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  1. Free for a limited time as a flash sale over at GoG. Get it for free from the store's main page (click the banner) while you can. The game's information page is here if you're unfamiliar with the game itself. That said, let me know if you miss the freebie giveaway but still want the game. I have an extra "gift" copy available.
  2. In honor of this thread, I present ... Mountain from their Climbing! album, which on the back of the cover reads, "THIS RECORD WAS MADE TO BE PLAYED LOUD." (yes, all caps) Lyrics Mississippi Queen You know what I mean Mississippi Queen She taught me everything Went down around Vicksburg Around Louisiana way Where lived the Cajun Lady Aboard the Mississippi Queen You know she was a dancer She moved better on wine While the rest of them dudes were gettin' their kicks Boy, I beg your pardon, I was gettin' mine Mississippi Queen If you know what I mean Mississippi Queen She taught me everything This lady she asked me If I would be her man You know that I told her I'd do what I can To keep her lookin' pretty Buy her dresses that shine While the rest of them dudes were makin' their friends Boy, I beg your pardon, I was loosin' mine You know she was a dancer She moved better on wine While the rest of them dudes were gettin' their kicks Boy, I beg your pardon, I was gettin' mine Yeah, Mississippi Queen Written by David Rea, Felix Pappalardi, Laurence Laing, Leslie A. Weinstein • Copyright © Universal Music Publishing Group
  3. One of the record albums by the rock group Mountain, on the album jacket states (paraphrased), "this music is meant to be played loud." Yeah, it was better that way. /shout sings ... "Mississippi Queen. You know what I mean. Mississippi Queen. She taught me everything ..."
  4. ... Or so many people would have you believe. I missed the original event and internet meme, but recently heard an interview with the dancer who was Left Shark, and he claims the routine called for brief spontaneous "in-character improvisation". Not being familiar with the event in question, but intrigued, I dug up and reviewed video clips (multiple), and I honestly couldn't tell what all the flap was about. Maybe having heard the inside story first biased my reaction. I don't know. I saw nothing out of the ordinary (considering "the ordinary" consists of a poorly done Katy Perry song and dance routine - completely not my personal cup of tea).
  5. I still buy physical media. We don't have a Best Buy, and I'm not experienced or knowledgeable enough to know if they're a major retailer for music CDs anyway. I do know that the few times I've been in a Best Buy while on vacation, and saw the prices, I came to realize that the store was horribly mis-named.
  6. FTFY... Given Tesla's reported history with battery performance after their vehicles are damaged.
  7. And yet, Elon Musk will avoid a fine for littering the solar system. Not only that, but consider visiting alien life and their thoughts about humanity trashing their space neighborhood just like we trashed our planet and our local neighborhoods ... abandoning vehicles (dead hookers and all) and lowering property values while increasing crime rates. Ya .. Thanks alot Elon.
  8. Simultaneous booster landings were just showing off.
  9. SpaceX ‘heavy’ rocket blasts off in debut flight carrying Tesla sports car into orbit Full story here ... but this little snippet caught my eye: ... which immediately brought to mind the intro scene to the movie Heavy Metal
  10. What's the hubub about the Left Shark? I mean, I've watched the video clips and still don't get it.
  11. I'm sure I'll probably get it eventually, but most likely after it has been on the market a while and most of the initial bugs have been patched out. It does, however, have an unfortunate title, and I half-expect a "squeal like a pig" line somewhere in it from the backwoods peasants.
  12. The recent post for Red Dead Redemption 2 reminded me of Kingdom Come: Deliverance - another game soon to come out that also contains fairly realistic graphics, except it is medieval themed rather than western. It kind of looks like Skyrim minus the fantasy elements such as magic. Has anyone put this on their watch list?
  13. Different set of victims. The last one was for University of Michigan. This one was for Twistars, an elite gymnastics club in Lansing (not USA Gymnastics).
  14. too soon? Reference (NSFW):
  15. Chances are good that to whichever prison he eventually goes, the wardens and keepers are going to have to place him away from the general population for his own safety, because they don't generally tolerate child molesters. Yes, there are acceptable behavior standards - even amongst hardened criminals.