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  1. I was being somewhat facetious. The missing info you don't have that I do, and I probably should have mentioned (my bad), is that most of the items on the most wanted sale are ones I already own.
  2. GoG's Wishlist Sale is going on now and for the next couple of days. Oddly enough, only 3 out of 23 items on my wishlist are on sale, and of those three, the discounts are really not all that great. This confirms that the broader gaming community is out of step with my personal gaming preferences.
  3. Am disappoint ... no pink toe nail polish.
  4. I realize now that my sample size for making such judgement was too small to be statistically significant. Over the past week or so, I've collected just shy of a half-dozen treasure maps and found their respective treasures. Most have been decent, but the quality of them appears to be going downhill. Just tonight, the latest treasure chest was filled with junk: a bunch of trash swords, a stack of ceramic pottery and 99 silver cups (who does that???), and a stash of pipes. You could literally count the exact second my disappointment set in ... this, after a hard fought running series of skirmishes against skeleton hordes. The loot from the skeletons was an order of magnitude better than the loot in the chest. So ... while treasure chests are usually worth seeking, they can be a bit of a risk, and you may find one that doesn't pay off dividends for your time invested. I can't complain too loudly. I'm sitting on over 11 million PoE (cash on hand) with an easy couple or three million worth in stacks of coins in my captain cabin's storage chest. I've outfitted all five of my elite fighter squad members with Chimera swords (just shy of a million PoE each). And I'm still running around in my 64-gun 3rd Rate with my Man of War as my floating warehouse and combat support ship. On the plus side, I have come across a number of Class 2 ships this past week ... none of which I could safely capture (i.e., they were English military defending English town harbors - often tagged along with a Class 1 or multiple Classes 2 and 3). I will get my chance, and when I do ...
  5. LOL
  6. Tired of your officers (fighters) not giving you enough personal space and you're constantly shoving them out of your way? Yeah, me too. Good thing a modder already thought of this and his mod is included in the ERAS2 mod, but isn't prominently documented. You can issue a limited set of commands to your fighters: H ... Hold in place (my experience is this command may need to be applied more than once) G ... Go / Follow me C ... Charge into combat (like Leroy Jenkins) These commands work anywhere your fighters appear (e.g., boarding combat, in the captain's cabin, overland travel in cities or jungle, in shops, etc.) I've taken lately to having my fighters hold up in an open area so I can move around more freely. They'll reset to following you when you zone. More stupid fighter management tricks: You know how your fighters are always setting off the city guards while you're trying to sneak through an enemy city after hours? This after trekking through several sections of dangerous jungle? Dismiss them from their fighter duties before entering the city and you'll have it all to yourself (plus the guards, of course). Then just reassign them when you leave and they'll reappear at your side when you zone (you can force a zone by entering/exiting the city gates). Have a tough group of skeletons blocking your path ahead and you know you'll have a tough time getting past? Have your fighters hold in position, then shove them around such that they're lined up shoulder-to-shoulder. Sneak ahead to where the skeletons are and use classic pulling techniques to kite them back to the group. With luck, and if your fighters are outfitted with massive damage firearms, the fighters will gun down the enemy before they get within sword range. I'm sure there are many ways to make the fighters more effective using their commands. Note to self: when rescuing the damsel in the jungle, give her enough time to get out from between your squad of bullies and the brutes accosting her. Otherwise, she can be killed in the crossfire. Ooops. I kind of felt a little bad about that one. On the plus side, the jewelry on her corpse was worth more than her cash reward would have been. I am, in no way, condoning killing her for a greater reward ... that's just wrong.
  7. ... and here I thought it couldn't get worse, but there you go. Moar mental bleach, please.
  8. Why is Superman's outfit so skin tight everywhere except his shorts, which are baggy but still manage to show his outsized junk? You can't unsee that.
  9. As I mentioned, I'm currently using a G700 which is wireless or wired (and when wired, it recharges the batteries). Yeah, I didn't care for the amount of resources the old mouse required. Logitech recently came out with a wireless mouse and wired mouse pad combo where the mouse bateries recharge inductively(?) during use. It looked interesting (when I last looked into it), but I haven't followed through watching its performance since it was announced. I'm curious about any potential long term health issues with daily and lengthy exposure.
  10. I decided to start a new character (you're not at all surprised a bit, I imagine). I selected Englishman John Strong as the character, and I bumped up the difficulty to (4) Lieutenant. I got a bit of a lucky start in that one of the available officers in the tavern was one who specialized in fighting. Also lucky in that the local governor's first quest had me head into the jungle to take out a one-man pirate gang. I also did the "find a lost gem" quest for the moneylender, and in doing so saved a frightened young lass from an assault by three hoodlums. Not a bad start. John Strong starts with a Class 6 ship, the Pride of Boston, which provided an initial platform for trading. I decided that this playthrough I would try the good and honorable way. I'm starting to reconsider. I can easily upgrade my reputation to Heroic, but even though my officers are also good, raising their loyalty has become a chore. Playing a good character with a suite of loyal officers is quite a challenge. Scratch that; it's only a challenge if you like having money and if you don't like hauling cargo for a pittance that could be made compared to the more swashbuckling lifestyle of taking ships as prizes. Actually, I'm starting to wonder WTF I even need loyal officers ... and then I remember I need someone dependable to drive the prizes home to be converted into sweet, cold, hard cash ... errrr ... a portion of which gets donated to the church, of course. I'm up about Rank 10 now, and climbing. I think the worst of the new game HARD challenge has passed, and I can now concentrate on more than the simple "hand-to-mouth" earnings and steps ... and with the possibility of sailing more freely sitting on the event horizon. I've stashed about 100k PoE in savings, and I picked up a treasure map along the way ... and if it leads to treasure similar to the one found by my Nathanial Hawk character, then I'm set. Hint: these are well worth doing, if they pan out ... easy couple or three million PoE worth of treasure ... I had to make many trips back and forth to my ship's chest just to haul it all away ... and we're talking piles and piles of coins of every denomination, and gems and jewelry (the expensive kind) in large stacks, too. As of this writing, I've just acquired my first Class 4 ship (to much disapproval and derision from my officers ... hey! screw you, man! ... they started it). It isn't quite as good as my current Class 5 (yeah, the officers didn't like me trading up for that one, either), stat-wise, except that it has a few more guns (same size) and can hold a slightly bigger crew. It isn't quite as fast, nor as maneuverable, either. Cargo space is on par, as are hull and sail ratings. I'll probably keep it as a second, just in case ... scratch that ... nah, I'll probably just sell it and use the cash to buy more skill-bumping trinkets. p.s. a recent minor update is available for download (same place).
  11. I gave up on trackballs, and am still heartbroke, after Microsoft stopped production of their Trackball Explorer. I tried quite a few, including an earlier version of the one posted, but couldn't get one that worked or felt the same. I then moved on to a wireless mouse, but it ate batteries like a fat kid in a candy store. I then switched to my current mouse which is a Logitech G700 wireless/rechargeable mouse ... and it is starting to get a bit long in the tooth. The left-click button is starting to go out. I understand its replacement is not all that, so I'm halfheartedly looking for another while I eek out a few more miles on the current one.
  12. console only? Or PC?
  13. I like how it is skinny at the bottom, presumably to fit in a cup holder. That is like watching a fat guy wear a Speedo ... intriguing yet so wrong that you just want to look away but cannot.
  14. A massive coffee can make many things tolerable.
  15. Note to self: do not engage in combat during a storm. Just don't do it. The storm will not end, even after combat concludes, and your ships will sink from the storm-caused damage. Do not do it. Reload to an earlier save if this happens (again).