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  1. No worries guys! Appreciate the support and understand we specialize in ball busting / snark. In all seriousness, this was about as clean a break as you can have. While I am equally responsible for the state of the relationship, I did not choose this path. But I know I will be better off in the long run. We just didnt have a good marriage and ultimately there wasnt much I could do about it. Takes 2 to tango. Either way, everything is good and ultimately, I will be better off. Complete freedom has its advantages
  2. Same here. Underwent some major life changes. I am separated and living in a new place. Kids seem to be taking it in stride, I'm adjusting to my new normal. Enjoy and let me know how it goes. Especially the going by yourself part. Very curious what you think about that and how it works. I am still devoting a significant portion of my income to travel as that is something I enjoy. However, my son is going to college and really doesn't care to travel. My daughter is game for anything, but keeps a busy schedule. So that leaves just me.
  3. How's it working out? Anyone else doing this? I am getting a new place and want to add this. Thinking of doing a game room with a pool table, dart board and stuff. Having a couple of TVs, couple of fire sticks and some smart bulbs and controlling everything via Alexa.
  4. Was it cold or do you just armor up in case you fall?
  5. Yeah, there were some head scratchers as far as the playcalling. They better tighten that up fast. I actually feel good. They are a much more talented team than we have seen. The penalties have to stop. Its getting ridiculous. Patriots are looking very impressive. Keep thinking father time will hit Brady. But nothing as of yet.
  6. This is on my to see list as well. Generating a lot of buzz already.
  7. It is cool introducing my kids to something and seeing their reaction. My son is a senior had some friends sleep over. We were talking about trash talking and I asked if they ever saw the greatest trash talking movie of all time ... Full Medal Jacket. I got blank stares, so we watched and they enjoyed.
  8. Getting old sucks.
  9. Maybe this can help: https://www.howtogeek.com/435349/how-to-disable-windows-10s-annoying-focus-assist-notifications/ I hate this constant barrage of $hit notifications. At work, I had to figure out how to shut off jabber, webex, outlook and windows notifications. Frickin annoying as they popped up in the same screen space over top of one another and I couldn't even answer my phone because windows would tell me I plugged in a mic. No shit jerkweed ... I plugged it in because I'm attending a meeting and now I cant answer my phone. Now you got me started ... /rant-off
  10. Best / worst offensive arsenals Browns at #3 (apology for using pound sign for number. Or maybe I used it properly. I forget who was irritated by what) And 8 games against the bottom 8. 12-4 baby!
  11. Call me intrigued ... especially given the potential hooks they could have with AWS which could be a big advantage.
  12. It was yesterday, but oh well. GOAT!
  13. Yes ... few years ago we went to Yellowstone and Glacier national parks. We stayed at a cabin right by Lake McDonald. Their internet happened to be out and the way its situated in the mountains, there was no cell service. We literally had no contact with the outside world for 2 days. https://www.glaciernationalparklodges.com/lodging/lake-mcdonald-lodge/ Glacier National Park is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Look up pictures of the lake and you'll see why. There was a lot of wildlife around with plenty of hiking trails. It made for a really fun, relaxing time. As we drove back into civilization and I got a cell signal, my phone buzzed with missed call and an accompanying message. The call took place at 2am and was from work. That made me smile.
  14. I really hate penalty kicks. An 85% chance at a goal does not equal a kick in the leg. That is one area of soccer that really rubs me the wrong way.