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  1. Its making money for everyone, right? So why not take the time and do it right. Unless the folks involved are just sick of doing it. Lot of them have gotten big time now.
  2. The last season could have been 4 seasons. Remember, only 5 episodes left
  3. Don't get me started on the Force. I have no idea what the Force can/can't do now. We are entering the third film and Rey's skills are off the charts. Consider it took 2.5 movies for Luke to acquire his skills ... he couldn't even defend against that droid on the Falcon the first time. Anakin trained while growing up with Obi Wan. Kylo Ren was trained by Luke, then later by Snoke. Part of what made Star Wars so great was the natural progression of the characters. You could see their growth and maturity. Especially with Luke and his skills. In SW, he had 0 skills, in ESB, Vader toyed with him, and finally in Jedi, he matured and was Vader's equal. In this story, Rey figured it out for herself to the point where she was able to beat KR ... Luke and Snokes prize apprentice ... from the get go.
  4. If you haven't seen it ... don't open the thread. Reactions? Bran is getting creepy. Wouldn't bother me to see him get knocked off. And why is he telling Samuel to tell John all this stuff? Not like he didnt just find out his dad and brother were burned to a crisp ... oh wait. Speaking of that ... that puts an interesting dynamic into the Jon/Denarius relationship. Forgot Jon wasn't privy to that information. It was a pretty tame episode. The most disappointing thing ... I cannot believe Cersei slept with that dirtbag.
  5. For me, it was a bucket list thing. It was THE reason I started in the north and worked my way south. We were very lucky to see them. In fact, we happened to be at the best spot of the trip (on a farm away from any cities) with the clearest evening of the trip. So we were extremely lucky that all of that coincided. Also saw them a bit on the flight out there. But something about seeing them from the ground with the stars. I wouldn't go there just to see the lights because its not something you can schedule.
  6. No idea how the locals afford it. However, every native Icelander was thin. Not a fat person in site. Wherever we ate, dinner was north of $150. No appetizers, maybe a beer. Breakfast was over $60. And it was pastries and coffee. Not a typical bacon and eggs denny's breakfast. Grocery store runs were $100 for a few snacks and stuff. Our beer run at the national store for a 10 pack and another 6 pack was $58 http://www.sjavarpakkhusid.is/menu/1 This was a very typical typical menu. Not a fancy restaurant by any means. 1000kr=$8.36=£6.39 I'll put it like this, our food bill was greater than the lodging cost for the trip and my family aren't big eaters.
  7. This looks really really cool.
  8. I am VERY glad they changed the release back to Christmas.
  9. Spent last week in Iceland with the family for a spring break trip. This was our itinerary: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SjQuaECbjIruRluTr6IjZRVzlygLAz75&usp=sharing We stayed in a different location every night, except the last 2 that were spent in the capital. Rented a car (4 wheel drive with studded tires) and drove around the island. Went to the Blue Lagoon: Spent time in the 2nd largest city of Akureyri: Rode horses at a farm and happened to catch the Northern Lights (my photography skills aren't great and it wasn't the strongest aurora): Went to the Myvatn Nature baths: Saw the Joklusarlon Iceberg Lagoon and Diamond beach: Saw a billion waterfalls, some of which we could get very close and even walked behind 1: Walked between the continental plates at Thingvellir National Park: Walked along their black sand beaches: Saw some turf roofed churches: Saw the main church Hallgrimskirkja in Reykjavik and even got a view from the top: My impressions: Absolutely beautiful country. No matter where we were, the views were amazing. Food is off the charts expensive. They can't grow chicken food on the island, so chicken is just as expensive as steak and salmon. But it didn't seem to matter, everything was very expensive. The weather, and driving in the weather, at the time we were there (maybe its different in the Summer) is very unpredictable. I drove in 0 visibility blizzards, massive wind gusts, ice sheets, and some very questionable "roads". Road closures are quite common. Speaking of wind ... it is the 3rd windiest place in the world. The first 2 are uninhabited. I wouldn't call native Icelanders the friendliest people in the world ... or any Europeans I met. A percentage of people everywhere are tourists. From the capital to the smallest of fishing villages, there are tourists everywhere. It can make driving that much more of an adventure. I never knew there were no clothes dryers in Europe. That went over well with the Wife. All and all, I had a fantastic experience. There is so much more to see and do and there are parts of the island I would love to explore in-depth. Would I go back ... maybe. The only reason I wouldn't is because the cost of food is so expensive ... but I am so glad we went.
  10. if you have to ask ...
  11. Captain Marvel 6.5 out of 10 Typical Marvel movie with all the usual stuff they do to set up a new character. One of my favorite things ... I love the main character's personality. I'm a sucker for confident, sarcastic, tough girls that still maintain their feminine side.
  12. I don't know what it is. Age? Lack of something good? Working on a PC all day? But I have almost no interest in gaming anymore. Haven't played anything in months and I'm not even looking for something to play.
  13. I'm skeptical but we'll see. It will never be as easy as they say. Hell,Google can't even get my chromecast to reliably work on my local wifi to stream from my android phone ... and this is a magnitude of order more complex.
  14. It'll feel like a Cody Parkey shank
  15. Beyond ecstatic. It's like they have a fantasy football team. And Ward 21, Myles Garrett 23