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  1. Compare that with Charlie Sheen who reportedly made $1.8M per episode of Two and a Half Men. No wonder he was always smirking.
  2. ... and I bet you they could tell you exactly which iteration of the Millennium Falcon that they built.
  3. Luke did, but I don't recall Anakin (pre-Vader) doing so. Undoubtedly you meant Anakin used those skills to (unsucessfully) defend against a Deathstar run (thanks to Han's interference). /nerd
  4. Literally ... AND ... figuratively.
  5. Rumor has it that Anno 1900 [edit: 1800] is on the impending release horizon. I'll be taking a close look, because I have the other Anno titles in my library.
  6. I've played a number of RTS game titles over the years. My library is littered with them. I prefer the slower ones rather than the hyper-clickfest build-rush-and-overwhelm-the-enemy-with-superior-numbers ones. Kohan (and expansions) falls into the former, where there is more emphasis on overall strategy (you can slowly lose the game far before you know you are lost); Starcraft falls into the latter because it rewards fast and efficient tactics; and the Stronghold games are somewhere in the middle. Age of Empires and sequels were fun, and also somewhere in the middle. Somewhere around here, I used to have a CD of Axis & Allies (a WWII themed hybrid board game of the same name with RTS scenes for the individual battles on the board) ... if my kid didn't make off with it. The Warcraft series are definitely on the slower end of the spectrum. RTS games have their place in gaming history. As a genre, I think they've peaked and are on a decline. As with anything, too much of something can lead to burnout ... and I think the gaming community is burned or burning out on them in favor of new game types which will, themselves, get overdone.
  7. What is this? ... I don't even ... *sigh*
  8. The insidious thing about it is that you would actually look forward to going in to work. You can thank me later.
  9. Yeah, I acquired all for my GoG library even though I already own them on physical media. The price, for me, includes them doing all the technical futzing required to make these old DOS games run on modern machines, which, if it works right out of the box, saves me and my valuable gaming time from having to do so. I'm hoping that GoG will also provide access to Diablo II plus LOD and Warcraft III with all of the extras. I'm kind of /meh on whether GoG can acquire the rights to resell the Starcraft properties; don't get me wrong ... it isn't because I dislike them ... it is because I did and played them to the point of burnout. I'm not sure I would buy them again just to sit in my digital library (I have physical copies of these, too).
  10. https://www.gog.com/news/release_warcraft_orcs_and_humans_warcraft_2_battlenet_edition /end public service announcement
  11. Can you not take delivery at your work address, or is that discouraged by your management?
  12. And here I was wondering whether, between this and Subnautica, I should dip my toes into the VR waters. I've successfully resisted the VR siren's call thus far, because I think the technology is too rapidly changing yet still far too crude (although even I will admit it is far better than it was a decade ago). That and apparently I'm much too easy to immerse without it - graphic quality be damned. I play NMS and played Skyrim mostly in 3rd person, because I don't like phantom hands floating in my field of vision (side note: I play the starship flight sessions in 1st person, not 3rd, because of my background with flight simulators). Most VR titles that I've previewed include those same floaty hands - or worse, blocky affairs barely recognizable as hands/controllers.
  13. Rumor has it that Steam is currently running a half-off sale on NMS ($29.99 US). That's a pretty good price point for the resulting entertainment value. I have logged over 250 hours with my main "normal" character, and numerous other uncounted "permadeath" characters. My most recent Permadeath character is the longest lived (by far - probably over 50 hours) and I seem to have gotten past the initial difficulty period where you are fragile and easily killed (either by my own stupidity or by getting two-shot by a pack of predatory creatures as I exited my spaceship). I'm going to dread when this latest character dies. I've been keeping manual backups of the game save files just in case my death is due to an errant glitch or bug (they still do exist, unfortunately).