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  1. For that kind of money, I'd rather buy an open box Saturn V.
  2. Sure, I'll pile on. I recommend a bit heftier video card than the 1050ti. I also recommend that you take a look at this video card hierarchy before you select a new video card (assuming you haven't already). As I understand it, video card prices are currently screwed up due to cryptocurrency miners snapping up certain cards at their optimum return on investment (ROI), thus driving the supply down and the price upward. If you're looking at a 1060 as recommended by others here, you might want to look instead at a 980 which may be less expensive for better performance. The linked chart includes links to both of those cards available on Amazon, and the 980 is roughly $70 or so less expensive than the 1060. Disclaimer: I didn't follow the links to verify card brand or quality. No real recommendations on the cpu or motherboard. Personally, if I were going to a coffee-lake processor, I'd probably pony up to an i7 8700k for the long haul. I haven't decided on a Z370 motherboard yet as I've been only half-heartedly looking. I think they're too new and too few at this point to really dive in. Regardless, in my future build, I will focus on keeping the system for the long term with minimal upgrades over the next 5-8 years, or so. My current system is 6 years old and still does fine ever since I've upgraded the video card ... which was pretty much the only component upgraded over the years. I don't play too many graphics-intensive games, and those I do play are easily accommodated at my preferred resolution (2560x1600) by my current video card and cpu.
  3. With my feet propped up on an ottoman, it's like sitting in a La-Z-Boy recliner. Is that a common enough reference for you Brits and EU folks? It's hard to tell if brand name references are universal enough to be useful as a comparative base.
  4. Good to know. I'll keep that in mind if they start to overrun the joint.
  5. I know this is an older post, but I just wanted to share that I just got a new office chair; it's a Serta Smart Layers Hensley. It is absolutely the most comfortable office chair I've ever sat in. Would highly recommend. Partial pic in the Dead Hardware thread. The seat bottom is built like a mattress (the mfg name might give that away) and there is plenty of cushioning all around. And it's made to survive us fatties sitting it in all day (rated up to 400lb, 8+ hrs comfort ). Mine is chestnut brown to go with decor, but it also comes in black/grey.
  6. Here is a reminder picture of my setup. You can see why I'm somewhat particular on new case selection ... that is, if I end up finding a suitable replacement. The case on the left is the P182 (brushed metal grey - kind of like a brushed stainless steel), and the case on the right is a P180 (silver - although it looks metallic white). As you can see, from my desk type and PLP monitor setup, I don't really have much choice where the cases sit. The desk leg well is also fairly full; I have a trash bin on the left, a paper shredder on the right, and an ottoman in the center (along with the subwoofer and UPS battery backup). Again, pardon the number of dragon statues; those were gifts from relatives (dunno why - I must exude a dragon vibe, although I do like slaying virtual dragons ). And yes, that is a shark with a frikin' laser beam on the center speaker.
  7. Not sure what you're getting at. I already have a hot swap bay. And it fits in one of the 5.25" external bays. Nice case, although the power button is on the top and may be hard to reach. Unfortunately, also not available in the US except for $260+ through an Amazon third-party retailer. Although, now that I look at it closer, the Antec P100 looks like a nice case; the ports and power buttons are still higher than I'd like, but it appears to meet my other criteria.
  8. Your grandpa sound like a sensible dude. Seriously ... I've been through 17 pages of cases at NewEgg (96 items per page), and nothing really seems to meet my criteria. The only thing left to do is change the criteria ... or keep searching.
  9. The Antec Sonata Proto Black appears to meet most of my criteria, except that it doesn't allow for very good airflow having no front fan capability. I don't think I'm up for modding to make one fit.
  10. To be honest (with myself), I probably don't really NEED two 5.25" bays, but I WANT two. I could work around that, but I already have the parts that use two bays. I still occasionally rip CDs (quaint, I know), and write to DVD-R, so I want to fill one of those slots with a DVD-RW. Yes, I could get a USB external for such a purpose, but again, I already have one and it works so no need to purchase something else just so the old internal part sits on the shelf. I also use a SSD hot swap port that fits in the second 5.25" bay. This frees up internal case space since I can remove the 2.5/3.5" internal bays, and I don't need to use an external drive ... just pop in a SSD and pop it back out as needed ... like a glorified, oversized, but faster thumb drive. Again, I probably don't NEED it since I could mount the SSDs internally, but it is convenient. Since my P182 has a 3.25" bay, I can always look for a USB 3.x riser that fits where an old floppy drive would go, thus giving me more front facing USB ports. I've done some checking on the web and am not finding where folks have been successful swapping out the USB 2.0 ports for more modern USB 3.x. The existing panel's USB ports has a custom manufactured part (the back to back, double up ports), apparently, and the conversion is not a simple replace this with that using off the shelf components. USB 2.0 is still relevant with older thumb drives and dongles, so I can live with them as long as I can also have USB 3.x. Modern motherboards should have plenty of USB 3.x ports these days on the back panel so it isn't like I would be missing out.
  11. Seems like a nice case. I was looking at its upgraded cousin the R5 Blackout edition. Having the USB and other ports, as well as the power button, on the top are a problem for me since my case is already so high above my monitors.
  12. I bought an expensive aluminum Lian Li case once before because they were so widely praised. They're not available locally, so I took a chance and ordered one online ... bought without seeing it first. Needless to say I was not impressed and thoroughly underwhelmed when it arrived. I put a system in it briefly, but then switched it out as soon as I could. The build quality was poor, the riveted connections were loose, and the whole thing rattled when the system was running. That may have been when I got my P180. I won't consider another Lian Li case again even if they have the next greatest thing to the second coming of Christ. TYVM [edit to add] I took a look at the suggested Cooler Master 352 after getting home from work. It is a mini-tower, and only has one 5 1/4" bay on the front; I need two. The 652S from the same mfg looked promising, but the reviews were horrible and the USB plugs and other controls are on the top. Pass.
  13. Since the latest video card scare, I've been half-heartedly looking at new system components. One of the downsides to the P182 case is that it only has USB 2.0 plugs on the front. This may not seem like a big deal, but I'd kind of like to have USB 3.x instead. If I could figure a way to easily upgrade just those plugs, I'd be happy to build a new system in the old case. I also have an older P180 case, where the only real difference between that and the P182 is the color. My current system works well, but it is six years old. I have an even much older system (possibly a decade or more older) sitting to the side that I haven't fired up in many years but should still work, too. I guess I'm casually looking to step up and put my current system as the backup standby. Now as for windows on cases, it's just not my thing. However, in my current office space utilization, the new system would be on my left with the potential case window hidden up against a wall. That said, I've been looking for a case similar to the P180-series that has the following features: designed for silence, no window or wierd "gaming" features (e.g., lit up like the Las Vegas strip), has the front panel hidden by a door, plenty of dust filters, accessory plugs and power button are on the front (not top) - preferably in the lower third, two 5 1/4" front facing bays, plenty of room inside for large video cards and CPU coolers, good cable management, not too expensive, and approximately the same or similar size as my current case. That doesn't seem like too much to ask ... but I'm not finding any. Although it doesn't meet all my criteria, I've been looking closely at a Fractal Designs R5. I may need to consider getting a full tower and putting it down below my desk in the leg well. /shrug
  14. They're interesting to observe, but not necessarily dependable or predictable for viewing. The best time is in the dead of winter, on a cold clear night, when solar activity is high, and away from urban light pollution. The playful dance of colors can be (and are) inspiring. I'm spoiled in that I rarely give them a passing glance anymore, but I do subconsciously miss them from the night sky when visiting out of state. "Besides it being both warm and dark at the same time, something else is amiss ... "