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  1. I really hate penalty kicks. An 85% chance at a goal does not equal a kick in the leg. That is one area of soccer that really rubs me the wrong way.
  2. Thats cool and man are you up there. I can't imagine. Do you ever get used to that? Not sure how it would be going to bed when it's light out. What do you like better, 21h of light or dark?
  3. I prefer women's tennis and volleyball. It's all about revenue. I agree that the women should get better flights and all that. But it's about revenue and budgets. Men's and women's have different budgets based on different and unequal revenue streams.
  4. I am in France right now and you wouldn't know it's here. Not a single place with a TV on has shown any matches. I flipped on the TV the other night and couldn't find it. Seen plenty of random men's games going on but never the women WC. While I am here, can I lobby a complaint? I am sick and tired of hearing about equal pay with the ladies. I'm all for equality, but in this case the economics don't support it. It's pretty simple math: Men TV+advertising $ > Women TV+advertising $
  5. I have a bunch of those that are similar. Challenging, fun and some of them can be very informative. Had a chemistry one that you had to line up how the atoms bonded. I'm not a chemistry guy, so it was good for me. I play solitaire on my phone every day. Similar to what you described. It can be tough to find a solution for one that you know is solvable.
  6. On paper ... They have a top 5 offense with OBJ, Hunt, Baker, Landry, Chub Their front 4 have the makings of a phenomenal pass rushing unit and they have deep group of coverage guys. Schedule is easier than last year. No Hue Jackson. 12-4 ... yes, you heard it here first. 12-4!
  7. Did The Government Just Test The Internet Kill Switch? Or was there just a blip somewhere?
  8. Yes sir, east side. You taking route 11 from 76 to 90? Or 71/271/90? If you are on 11, I'm literally 2 minutes away.
  9. That is going to be one shitty drive. Good news is, you're driving right past my house. Welcome to stop by!
  10. CROSSFIT, INC. SUSPENDS USE OF FACEBOOK AND ASSOCIATED PROPERTIES Does this have zero impact or open the flood gates?
  11. US loot box bill receives bipartisan support The industry went to far and brought this upon itself.
  12. Anyone watching? If not, you should. By all accounts it's very historically accurate. And holy shit. What a shit storm.
  13. Unfortunately ... I'm at the age where I have to look at stuff like that. Soy sauce is extremely high in sodium. Even the low sodium stuff is really high. You can use regular