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  1. Absolutely! Can't wait to get to France!
  2. I have many hobbies, but one of my favorites is doing vacation planning/research. I will literally dump hundreds of hours of reading and researching this trip and I will enjoy every second of it. With 2018 vacation booked, I am setting my sights on 2019. After some discussions, my family decided they want to go to Paris. As their only requirement was going to Paris and shopping in Paris, this leaves me a lot of room to plan. Before you respond, there are a few things you should know. My family are not museum people. I could spend all day reading every little detail on every exhibit, not so with my wife and daughter. We like going to the beach and enjoy going on hikes. We are pretty fit, so long walks don't bother us. We'd prefer to go it alone rather than be attached to a big tour group. I like to explore. We do not speak any language except English. I am willing to rent a car, take a train, or hop a plane anywhere. 0 interest in Euro Disney. Most likely stay in the 10-14 day range in late May early June. Also, this is not a once in a life time trip. I plan on going back to Europe numerous times to different places over the years, however, this might be the only time we go to Europe as a family. Kids are getting older 12+15 now, 14+17 on this trip. My must see list in Paris: top of Eiffel tower, visit The Louvre, Notre-Dame, top of Arc de Triomphe. I also want to see the Palace at Versailles. Probably shopping at Marais. Trip Idea 1: London, Paris, Amsterdam: Fly into London, 3/4 days there, train to Paris for 4/5 days, train to Amsterdam 3/4 days. Based on Iceland Air layovers, we could work in a half/full day in Reykjavik. Pros: 3 awesome cities. Cons: jamming a lot of cities into one trip. Disappointed to hear that Big Ben will be silenced for a few years. Trip Idea 2: Paris, Rome: Fly to Paris for a week, train/plane to Rome for a week. Pros: visit my top 2 cities in one trip. Cons: visit my top 2 cities in one trip. Trip Idea 3: Do France. Fly to Paris 4/5 or more days, drive around France (tbd, Liore Valley?, Nice?), end up at the French Riviera for a few days. Pros: See France, go at own pace. Beach time. Cons: Not sure as this is my lean. Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  3. See, we're good We just disagree on some things ... shocking right?. I have no idea the influence of the KKK. Not sure who is influenced by psychopaths running around in Halloween costumes. But its a free country and there's a club for everyone lol. I am well aware of the history of Hitler. Any comparisons of Trump and Hitler are complete ridiculous. Any thought of the US being over run by someone that will take over as a dictatorship are complete nonsense. Sure, we have our issues, but there is no way that someone is going to take over as a dictator and start ruling the US. Rest easy, its people will never allow that. Remember, we have lots guns
  4. @Wolphard thanks for viewing my post as a set of twisted ideas and for calling me stupid. Much appreciated. 1. My grandfather fought against those same Nazis. The ones here are not the same, they control nothing and they don't have support from anyone. At least anyone that matters (police, army, political leaders, etc) I said they should be separated from everyone else. Not sure how much clearer I can be when I said they are all despicable. 2. The statues. Every city in every part of the country has memorials and statues. Somewhere, sometime, somebody in the past decided it was a good idea. I don't understand statues for people that committed treason, but whatever. Hell, my own small town has a couple of parks. The city I grew up in had a cannon. I haven't a clue as to who they commemorate or why they were originally put there. And if someone came along and said they were racist and should be destroyed, I probably wouldn't be too happy. Its just a statue and any significance has been lost over time. To me, its just a man. To my kids, its just a guy on a horse who happens to be a Pokestop. In the past few years, there is a movement to wipe out history. History isn't pretty, never is. However, there is no end game for this. Today its "racists". People are also removing religious artifacts. People want to change the names of sports teams and mascots. Do we remove all former slave holders? Remove crosses from cemeteries? Do we remove offensive material from museums? Should we change the name of every school named after a slave holder? Change the street names we don't like? Where is the end game? When do we get to a point where we live in a completely sanitized world? When do people stop being offended? 3. Your support of Obama is ... not sure the word for it. The economy got better in spite of him, not because of him. He set race relations back 50 years. He oversaw numerous race riots while continually throwing our police officers under the bus. And he didn't give anyone healthcare. He forced people to buy it. This caused millions to lose their coverage, spiked the price of insurance for everyone, wasted billions of dollars, and did nothing to lower costs and did nothing to increase the quality of medicine. But you want to give him credit for that like it is a good thing. Not sure how you will twist this post into making something its not, but good luck. Edit: Disclaimer: I did not write this post in anger, nor with any ill will or any malice. I was not offended or anything. I do not intend any ill will or malice or to incite any anger. Just stating things how I see them, rightly or wrongly. Often times intent and/or other meaning gets lost in text posts such as this.
