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  1. Good! I like cheap cards
  2. I'm afraid of Modern format messing with it. Thanks to Proliferate you could potentially have that guy punching face pretty hard... But then again, I don't actually follow tournament formats all that close anymore... so... I don't really know. >.<
  3. Is there any pricing guides for the Oracle's Vault yet? Googling doesn't help, but I want a play set of that beautiful bastard so hard... Like, the possibility to combo so much crap...
  4. Wipe them out with
  5. Ah, sorry about the recommendation. I don't usually look at bans because I play with groups that don't care about those. We come up with our own bans for cards and for our games. I didn't realize they had banned cards for EDH.
  6. combo

    AH! I still got it! That's what I thought, but I wanted to make sure, just in case I missed some new rule or something. Thank you for the answer. Don't know how I am going to break this... but I am going to break it someway.
  7. combo

    + So, I am wondering--cause I am lazy tonight and extremely tired--what would happen if I used this combo? In theory, wouldn't I be able to target the Artisan with Mirrorweave, copy, say, a Primeval Titan, then all the creatures on the battlefield would become Primeval Titans? Then next turn I could do it again with either the same creature or a different one, assuming there are legal targets? Also, wouldn't each other creature on the battlefield gain her ability too, regardless what I copy, so someone could--in theory--flash out a creature, then target a copied Artisan with a spell of their's, which could then change from being the thing I copied and turn into the thing they flashed out? Let me simplify with an example: I have an Artisan of Forms on the battlefield. My opponent has Goblin Arsonist on the battlefield. On my turn, I cast Mirrorweave on my Artisan, so her Heroic triggers, and I copy the Arsonist (that should work, correct?), then, every creature on the battlefield becomes an Arsonist with the Artisan's Heroic ability. So, then, at some point during my turn after I have cast Mirrorweave, my opponent flashes out an Izzet Staticaster, then, casts Virulent Swipe on their copied version of the Arsonist, thus triggering the copied Heroic, and turning it into their new flashed out, Izzet Staticaster... Thus, they would control two Staticasters, one with Heroic, one without, until end of turn, and I have a Goblin Arsonist with Heroic until end of turn... Right? Like, could that work... Does any of what I just vomited onto the page work or make sense?
  8. This guy might fit in nicely. I've always used him... her... it, whenever I play with tokens in Green. It works better if you are sacrificing your tokens, but still, it seems like since you are vomiting out tokens in every direction, this should work nicely. Plus, if you ever get Doubling Season, the hilarity will be hilarious! Another card to consider could be because you have Second Harvest. Plus, putting something like Worldly Tutor on it, or overwhelming stampede would be fun. Outside of that, it looks pretty tight to me!
  9. Personally, I don't mind the look of the card, or the idea behind it... what I hate is the fact that the art is basically an after thought on both "cards" making them look fake and clunky. But I like the fact that they are attempting to bring back the "graveyard icon" effect, but in a totally weird and frightening (and somewhat ugly way thanks to the shitty art), is nice. I personally won't be using it they way I think they are intending it to be used, because I'm left-handed and set my board up differently than most, but for all you "normals" our there, it's an interesting attempt. Will it fail? Probably. But still, I like the idea behind the card, but not the implementation of said idea.
  10. Mine does too, but those packs aren't worth the money you pay in my option. I miss that rush of the gamble, but after seeing a few of these post about "sub par boxes," I'm disappointed in MTG. Though, congrats on the lucky pulls!
  11. God... I've pulled a lot of good cards, but my absolute two favorite ones where both on separate birthdays. The first birthday I got three packs from friends, and pulled a foil Tesseret from Scars. The next year my friend at the time knew I adored the Primeval Titian, and I had opened three of them from various packs and Fatpacks and what-not. So, he shows up at my house on my birthday and has a single pack of M12. He said he stopped on the road home at our old, local game store and picked the pack. He joked that he asked the guy at the counter to pick him out the one with the Primeval Titan. So, I'm sitting there, expecting a freaking pack without anything special in it, and low-and-behold, I crack the pack and there he was, my 4th Primeval Titian. I'm not ashamed to say I nearly cried.
  12. Ah, okay. I wasn't sure if that was it or not. Thank you for clarifying! I think eBay will be the route I go. Thank you for the input!
  13. Buylisting? Could you elaborate please and thank you for the feedback!
  14. Hey guys... So for my birthday an old friend of mine gave me her old collection. I went through and pulled out all the cards worth 5$ or more. I'm wondering what would be the easiest way to sell individual singles for maximum profit with as little time and effort as possible. I was thinking eBay, but I've only ever sold one thing on there... like 5 or 6 years ago. So, any ideas?
  15. I, too, use Decked Builder. I use it on the Mac side and the Android side. I adore that program on the Mac, but recently it hasn't been working well on my Android. It doesn't live update the prices the way I want it too. Also, the "Test" function when you build a deck is absolutely useless. It doesn't simulate reality in any kind of fashion, even if you were high and you weren't shuffling your deck when you played, the Test function still wouldn't' emulate that. It is useless. But I love how you can search, organize, and price check your entire collection. You can even export a deck to text so you can copy and paste it into something like Tapped Out. I haven't used the card scanner, but I hear it works wonders and makes entering your collection a breeze.