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  1. Keeping my eye on this one. It seems like the kind of game I may like, but I'm definitely not buying it before the official release.
  2. I still check in LOTRO now and then, mostly to collect hobbit presents and ingredient packs, but I'm also offline playing Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen as I get the chance. Despite being a console port and having a slightly clunky interface for a PC game, it is done well and has its good points.
  3. ... and to continue the theme ...
  4. We can all blame Jazz. He's the one that started this topic and introduced us to Stardew Valley.
  5. Good question, and one that I don't know the answer. I don't hang out at the developer's forum site. I understand there may be mods available to allow you to visit other's farms, but have not tried them. I hear they're somewhat buggy. As I told Dunnar earlier in this thread, don't let the lack of co-op keep you from enjoying this game. It is priced as an indy title, not a AAA. $9.99 today and all last week at GoG, but probably will go back to $19.99 now that their summer sale is almost over. Lack of co-op doesn't detract from the fun. Parallel play can be just as fun with none of the hassle. I would think that creating a co-op experience might be technically challenging given the current exhaustion mechanics. I'm not sure how they can sync in-game minutes, hours, days, and seasons. When one player runs out of energy and goes to bed for the night, does he have to wait until everyone else goes to bed (or until 2 am) before he can start his next day? That could get boring. Remember playing turn-based network games and you always ended up waiting for "that guy" to finish, when in reality he'd taken off for dinner and didn't tell anyone he was leaving? Yeah, something like that ... YMMV
  6. Recycle thread incoming ... Happy Father's Day (US) to those of you who are, and for those of you who have one, it doesn't hurt to reach out and let them know. For fun ... what is the most memorable life's lesson that your learned from your father? Quite a few years ago when I was preparing for oral defense of my thesis for my grad degree, my father gave me this advice ... "son, you probably know a lot more about the thesis subject than does your graduate committee; try not to outnumber them."
  7. Your stamina pool will increase as you gain more skill levels. In the mountains, behind Robin's house (the village carpenter) and up by the train tracks, there is a steam bath where you can go to rejuvenate your stamina. Also, as you upgrade your hoe and watering can, you can hoe/water multiple squares at a single action which helps save time and energy. Of course, as Jazz mentioned much earlier in this thread, you'll eventually aim for getting sprinklers set up so you don't have to manually water as much.
  8. Tough call. If you thought there was a chance you would need to rely on the warranty, then I'd make sure the vendor acknowledged the mismatched serial numbers in writing, because otherwise you may have difficulty convincing them YOU didn't switch in the non-functioning tablet. It sounds like the vendor is not willing to do that, so returning it is your best (and only) option. If you don't think you'll need to rely upon the warranty, and you feel comfortable accepting that risk, then evaluate that risk against the need to have it on your trip. Do you really NEED it? or just want it? Are other options available? It it a case of NEED, and there are no other options available, and I'm willing to accept the risk of having it as is ... then I would probably keep it. Are other warranty options available (i.e., would a local shop perform warranty work if needed)? You may not need the original shipping container several months or a year after the purchase in order to get the warranty work done. Perhaps all you need to do is register the device with the manufacturer using the serial number on the device, and that would get you in their system. Much to think about ...
  9. Pay attention to the date and crop growing times as you near the end of the season (note: each season is 28 days long). When the end of season arrives, any crops that are planted but not yet ready for harvest are lost. So for example, if the end of season is in 4 days, but the crops you have require 6 days, save your money and don't plant them. Yes, buy seeds from Pierre. Eventually you'll be able to make an item that makes seeds out of produce, which lowers your planting costs. Upgrade your tools at Clint's place as you get the chance and can afford it. Some crops do extend across two seasons (i.e., spring+summer, or summer+fall) so those are ok to keep planting through the end of the first season. The big money making crops are the berries, even though the seeds may cost a bit more. Make sure to attend the summer festival when you can do activities to earn tokens with which you can purchase strawberry seeds. Don't plant them right away, and instead wait a year and plant them at the start of their growing season to maximize their output (and profits). These are plant once, harvest many times type of crop. Fishing is definitely a challenge to learn at first. Eventually you will learn to see patterns in the fish movement, and predict it so you can preemptively real in or ease off as needed to keep the fish in the green zone in the fishing mini game interface. More difficult to catch fish tend to be far more erratic in their movement. Also later on you'll have the opportunity to use lures and other tackle that will help land the hard fish. I wouldn't stress about it early on, or before I had established a working level of income generation from farming. Trees take a long time to grow (28 days, IIRC, so plant them at least one season ahead), don't need to be watered, and only produce fruit in their given season (but when they produce, they do so every day). Crops don't grow in the winter, so that is a good time to go into the mines since you'll have more free time and energy for it.
  10. Sooo ... tell us of your adventures in Stardew Valley.
  11. Look on the individual game sheets at GoG to be sure. The supported operating systems are listed on the page. Many of the old DOS games come with DOS-Box pre-configured to run in windows, which is nice so you don't have to go through the trouble of messing with DOS-Box yourself. GoG also occasionally releases patches and updates for their games to run with newer operating systems and hardware releases. Just download the installer and bin files (if any), then install via the installer (see options, as usual), and then double click the desktop icon and enjoy. No muss, no fuss (usually). For example, Wing Commander 1+2 as purchased should work on Windows 10 ... presumably with DOS-Box since those were DOS based programs, IIRC.
  12. Speaking of which ... anyone want a free copy of Rebel Galaxy? I have an extra. [edit] Gone. [edit 2] Consolation prize is that you can at least listen to the soundtrack on YouTube (hint: it's worth it).
  13. Update: Another free game if you purchase $10 or more.
  14. Ahh ... that makes more sense. Thx.
  15. I did some online reading after posting the above. Yeah, doesn't seem like there is much consensus. Most suggest Light for mobility, and some also suggest blue line in Light for the healing (health & power). Am I understanding the system right that you can switch between light, medium, and heavy while developing each without losing progress in each trait line? In other words, simultaneously develop all lines? If so, that seems like an uncharacteristic development choice for a MMO.