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  1. It'll feel like a Cody Parkey shank
  2. Beyond ecstatic. It's like they have a fantasy football team. And Ward 21, Myles Garrett 23
  3. Think I got it. You drill the bolt directly into the block to hold the weight. I'm not a construction expert, but I find it interesting how its constructed. How are your power lines fed? Do you have conduit running in the space between the block+plasterboard? Our home only has blocks below ground for the foundation/basement. What kind of beer was that?
  4. Chrome on my PC and Phone Firefox on my tablet ... without Chrome installed ... can't let Google see everything. IE on my work PC. VPN whenever I'm bad.
  5. You are old and I still wouldn't rule out arthritis. Other values are in play, like temperature and humidity. Since we are quoting ourselves ... I thought long and hard about getting a new PC. I ultimately determined I really didn't need a new one. So I went in another direction and treated myself to something I have long had my eye on ... a sauna So far so good ... its basically part of my shower routine. Nice and relaxing. I have only had it for 2 weeks so I will wait to see how I feel and if I notice any long term changes.
  6. Hope it pays well as DC can be quite expensive. Another bonus, the traffic is awesome!
  7. 1. I will check that out, thank you. 2. So funny you mentioned Barcelona. When planning the trip, that was the most difficult decision I came across. I really really really wanted to stop in Barcelona. However, in addition to a few sites around Paris, there were 3 bucket list items I wanted to hit in France. This goes way back to my youth sitting history class, Palace of Versailles, stay inside the walled city of Carcassonne and visit the Palais des Papes in Avingon. It will just motivate me to visit Spain in the future
  8. I want to hear all about that cruise. I've looked at those cruises and that's a route through Europe that I'm interested in. I am fortunate enough to get a lot of vacation time. One of the reasons I have stayed with my employer for such a long time
  9. Big year for vacations as this will be the first time that I have ever left North America. Spending 8 days in Iceland: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SjQuaECbjIruRluTr6IjZRVzlygLAz75&usp=sharing Spending 2 weeks in France (need to update some more, but you get the gist): https://drive.google.com/open?id=19EqJbw1TetZMvNe9zsW-vlzwrzm5EwhP&usp=sharing Few things have come together for us as a family to enable these trips. We've expanding our vacation budget as my son is a junior, so we only have a few more family vacations left. We have made a conscious decision to start seeing exploring the planet. And I've gotten better at stretching our vacation dollars.
  10. What's the difference between a pacifier, rattle or some other toy? Parents have been giving their kids something to occupy them since the beginning of time. My kids are teens so its a little different. But I had the same thoughts when they were younger. All my daughter does is watch YouTube. My sons time switches from playing video games to watching YouTube with the occasional GoT. He's been playing games since he was young without restrictions ... much to the disagreement of mom. Many times I will hear my daughter on FaceTime with her friends. Or in direct contact with their friends via SnapChat or in my son's case, game chat. I have a couple of rules, do NOT go over your data and put the phone away while we're eating. Outside if that, I don't have many restrictions. I do worry about content ... but lets face it. In this world, they can access anything they want, anytime they want. So, I have to trust them. And as long as they do good in school, aren't getting in trouble, and doing what they need to do ... I am not going to restrict things. If I find drugs, grades slip or something else ... that will change. Couple of things I notice. 1. Its normal behavior for them and their friends. For many parents, I am the only adult they know that plays video games so many will confide in me when they have concerns. I have had more than one friend say all their kid does is play video games and they are worried. I make a distinction between playing something by yourself and playing with your friends. I hear my son playing a lot and he is usually on with his friends. So ... its something he and his friends do together. Do you wish that they would be outside shooting hoops, yes. But that doesn't happen. Hell, me and my friends didnt always do that either. 2. I make a distinction between normal and abnormal behavior. Its the abnormal kids that usually have problems or are socially awkward. For my generation, it was normal to watch a lot of TV and at the time, the adults were worried. 3. There are benefits to this behavior. My kids look at all kinds of crap on youtube and some of it is actually educational. Sometimes I will be very surprised at what comes up. For instance, my son was watching a video on Brexit. My daughter looks up all kinds of how to stuff. So when compared to me and what I watched growing up, there are advantages. 4. My kids talk to their friends more than I could have ever imagined. They do things with their friends in a way that I couldn't even conceive of. Sure, both kids are in their bedrooms, but they are doing something, together. In my book, that counts for something. Same with Xbox or PC games ... they are with their friends doing something. They are safe and not getting into trouble. There are chat groups and other things. My daughter has a chat group for her basketball team. There is another one for all the kids that live in the neighborhood. Which is why boys show up when my daughter has a sleepover. So while I may not like curtain things, I would be more worried if my kids were on their devices and NOT with their friends. 5. Last but not least ... I disagree with the kids not learning. They are learning a skill, a very valuable one. Kids today better learn how to interact with tech devices. How many of us have had to help an older adult with something tech related? I have had to help an uncle open his hotel room door by swiping a keycard. My father inlaw navigate the menu on his cable box. Some random stranger navigate a touch screen at a gas station. I have been surprised at what my kids know about their phones and other devices. So as a kid, growing up in 2019, you better know how to work these devices ... because they are only going to get more prevalent, not less. All that being said, I'm with Jazz ... I don't understand watching someone else play a video game. Now get off my lawn!
  11. True story... Last week, we had some unusual weather in my town. Warm January day and a cold front moved in. It generated a tornado about a mile from my house. Some of my fellow townspeople recorded it:
  12. Trying to win the award for the biggest word used on this site?
  13. I've already seen the entire series. Just watching it again. Still enjoying it and I'm amazed how much more I pick out having saw it already.
  14. I saw everyone was thinking April. I just got through season 1. There's about 70 episodes left, so that puts me at about 1+ per day to finish. I should be able to manage that.