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  1. And this week, we've got a pack of Odyssey:
  2. Hey Lasraik, It's fun opening packs from sets I never had the chance to play too.
  3. Next one up for this week: 60 Second Scourge crack-a-pack!:
  4. Hey all, Some of you who watch the channel might remember that I found a bunch of new old stock DCI Canada promo T-Shirts a while back and did a short video on them. I'm thinking about ways that I can give them away that don't involve being shot out of some sort of virtual or long distance t-shirt cannon, anyone have any ideas? I'd like to get something in place for mid-August or September at the latest! Thanks again everyone!
  5. Hey Jordan, Funny enough, I did a lot of testing for the recent creaYTors video using XMage. Despite setting up the room as 'beginner-casual' I faced mostly tier 1 decks like Ad Nauseam and Affinity. You can always give it a try, maybe even go into the chat beforehand (XMage has a chat room at least) to find someone willing to play tier/meta decks against you. Cheers!
  6. Alright, This week's 60 second crack a pack is: Torment! Will we snag a Cabal Coffers (an UNCOMMON)? in this pack? Let's find out! Also, sorry about the quality; I promise the camera is good, but I only get one shot at these and I'm still tweaking the settings (clearly it was still set to auto focus).
  7. Hey folks, don't forget to leave comments on each video for your chance to win a Nicol Bolas Planeswalker deck from Hour of Devastation, courtesy of MPNumbers! #TeamMTGME
  8. I really liked this format Shaun! It was really sweet, short, to the point, and engaging.
  9. Sixty Second Crack-a-Pack: Weatherlight!
  10. Hey folks, SInce this is something I've been doing regularly (although I admit, I will run out of packs to crack as I haven't duplicated any yet), I thought I'd post the newest ones into this thread. One of the key things I wanted to do with this series of videos was to simply provide a quick look at the cards in any given pack for a set without trying to do analysis or anything (although I do sometimes slip something in there), instead focusing on the cards themselves. I've thought about some ways I could improve the videos, particularly since we have a very slow internet connection (6mb down 800kbps up) where we live and I admit to converting the video to reduce the upload size. One idea I had was to do a graphic overlay with the card down in the corner. If you have any suggestions I'd be grateful to hear them. Thanks for watching!
  11. We haven't done this yet, but it was one of the first ideas my wife and I had when we started the channel!
  12. I'll still be going to FNM. It's my day out during the week and I really enjoy playing with the folks at the local store. But this is not a good move. I really enjoyed the Professor at TCC's presentation on this (Fail Night Magic), especially the part at the end where he reminisces about the first promo he's won. I treasure my Promos both FNM and Game Day, and am saddened by their loss.
  13. Was pretty happy with the responses. For those interested, results are out and posted. If you want to skip the Crack-a-Pack, hit it to 1 minute. If you want to skip the results, stop the video at 1 minute.
  14. My gut says the VLog pros will snag this one! This was definitely a learning video for me, what with perspective issues, camera case problems (audio), etc., but with any luck I won't make those mistakes again! Haha. And for those who want to check out our video, it's right down here:
  15. Less than 8 hours to go on this beautiful weekend before picks a winner of the Jace vs. Vraska Duel Deck!