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  1. I can see it now ...
  2. To somewhat support Jag's rants of media bias ... since the violence in Charlottesville, I haven't heard boo about North Korea from any of the media outlets I usually consume. I'm pretty sure Kim hasn't gone anywhere or suddenly decided to lay low. Turns out the old media adage of "if it bleeds, it leads" is true.
  3. Because ... money.
  4. While I enjoyed ESO - the gameplay, I really didn't like playing around the other players - especially the gold-farming cheaters and exploiters. I may be getting too old to tolerate the crap that comes with MMOs.
  5. Perisno v0.9 is currently in the works, but no ETA on release. I'll probably continue with this for a little while until something else catches my fancy. I'm fickle that way. Little bit of adult-ADD, too, if I'm brutally honest.
  6. No. I just gravitated back to it ... again. It's fun and yet weirdly comforting with its familiarity. I picked back up with an older (mid-twentyish level) character and tried to remain neutral to and through the Zann invasion. The poor Falcons could barely defend themselves, and lost three of their castles. Their ineffective marshal could barely gather half of the realm's lords, so they would lose any encounter with the invading squads. And neutral me with maybe 150-or-so in my warband, I had to flee ahead of them as well. I eventually had opportunity to take Falconwatch castle, which I did, and started my own kingdom. I was hoping the Zann invading forces would take Fountain Hall too (so I could "rescue" it for myself), but they stopped short with only having taken the three castles. So then I pretty much had to join the Falcons as a vassel because my kingdom was deep in Falcon territory, and I didn't have sufficient defense forces against a determined realm to reclaim their old territory (not to mention that my right to rule credentials were pretty poor). So now every other nation except the Falcons are at peace/truce with the Zann, and we're bearing the full weight of the attacking Zann lords (the invasion is long passed, and they're behaving like a normal realm - but with each lord still having massive warbands and spearheads in tow). I started throwing captured Zann lords in my prison and taking the honor hit when refusing ransom offers just to keep their numbers down. If Field Marshall Gunnar doesn't sue for peace soon, I fear we'll all be cut down by attrition - death by a thousand paper cuts.
  7. I am weak. I've succumbed yet again to the sweet, sweet siren song. Or would that be Falcon song? But I digress ... yes, I am weak.
  8. Time to go shop at the Leftorium ...
  9. ※looks at tread title※ ※reads previous political posts※ I don't see it ... ※confused※
  10. Kind of like Russian roulette.
  11. This is why ... Robots are going to kill us all! (some NSFW)
  12. Not true for all. Some are more akin to sit-coms ... e.g., Terry Pratchet's Discworld novels come to mind.
  13. Damn ... It's a regular soap opera for fantasy nerds.
  14. More annoying are the bandwidth hogs when updating (of which War Thunder is a culprit). They do not play nice on limited networks. It gets so bad I threaten my kid that I will lock him out of our internet if he updates his games during "prime time" when my wife and I just want to check emails and surf our little corners of the web. We experience 300 baud dialup speeds when he decides to update. Steam is another offender, but not as bad. The worst are the game-specific loaders. Back on topic ... I haven't played War Thunder in a long time. I don't think it is even installed since I was forced to update to Win10.
  15. Third world problems ...