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  1. Heya folks, Just in case you're headed there too, keep an eye out for myself, MTG_Canuck and others at this weekend's Montreal GP! I'll be grinding through sealed/limited side events, and I've got a bunch of custom Goblin an Saproling tokens I'd love to give out, all you have to do is drop by and say hi! Cheers
  2. I think they feel fine... there's definitely a different coating on them.
  3. A lot of those 'guests' are probably people who have joined, but just aren't logged in currently.
  4. This is the bomb so far! I need a playset of these....
  5. Maybe it's part of the natural ebb and flow of the format? Infect can be quite explosive, but was weak to specific hate (that's why git probe was banned, right? It let infect know to go in right away for the early kill). With other 'fair' but powerful decks like Humans being played, maybe it's worth gambling on the fast kill with Infect again?
  6. Your first point is fair; I think there could be room for a cycle of utility lands, but I'm guessing that's for Ravnica 3. Either that or weird 3 color shard-lands (fetchable tri lands maybe?) That being said, there are plenty of players who think this was a good choice, myself included. I started playing right at the end of Theros and so had very few shocklands. I was actually hoping they would get reprinted in modern masters, and I'm looking forward to building my playsets on the cheap. I definitely think the set is a graveyard matters set, and there are going to be some powerful things going on.
  7. I've got an LG G3 that was handed down to me from my wife when she upgraded a couple years ago., She's since upgraded again so there's an unused LG G4 sitting on the shelf, but there's no reason to change. The G3 does everything I need it to (podcasts, web access, even occasional phone use). The battery has some issues now with running down too quickly, but it's not spontaneously dying or anything yet... when it does I might have to move on. My favorite phone ever was an HTC Legend; tiny little screen (2.5 inches?) ran android 2.2.3 I think, aluminum case, curved bevel. I used that phone for almost 4 years. Battery died. I still have it.
  8. He should be winking.
  9. For many stores, the cards aren't even worth 1 cent a piece; it's more like 1/3rd of a cent each (or somewhere around $2.50 - $3.50 per thousand). It honestly depends on the bulk. I can usually buylist, from commons/uncommons, about $10-$20 worth of cards per hour of searching and comparing to the large local store's online buylisting system. Honestly? I've had the most luck selling bulk through a local geek market/garage sale, followed by Kijiji (similar to craigslist). Through Kijiji, I usually list at $10 per thousand, and I'm willing to take as low as $3ish, but most of the time get close to what I'm looking for. Plus it has the added bonus of moving larger amounts of cards at once.
  10. I really wish the PAX West event had been live streamed, because wow, what a doozie. So what does everyone think of Ravnica Masters.... errr, Guilds of Ravnica: Mythic Edition? I'm mixed but it seems like a totally fine idea and I'll probably buy a box just to get the 8 alt-art planeswalkers, if I can get it for MSRPish. I honestly think the biggest challenge is managing PR on something like this; at its foundation, it's good for Wizards, it's good for collectors, and theoretically good for players, but people are still gonna feel bad about it. I already saw someone comment on reddit about how they would have preferred 'random' chance to pull a masterpiece-like planeswalker to this guaranteed drop rate of 8 in 24 in a given box, lol. I'm trying to work out how to cover this: honestly, I had an idea last year that a commander/tiny leaders type draft format would be cool, but couldn't figure out how to get it to work. This seems like the closest I've seen: you get a booster box with 8 type A and 16 type B packs: each player gets 1 type A seeded with a 'commander/leader who guides their draft choices. Maybe possible in the future with this type of collation?
  11. Yup, plus a few more! You know what's interesting? The uncommons that were spoiled at PAX were basically simultaneously leaked on Reddit. they look like they'll be the next 3 FNM promos, plus Emmara is probably the Store Championship promo. Coincidence? Maybe...