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  1. New update 2.3 is out. Patch notes below ... just in case you're interested. There are some nice QOL fixes.
  2. Subject line question really ... How do you describe your hobbies to others who may not share them? For example, do you shamefully - or proudly - admit you like to play video games, or do you avoid the subject altogether? Do you substitute in other less-judgementally neutral hobbies such as "hiking, biking, or camping outdoors"? (note: they're not full time exclusive) When a co-worker asks what you did last weekend, and you spent it wallowing in your virtual-digital slime pool - whether on some elaborate MMO raid, exploring the galaxy one planet at a time, attempting to slay an evil Sith Jedi Master (redundant, I know) in a light saber duel, or trying to survive solo in a hostile virtually frozen landscape - do you paraphrese-quote The Brain and explain somewhat melodramatically that you "did last weekend what you do every weekend, Pinky ... try to take over the world!" ... cleverly passing your benign mental affliction off with humor? Honestly curious how you and others treat the subject in your individual/collective social circles.
  3. ... or Grim Dawn. I agree. I have a few titles where the developers continue ongoing refinement, updates, and adding new content long after they published a "finished" product. I'll happily put up with having to download new content along with bug fixes and other updates.
  4. This game appears to be a Steam exclusive, which is a shame. After poking around the developer's website, I discovered the game is also available to dirty console peasants in Xbox and PS4 flavors.
  5. Finally downloaded and installed Greedfall. Had high expectations, but at least the first chapter appears to be a walking simulator with brief combat sessions in between lengthy cinematic sequences. FWIW ... It may get better or it may continue to play as the thread-titled game is reported to play above. 2c
  6. Over on the official forums in the character builds section, there is a dervish build with immortal pets. It is purportedly an easy build to pick up and level. It looks interesting because it is a pet+melee hybrid which usually suck at endgame. This one is reported to be safe enough for Hardcore (one death and game over) and has decent performance at endgame. It's worth a look if you like pets and dual-wield spinning your way through hordes of mobs.
  7. It's been over 9 years since I built this rig ... and I know next to nothing about server architecture. I'm afraid I'm not much help here.
  8. I'll go just about anywhere my AOADD (Adult Onset Attention Deficit Disorder) will take me. GoG tells me I have 401 games in my online library. I've been trying to download Greedfall, but it's been failing on the 3rd 4GB chunk download. Meanwhile I still have this plus Grim Dawn, Age of Pirates (Gentlemen of Fortune - Eras2 mod), Din's Legacy, Mount and Blade: Warband (Perisno 0.99 mod), Planetbase, Of Orcs and Men, and Starbound desktop icons staring at me and waiting for me to double-click them. Also currently installed but not actively playing are Crossroads Inn (too buggy) and Pathfinder: Kingmaker (lost interest after a score of hours).
  9. So what's next on the Pasanda playbill? Back to the dark side?
  10. You are not alone. These things just write themselves.
  11. Part of the fun of this type of game comes from sharing experiences. So thank you in return for sharing yours. I've probably sunk many hundreds of hours over probably a dozen or so characters. I don't play it continuously, but instead pick it up every now and then for a day or two. But I'll be honest with you ... I'm done with the grind. Repairing broken equipment for the sake of doing so? Nah. Save game editor fixes everything so I'm back up and doing the things I actually do enjoy in game ... exploring, treasure hunting, finding crashed starships, learning the languages, discovering lore, etc. The game is best when you establish your own personal goals ... "I'm going to find an energy hot spot and build a base there ..." or "I'm going to establish mining outposts for each of the major minerals" or "I'm going to build a farm on my freighter to produce the ingredients to be able to craft the most expensive items" and so forth. I'm no electrical type, but I do like an intellectual challenge or puzzle, so it was quite enjoyable to me to figure out some of the wiring circuits with switches and logic components. I created automatically opening doors at one of my bases ... with all components hidden as much as possible. The game is periodically updated, and that is an opportunity to jump in again and have a look around. It'll be waiting for you when you're ready to return. The giant red eye will be watching ... 16/16/16 ... *krzzzt*
