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  1. Posted my thoughts here for anyone interested:
  2. If you had to pick the name of one Magic card to describe the podcast, which card would it be? Do you see yourself leaning more towards Twitch over YouTube in the future or will you continue to use both platforms? Favorite sports teams? If you could change the 5 colors of magic into any other colors, what would they be? Any experience with Canadian Highlander? (Format is amazing btw) If you had to rename the podcast, what would change the name to? If you had to pick your 3 favorite episodes of Magic with Zuby, which 3 would they be? And finally... Who is your least favorite content creator named AlbyMTG?
  3. WOTC never even sent our store any of the token promos while they were a thing. Hopefully that changes once real FNM promos are back to existing.
  4. Episode 4:
  5. Awesome. I appreciate it
  6. Thank you Zuby. I saw you on doing a live podcast earlier when I was trying to figure out StreamLabs. I should have dropped in and said hello.
  7. Hello everyone. I've been putting in a lot of work behind the scenes recently to set myself up with the ability to stream. I will primarily be streaming limited, modern, and pauper on MTGO. I'm going to aim for streams two or more nights a week. I'm still very new to Twitch and to streaming, but I hope to have it be an enjoyable learning experience. The more I learn, the better the streams can become. My first goal is to reach 50 followers on Twitch. If you could go over to my Twitch and check out the future streams, then I would be greatly appreciative. Thank you. Link for you to go follow me on Twitch:
  8. I really like it. I like the idea of buyers being able to set the prices that they want. I've only been using the service for less than a month, but it has been great to me. I sold/traded off $80+ so far in random cards that would have just sat in my binder or bulk boxes. The founders all seem like great guys and the community is really active and always willing to help out. I'm a big advocate for the service. I think it will only continue to prosper from here.
  9. Episode 3:
  10. Episode 2:
  11. Episode 1:
  12. Hello everyone. I'm creating this thread as a way to compile all of my uploads for my series My Cardsphere Story. Everytime I upload a new episode of My Cardsphere Story, I'll post it here in this thread. I recommend starting with the introduction video so that you know what's happening in the series. If you enjoy them, I'd appreciate a like or a comment on the videos. Thanks everyone. Introduction:
  13. No graveyard shift for me. Instead I'm running the shop for 7 hours before the first prerelease even starts
  14. It certainly isn't easy. Prerelease weekends are some of the most fun, but most tiring weekends for me. I work and play in FNM starting at 5pm Friday and then don't get home until Saturday morning between 9am and 11am depending on how many players show up. Then, I'm working another prerelease tomorrow at 12:30. Since I'm usually in the running for being the overall winner at prerelease, it gives me an incentive to keep myself awake the whole time. I've done the 3 back to back to back midnight prereleases for ever set since Magic Origins.
  15. I'll be doing my typical 3 midnight events. First prerelease starts at midnight and then another one starts immediately after that. Then, another one starts immediately after that one. Prizes are always good and the person with the best overall after the 3 midnight events gets a free copy of the most recent From The Vault product. I had the best overall record for Aether Revolt and for Ixalan, so I'm hoping to do well in these prereleases as well.