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  1. again this would be the grunn/counter deck.
  2. What mana curve would you suggest for a blue green control? specifically ratio between creatures and instants / counter spells
  3. Yea, im thinking of instead making a white blue control deck with Felidar sovereign
  4. i was looking for something more of a burn aggro style deck
  5. t them well enough.
  6. I am doing a pirate Minotaur theme. I have Angrath the Minotaur pirate and Chandra bold pyromancer. They work well but the deck around them doesnt seem to suppor
  7. Ill try those cards in the deck. I was thinking of making a white blue control with those cards. Just so i could keep from having it destroyed. Protect it with counters.
  8. IM going to be building a deck based round Felidar Sovereign and I want to know if anyone has any advice?
  9. Exactly, was the same in Jumanji.
  10. Just watched Rampage. 10% It was pretty awful, zero story, great special effects.
  11. I want to make a control deck. My plan for it is to be a blue green, I would counter my opponent then play Grunn and then make him unlockable. Have 4 Grunn, and 4 Of the instants that make target creature unlockable. I also am trying to make a black red agro but I cant seem to make it work.
  12. I cant seem to make my plan for the design work. I would expect it to be like a deck that was consistent. I know no deck can do everything but I need a deck that is consistent.
  13. The QB rule is bullshit. Even legal hits are flagged. The hits that are legal on other players are now Apparently illegal on quarterbacks, many D-linemen are going to be reluctant to hit the QB which could cause all kinds of crazy Stuff.
  14. I think the most I ever spent on a card was $35 Nicol Bolas. I do like that wall though... I only have about 4,000 cards because I have only recently really started getting into MTG.
  15. Can someone give me an outline for a aggro deck. like how many sorceries, instants, creatures...ect Any help would be greatly appreciated!