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  1. Found this crop planner. Love it! https://exnil.github.io/crop_planner/
  2. It kind of reminds me of cube world, lacking graphics, but very fun to play ... except it is finished. It is a deceptively deep game.
  3. Raid Battles and New Gym Features are Coming! Lots of gym changes. Anyone still playing? I'm still playing with my kids ... occasionally.
  4. My son and I are almost at the same point in the game. (around Fall day 1, year 1) He has chickens, did a ton of fishing, bunch of mining and very little farming. He's doing quite well. I dumped everything into farming and the rest mining. I have also done more social parts than him. I'm doing well too. Both of us took very different paths and playing that way has been a lot of fun. We have done a lot of comparing notes, figuring things out, etc.
  5. Happy Fathers Day! Step dad is great. Not the advice giving type though. I don't talk with my biological father. Only advice I took would be to do the opposite of what he did. Sometimes parents make very poor choices.
  6. Year 1, Summer day 6 or 7 or 8. I have 125 blueberry plants and an upgraded watering can. It takes me till after noon to water and I'm 5/6th from being completely exhausted. I have 77 bucks but I know the cash is about to flow soon. Sons playing too. His main source of income is fishing. Not much in front of me in summer. Bought game 3 days ago and I'm already over 8.5 hours played. Its Crack!!!!!
  7. With MS stuff, you register the number on the device for the warranty. The box is irrelevant. I did that and decided to keep it. My 1 year warrantee starts today. I put it through a good gaming session last night. The only thing I have not done is test the micro SD port but that will be done shortly. @Wolphard I could get 24/7 shipping, I just would have to pay for it. I am not a Amazon prime member. So now I would add another $100ish for the device for a price difference. I would have to figure out where to purchase its replacement from. And I would have to pay for shipping. Pain in the ass lol. To answer your question @Elovia ... don't need it. I want it
  8. WWYD? You buy a surface tablet from Amazon. You open the box and can tell the box was opened previously. The wrapper around the tablet has also been opened. The serial number of the tablet does not match the number on the box. The tablet looks brand new. It is fully functional and passes all the developer tests via MS own stress app. Its exactly what I ordered and by all accounts its a brand new tablet. I notified the seller and they said to return it. I can only do a return and cannot exchange. Which means you don't get the price. You have to wait to get your refund. And then order another tablet. Complicating the process, you wanted your tablet for a July vacation. Returning it and purchasing a new one would most likely mean you would not have it in time. Unless you paid more. What would you do?
  9. Day 11 year 1. Just starting out. I haven't read a thing about it other than your reviews. IE ... not a clue how to start out or what to do. Kind of nice as I am just going with the flow. And I am playing on a tablet, so there was a learning curve with the controls. Wizard guy is a tad strange. Couldn't do anything in the mine yet. Finally said screw it ... figured you have to spend money to make money. So I now have a big parsnip field. Occasionally eat one as I am constantly low on energy. Haven't quite got the hang of fishing. Haven't used fertilizer. Not quite sure how to get my trees to grow ... 2 of the 4 started. Not sure what to do with my kitty. He meows at me and isn't clickable. Guessing I will find some stuff at the store, just haven't been there since I found him. I made a box to store my crap in, as opposed to selling everything. Also figured out that there is no save button in the game. And that is intentional. That sucked 30 minutes of my life trying to figure that out. Good times
  10. It is meth. Not sure where the last 4 hours went.
  11. Great write up guys. Appreciate it. @Jazz @Pasanda who did you vote for? Elmo? Lord Buckethead? Mr Fishfinger?
  12. Airplane My profile pic is Steve McCroskey
  13. Not dead yet
  14. Ty ... Best movie ever!
  15. Seems things are a little unsettled. I keep reading that May took a gamble, it went really bad and is now being ridiculed for it. But none of the articles I have seen detailed what she did that was so wrong. What's going on? I know nothing about Corbyn. Seems popular with the kids. From what I gather, May has to form a coalition government. If not, Corbyn gets a shot. And if that fails, you have another election.