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  1. Zombies, UR Control, BW Control, Temur Energy, Jund Aggro, BG Delirium, and Mardu Aggro. The meta is actually pretty open right now. I'm expecting Delirium and Mardu to be the main 2 decks that people will play, but BW Control is strong against both of those decks, so I hope to see the resurgence of BW Control.
  2. I think they are real because none of them are that good. These all seem like cards that WOTC would make. Spyglass is the only card here that I really like. Spyglass will be a sidebaord staple for Standard and possibly some modern decks as well. Banner and Adaptation will go in EDH tribal decks. I also like the reprinting of that land cycle. They are going to be dirt cheap since they have been printed a million times already, but those lands have always worked great in standard.
  3. Venser is synergistic, but I feel like he is more of a "win more" card. Venser won't be able to pull you back into a game against an opponent who keeps removing all of your creatures. Gideon and Elspeth, on the other hand, can start producing tokens and can start bringing you back into the game if you're behind. I think these planeswalkers could work for the main deck and for the sideboard. If you a flex spot in the main deck and want to try the planeswalkers in the main, then go for it. I think Elspeth could work better because you have the ramping capabilities and your goal is to have 7+ lands on the field to make your Emeria trigger anyway.
  4. If you're playing Emeria Titan, then the answer is Detention Sphere. You can return a Detention Sphere with a Sun Titan. You can't return a Cast Out. Also, Oblivion Ring was a bad example on my part. I should have said Path to Exile in that spot. I also like adding in Elspeth or Gideon. Additional win conditions are always good to have and both of them can make a big impact the turn they come out.
  5. I think this all depends on the type of deck you are playing and the meta that you are expecting to play. I generally think of Detention Sphere as more of a sideboard card (similar to Echoing Truths) and Cast Out as more of a main deck card (similar to Oblivion Ring). In decks like Blue White control, Cast Out is better because of it having flash. That deck never wants to play things on their own turn and casting spells on their own turn is a way for Blue White control decks to let their opponent's back into the game. If you're running something like the Merfolk splashing White decks, then Detention Sphere is better because you play things on your own turn anyway, so it isn't a set back like it would be for control. In general, Cast Out is probably "the better card," but it really all depends on the type of deck that you are playing and if you're only concerned as to which card fits better in your main 60.
  6. I agree with Lasraik, so I'm sure I'll enjoy even more Zuby rants.
  7. I spend at least 15 hours a week at my LGS, sometimes more. It depends on what days the store owner wants me to work and what days other tournaments are. It is always at least 15 hours though.
  8. Mono Green you say? I got you. Also, if this isn't already in, I recommend this as a potential finisher.
  9. Also Vizier of Tumbling Sands
  10. Thank you. I'm kind of glad to hear that short and sweet is the answer because it will make these videos easier to make in the future. For my draft videos, I like to keep them longer and very informative because a lot of people ask me for draft advice, but for deck techs, I was unsure as to whether people just want a deck list or if they want the same analysis that I would give for draft. I appreciate the feedback.
  11. Hello everyone. It has been approximately 12 years since my last upload, but I did successfully manage to win Game Day, so I decided to make a small deck tech video that went over the deck that I played. I tried out some new things in this video compared to what I've done previously, so feedback would be appreciated. 1. I used a new website for the card images, did the images turn out as well as I think they did? 2. I made this deck tech much shorter than my usual deck techs. Do you prefer the shorter deck techs like this or do you prefer longer videos where I go deep on each and every single card in the 75 like I've done previously? Thank you everyone and you can check out the video here:
  12. Hello everyone. I was on the forums and realized that no one had mentioned Game Day this weekend. Did you attend Game Day? If yes, what deck did you play and how did you do? If not, why not? Game Day attendance was down significantly when I was running the Game Day events at my local game store this weekend. There was only 4 players on Saturday and 4 players on Sunday. I won a Game Day playmat, but it just doesn't feel like I earned it as much as I did my other 2 Game Day playmats. I played Bant Aetherworks Marvel on Saturday and lost and I played Blue White Tempo today and won. I'll be posting a deck tech video for the Blue White Tempo list that I played today on my channel soon. But enough about my experience, let's hear how you all did at your Game Day events and I hope several others here on the forums were also able to bring home a Game Day playmat.
  13. I also don't hear anything about this format anymore and I think the card he meant to say was Lone Rider.
  14. I was asked to participate in this, but I said no because I didn't have a commander deck for MTGO. If it goes well, I'd love to be in the next one that they host and I can't wait to watch all the matches from you guys. Honest opinion, I think Samuel Rubin is who I would put my money on, but I would love to someone from this forum win the whole tournament.
  15. What are your opinions on high-level competitive magic? Can you ever see yourself as a PPTQ grinder or even a Pro Tour competitor? After a bad experience at your last Game Day event, are you planning on playing in the Amonkhet Game Day events or the Hour of Devastation Game Day events? If you had to sum up your experience so far as a YouTuber with the name of a Magic: The Gathering card, what card would it be? You have to choose one or the other. You can only draft one cube for the rest of your life. Pauper Cube or Vintage Cube and why? Who are your top 5 favorite YouTubers that are not Magic: The Gathering content creators?