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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/sep/08/robot-wrote-this-article-gpt-3
  2. My daughter is a sophomore in high school. She is on a hybrid mode, 2 days on, 2 days remote, Fridays are full remote. But she has volleyball practice every day and games. They are limiting spectators and all non players have to wear masks. My son started Ohio University and is full remote, for now.
  3. Always return it. I just think doing anything else is a dick move ... but that's just me and I understand there may be circumstances where someone might not. I am able and have no such reasons why I wouldn't
  4. https://breakingdefense.com/2020/08/ai-slays-top-f-16-pilot-in-darpa-dogfight-simulation/
  5. I got all the things. My own theory ... its because I play video games. I (we) have trained ourselves to notice everything on a screen because anything, even outside our field of focus, can present "danger" at any given time and would immediately require our attention. So something like the experiment above is in our wheel house. As I said, its just my own theory.
  6. lol. I am always here, this is one of my opened tabs. I did have to get that off my chest, so thanks for listening
  7. That's the word that comes to mind when I heard the decision to cancel the college football season. Spinless, scared cowards. There is no logical reason to cancel the season now. Maybe if more data comes up or if something changes, but not today. Don't tell me they will play in spring. What will change between now and then? Do they expect the virus to go away? Do they expect players to play 2 seasons in one calendar year? That is insane. Don't tell me its for the players safety. Am I supposed to believe that players will be safer left to their own devices rather than a regimented routine with like minded others preparing for a goal? This decision was made by a small group of people who ignored the data (18-24 year olds with no preexisting conditions are at a minimal risk, roughly equivalent to the flu), who ignored the players (they want to play), who ignored the coaches (they want to play). How many college athletes have been hospitalized with covid? I would sure like to know that number. If you work through the math of every reason you can think of NOT to play, it ends in the same place ... fear. What about those players that are uncomfortable and don't want to play. The answer is simple, let the sit. The self inflicted economic calamity that is about to hit colleges will be devastating. Not just to football or athletics, but to the colleges themselves. This will have a vast domino effect with numerous unforeseen consequences. Do these people even understand the repercussions of their decision to the people they made the decision for? As an athlete, you put in work. Day in, day out, you work. You prepare your body, you prepare mentally, you bond with team mates. Every year of athletics is a precious, irreplaceable gift. Its value is priceless and you can NEVER get it back once its taken. How many of you played sports, even high school? Think back if you had a season wiped by a decision somebody else made without your input because they were afraid. I feel terrible for these kids. Their opportunity to compete, to fail, to succeed, to live the life they choose has been taken away. Cowards.
  8. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 ... 4/10 I have seen every one in the series. The first movie was excellent. Catching Fire was decent. Then the series took a left turn for the worse with Mockingjay. Mockingjay part 2 continues that left turn. Never mind that I didn't like the story. I just didn't care for the flow of the movie or anything. I could see some things coming. It was one of those movies that try to jam to much in from a book and ends up doing a poor job. Movies are usually about character development and this one does a poor job of it. Even my son was like meh. Is it just me, or is Jennifer Lawrence just meh too?
  9. I have been working from home for years. It is a mindset otherwise you risk feeling like you are at work all the time. I try to separate my work space from my place space and that seems to help. Friends and family are going good. Ohio has been slowly reopening. Its a mixed bag. Some folks aren't doing anything different and continuing life as normal. Others are still holing up and not doing much. I personally feel like the situation is going to be fluid for quite some time and we need to learn to live with it. But that's just me.
  10. Hope everyone had a great Father's Day!
  11. That was outstanding. Thanks!
  12. Thanks a lot for sharing ... quite the journey.
  13. All good bud ... I was able to get a picture of you moving into your new crib.
  14. Good luck!
  15. Thanks, I will check it out. I think the cringe-worthy moments are the best. Actually surprised they got away with the racial/sexist jokes. I am really enjoying it and am disappointed at myself that it took so long for me to discover that.
  16. I really really really tried to get into the show ... never held my interest.
  17. I went yesterday. They clean the carts really well. They put pool noodles in the hole around the flag sticks, so nobody touches the sticks. Outside of that, golf is outside and limited to 4 people gathering anyway. Clubhouses are either closed or extremely limited, depending on the county. Unfortunately, mother nature thinks its March, not end of April.
