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  1. Only play pc games... Currently replaying Skyrim. Occasionally I will play GTA 5 online. Dabble in a little DDO when I have a significant amount of time to waste. Waiting for Cyberpunk 2077, which reminds me of "old school pen and paper" ShadowRun..
  2. Consider me a noob (Just don't speak to me like I'm one). I don't get the whole "Commander" thing? I know that you use 100 cards and you have a commander. Does the entire deck revolve around the "Main" card, like "A Mermaid Deck would for "Lord of Atlantis"? Are you only allowed one Commander card and do you start with it in play, or do you have to draw it like everything else? I don't understand what the big attraction is for playing it. First of all, I don't think that I've ever played with more than 60 cards in a deck and the chance of getting the cards that you need are already low. Playing with 100 card deck, you'd have even less of a chance of drawing what you needed, unless you were using "search" cards. Are you allowed to have up to 4 of each card like normal, or is it different (other than restricted cards). Maybe I'm missing some big part of the picture that someone can fill me in on.
  3. As this is my first post, I'd like to make it a good one so: Hello everyone, I hope that you're all having a Magical day. (no pun intended)..I'm Me... I started playing back in the day when "Ice Age" was first introduced. I played in local tourneys and such and always seemed to finish 2nd or 3rd, but still had a lot of fun. My son became interested in MTG about a year after me, so I finally had someone to do "two-headed giant" matches with. I continued to play up until Hasbro bought out WoC, and then when priced dropped I collected more than I played. As you can imagine, I've collected a vast amount of cards over the years, as I normally bought 2 or 3 booster boxes at a time when new editions came out ( was trying to make complete sets). Anyhow, I just wanted to share with you something that I did, and it took me about 10 years to finish. I foiled an entire Burn/Land Destruction deck. I used this deck "Back in the Day" at local hobby shop tournaments, and it usually placed second or third to a fast 1/1 green creature, or blue counter decks. I decided that I wanted to do something that you just don't see much, and foil an entire deck. Due to the fact that some cards never came out in foil, I had to adjust the deck a little over the years to get what I wanted. The only people that get to see this deck now are people that are at the Hobby shop when I'm there now. Here is the list of cards in the deck now: Scent of Cinder x 4 (urza's) Sizzle x 4 (Mercadian) Ball Lightning x 3 (dci) Wake of Destruction x 1 (urza's) Keldon Champion x 4 (urza's) Goblin Gardener x 4 (urza's) Avalanche riders x 4 (urza's) Stone rain x 4 (dci) Shock x 4 (6th) Incinerate x 4 (deckmasters) Warmonger x 4 (Mercaian promo) Ghitu Encampment x 2 (urza's) Mountain x 18 (various) Just felt like sharing... Maybe I will foil my mono blue or green/white deck next. Going to try to attach a picture..Hope that I'm succesful