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  1. Actually, yeah! My round one opponent was some guy playing a modified Counter Surge deck. He said he never played standard and generally stuck to draft, but when he saw the challenger decks he figured he'd give it a try. I saw a couple other players on Hazoret Red too.
  2. So a couple of things I'll bring to the discussion. First, the article doesn't say they don't seek full-time employment, but rather they have not yet obtained full-time employment. Second, uprooting your family and travelling sometimes halfway around the world to a country where you may or may not speak the local language has a significant impact on refugees' ability to find work in the short term. If you look at some studies though, you'll see this is sort of expected, and that historically over a longer period (4+ years) these rates increase. Here's one example (figure 1): Other studies have indicated this is a long term problem, for sure. There are plenty of great studies that can be reviewed at depth (such as this one): I think, and this is my opinion not necessarily based in fact, that MOST refugees are not lazy, are not looking to survive indefinitely off of your tax dollars, etc. Similar to people receiving social assistance, MOST of them are not out to game the system. These social nets exist to help support those members of our society that are experiencing problems, but like most systems are unfortunately not 100% efficient, and probably never will be. So what's the answer? I don't know. But I do know it pays to do a little research before deciding where you might stand on an issue based on a 3 paragraph news article. News services have inherent biases at play, whether at the behest of a nation state (think RT, Sputnik), a political agenda (think Fox news, or the 'Liberal' Media), or through profit driving motives. It pays to educate yourself from a variety of sources, analyse what each is saying and synthesize a point of view based on the body of evidence, the facts as presented and the balance of probabilities. <end communication>
  3. I took Vehicle Rush to Store Championship with 4 changes - 2 Concealed Courtyard, 2 Inspiring Vantage in, 2 Evolving Wilds, 1 Plains and 1 Aether Hub out. I went 3-1. My only loss was to the tournament winner. Ended 3rd place out of 17. Deck was solid
  4. Heyo congrats on the preview card!!!
  5. I see it now, it's on the side bar! Now, where are the video thumbs?
  6. It used to show up right above the forums list, but now it's gone? Or is it something I did? I really enjoyed it because I could pop in real quick and see if I had missed any hot topics.
  7. The U.S. also has trials that can be undertaken without a Jury. They're called Bench trials. The U.S. has some constitutional law and amendments that basically enshrines your right to a trial of your peers (Jury) but also allows you to wave those rights sometimes. I'm not saying all judges are the level-headed, law-minded folks they should be, but at the same time it might be going a bit far to suggest that this particular judge is engaged in bestiality and that somehow his university education makes him incapable of rendering a verdict within the confines of the written law, and that somehow a jury of 12 average people are always better at understanding the facts of a case. All that being said, I'd probably also almost always elect trial by jury. Rgds,
  8. Hey JesGolbez, I actually agree with you. I don't think this is going to break any formats. If a player wants the promo, they could just buy box, keep the box sealed, or trade it or whatever. Plus, we always buy a box.