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  1. Hey folks, SInce this is something I've been doing regularly (although I admit, I will run out of packs to crack as I haven't duplicated any yet), I thought I'd post the newest ones into this thread. One of the key things I wanted to do with this series of videos was to simply provide a quick look at the cards in any given pack for a set without trying to do analysis or anything (although I do sometimes slip something in there), instead focusing on the cards themselves. I've thought about some ways I could improve the videos, particularly since we have a very slow internet connection (6mb down 800kbps up) where we live and I admit to converting the video to reduce the upload size. One idea I had was to do a graphic overlay with the card down in the corner. If you have any suggestions I'd be grateful to hear them. Thanks for watching!
  2. You can do it if it's really what you want. Since we started Keto, I've found myself eating better over the last 9 months than I did prior (still room for improvement) and I've found ways to enjoy things I love, too, like ice cream (occasional Halo Top) or chocolate (reese's no sugar added peanut butter cups), and I've still managed to drop about 75 lbs; about 10 to go.
  3. I think it's interesting there are 6 promos........ wastes anyone?
  4. A guy at the local game store told me he had a youtube channel so I checked it out and thought to myself, hey I can do that! So I did. I'll admit, my interest is waning in the creating content realm, but I do get excited about a new idea once in a while.
  5. I dropped 70 lbs in the early 2000's doing Atkins; took me about 6 months and kept the weight of for several years. Fast forward to March 2018; tipping the scales at 255 I decided it was time to drop. Since I was familiar with Atkins, I decided to try Keto. Been doing lazy Keto ever since and I've peeled about 70lbs again (around 185 right now). Honestly, I think calories in/diet is far more important than exercise for weight loss; exercise for health is fine. Jes makes a great #1 suggestion either way; totally empty calories. Whatever you do, find something you can stick with
  6. Meanwhile, I broke down. I found folks to draft my Guilds of Ravnica Mythic Edition with, and used the money to buy a box. Lol. I think drafting the set will be fun, and opening the box once will be fun. Probably going to play a round of box sealed with a friend of mine.
  7. I bought it, played about 2 hours so far since 2016. <--- this should be telling! Heck, I've even put 16 hours into Civilization: Beyond Earth. The game is fine... there are some new things in it, but honestly, it's not as good as Civ V and every time I start playing it, I lose interest very quickly. (According to Steam,I've put over 350 hours into Civ V at this point)
  8. Hey, I'm ok with it.
  9. Maybe. But honestly, being able to draft dulls any sort of ache you get from not pulling those chase rares, at least up until about the $40 draft level. I mean, paying $10 an hour to do something I really enjoy is in my mind worth it.
  10. Even the eternal optimist (me) is kind of cringing at the MSRP. I did some napkin math and I expect any store running drafts for this set are going to have to charge somewhere between $60 and $75 CDN per person; at the low end that's probably no prize support.
  11. Heya folks, Just in case you're headed there too, keep an eye out for myself, MTG_Canuck and others at this weekend's Montreal GP! I'll be grinding through sealed/limited side events, and I've got a bunch of custom Goblin an Saproling tokens I'd love to give out, all you have to do is drop by and say hi! Cheers
  12. I think they feel fine... there's definitely a different coating on them.
  13. So, Official spoiler season is almost upon us, and Wizards seems to have helped us along by they themselves leaking the Guilds of Ravnica buy a box promo! I've done a couple videos on Ravnica so far, but was wondering what everyone else thinks is coming in the new set? If Convoke is returning, for example, what else are we likely to see as guild-distinct keywords? I'd propose that dredge and transmute, while sweet mechanics, are probably too busted/powerful for standard, so Dimir and Golgari will probably get something new. What about Izzet? Both replicate and overload seem fine as mechanics, not necessarily unbalanced as long as they're costed appropriately. Boros abilities are meh with Radiance and Battalion, but if I had to guess, Battalion is more likely to return. What about card cycles? The guildhomes from original Ravnica always seemed pretty cool. I'd love to see a legendary spell land cycle to go along with the guilds.
  14. A lot of those 'guests' are probably people who have joined, but just aren't logged in currently.
  15. I agree, Paul and Randy had something; they could have got there eventually. Very Good Mythical Morning type of vibe there.
  16. This is the bomb so far! I need a playset of these....
  17. Maybe it's part of the natural ebb and flow of the format? Infect can be quite explosive, but was weak to specific hate (that's why git probe was banned, right? It let infect know to go in right away for the early kill). With other 'fair' but powerful decks like Humans being played, maybe it's worth gambling on the fast kill with Infect again?
  18. I probably came in after you, but I'm still around and active It's just like network TV, I guess; some projects die off, some people lose interest, ratings stay low, the network doesn't support the pilot, etc. I just hope people keep applying themselves to something they enjoy doing, whether it's youtube, a new hobby, a job, etc.