  18. My son should start in the fall ... if they let kids go to class. This thing has really sucked for him because it wiped out all senior activities. Just told him its a good life lesson ... never take anything for granted and do what you can while you can because you never know. Getting my daughter on the road as she will be driving next year. Started early because she is learning to drive a stick. She has the perfect temperament to learn and is doing well. As for me, I just logged into work, sipping some coffee, with a little cutie downstairs in a bathrobe making breakfast ... life is good.
  19. Its been about 50 days since we have been on lockdown and it seems cabin fever has set in for a lot of folks. Starting to see a lot of folks easing up on restrictions and not being so worried. Golf courses are still open, so that is nice. Unfortunately the weather still thinks its early March rather than late April. Its interesting that the rules are set up by county commissioners in conjunction with the county health department. For some reason, some courses can't sell beer or food. Some counties won't let more than 1 person in a cart, even if you drive to the course together. That is just the tip of the iceberg of some of the lunacy you see. I'll say this, seeing this whole thing play out, it has really helped to reinforce my views on limited government behavior, rules, laws, etc.
  20. I am not opposed to smoking cigars but I will not actively seek them out. I will occasionally have one while golfing. One of my buddies is really into them, so occasionally during a late night, he will break open his stash and we'll enjoy. I think Dominicans are just as good as Cubans. Cheaper and obviously much easier to get. Really don't have a specific kind other than I will not spend a lot on them. My ex brother in law enjoys them. We'll have one after our fantasy draft, or when we're in Vegas and make a good bet ... usually Browns money line bet, which hardly ever wins
  21. My Browns took an O Tackle. I am always good drafting oLine. Little disconcerting that we draft someone to play left tackle that played right tackle ... thats the Browns way. Couple of points Why was the Giants GM wearing a mask in his house? This did nothing but solidify my opinion that Goodell is a complete buffoon. It blows my mind that he doesnt prepare and learn the names of the players hes going to announce. And why the hell does he have to look at his index cards after every word? I could keep going ... I spent 4 years watching Arnette (CB, Ohio St, went to the Raiders) ... he was not a first round pick. Kingsbury is the only one that got his home set up right. Bengals GM looked like he was shoved into a corner.
  22. Excuse my lack of sympathy ... but the eulogy scene had to be one of the funniest, craziest, I can't believe I'm watching this train wreck moments. He'd come up and rub them balls in my face ... in front of his mom and family. I have no idea how I feel about those places. Part of me feels they are almost necessary because there wont be any left in the wild soon. But the freaks in charge treat those animals so horribly and all of them should be locked up for that. Now that I have lock down time, I am watching this show called The Office. I think it has potential, seems pretty good so far.
  23. That tracker is pretty cool. And I don't believe a single number coming out of China.
  24. We have run into that. I am dealing with user performance issues all the time now. Normal people (read non technical folks) don't seem to understand their wifi+Netflix+YouTube=slow speeds. I know Netflix and YouTube have degraded their picture to cut bandwidth in some counties. WebEx has issues at the top of the hour and asks users to limit video. Everyone is having bandwidth capacity and speed issues now and it will only increase as more folks get set up from home. I am actually trying to order take out because of this. Want to help our local businesses and also make sure we have the good places open when this is finally over. Just have to wonder ... when do we give the all clear? The only solution is enough people have to get sick for this to stop. And if we are slowing the spread, we are dragging that out. Not sure what the answer is, but what is the all clear criteria?
  25. My state (Ohio) was one of the first one to go on lockdown. Kids have been off for a couple of weeks and most everything has been closed for 10+ days. I worked from home anyway. I am well stocked for the long haul. Even still, I went for a walk yesterday and to the store ... just go get out of the house. Our offshore staff in India is going through lockdown now so we have lost over half our staff. Meaning all non essential project work has ground to a halt. Its kind of nice as I am having less meetings, less changes going in so less stuff breaking. I spend 3 or 4 days a week at my place and 3 or 4 days a week at my girlfriends ... yes, found someone and its working out extremely well. While I miss my friends and it sucks ass that there are no sports, I am spending less money, I am dealing with less BS at work, I don't have to drive all over to various events and I get to spend half a week with someone that really wants to be with me ... what more could I ask for, life is good.