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  1. Actually, everyone is racist. Even the poorest of the poor have something funny to say to a white rich man. You cannot condone a person for being a racist if you think you are clean. Just like black people (no offense), they do not like to be called nigga. But they are calling each other niggas.
  2. I recommend you to read The Mist by Stephen Kings. The ending is really unexpected so it is really interesting.
  3. Hi guys, I'm just wondering if anyone here is a pet lover, well if you are like me maybe you can share about your pets on how their welfare is, what they do, their breed or what you do for them. I got my pet this richell which is a modern pet gate. Our dog at home, Artie, is 16 years old. He is a lazy old pooch with poor eyesight and a soft spot for his favorite chew toy. Because of his weak joints and achy bones, we don't allow Artie to go to the upstairs bedrooms anymore, especially when no one is around to watch him. A fall down the stairs or a misstep needs to be avoided for a dog that is his age, so we took the time to install a quality pet gate which is richell to keep him downstairs away from injury.
  4. The Conspiracy of the Teletubbies if Barney is one of them..:)
  5. I can play it for free until tomorrow.