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  1. For me, it has to be all 'business' as in quick and sweet, involve lots of fun, like the banter you talk about, or have another hook (educational (in a fun way), tied to some sort of history/lore, etc...) Anything else gets me a 'next video'.
  2. Hey, new sets need some love too!
  3. I went 2-2, 2-3, 1-2 (drop) and 0-1 (drop) in 2 Headed Giant. Despite all of this, there was only game that wasn't much fun for most of it, and it was 2HG when we experienced the opposite; our opponents had tons of removal and nearly beat us down with tiny dinos and a bunch of vampires. The turning point of that game (Even though we lost) though was when they sorcerous spyglassed my cobbled wings, only to try and play and attach cobbled wings for a quick win. Haha I thought the removal was fine, and well costed, if some was a little high on the curve. Making a Dinosaur walk the plank is a great feeling. Anyhow, that's the great thing about Magic, it doesn't have to always be everything to everyone. I for one am looking forward to some awesome drafts in the coming months.
  4. Folks, I saw nobody had posted yet, but I'd just like everyone to know that the final round of creaYTors series 1 is out right now! I'm at work so I can't post the links, but you can check out the entries through Jake and Joel are Magic, MTGandME and the creaYTors youtube channels! Also a reminder, if you leave comments on the competition videos, MPNumbers who is running the creaYTors competition is drawing a random comment for a prize at the end of every round. And comments help promote youtube content, expanding it's reach. Thanks for watching!