro's want to be paid for playing a game? I say if they only play the game to win prizes, then maybe they should find a different game to play. Oh, and just a little added extra: My son and I went to the local tourneys in Chester, NY and played with Reid & Ian Duke...(They play really well)
  13. Typically any of my "older" cards (Urza's Block and before), I keep in soft sleeves, inside hard sleeves to keep them flat. A lot of cards from 1993-1994, I keep in hard cases. Believe it or not, I keep my decks in just "black" backs. Have removed any "revised" and earlier from all decks and replaced with Saga and later. On a side note: I think that I am going to build a Black/Artifact Mill deck and a Control deck, when guilds come out. Maybe I will even throw together another Wall deck, just for fun.
  14. The short answer is... I am just now, trying to get back into playing. I researched to see what was on its way out and then bought 2 booster boxes of M19 and pre-ordered a box of Guilds..Hopefully I can build a Great deck and then go hit up the local gaming shop to see how I do in a small tourney... Then, who knows. Never stopped collecting. My next post, I will put up my "Walls" collection. I have walls from each original edition that they appeared in, and then the foil versions when foils started. Unfortunately, I stopped collecting foil walls after like Prophecy edition or so. I should start it back up, just for fun.
  15. Hmm.. I'd say that I would normally buy two boosters of whatever main set is legal at the time and one of each expansion depending on how the sets are. So probably between $1000 - $1500 per year. Only trade for singles though.