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  1. Family vacation in California. Having a great time. Spent the day walking around San Francisco, should sleep like a baby tonight.
  2. I'm sure everyone read that and thought the same thing. But in your case, we understand your extra sensitivity. A few minutes of joy where you can forget about your foot and experience some happiness.
  3. Been reading all kinds of stories about Russian hooligans wanting to target English fans.
  4. More classy soccer fans. Can't wait for the World Cup, I'm sure the Russians will be gracious hosts.
  5. Is it wrong that I was rooting for the cheetah to get one of the parents? Or that I root for the bulls? I didn't know WTF was universal in its language. Please tell me these people were arrested or heavily fined.
  6. My robot son works great. I get a little bit of an attitude, but he cuts the grass every week or so. This weekend is Mother's Day ... so I have no choice in my schedule. We are going to my mom's tonight. Saturday night we are going to a cookout. Not sure what is going on for Sunday. My mother in law just moved into a nursing home with Alzheimers. Not sure how my wife wants to handle that or what she wants to do. She's pretty bad, you can't take her anywhere except maybe our house. Hope all the mom's out there have a very Happy Mother's Day!
  7. Infinity Wars: 9/10 Highly enjoyed it. My kids loved it. I don't want to spoil anything, but as @Jag alluded to, you will experience a wide range of emotion. All around fun, highly entertaining movie worthy of several watches. I forgot how many marvel characters there actually are. Previews were great, want to go see dam near every one of the movies. Marvel's end of the movie tease left me scouring the web looking for the next marvel movies.
  8. Watch Planet Earth 2 in 4k and you will see what your TV is capable of. Edit: I forgot to ask you @Wolphard, was your TV plugged into a surge protector?
  9. What a dumbass ... he makes $147k a year Salary link And he gets a paid leave of absence. Whats up with that?
  10. The story is completely misleading. While its true that physical (17%) is edging out digital downloads (15%) ... both are completely dwarfed by streaming services (65%) The headline should be something to the effect that music buying habits have changed to streaming services.
  11. Barstoolsports.com Link
  12. @Jag you have to be ecstatic. That LB is a stud My Browns ... the one time I dont want them to get a Buckeye. Ward better be great.
  13. Its the Browns Superbowl tonight, aka the draft. I'd like Darnold and Chubb. I'm fine with Mayfield and Barkley or even Fitzpatrick. I'm cautiously optimistic that even they wont Fuck this up. Browns also have 3 second round picks.
  14. Any 4K LED tv is going to have an amazing picture. I bought the cheapest one and was still impressed by the picture. Any non smart TV is instantly smart with a $35 chromecast. Edit: glad nobody was hurt and there were no fires with the strike.
  15. An enclosed space in a college library ... I'm sure there will be no unintended things going on.