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  1. There he is ...
  2. Who are you and what have you done with Jazz? Where's our beloved megalomaniac? "It's my way or I will crush you like a bug until you wish you had even the most meager distant sighting of a highway as an option." What's with the diplomacy as a first option (or even give-a-shit about it) attitude?
  3. Does it bother anyone else that the individual puzzle pieces separated are different from the individual puzzle pieces joined? What Voo-Doo magic is this?
  4. "Hurricane preparation in Ireland" involves Christmas trees and decorations?
  5. Oh ... Shadow of Mordor, not the latest installment in the series: Shadow of War. I misread at first. I vaguely remember someone else here who mentioned getting and playing it back when it came out, and who somewhat panned it for the immersion-interrupting quick-time events. I can't recall who that was ... Pasanda maybe? Boag?
  6. Is it any good? Hard to tell from the marketing hype.
  7. ... continuing Elo's further adventures in BBI ... So as I work my way, clawing, scratching, and barely succeeding from one combat to the next, I arrive at the 2/3rds point where I am confronted by the Dark Bishop and his pet Cursed Dragon (a gateway boss combat where you must succeed or go no further). Now I'm a pretty seasoned dragon hunter as evidenced by the completeness of my full dragonforged regalia, so the Cursed Dragon finds itself laid out on the floor quicker than [insert NSFW simile]. The Dark Bishop on the other hand, had a few cards up his sleeves when he possessed the aforementioned dead dragon to soon add significantly to my death count by spamming and filling the room with multiple vortexes and maelstroms. "RETRY?" yes ... dead ... "RETRY?" yes ... dead ... many times I fell in just as many different classes, each outfitted with the best gear and skill sets available (to me). "RETRY?" yes, dammit! x 10 + rage At that point, there was only one thing left to do ... I picked up the red telephone and went with the nuclear option. That's right. I'm not proud of it, but I finally knocked the unholy smile off the Dark Bishop's bony face. Yes, I took him down with my Ranger, four Conqueror's Periapts, a large stack of Blast Arrows (a noob's best friend), a couple stamina edibles, and good old Tenfold Flurry launched from my dragonforged Savage Fang longbow. The show was over in a matter of seconds, and while the smoke was clearing, "move along, move along, nothing to see here." After juicing up strength with the four periapts, ten blast arrows each and every pull of the trigger was enough to stun-lock the bastard and knock out several of his health bars. The Cursed Dragon went down on the first pull (money shot to the face), and the bishop dropped stunned to the floor after the third. A few more pulls of the trigger (yeah, I'm not too proud to shoot a fella when he's down) and the bishop gave up his loot ... and silence once again rang through the Forsaken Cathedral ... except for the herd of moron pawns congratulating each other on whatever it was that they contributed to the fight. Moral of the story kids ... don't be too proud to utilize the nuclear option if it gets you past a checkpoint. That's why you saved all those Conqueror's Periapts and Blast Arrows, right?
  8. First thing that came to mind when reading that ...right after, "that can't be right .."
  9. Ask and answer your own question. A Brown's fan coaching soccer. Lookit yer role models. Not me.
  10. The link you posted is for Age of Wonders III. Yeah, me and @Lasraik and maybe someone else. I'm sure I posted a topic about it, but that was quite a while back and probably on one of the older message boards. As I recall, I bought it, played it, endorsed it here, and then Las picked it up and maybe even still plays occasionally. I also have several (if not all) older Age of Wonders titles, and as I look, there is a downloadable in my library that doesn't appear as part of the Steam package: AoW3 - Dragon's Throne (scenario) [edit: ah, nevermind, I see it is part of the Deluxe package]. I don't remember it, specifically, but I also have the other DLC in the Steam collection. Anyway ... the AoW series are fun, solid 4x fantasy-genre games. AoW3 is the latest engine to the series and is perhaps the most sophisticated. The older titles are also fun in their own way, although their graphics are a bit dated. In AoW3, there are a number of different cultures available to play, and each have their own unique units with their own abilities (and animations in the combat screen) ... so tactics comes into play along with strategy. The units may all be broken down into broad categories (i.e, ranged, melee, magic, elite, etc.) but each army's units include special abilities (per unit) not found in other culture's armies. FWIW, GoG has AoW, AoW: Shadow Magic, and AoW2: The Wizard's Throne on their weekly sale for a couple bucks each or thereabout.
