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  1. They finally picked a release date? I figured this would be vaporware.
  2. /grammar on "The last post on this forum was one week ago." "The rate of new posts and thread replies on this forum is generally weak in the summer." /grammar off That is all.
  3. /rant-on How do I turn off focus assist notifications about focus assist without turning off focus assist? #&^%$#!!eleventy-one /rant-off
  4. Thanks, I'll add that one to my list. Other than that one, I use a small suite of extensions for Firefox (in no particular order, and I'm too lazy to provide links): AdBlock Plus Ghostery Mate Translate ( <-- awesome translation on the fly for assistance reading forum messages by non-English speaking/writing members) NoScript Privacy Badger Tampermonkey As you can see, most of those are privacy oriented. There was a recent Washington Post article about the proliferation of malicious extensions (read sometime in the last month or two) ... well, malicious in the sense that they compromise your privacy by including personal data harvesting code which they then sell on the market. So one should carefully vet their browser extensions.
  5. https://variety.com/2019/film/news/rutger-hauer-dead-dies-blade-runner-co-star-1203278050/ I'll remember him fondly from his 1980's movies, many of which I have copies on one media form or another.
  6. Voicing the comically perverted deputy director (i.e., Stan Smith's boss) at the CIA ran dry, huh? This seems like an ego piece. And he's looking old (and Brent Spiner is looking chubby). Is it makeup or natural? Maybe he's Maybelline.
  7. Game of Thrones crew needed something to do?
  8. 2560 x 1080? Pass. Welcome to 15+ years ago video technology. 1080p is too short to accomplish any real work. The ad contradicts itself. It lists 1920x1080 in some places, and 2560x1080 in others. Verify the PCN through another source to make sure you're getting what you think you're ordering. 21:9 aspect ratio? Pass. Many games still do not support this aspect ratio. The 32" next to it for less than $300 with 2560x1440 x 144Hz seems like a better deal. YMMV
  9. Oooohhhh... a cliffhanger.
  10. While I prefer to acquire my games from GoG because of their FCK-DRM ideology, I do not use their client to download or launch games from there; I prefer the age-old method of manually downloading files and patches - mostly as an internet usage control method (with well over 360 game titles in my GoG library alone, I and not the game platform launcher get to decide when it is permissible to tie up my limited internet resource. I do not have extensive "friends lists", and do not need functionality of compiling friends lists into a single game platform launcher. I think it is great that a company is making the effort of doing this to help de-fragment gaming communities and address one of gamer's knee-jerk reasons for staying tied to Steam (and the privacy rights abuse that platform delivers) - that of ... I have all my games on there and that's where my gaming friends are found. I hope they succeed ... but I probably still won't use this service.
  11. My cynical inner sense suspects this is just a new personal data harvesting scam - especially because AWS is involved. Also, the whole MMO part of MMORPG turns me off this product. No interest here, at all.
  12. Strangely enough, I didn't play at all yesterday. But then again, I played many a long hour the previous four days since I took an extra long weekend due to Independence Day being last Thursday. I didn't know there even was such a thing as video game day. We can only hope it will rise to prominence as other similar holidays such as Pi Day, Star Wars Day, and Talk Like a Pirate Day.
  13. Three year old post necro ... almost to the day! I recently started playing Grim Dawn again. I stopped last when Microsoft decided without my consent that I needed to update to Windows 10, which then through a series of actions required a full system wipe ... which resulted in me losing all of my previous character progress. I was too depressed to continue, but soon found other diversions. In the meanwhile, I kept buying and adding the game's DLC as it came out for the eventual day I would start playing again. Which was yesterday. Re-reading the above thread brought back a lot of memories. Some of the links no longer work, which is unfortunate, but there are still plenty of resources out on the greater internet to get back up and running. I seem to have forgotten most of the things I wrote (as expertly sounding as they were) earlier in this thread. Did anyone else get very far with their characters?
  14. Of the games you listed, I only have experience with No Man's Sky. I found it to be easily worth the cost in returned entertainment value. I think it is a game people either love or hate, with little in-between. At its heart, NMS is about exploration and seeing (and learning about) things for the first time (for you). While the game is procedurally drawn, art assets are finite. That leads some to think the game is boring because they see what they percieve as the same thing over and over. That's like going to Yosemite and complaining about seeing the same trees and mountains they've seen in a different National Park. I've clocked probably a few hundred hours across several characters. Lately I've been taking a break and playing SPAZ2. If you get NMS, I'd love to hear about your experiences with it.
  15. Yeah, I'm so used to it that experiencing anything different seems odd. Many people do not ever get used to it and leave. Light and dark have their own accompaniments. When it is light, it is usually warm. When it is dark, it is usually cold. So when I take a trip to the Lower-48, and experience both warm and dark at the same time ... it just seems surreal. There are coping mechanisms such as using blackout curtains when it is light out, and Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD) is a real thing so some people have "happy lights". Maintaining vitamin D levels can be difficult without plenty of sunshine. Speaking of the Midnight Sun ... we have a local semi-pro baseball team (the Alaska Goldpanners - the Alaska League) that hosts a midnight sun game, where the entire game is played around midnight without using any artificial light. Quite a few tourists come up to see that, because I suppose that would seem surreal to them. There are also lots and lots of activities around summer solstice. We tend to be more solar-cycle-centric and celebrate the summer solstice and the fall equinox most heavily (e.g., the winter solstice is surrounded by other holidays). There's lots to do outside in the summer. Almost too much. So it's good that winter comes around to give us a rest. I just wish winter didn't last 6 months.