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  1. The flowchart has been updated to v3. - Added Guilds of Ravnica Mythic edition - Grouped cards without/special borders - Added 1994 promo cards explanation - Added 1995/1996 Intro/Rivals Sets and Alt. 4th Edition...
  2. I hope it will be of use. I got some suggestions/corrections from another forum i posted this on. Do you have any remarks/corrections? Let me know if the chart actually works. And share it!
  3. Here my humble attempt to redo the old "Magic: the Gathering Forensic Identification Flowchart" that has been circulating on imgur (and others) since 2001. Originally made by Mediadesign.net and now 'revised' and modernized by Edwin (108Bits). Feel free to share. Dimensions: 17 x 22 inches (@2 US letter size). It should fit in the Ultra PRO binders. Direct link: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1MRBXHna3LXZ2W_TEHBkBGSWm5UeWillfqwevMm6emKg/edit?usp=sharing MTG-Card-Identifier_v3.pdf