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  1. What cosmic crash confirmed: Einstein was as good as gold
  2. Better than a Hamlet reference. Great song.
  3. I was being sincere ... for once I am genuinely curious about why we can't field a decent soccer team. We have a pro league, dam near every kid plays soccer, hell, I coached my daughters team for years. We have 200+ D1 programs and can't even make the Olympics when they restrict it to U23. Obviously what we are doing as a developmental country isn't working on the worlds best stage. What is it? And to Jag's take ... I don't think its about profit. Maybe on the pro level. But the NCAA isn't about profit with soccer. None of the NCAA programs are profitable with soccer. If they were about profit, they would want those kids would make the Olympics and be successful. Think Kyle Snyder at Ohio State ... him winning a gold medal in Wrestling has generated more interest in that program than anything else they have ever done, including winning the NCAA team title. And its not that we are bad ... its that we are so bad we can't even qualify for a 16 team U23 tournament. Honduras makes it. Mexico makes it. It is an inferior tournament that has limits around pros and we can't even qualify for it. EDIT: And to top it off, the US is in the easiest region (CONCACAF) to qualify in.
  4. My kids know my stance on iCrap
  5. SNL OJ First Date http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/first-date/3598345
  6. Interesting take. It sounds like a lot of the arguments I read about US soccer. Its often said that we produce players that lack any creativity.
  7. Do you glue it together?
  8. So NCAA soccer is different than what is played in the Olympics? and what is played in the World Cup? I guess I never knew that. As a soccer imbecile, can you enlighten me on how it is different? And now that you mention it, you never hear about NCAA soccer players doing anything. Strictly talking about the men. The women are doing great. Like I know Ali K went to Penn St, Hamm to NC, and the future Mrs Dunnar (aka Alex Morgan) went to Cal. But the guys ... not a clue. You would think with all of those D1 players/programs that we should produce a competitive team. Hell, we have missed the last 2 Olympics which is entirely U23 players ... which is the NCAA wheel house. The NCAA is enough of a farm system for every other sport to make us competitive. Hockey, basketball, track, swimming, golf, all down the line. Hell, even wrestling ... which is itself has completely different High School rules from college from International ... that produces competitive athletes on the highest stage. But for some reason, all those kids playing soccer doesn't translate into any success on the world stage. Can someone tell me what the difference is? I confess, I have never watched an NCAA or MLS soccer game. I know nothing of the strategies involved on that level. So dumb it down. Are the fields different sizes? Hockey rinks are different, but that doesn't seem to matter much. (on a side note: I LOVE Olympic hockey and it sucks that the NHL pulled out.) lol ... I had to google that to confirm you meant England. @Wolphard ... you are awfully quiet on this subject. Still trying to digest your teams loss? Are you going to be completely neutral during this WC?
  9. All of you disappoint. I was expecting this to get really good. A new pen for work: Water gun for him to play with: Something for stress relief: Can't go wrong with aromatherapy:
  10. The US lost ... and failed to qualify. Since my team lost, the next logical step would be to side with Wolph and root for the Dutch. However, the Dutch also lost ... and failed to qualify. With the biggest sporting event in the world coming up, I am now a free agent and I'm looking for a team to root for. I could go with my family roots and support for Germany. Not sure why, but it doesn't feel right. Maybe a WW2 thing, don't know. I could go with folks here and support England ... although I don't get the sense Jazz or Pas get into it. The Americans losing and failing to qualify is a complete joke. Everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves. Hell, I'm ashamed. The billion dollar MLS investment doesn't seem to be working out. With the amount of resources that has poured into the sport ... and they lose to an island nation that is roughly the size of Rhode Island with a population less than Nashville. Link Here's who is in so far: EUROPE Belgium England France Germany Iceland Poland Portugal Russia (hosts) Serbia Spain SOUTH AMERICA Brazil Uruguay Argentina Colombia AFRICA Egypt Nigeria ASIA Iran Japan Saudi Arabia South Korea NORTH, CENTRAL AMERICA AND CARIBBEAN Costa Rica Mexico Panama
  11. Same here. I wish they would release some of these games at a different time of the year. Football season, baseball playoffs, kids sports, Destiny 2 release, COD and Starwars coming up. Not enough time for all that.
  12. Browns are 0-5 and just played their 3rd of 3 "winnable" games. Going to be a very long year. I honestly don't know what you do. They can't blow things up every 2 years and expect to get anywhere.
  13. HBD Jazz! Watched a lot of baseball ... Go Tribe! Watched a bunch of football. Drank way too much beer. Daughter had her volleyball playoffs. Won 2 thrilling games and is playing in the championship game tonight. I have to say, 7th grade girls volleyball can be highly entertaining.
  14. Funny you posted this because I spent my Sunday morning reading up on this. Exciting life I lead. I was reading about the history of the region and seemed to get some conflicting information. Some places seeming to indicate it was an independent region until Franco came along in the 1930s. Others said it was part of Spain in the 1700s. When I looked at maps, old and new, there was no reference to it being separate country. And recalling my old history lessons, I never remember a separate region. However, I saw they have their own language that is still spoken. Own laws, customs and everything that would indicate a complete distinct region. It kind of reminds me of Quebec and to some extent, Scotland. I thought your summary and assessment were spot on. Both sides are doing what they can to make the situation worse. However, if your ultimate goal is independence, then you will do things like this.
  15. I know what you mean about the visual appeal. But it just works. Funny, but when I bring my hands together, my left thumb naturally gravitates above my right. Don't get to frustrated. I'd say it took me roughly 3 weeks to get used to playing a controller without thinking about it. Once that happens, most every shooter game has the same layout.