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  1. Awesome! Yeah I don't care if my videos get 10 or less views sometimes if they get one positive comment it keeps me going! Or even no dislikes is enough sometimes
  2. 2 things! First of all I am done playing with my servos so I decided to auction them off to chip in towards my old school 93 94 collection which is slowly building. 2nd thing! I am trying to get full swing into altering cards for my legacy deck so be expecting some more posts (finally) from me soon! Link to servos for thos interested:
  3. Thank you, it was definitely a blast! I wish I had more time at the GP. 2 years till the next GP Vegas
  4. All the tips worked! We got upgraded to a suite
  5. Hey all, hope you are well I have uploaded a Vegas tips video for saving money on hotels upgrades, dining, transit and the like. Save your money in those areas so you have more for Magic! Cheers
  6. I would say you should never feel bad, really. It's just a game and mana screw is a part of it. Now, personally in that particular situation it all depends how new the person is and how confident I am that I am going to win. I'm not going to throw a game because I "feelsbadman", however I do tend to be SUPER lenient to new players. Tonight at FNM a guy played Veteran Motorist and didn't scry 2. I untapped and drew then realized it and asked if he would like to go ahead and scry 2 anyway. He did and was very thankful. I still took the round in 2 but I made a new friend and all is well. On the flipside if they are one of those ultra-competitive types and I KNOW it because I know the person already I would not hold back a thing because they wouldn't either. Once you are a seasoned player you should be able to take things like mana screw and bad beats like its nothing. I just don't want to facilitate a new player being turned off to the game because of it.
  7. Looking great! I appreciate the step by step breakdowns
  8. I took it. I didn't want to give any of the art a rating less than 4 because I didn't want some starving artist to get fired, haha
  9. I'm glad you're making great Cube content because as you said a light needed to be shined on such a great format that doesn't get enough love! Cheers
  10. I had to give shoutout to the Forums in this one!
  11. @MirrodinTech Do you water down the liquitex paints as some people recommend with others? They just came in. I may not have time to try them out tonight but I can't wait!
  12. Kinda a random video but I want to make my channel more personal so this is a 1st step to better engagement! I would be thrilled if someone off the forums won 1 of the giveaways! (or both)
  13. @MirrodinTech Awesome! I ordered the 24 color to start and I will get the varnishes soon. Cannot thank you enough for this invaluable information that you have gained through your experience in altering. I will carefully follow these directions so I can up the quality of mine! I'm sure many others will read and appreciate your tips too THANK YOU