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  1. I agree with @Lasraik The deck looks sweet, but I'd like to see Foundry Street Denizen over the Fanatical Firebrands or the 3 Mogg Fanatics and 1 Goblin War Strike.
  2. Vintage - Paradoxical Outcome Storm or Shops Legacy - Lands or Sneak and Show Modern - Mardu Pyromancer
  3. Same here. I hated it too at first, but the more I play and watch arena, the less I dislike it.
  4. I have fun with basically every archetype. I'm constantly trying to improve as a Magic player and part of that is learning a ton of different decks. Midrange and Tempo decks have been my flavor of the month recently.
  5. Xantcha is super sweet. Arixmethes is super sweet too. There are a lot of very unique and interesting cards in this, so I think it has more potential than most people think. Possible investment opportunities too for the people that are into MTG Finance.
  6. I have to agree with @Affinity for MTG on this one. I find myself doing the same thing and then seeing that the discussions in Recent Activity aren't MTG related or I just feel I can't contribute enough to them, so I end up not posting my video and not typing anything out.