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  1. Entertainers are here to entertain.
  2. I wish we could punish the NFL in some way. These rules are horseshit. Why was OT shortened to 10 minutes? What study showed people were getting injured in that last 5 minutes? Why did they change it from sudden death, meaning the first team to score wins, to everyone gets a chance? I know why (Peyton Manning didnt get the ball in OT once), but that is ridiculous. Now we have more ties ... which is completely unacceptable. Next we have this shitty hitting the QB penalty. It has already taken away a win from GB. For full disclosure, I was pulling for Minnesota. But these rules are a joke. I have no idea what a legal hit is on a QB is anymore. Everytime a QB is hit, I am wondering if there is a flag. This, and stuff like this (see catch rule), is what is killing the NFL.
  3. Florence is going to come.
  4. Bold Prediction: Seahawks finish last in their division.
  5. Cats just puke all the time. That's why I have a bottle of carpet cleaner on my desk with some paper towels. You know when the puking is about to start ... but the little shit won't let you put a paper towel underneath him. He'll move as to puke on the carpet and avoid the paper towel. We have wood flooring throughout the first level of the house. He will make a point to go on the carpet to puke. Its fantastic.
  6. I just saw this thread as it didn't come up in my unread stuff. Just a couple of thoughts that may or may not apply based off experience that is the joy of production support that may or may not apply here. How sure are you that the reporting metrics are consistent over time? I have seen servers double counted, others not counted, and sometimes the tool itself behave differently based on patching. For instance, where I work, we have 3 different analytical tools. Each tool admin swears on their data and counts. Yet we get 3 completely different numbers from our tools. For usage stats ... you able analyze if further? We have seen our traffic dramatically altered because of scrape bots (there are good and bad ones), hackers, or other entities. Your traffic patterns correlate to your post numbers, so you might be good.
  7. @Jag you have to be absolutely sick
  8. I think the Bears will start out really well and get a lot of pub. But the back end of the schedule is pretty rough. Might stumble to the finish. Steelers are in a bad spot. Can the Browns shock the world?
  9. This was clearly one of my best threads. Definitely need more fantasy football threads.
  10. I wish someone would have been there to tell me how unbelievably handicapped a Kobold would be.
  11. I haven't seen or heard from her in a few years. She's about 4+ hours drive by car from my place. I actually went down there one time for a party. I remember meeting Ketya(Jen) and some others ... names are my kryptonite. Back in the day, we played dam near every night. Like every single night for years. Played with Sean a lot too. Those were some good times. I know she is on Steam. I'll try to get in touch.
  12. Glad you filled us in. I'll be curious where the final resting place is. I would have thought it was going in the shed. I'm impressed she has lasted with it in the kitchen for so long. I used to have about a 1-2 week timer for legos or puzzles on the dining room table.
  13. I bought some soda water and made another mojito. Holy shit ... Absolutely fantastic! Thanks Pas for asking about the difference between seltzer and club soda. Huge difference. I'm going to need more mint. Don't need as much sugar and used more rum
  14. Probably even more excited now. Nice trade. Was hoping my Browns would get him