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  1. Curious ... what do voicemail menu systems say in the UK? Here in the good old U.S., we hear something along the lines of "please enter the password number followed by the pound sign". btw .. it's ok to not step on that soapbox now and then, and just enjoy teh funeez as intended.
  2. Notoriously greedy corporation tries to milk the proverbial cash cow IP movie property. Even though they earn respectable amount on their attempt to squeeze out as many movies possible in as short a time as possible, their earnings expectations are not met. While juvenile-ishly pouting, they threaten to withhold future movies from the IP movie property's fan base. My thoughts summed up are as follows:
  3. /tinfoil hat on It doesn't help when game devopers hire psychologists/psychiatrists to advise them on how to make their product more addicting to prolong subscriptions or to instill a desire for augmentations that could be fulfilled by conveniently available microtransactions. By formally declaring gaming disorder a mental condition (I'm loathe to call it an illness or disease, myself, and prefer to call it an addiction), will that curb adding addictive qualities during game development? Can or should medical licenses be removed or professionals censured for actively helping to develop an "illness" in the [gaming] community? Unethical people gonna unethic.
  4. Well played, sir. Well played.
  5. If you want to broadly define "fast food", it could be food that passes through your gastrointestinal channel quickly ... at which point it is no longer favorable (or enjoyable to most people - although it may have been enjoyable going in, but not so much coming out). Does the question make sense, or it is an inherent contradiction of terms?
  6. ... or even all of the US. I've heard of Chic-fil-A (AFAIK there is not one in Alaska or Hawaii), but neither of the other two. So I'd refine that to a Lower-48-centric question.
  7. Yeah, you're given a bit more freedom after the event where you're introduced to horse riding, but you're still between the rails. I can see where one might think they're done with the prologue yet still a captive audience. Even afterward up until you find your parents, your freedom to do more things and explore more areas grows.
  8. I think I just finished the tutorial last night and started in the main game. Check me here ... as best of a non-spoiler version as I can describe without being too vague. In my journeys, I reached a point where I had found my parents and was then almost killed (again). I later awoke in the next village over, having been tended to by a previous acquaintance.
  9. The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially listed Gaming Disorder as a condition. I'll just leave this here ... feel free to discuss.
  10. Finally got it all downloaded and installed late last night, and fired it up for a few minutes. Pro: Environmental visuals are impressive. Cons: Character facial animations and speech synchronization leave quite a bit to be desired. I also noted a few inconsistencies in cut scene animations, too - e.g., the bald warlord's facial hair is different between scenes, missing wine pitcher and mug during a pour and drink animation sequence, etc. The character faces are dead or wooden, with eyes unfocused on their subject, and any animation that does occur quickly resolves back to the neutral deadpan expression. Some animations are overly exaggerated in conversations (e.g., nodding head like a donkey when indicating positive or that they're in agreement). Most of these issues simply distract from the story being told. The story has an interesting foundation, and I'm interested to see how free the player is in developing the character later. I understand that I'm still in the "tutorial" portion of the game where the plot is very linear and with little room to roam beyond where the rails lead. There are long cut scenes with no interaction from the player in order for the story to develop ... almost to the point whether I wondered if I was playing a game or watching a video. What little I've seen, I like how there are multiple ways of achieving various objectives, including consequences to dialog choices and adaptability of the story to those choices. In short, I'm looking forward to playing a bit longer with it tonight. I'll only have enough time for an hour or so, so we'll see where it goes from there and how far I'm able to progress.
  11. They'll probably have a new patch out before I get it all downloaded. That's what I think. My internet connection is only a couple steps above dial up, and is the equivalent of dial up speeds when the wife and kid do internet things and I have to share bandwidth. More seriously, I may have it downloaded in time to go to work on Monday, so I won't really have much chance to play until next weekend.
  12. Daddy's got some downloading to do ... don't tell mom.
  13. "What are we going to do tonight, Brain?" "Same thing we do every night, Pinky: try to take over the world!"