  11. I forgot to mention above ... as I was exploring BBI, I ran into my first Garm (a giant, hellish, wolf-like creature that feeds on accumulated dead - one of the necrophage class of creatures). The more creatures that you kill in BBI, the greater chance one or more of these bad boys will appear. Garm are weak to lightning. And hey, look at that, the MA Tier 6 magic bow skill Ricochet Hunter does lighting damage and ... AND .. does quite the number on a Garm caught in a narrow hallway or small alcove of a room. Very cool effect, as lighting arrows bounce all around - off the walls, ceiling and floor - as they seek to go through the target creature (multiple times). Very easy on stamina cost, too. Just goes to show that all of your abilities are viable in the right circumstance.
  12. Understood. I'll just say this and leave you be ... Watching is not nearly as immersive as doing. I once watched a DAOC PvP video filled with bunny-hopping, window-dragging, lag-exploiting participants and thought how horrible that part of the game must be. I never would do those things, and wondered if those tactics were required to be successful; thankfully that turned out not to be the case. Thanks for chiming in.
  13. Yeah, sometimes the odds of finding the pefect rent-a-pawn seems like those needed to die roll triple-sixes. As long as one of the team is a mage with Anodyne skill, and another is a fighter with a taunt skill, the rest is optional. You can reduce the odds by developing your main pawn to cover some of the shortages, and leave the DPS to you and whomever else fills the other slots. At the moment in my team, my main pawn is a healer/buffer with no special damage spells (staff only). Finding just the right pawn is like hitting the lottery, because they may have all the right skills but then may have less desirable AI inclinations. Fortunately, it doesn't much matter in the early stages, since you'll be trading out pawns fairly often. Once you have the basics covered, I wouldn't stress too much about it. Heck, you could roll with an all sorcerer group if you're daring (and use a group-consumable strategy). I think you nailed it when you characterized the game as an exploration one. It isn't just about exploring new locales and hidey-holes, but also exploring new ways of doing the same thing (i.e., kill things and take their stuff). You have to explore which strategies and tactics work, and which don't. You get to explore and discover new creatures, their strengths and weaknesse (and what kind of stuff they drop). I remember getting ambushed by a griffin the first time out of a clear blue sky and panic-thinking, "oh crap! WTF do I do now?!?" Kind of like the rabbit who sees an approoaching hawk's shadow on the ground before him. Heh ... I still do that when encountering previously undiscovered creatures (who have the very real potential of adding to my death count statistic). Anyway ... Just to offer from my experience, do not to panic terribly much over min-max or optimizing, because you can still be successful without. As an OCD min-maxer, that was hard for me to let that go and trust to be true, and now that I have, the game is much more enjoyable ... and sometimes challenging playing the cards dealt rather than stacking the deck unnecessarily. YMMV
  14. Continuing a series of monologues on the topic ... So yes, I spent a fair amount of time this past weekend bouncing between Everfall and Bitterblack Isle (don't judge me!) ... in some cases, literally, and in others, figuratively. The name "Everfall" is a very apt description of travel through the area (post-dragon). I killed the ur-dragon three more times (for a total of four, thus far). Knowing what to expect, bringing appropriate consumables, etc., helps a lot, and makes farming him fairly easy. Each kill has a chance for him to drop one of three decent named holy-enhanced weapons (Ascalon the sword, Heaven's Keys daggers, and a staff whose name escapes me at the moment). In my four kills, I was fortunate to score one of each plus an extra staff (sold the extra for a half-mil). I did, indeed, work deeper into BBI, and it is challenging to keep making forward progress to say the least. For the most part, I stuck with playing my character specced as a MA. To that end, I spent a couple hours to top off my character's mage line development in order to boost my base magic damage, which then enhances my damage output as a MA. There are several areas in BBI that act as arenas ... meaning you get a random encounter everytime you enter (some far more challenging than others). They're great places to farm rare materials/drops used to further enhance gear after dragonforging them. Still having great fun, and look forward to playing again. Also would love to hear other's stories of their adventures. I suspect @Lasraik, @Jazz, @Dunnar and @Pasanda would enjoy this game if given a go (based on other similar games they've enjoyed in the past). Not sure why, but the inn keeper in Gran Soren reminds me of Jazz.