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  1. *please-don't-let-it-suck* *please-don't-let-it-suck* *please-don't-let-it-suck* *please-don't-let-it-suck*
  2. We're finding that working from home is inefficient and slow compared to working together in the office. We don't really have enough capacity for as many people as we do using VPN access to the network. And some of our design software doesn't run well over VPN connections (e.g., Civil 3D AutoCAD). But we are still moving forward if at a snail's pace. That's gubmint fer ya.
  3. Deep Necro Thread ... (plus four posts in a row from me) I'm back to playing this for a bit, only this time I added the Frackin Universe mod (FU) with a fresh restart. What a huge difference this mod makes to gameplay; it breathes new life into the old engine. I'll admit, I've started so many characters in the vanilla game that I've lost count. And gameplay almost always shakes out the same way each. and. every. time. So yeah, if you're looking for a break from the same old way of playing (assuming you do, in fact, play this game and it isn't just me), then I highly recommend giving FU a try. In a nutshell, it adds MOAR stuff. I may have read that development of Starbound has finally ceased (at version 1.4.4) ... but don't quote me on that. If true, the only updates and bug fixes to be had will come from mods, and FU is still being actively updated.
  4. Is she a Browns fan, too?
  5. ... ummm ... grats?
  6. I understand your PM tested positive. That could get interesting.
  7. My response is off topic in another thread. But then, who would expect anything else?
  8. dbl post
  9. Yes. Moving from Fairbanks to Juneau. It's a big change even if in the same state. Fairbanks is known for its deep, cold winters and hot, dry summers. Juneau is known for its rain, rain, and more dreary rain (but it is gorgeous when the sun shines) ... and that it is the state capital, and the only state capital that cannot be driven to from the continental road system. On the bright side, internet access will improve in the new location. I hear they have gigabit widely available. /drool @Molimo will soon be the northernmost member here (afaik). Yes. Exciting new opportunity in some ways; scary in others. The new position is far more technical and in an area that I really haven't practiced much for the past decade. But it can lead to new professional licensing and career growth which will make me more marketable (translation: more income potential) in the long run. Lots of panic leading to government orders to hunker down and quarantine in place, and the public responding by going out and buying up all known stocks of toilet paper. To be honest, I haven't moved or started the new job yet due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. For a while there it seemed like we were getting a new restriction every day. Just as I was able to find a way to work around one travel restriction (e.g., no "non-essential" travel), another would pop up ruining the last plan for transition (e.g., temporary housing backing out of reservations). I will be teleworking, as soon as we can get that set up (hopefully by the first of next month - i.e., Wednesday), until such time as the restrictions ease up and I can finally migrate to the new location. I'm in the process of purchasing a home in Juneau, but closing the financial documents won't occur until sometime during the end of April/beginning of May ... slowdown also due to COVID-19 restrictions. Things are moving forward albeit very slowly. There is a lot of fear in remote communities with strong memories to back to the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic that totally wiped out many villages (due to lack of immunity). Also a lot of self-isolation for similar reasons.
  10. sxm? I'm not 100% sure but guess it stands for Sirius XM (satellite radio stations). I recently rented a brand new Chevy Malibu, and those stations worked in my new city in that vehicle, whereas those stations don't work (in my 2016 GMC truck) in my old city. Thanks. Looking forward to the new job ... not so much the new location. We're still in the midst of working out all the logistics of getting a lifetime accumulation of stuff from one place to the other ... and then what to do with it once it finally gets there. So many memories, so much crap. 😄
  11. ??? Who's taking the piss now? Sorry I've been a bit absent. In the process of changing jobs and moving to a new location (moving sux, btw). Will likely be hit and miss around here for the next couple of months. On topic: thanks for the link. I may need it to find a new "driving to and from work" listening radio station. I haven't yet found a good one in my new location. On the plus side, new area can get sxm channels which are new to me (couldn't get them in old location).
  12. I think it's awesome that you're able to do this. Me? I haven't a musical bone in my body ... unless you count the ones in my inner ears, and they're failing with age.
  13. Looking like March 31 for early access. One month to go ...
  14. New update 2.3 is out. Patch notes below ... just in case you're interested. There are some nice QOL fixes.
  15. Subject line question really ... How do you describe your hobbies to others who may not share them? For example, do you shamefully - or proudly - admit you like to play video games, or do you avoid the subject altogether? Do you substitute in other less-judgementally neutral hobbies such as "hiking, biking, or camping outdoors"? (note: they're not full time exclusive) When a co-worker asks what you did last weekend, and you spent it wallowing in your virtual-digital slime pool - whether on some elaborate MMO raid, exploring the galaxy one planet at a time, attempting to slay an evil Sith Jedi Master (redundant, I know) in a light saber duel, or trying to survive solo in a hostile virtually frozen landscape - do you paraphrese-quote The Brain and explain somewhat melodramatically that you "did last weekend what you do every weekend, Pinky ... try to take over the world!" ... cleverly passing your benign mental affliction off with humor? Honestly curious how you and others treat the subject in your individual/collective social circles.