  12. That would be green, ya?
  13. Yeah, as I wrote earlier ... the story is anime fodder without the cartoon graphics. It isn't anime, but the script could have been written for one. Graphically, the game seems like it was produced primarily for a non-English-speaking audience. The lipsync to the voiced dialog reminds me of a foreign film overdubbed in English (especially the budget Japanese monster classics from the early 1970s) ... the dialog stops but the lips keep moving ... or vice versa. I haven't progressed far enough along to meet the women depicted in the trailer. The basic story goes something like this: make your way deep into enemy territory, rescue a damsel imprisoned in a tower, meet up with the resistance, and kill the human emperor. I'm still in the first phase, possibly the beginning of the second. Again, it's an inexpensive diversion. How do I find the time? /looks out the window ... Outside temperatures have been well below zero F (in the minus 20s and 30s) for the last several weeks. Going outside to play is just not as fun as it might seem at these temperatures. I don't watch TV because I like to keep my mind busy ... which I do by gaming or other computer-related diversions. It's what I do. Lots of down time this time of year.
  14. Been playing this since I picked it up on sale over at GoG (Chinese New Year sale: $2.99 sale price vs. $14.99 normal price) late last week. I don't know how far into the main story that I've accomplished, but it has been well far enough to feel like I've gotten my three dollars worth of entertainment. The game has interesting mechanics. You play as both an orc and a goblin working together as a duo (when you control one, the other is controlled by AI), and you can switch between them at will. You can slow down time in combat so you can make tactical decisions on which skills to use (and queue) for both the goblin and orc. The two characters have vastly different skills and abilities, but they complement each other well. The goblin is a sneaky rogue assassin type, whereas the orc is melee brutal. Most scenes thus far have involved making their way from one end of a map or path to an objective at the far end ... the tricky part is the two cannot be separated very far or progress stops until you catch the lagging one up to the lead. There is a lot of gratuitous combat, often with large numbers of enemy combatants. To give your characters a sporting chance, you have to utilize all of their available skills ... including using the goblin to assassinate selected targets from stealth to whittle down the initial enemy numbers. While this is an obvious console port, it is easily played with mouse + keyboard. The story seems like it is Anime-fodder but without the Anime cartoon graphics. The voiced characters present wildly different personalities ... many of which are stereotypes commonly found in Japanese cartoons. Oh yeah ... and lots of gratuitous f-bombs among other curse language in voiced dialog ... like it's done to be edgy or something (really? titillation from an f-bomb and the occasional sh*t?). It's annoying sometimes, but only if you're not into that sort of thing. Minor graphical glitches can be found, but they're not terribly too distracting ... not that I'm an apologist for the developers. Lots of cut scenes interspersed with player-controlled activities. Launch trailer ... mostly showing in-game footage ... albeit all out of order (and relatively clean dialog): Although you won't pick it up from the launch trailer, the goblin is named Styx, and he has at least two sequels to his name: Styx: Master of Shadows ... and Styx: Shards of Darkness Both of these are also currently on sale, and after a cursory glance, they look to be more stealth-type survival in the fashion of the original Thief series. I picked them up as well while they're on sale seeing as how I'm enjoying this first title. And way back in the day, I really enjoyed and played the heck out of the Thief series. We'll see how that goes ... but for now, I'm enjoying this one as a cheap, entertainment ride.
  15. That's interesting. The devil is always in the details. If they develop the game too rigidly to the MTG rules, the game may only appeal to a niche audience. On the other hand, they risk alienating not only their base audience, but they also may violate CRPG norms and alienate that audience. To be successful, they'll have to develop with both audiences in mind, but risk losing both by not capturing and mixing the essence of both genres well enough to satisfy both audiences. I've played a few games where card-based combat was implemented, and that mode is comletely foreign to me. I'd rather circumvent that part of the game if allowed as an option. Just my opinion. I've never given much stock to the belief in predetermined fate, and card-based combat in a video game suggests just that ... especially if the card order in a deck is fixed or not able to be adjusted in response to changing conditions as new information presents itself. YMMV