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  1. My brother in law works for the ATF. He is obscenely overpaid and very under worked. If he had to get another job somewhere else, he would be lucky to make half of his current salary. Not to mention, he gets perks like a company car. Keep in mind, he is not a manager or executive. He is considered to be a standard agent. Because he has worked 25 years, he is retiring at age 51 with his full salary ... which I would guess its north of $130k. Wait, it gets crazier. It would actually COST him money to continue working. Meaning he is better off retiring than working. How much sense does that make? To top if off ... if he chooses, he can work for another government agency or police department while receiving his ATF pension. This would qualify him to receive 2 pensions.
  2. Saw this while shopping
  3. Forgot to mention, I'll be in Hollywood Florida next week. No rental car, otherwise I'd seriously consider meeting up. Going to be very hot and humid.
  4. Be safe and have fun. Maybe England will go all the way while you're here
  5. Well ... Cousins signed with GS. Sheesh ... If they stay healthy, they might break their regular season win record.
  6. I don't think this decision was about winning. I will say this ... its going to be a show. Lonzo Ball and his dad, Lance Stevenson, McGhee, Rondo ... its like the circus is in town. DeMarcus Cousins would be a perfect fit. I'm sure it will be a beautiful locker room chemistry.
  7. Edit: fixed?
  8. It is horrible. That stretch sounds especially gruesome. You have a system update or something? In my experience, its not a big city thing. Depending on the company/manager, it can be miserable. Especially in IT, where installs are done during off hours and problems can happen at anytime. I try to be very cognizant of that and give out comp time, especially after weekends of long installs. Nothing extra in terms of pay, you are on salary.
  9. I was mildly of surprised from a competitive standpoint. The team is garbage, worse than the Cavs team. If they get Kawhi, there's not nearly enough to beat Houston or GS. He is not getting any younger ... he will eventually hit the edge a cliff or get hurt. Would have been nice if he initially signed the 4 year deal in Cleveland ... nobody else committed long term and guys didn't come here because of it. My team goes back to being completely irrelevant and may never contend for a title again. CB has never used a DVR? lol, wow.
  10. Stayed up way too late playing xbox last night. Today, (Wife's) Family party and my buddies son graduation party. Nursing a hangover tomorrow. Short work week next week. Then heading to Florida for some vaca. Argentina v France was a fun game to watch today.
  11. I didnt watch ELR, but that clip was really funny.
  12. Toallas, cerveza, bano and por favor are all I have ever needed to know. And eh ... for when I visit our northern friends.
  13. I don't think so.