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  1. IMG_2144.MOV Not the best quality but the studio can be a bit dark. No, I don't dance around and make faces when I'm recording but it's fun to screw around. I'd rather play guitar, but I handle bass as well. Hope it takes you laugh!
  2. Yes, I was young once. But the old lion still roars! Lol
  3. I am listening to me! Well, the band is "SoulBeast". Seriously though, I know our music may not be everyone's style but please check us out. I have currently put up 4 of our songs on our website and we have 3 more done that I release in the coming weeks.
  4. Thanks guys. whether you like it or not, I'd appreciate any promotion of it you could send friends. Yes, I miss my hair - lol but getting old. You have the right spelling Pas and say Hi to Caryn from me. (Robyn is doing great and very happy!)
  5. Any hard rock fans, please check us out at You can hear them on Spotify as well, or go to our Facebook page and give us a "like"! We have our first 3 songs complete and 4 more in the hands of our producer for mixing and mastering. We plan to head back into the studio in April and if all goes well our full album will be released in June. You can still hear, and purchase if you like, the 3 songs we have done and I will be adding more as the producer gets them done. Our artist is on his 3rd upgrade in the development of our logo. Here is the the latest---can't wait to see it in color!