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  1. commander decklist

    yes, he is dangerous but he's also really fun too so i don't want to remove him from the deck.
  2. commander decklist

    thank you for your suggestions guys. something i was never good at is choosing what to take out of the deck to make way for other card ideas.
  3. All I can say is holy crap! It's been over a year since i was last here, i guess i forgot about it sine i started working way back then. but i want help with my golgari commander deck. i think it could use some better cards and i'd like a combo play or two in there as well. a combo to win play, that is. are there any good plays i could have with my deck as it currently is though? i mean, the whole point is to call jarad out, use bonehoard, and then use jarad to sacrifice the germ token and kill everyone at the same time. but for that there needs to be creatures in everyone's graveyards, and that's what i'm having troubles with. this deck just seems a bit slow and unable to generate any kind of advantage in playing against 3+ people. commander jarad, golgari lich lord deck creatures carnifex demon archfiend of ifner scourge of nel toth basilica screecher generous stray herald of torment grave titan gatecreeper vine izoni, thousand-eyed rhizome lurcher abhorrent overlord mindwrack demon risen executioner bontu the glorified swarm guildmage rhox festering mummy cemetery reaper abyssal persecutor cryptbreaker drainpipe vermin midnight banshee kraul swarm kothophed, soul hoarder (self-death is very easy with this card lol) tormented soul daggerdrome imp servant of nefarox molderhulk eater of hope deathbringer regent sedge scorpion kalastria highborn slimefoot, the stowaway necroplasm farhaven elf eternal witness archfiend of depravity korozda guildmage planeswalkers liliana of the dark realms vraska the unseen instants doom blade cremate gift of strength splendid agony wretched confluence crypt incursion (has saved me from death a few times but still lost :P) fog scarab feast artifacts spellbook chromatic lantern sol ring elbrus, the binding blade bonehoard sorceries profane command prey upon jarad's orders diabolic tutor commune with the gods enchantments feral invocation bad moon palace siege grave betrayal cartouche of strength non basic lands golgari rot farm rupture spire golgari guildgate foul orchard basic lands swamp x17 forest x15
  4. hi people! i hope this forum isn't as dead as it seems because i saw the last post was from 2018. but if it isn't, then where would i post my deck to get some deck building help?