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  1. This one turned out even wackier than I expected!
  2. I personally don`t believe there`s a 40% drop in the last 3 years. I also get that Hasbro has an interest in protecting their game, but consider this: if they were to issue false or misleading statements, they could have an effect on shareholders and possibly involve legal ramifications. So with all that said, who has more to lose if they mislead the public: Rudy (whose videos I enjoy, btw), or a statement by Mark Rosewater? Cheers!
  3. My wife and I have geocached in the past, she's into it even more than I am. We did a cache on the way to HasCon in september that was part of the Ixalan event. It's a great hobby particularly for the fall.
  4. It's an ongoing struggle for me too... twitched on a lot yesterday and when I went to pounce it was sold. Probably for the best...
  5. Go Pro type cameras are definitely better, just by sheer size and bulk. There are plenty of unobtrusive mounts that can be used (shirt cams, for example). I've used three different cameras to capture footage both used and unused: a snap shirt cam (about 1.5x.1.5x0.5 inches), a tiny sodial dash cam with an internal battery (about .75x.75.x75 cube) and a go-pro clone (Action CX) with a mini tripod. For the snap cam and tiny sodial camera, framing the shot was the main issue; there are mobile apps that help with this, but the angles can get all messed up. As long as you're generally pointing in the right direction, you can edit the video by reframing and stabilizing the shot. I've made the mistake of leaving the go-pro clone in it's waterproof case which seriously muffles the audio. It might be best to go with an external microphone when using go-pro type cameras too.f Lastly, from a non-technical perspective, it's probably a good idea to obtain permission or at least be prepared to ask for permission.