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  1. pauper

    price and cards in yours or someone elses bulk pile for me too
  2. what do you do when your not playing magic? job i mean if you dont mind me asking
  3. 1.) hows the new place? 2.) does your partner play magic? 3.) how do you stay motivated and come up w new vid ideas? way to go!
  4. i prefer the original but both are good, maybe you can rotate them?
  5. welcome back
  6. there enough for dragon and angel pauper tribal?
  7. my collection is all disorganized in boxes
  8. should relic of progenitus be in this list?
  9. i think its fine but i dont know why so many people are freaking out about it
  10. cyclonic rift is a good one
  11. how do you deal with salty losers in magic?
  12. cube

    Lotus bloom
  13. welcome