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  1. That tracker is pretty cool. And I don't believe a single number coming out of China.
  2. We have run into that. I am dealing with user performance issues all the time now. Normal people (read non technical folks) don't seem to understand their wifi+Netflix+YouTube=slow speeds. I know Netflix and YouTube have degraded their picture to cut bandwidth in some counties. WebEx has issues at the top of the hour and asks users to limit video. Everyone is having bandwidth capacity and speed issues now and it will only increase as more folks get set up from home. I am actually trying to order take out because of this. Want to help our local businesses and also make sure we have the good places open when this is finally over. Just have to wonder ... when do we give the all clear? The only solution is enough people have to get sick for this to stop. And if we are slowing the spread, we are dragging that out. Not sure what the answer is, but what is the all clear criteria?
  3. My state (Ohio) was one of the first one to go on lockdown. Kids have been off for a couple of weeks and most everything has been closed for 10+ days. I worked from home anyway. I am well stocked for the long haul. Even still, I went for a walk yesterday and to the store ... just go get out of the house. Our offshore staff in India is going through lockdown now so we have lost over half our staff. Meaning all non essential project work has ground to a halt. Its kind of nice as I am having less meetings, less changes going in so less stuff breaking. I spend 3 or 4 days a week at my place and 3 or 4 days a week at my girlfriends ... yes, found someone and its working out extremely well. While I miss my friends and it sucks ass that there are no sports, I am spending less money, I am dealing with less BS at work, I don't have to drive all over to various events and I get to spend half a week with someone that really wants to be with me ... what more could I ask for, life is good.
  4. People having perceptions of me because I game is their problem, not my problem
  5. Thailand, Hawaii, fishing ... sounds like one helluva trip!
  6. You are correct, that would be a 4 foot tree. Nice catch
  7. That was funny. Well played!
  8. Now that I am single and master of my domain, I have added Alexa as a quasi roommate. Its a work in progress, but I have 5 echo dots scattered throughout the condo. My condo is 3 levels so I wanted some coverage plus I made sure the kids got one in their own space. Fortunately, Best Buy had a great black Friday TV sale where you got a free dot. So I got 3 TVs, more on that in a minute. My setup - 3 smart outlet plugs and 3 smart outlet lights. 4 smart TVs and another with a fire stick. Excellent WiFi coverage paired with a robust ISP and I also ditched cable and currently have PS Vue. They are going out of service so that will require a replacement soon. Upstairs, I have an Echo dot in my office, which is a loft over my great room, the main bathroom, and daughters room. Main level has a dot in the kitchen/living room and one in the main room. The 5th is in the basement. My son will be staying there with a big TV and the Xbox. My bedroom, kitchen, great room and living room all have lights controlled by Alexa, either by switch or smart plug. As a sports fan, I set up my great room (wtf am I going to do with a dining room?) with the 3 black Friday TVs (see below). Eventually going to add a pool table. The tvs came integrated with fire tv. Each TV can be controlled by an Alexa, problem is its a 1 to 1 relationship, meaning 1 dot controls 1 tv. I am going to tinker with naming and see if I can figure something out. For now, its easier to point 1 remote to the 3 tvs and turn them on. In the basement, which is in process of being reconfigured(painted ceiling, walls and floor. Added lights and relocating the washer/dryer to a new spot), I added a TV with integrated Roku (2nd pic). This Alexa integration kicks ass. I can turn it on/off, set volume, etc. Love it. I also have my Xbox down there and enabled that with Alexa too. That setup is almost perfect. My main living room has a 2016 LG non-smart TV with a fire stick attached. This has been the bane of my existence. I cannot figure out how to get this thing to work with Alexa. I have poured my techie skills into this and I have concluded that its not possible. Until some update comes in, I will have to settle for using ... gasp ... a remote. Using Alexa for lights is really awesome. Integrating the Christmas tree with a smart plug was spectacular. Whole house music coverage is fabulous. Future projects include adding garage door ... problem is my unit is so old that its incompatible. So I would have to upgrade the unit which is an expense that I am not willing to do ... yet. I would like to get cameras. Preferable 1 for the door and 1 for inside when I am not home. I also tried getting my main PC to turn off/on via voice, but that involves some deeper tech skills that I haven't dug into yet. Outside of that, maybe more light switches. Problem is, most of my lights are 3 way and I have yet to find a good, smart 3 way switch. If you don't know, 3 way means 1 light controlled by multiple on/off switches. I didnt know that term a month ago. I have yet to tinker with smart bulbs, we'll see. Let me know if you have any questions.
  9. I thought the Browns would fire their coach. But now we are GM shopping. This endless cycle of system reboots has to stop. Our owner is terrible and there is nothing we can do except hope that we get lucky. Meanwhile we're at 30+ years of sucking and counting.
  10. I looked into TV mirrored ... some of the connections are 1 to 1, if they work. I cannot figure out how to do a 1 to many connection. That said, I ran onto another issue. For some stupid reason, all streaming services restrict the number of simultaneous streams. I have no idea why that is but the most common number is 3. So, I cannot have 4 TVs showing the same content on at the same time because its capped at 3. WTF? I could see capping the number if source IPs, but why number of streams? Playstation Vue was capped at 5 which is why I never ran into this issue. Sucks they are closing up shop as I really liked the service. But everyone else is at 2 or 3. Except Sling Orange+Blue is at 4. First world problems!
  11. Now that I am single, lots of things have changed. I did not bring a single Christmas decoration with me ... by choice. My holiday decorations consisted of me buying a single, 4 inch pre lit tree. For Christmas, my son got me a Darth Vader ornament to put on the tree. He's turning out to be a thoughtful, sweet young man. @Elovia - I'm going to go with Jelly of the month club. It's the gift that keeps giving all year long!
  12. HNY! Holiday vacation is over and its back to work today
  13. Honestly, I have no idea what the Browns should do. Can't fire coaches every year. On the other hand, they underachieved and he seems to have lost the team. The draft picks and free agent picks didn't work out very well but I really don't want to switch GMs. Wish we could get a new owner, he's terrible.
  14. Season 1 is over. Season 2 is confirmed for next fall. It started out okay but really picked up and got pretty good. Anyone else watch?
  15. Merry Christmas to you and your family!