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  1. Always the correct answer
  2. Also, as sets move farther and farther from recent release, the supply of cards entering the secondary market decreases. This is why you'll see finance folks talking about cashing out before rotation (for standard), or holding well beyond rotation. All three of those examples are good casual cards that do unique things.
  3. I also really enjoy a nice Port, but it's mostly a special occasion thing. I never got into scotch or whiskeys, but I'll sip a nice spiced rum or even a reposado tequila on the rocks once in a while.
  4. My plan was to put away all the cards I had been putting off for the past several months. Actually started earlier this week, but most of the work was friday night and saturday. Ended up sorting and storing about 7000 cards, so success. Also played a bunch of M19 draft on MTGArena, though my record is the worst it's been in forever. (I think I'm something like 6-15 overall, I scrubbed 3 drafts 0-3 this weekend)
  5. I've been drafting since the tail end of Origins, so only a few years. Nevertheless, Dominaria has been my favorite set to date. I actually loved the legendary in every pack; they all seemed special to me, though some more special than others (Slimefoot, anyone?). I felt like the archetypes were relatively easily built, I had a blast playing Gx ramp decks. Soo much ramp, loved kicker myself. As much as people hated it, BFZ/OGW was my second favorite draft set, and though I was bad at it at the time, I still fondly remember playing a deck that ended like a chess match with so many decisions to be made about if/when to sac a creature, when to block and how to attack (was in BW lifegain).
  7. I've seen a bunch of passing mentions to this too! Anecdotally have noticed the same thing... there were one or two people who built decks at the store, and I told them I'd build one if everyone was playing, then it just disappeared. I guess these things take time though, so only time will tell.