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  1. Would you expect anything less? Sounds awesome. Hope everyone had a blast!
  2. What were you doing on a ferry?
  3. Funny, I just had a conversation with my kids about that. Trying to explain to a teenager why I rode my bike to the mall, spend hours there day after day without really buying much of anything.
  4. Toys R Us did become quite expensive in the last few years. I often wondered if the following business model would work: Use a big B+M store that only showcased items for shoppers to see, touch, try on, play with, etc. Order it there or on an app or something and have it shipped. Wouldn't need as many employees, not much to stock or anything. Isles would be smaller, no carts or anything like that. No need to warehouse anything. I could maybe see Amazon trying something like that someday.
  5. That's what the article said. At what point do the people that ran the company think it will ever work? If you can't make money with that many people tuning in, then your business model is screwed up. What was the number that would have turned a profit?
  6. How does a service with 256 million unique monthly visitors fail to make any money over the past decade? Did they wait till after their award show to do this?
  7. Toys R Us files for liquidation, likely spelling its end in the U.S. This was THE place to buy toys for a long long time. I went there as a child. I took my own kids there. As my children grew up, they got gift cards from there ... I remember spending hours as my son deliberated over what legos to get. Most of their Christmas/birthday presents came from there. Bought diapers and formula there. Even purchased my kids first bikes there. Sad to see them go. But its also a lesson that you can not stay stagnant. You must change with the times and create a niche for yourself. This is a larger problem for retail in general as they must reinvent themselves and draw people in.
  8. Not wishing or wanting anyone to pass ... however, it seems proper that he passed on Pi day Edit: Just saw this is also Einsten's birthday
  9. Sons basketball team won Regional's last night ... on to Districts. If they can pull another upset, they would most likely face LeBrons High School with a trip to State on the line. Our team is built with kids that are from here and grew up here ... hell, I coached a bunch of them in various sports. This is not a power house Catholic team that recruits. Pretty cool. Painting daughters room and spending some time planning next years France trip.
  10. Ohio is like that, where you have to declare and itemize online purchases then pay taxes on it. To be honest, I don't think anyone does it. To properly do that would be a very complicated undertaking. Some sites take tax out, some don't. Some things are taxed, others aren't. Its not like the tax laws are easy. I'm not sure how states can legally do that. Newegg (or many other sites) doesn't have a store or any presence in Ohio. Only involvement with Ohio is the shipping address. If the state can collect the tax, what about the county and the city? Each has their own sales tax with special rules for different items.
  11. For comparison purposes ... I picked Friday April 8 for a week, Cleveland to London. Best option was 582 Pounds, 653 Euros (even did the conversion for ya, $810). Travel time was close to 10 hours. So with a weeks vacation you just lopped off 2 days for travel. When you take everything into account, I would say our reputation makes sense and is well founded.
  12. I would say a vast part of it is economics and size. America is huge and has so many different places. Yellowstone, Everglades, Olympia are completely different as is every national park, for which we have many. And the cities, Seattle is different from Chicago is different from New Orleans. I can take a 5 hour plane flight and land in the US. No European country can do that except for Russia. Hell, you and Wolph can get in a car, drive 5 hours and enter a half dozen countries. I can fly anywhere in North America for under $400. LA, Jamaica, Toronto, NY, Bahamas, Vegas, Puerto Vallarta. To leave the continent is over $1000. Economically, it doesn't make much sense to leave unless you really want to go somewhere special. So the reputation makes sense economically and logistically. What does a ticket cost for you to come here? Edit: The other thing ... to fly over somewhere other than North America is a long flight. Plus, unless you are a teacher, you do not get a month off from work. I am fortunate that I have a good job that is very flexible. Yet the longest I have ever taken off work is 2 weeks ... and I would feel funny taking more than that. Also, I would venture to say that a lot of people don't even get more than 2 weeks vacation.
  13. Some Newegg customers are getting hit with tax bills for past purchases
  14. Nothing wrong with that. I have friends that have no desire to travel. Others that have would rather have a nice car and see no point in going on vacation. Its all good. I love my home, love where I live ... but man, when I think about my passions and what I want my life to be, I want to see the world and have new experiences. I was envisioning some sort of GBR, Ireland, Iceland trip. Maybe 3 separate trips, who knows. Hopefully someday As far as Madagascar, its the trees ... but its more than the trees. Just the richness of life and the uniqueness of it all that intrigues me.