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  1. I had previously made Call of Duty YouTube videos when I played competitive COD. After switching spending all of my time on COD to all of my time on Magic, I decided to create a new channel based on Magic. My initial goal was to get more subs on my MTG channel than on my old COD one. The old COD one had just over 220 and my MTG channel now has just over 2260, so I've achieved my goal! I think my love for this game is what keeps me motivated the most. This game has pretty much become my life at this point, but I'm having a ton of fun with it, so all is good!
  2. Exactly what Chuck said here. The effect of Phytoburst has nothing to do with counters, so the Skate is irrelevant here. Counters are always static and remain on the cards through the passing of turns, but Phytoburst is a temporary effect that will disappear at the end of the turn. If Phytoburst read "put 5 +1/+1 counters on target creature," then the Skate would be able to be played afterwards to turn those 5 counters into 10 counters. The 10 counters would remain for the rest of the game until the creature was bounced, blinked, killed, etc. Hope this helped @PurePain
  3. 5. The reprinting of the 3 original Eldrazi titans again. The only one people use is Emrakul and she is a strong independent Eldrazi who doesn't need Ulamog and Kozilek to get reprinted with her every time she does. That opens up 2 additional mythic slots then that could have been filled with significantly more desirable mythics. 4. Include additional box topper packs for stores to use as prizes in the Ultimate Masters release drafts in the same way that would do Standard Showdown packs. It gives players at least 1 chance to get a box topper without needing to file for bankruptcy. 3. If they truly wanted to go out with a bang for the last Masters set, they could have made it a community thing. It would have been a great opportunity to connect with their core audience. For example, they know going into the designing of this set that'll be the last one, so why not have the community help create it. You, the player, get to send Wotc a list of 5 Mythics, 15 Rares, and 25 commons/uncommons you'd like to see reprinted in Ultimate Masters. The top 10 player selected mythics, top 30 player selected rares, and top 50 player selected commons/uncommons make it into the set. Wotc still gets to choose well over half of the cards that make it into the final set, but the community also feels like they've had a big say in it as well. 2. Allow stores to get the wanted (or at very least needed) amount of product. The distributor already told my boss that we can only get 1 case. Maybe 2 if there's extras. Even for a smaller LGS like us, 6 boxes is not enough. We're going to sell out of that within the first week or two. 1. Minimal jank. Everyone loves jank except for when it's in their Masters pack. So make the set less of a lottery ticket and more about guaranteed value.