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  1. You're right, of course. It was a Douglas Adams HGTTG quote. My bad. Too many lost years and vague memories of Cosmos. 'Twas also in those years those two media were simultaneously consumed.
  2. It sounds like you try to finish one game before sinking time into another. Very laudable. I just want to point out that NMS is more of a sandbox than an RPG, even though it has main- and side-quests. The main story is only the beginning, and the game is really all about exploration, collapse, and rebirth. There are 256 galaxies to explore, and each one is ~1400 light years diameter and consists of billions of stars, each with multiple planets and moons. You and I will never see the entirety of it in our lifetimes. In the words of Carl Sagan, as appropriate to NMS, "Space is big, really big."
  3. ... prettig sinterklaasfeest ... wherever ye be.
  4. NMS requires keys around and including WASD, and a mouse with a scroll wheel. It is easily accommodated by one hand on keyboard (touch type if you're that good) and one on the mouse. You may also use a controller if that is your thing, although I think I prefer KB/M. Good news is the game allows key remapping, although I've not felt a need to do so. Since you're left-handed, you might want to see what it offers along those lines for you. There are a couple different user-selected modes for space flight ... tethered or not ... and different people have their own preference; all I can suggest is try it both ways and use the one you like more. Tethered flight tends to feel sluggish (the nose of the spacecraft slowly follows the mouse pip), whereas non-tethered is more comfortable for those who desire precise pip placement (the nose of the spacecraft stays on the pip). Space flight in NMS, and space combat for that matter, is nowhere near simulator levels ... it's more forward/back plus the ship steers where you look while allowing roll. Newtonian flight is not present in NMS. AI ship enemies are simple minded and fly toward you ... so you fly backward and they line up into your gun sights. You can fly in first- or third- person (another user preference). I switch between modes depending on where I'm flying. For example, if I'm flying low through a planet's atmosphere and I need a wide view of the ground below, then I'll fly third-person perspective. In space, and in dogfights, I will fly in first-person cockpit view, because that just feels more natural for me since I like flight sims, too. You can set up a hotkey (1, 2, 3, ..., 0) to quick toggle between perspective views. Same goes for when you're walking/running around in your exosuit or even when youj're driving your exocraft now with the Synthesis update (exocraft used to be locked into third-person perspective only).
  5. You're probably going to VR it as well? I don't do that, so don't have any experience to share in that vein. I stopped playing just before Beyond came out, and only re-started again this past weekend. I wanted to see the changes ... and there were quite a few to which I needed to get accustomed. I still have my old save game, but some of the changes in Beyond made picking up where I left off slightly difficult (i.e., power generation/distribution requirements for base parts - and I have extensive base constructions). So I started a new character just to get back in the groove. I've since deleted it, then regretted the deletion, and started yet another character a day or two later. I'm not sure if this one, too, will burn down, fall over, and sink into the swamp. The game tells me I have over 150 hours on the old character save. The thought of grinding through all on a new character to get back to that level of play seems daunting - if not a bit off-putting. That said, I'm always happy to discuss anytime (and advise whether asked or implied - usually the latter by default ). I'd say my knowledge of the game is sufficiently deep for most any question you can drum up - with perhaps exception to some of the newly added mechanics or multiplayer. One of the advertised changes in Synthesis was that the player is now able to scrap ships into parts. This solves an old problem of what to do when your personal fleet hit the inventory cap of six ships; you couldn't sell them to make room for others, and instead had to trade them away for new ships. The deployment is not exactly how I envisioned it, nor is it what I was most excited to see added. I was hoping they'd solved how to break apart procedural-generated ships, and apply body parts from one ship onto another of similar class so as to customize the look of your favorite ship (e.g., grab the wings from one ship, and the engine from another, and glue them both onto yet another). Not so. Yes, you can scrap ships in your inventory at a new "shop" in the space stations, but when you do, you get trade good scrap and spare modules placed into your exosuit inventory; you can then exchange the trade good scrap and modules at a merchant for currency (whether units or nanites). One nice new QOL feature is that the player can now rearrange modules in ship or multi-tool slots (whereas before this required use of a 3rd party tool). This allows the player to rearrange modules placed in those items to better take advantage of synergy between similar modules. Look at me, blathering on like a school girl. I look forward to comparing notes, too.
  6. So a long weekend for me, maybe slightly more depending on how deeply the game engrosses. A lot less if it doesn't capture my attention.
  7. New release is out ... the "Synthesis" update. Patch notes below (note lots of British spellings as appropriate). This may give me something to do over this long, 4-day weekend (Thanksgiving weekend here in the US).
  8. For those of you still waiting to jump onto the pain train, Steam is now offering a Definitive Edition consisting of the base game and all available DLCs for one low price. As far as I'm concerned, the entertainment value at this price is well worth it. YMMV
  9. The subject game just fell onto my radar and I hadn't heard anything about it before I saw it available now over at GoG. Reading the comments seems to indicate this has been around on Steam for a few months and was well received. Hard to tell whether it is a console port from just the game trailers. Some of you may be interested in this. If you have played, what are your thoughts? Is it an on-rails experience, a "walking" narrative with puzzles, or something else? GoG suggests it is an Action Adventure Stealth game, but I'm not seeing it quite yet.
  10. Necro thread ... I'll just leave this link to (long) patch notes here for those that are interested: https://www.stardewvalley.net/stardew-valley-1-4-update-full-changelog/
  11. For those that care ... is out. The largest free content addition yet. Patch notes at the link below: https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/grim-dawn-version-1-1-5-0/92442
  12. I suspect it will eventually appear on GoG; they have quite a few of Obsidian's other recent release titles already ... unless exclusivity contracts are in play.
  13. /sad It's not (yet) available on GoG. DRM-free is the only way to play ...
  14. Pics or it didn't happen. So is you're wife ... bird in hand worth two in the bush, so to speak. Decent trade, I think. Too soon, Bro?
  15. Really sorry to hear/read this. Not sure what I can say to be supportive that isn't too terribly cliche. I specialize more in snark so I'm sure I'll think of something inappropriate in the meanwhile.