  5. In all honesty ... I don't understand any of this. Democrats, republicans, the media ... don't understand any of them. The alt right are bad. Neo nazis, white supremacists, whatever they want to call themselves. All of them are despicable. The alt left are bad. Antifa, Black Panthers, whatever they want to call themselves. All of them are despicable. There is a disparity that seems to label one side is worse than the other. Both extreme sides are bad. Both advocate violence. In the particular case of Charlottesville, the whole thing is a shit storm. Who started it, who is worse ... what kind of debate is that? All I know is if nazis come to your city with a permit to protest, you better separate them from everyone else and be ready for some shit. The catalyst for all of this is the statues. Why are monuments/statues being brought down? Seems there is a witch hunt that is being executed. Where does it end? So I agree with Trump on that. Seems to have started with that church shooting which was universally condemned, but what is the end game? Does Trump say stupid shit? Yes, he's been doing that the whole time. Not sure why, but whatever. I cringe sometimes when he talks. I knew that going in and it doesn't surprise me. Does he say things that are not politically correct? Yes, but often there is some truth to what he says and he is the only one that says it. However, there are people on the right, on the left, and in the media who will NEVER, EVER, EVER support Trump. He could shit gold bars to pay off the debt and provide health coverage, yet the Jimmy Kimmels of the world will still hate him. Doesn't matter what he says and does. Those people are the loudest. Does the media fuck republicans? Absolutely. Republicans are dumb and racist ... just ask the media. It has been going on for years. fyi - that is why Trump won. Trump is the only one that stands his ground. Look at yesterday, not a single R backed him out of fear of being labeled a racist. I literally heard someone ask why the president didn't condemn the neo-nazis enough. Later in the day, I saw Rubio give a speech where he emphatically denounced neo-nazis, only to have the media question his sincerity. Republicans are dammed if the do and dammed if they don't. The coverage on this is a farce. One more thing ... my governor, Kasich ... he's a complete dipshit and he just needs to go away. I was going to vote for him in the primary up until he offered amnesty for illegals the day before the primary vote. Since that time, he has gone sideways. But I digress. All of this is an exercise in futility. All extreme groups are terrible and if you want to rank them, have at it. I don't know what is going on, where this leads, and what the point to all of this is. All I want is for our elected officials to work together for the betterment of our country and for the people that report on them to give me the facts. Why is that so difficult?
  6. He has $10 million reasons to be fine. Other than who knows how good of shape he is in, coming off shoulder surgery, throwing a ton of picks and being made of paper mache, he'll be fine. I hate when teams do this. What does Cutler bring over what the back up did? Will it amount to any more wins? If so, enough wins to make a difference? What's next years plan? Look at the Vikings last year. Bridgewater went down, they panicked and over paid for Bradford. What did that get them? Last year, Romo went down and the Cowboys reluctantly stuck with a 4th round rookie. Not saying it all works out like that. But why do these teams scramble and over pay for a known, crappy commodity?
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if I had some Jewish background. Seems a lot of Europeans do. Also wouldn't be totally shocked to have some African based DNA. I have been asked all my life if I was mixed. I'd have a lot of questions for my mom if that were the case lol.
  8. I ordered and mailed an Ancestry DNA kit. It was on sale at Amazon. Based on their charting, I'm expecting to see a boring mix of 25% Italian/Greece, 25% Western Europe and 50% Eastern Europe.
  9. Any Dolphin fans? How can you not be inspired by the great Jay Cutler? I'm sure you went out and bought a jersey. Jay Cutler's best quotes from his Dolphins introductory press conference How about the AFC East? The QBs are Cutler, ex Brown Josh McCown, Tyrod Taylor and some guy named Brady.
  10. When will game companies learn? Work with your customers, not against them. Gamers are more protective of their PCs and are usually more technical. Crap like this encourages people to delete the game or hack it.
  11. I looked around and most reviews rated the Surface the best. It had the best combo of features, specs, etc. There are some things I don't like to skimp on and my tablet is one of them.
  12. can we change the spoiler tag to make text black by default?