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  1. Ummm ... welcome back. Has this whole Covid pandemic thing got you down and feeling irritable? That's ok. Let it all out here. You're among friends*. * friends = anonymous strangers on the internet who will make fun of you for your strongly held beliefs and opinions.
  2. I so rarely ever watch TV or movies ... so this may be not completely unmentionable. The Old Guard 7.5 - 8 / 10 Clearly of comic book origin (it is). To be fair, those more knowledgeable than me in that medium may say that its origin is a trilogy of graphic novels, not a comic. I say, "Potato / tomato." Kind of felt like a social justice action flick that includes a dominating female lead (Charlize Theron), racially diverse cast, gender diverse good-guy characters, rich corporate CEO bad guy, lots of nameless/faceless/generic white men dressed in military garb get killed ... err ... what they deserved. Several illogical plot holes created in the interest of providing action and entertainment. And ... I guess that's just modern movie making marketing ... leave the audience wanting more.
  3. Traditionally, schools are germ factories. So I agree, it'll take massive changes to keep disease transmission low. And the little ones are likely to bring something home for grandma. To live the apocryphal curse ... we live in interesting times. Side note: that apocryphal curse is traditionally attributed to have a Chinese origin, but no record of such has ever been found. I'll just stop there so as not to offend any resident conspiracy theorists.
  4. Despite the great strides Hello Games has made in developing No Man's Sky, I suspect they will get eclipsed as a has-been when or if Star Citizen is ever released. I'm sure other games do this genre better, and some worse (I'm looking at you, Planet Nomads), but evidence indicates a latent demand exists for a yet to be released truly great example of this type of game - one that includes a lot of polish and few bugs. When that day arrives, that title (whatever it is), will certainly dominate the sci-fi exploration/simulation market ... much like WoW did with online fantasy MMOs. Just my two copper ...
  5. A couple updates later ... (yeah, I've been lackadaisical about this) ... the latest update, Desolation, includes new space encounters along with other QOL features. A previous update added cross-play for all game platforms (i.e., PC, PS, XBox) so those of you who purchased on Steam can now play with those dirty GoG peasants (provided they set their network options to allow it). Complete notes on the latest Desolation Update are ... here. And a video left here for your entertainment ... (disclosure: I haven't played this or any of the latest updates since well before my last post on this topic, so I can't speak for the current state of game stability on your machine. I merely provide this update notification as a public service for those of you who may not have heard.)
  6. I worked remotely after my relocation (mandatory requirement) and didn't like it all that much. I found I was much more productive actually going in to the office even if there weren't others there. There were too many distractions at home, and I didn't feel like I ever really got away from work even in off hours. So now I go in along with a small handful of others, and we take all the precautions such as socially distancing and sanitizing surfaces. I prefer having two separate environments: work and home.
  7. Yeah, while I have today (Friday) off from work since the 4th is on Saturday, I'm just puttering around the house doing odds and ends ... a little light home repair, unpacking a few boxes that I've been meaning to get to ... that sort of thing. Will be trying a new (to me) recipe for Memphis Dry Rub Chicken Wings. I don't have a grill at my new place, so I'll have to go with the baked option. Will likely have plenty left over to eat on over the course of this next week.
  8. For my fellow United State citizens ... happy Independence Day! For my British friends ... you lost; get over it. For everyone who took the time to click on this link ... what are your plans for this weekend? Anything exciting?
  9. Although fathers are more likely than not to get passed over or forgotten on Father's Day, here's wishing each father/dad a great, relaxing, and happy day today. You know who you are.
  10. Learned something new today ... ... /salute to our friendly Canadian aerospace engineers. They're very polite. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200615-the-record-breaking-jet-which-still-haunts-a-country
  11. Wouldn't it be racist if the brown eggs were sold? To white people. So they could beat them. Or whip them.
  12. Sounds about right.
  13. Let the speculation begin ... Actually, truth be told ... I was surfing across the web for "rift" as in the Occulus variety, and Google helpfully provided a "question" about the MMO Rift (i.e., Q: Is Rift dead? A: It may not be dead, but like the last dodo, on it's last legs. - talking about the game we all played back almost a decade ago, not the VR headset.) Intrigued, I went down that rabbit hole, and surprisingly, all my old characters where still there (albeit each of them were dead, face down wherever I last left them, and they required new names prior to log in ... and surprisingly after bouncing my "new" names against the old guild roster, I guessed all but one of them right). Since I remembered zero-point-nothing about the game, I made a new character and spent the day yesterday playing. And you know what? It was fun. It was also like driving the interstate highway at 2am ... hardly any sign of other drivers (not counting CB chat), and those that did appear were high-speed, heavy haulers (i.e., very high level and advanced 'toons). So it was almost like a single-player game that I had all to myself (ignoring chat, of course). The game is now free to play and chock full of advanced stuff and hundreds of dollars worth of expansions that I have no intention of ever purchasing at full price of $30 each. But the base game is still there and, if you can ignore the sales pitches and other attempts to get you to spend more money on the game, is reasonably still fun. The download to the latest patch was relatively painless (but aren't they all on a gigabit connection? yeah, I'm bragging a bit but am entitled since I spent so many years on severe internet restricted speeds). I thought I saw 17-point-something GB for total download. Apparently a lot of scaling-on-the-fly balancing for low populations was done in the past since I was able to, all by myself, clear just about every Rift and invasion that I came across ... and there were quite a few. I might spend a few days and dabble a bit ... it's free entertainment after all. I won't read anything about it; I'll ignore all forms of internet chat about what is the latest, best build and so forth; and I'm just going to be a filthy casual and experience the game as it was developed to be consumed. Yesterday I spent several hours just standing on a pier, looking out over the ocean, and fished just to see what I could catch. Good times. And if you want to stroll down memory lane, here are a bunch more names you might remember ... (click the image and then the "full size" button, and then zoom in to be able to read them all) ... I spotted a couple for folk who are still active here ...
  14. And yet, here in the US, white eggs are the majority sold whereas brown eggs are fringe.
  15. ... our Disco Ninja? He last logged in here two months ago. Just curious if anyone has our favorite pharmacist on alternate channels (e.g., social media). I'm worried for his sake what with the COVID stuff going on. He'd be front line and all ...
  16. I don't regret not using social media because, for the most part, it is a cesspool of negativity. Sure there are happy bubbles, but in general it is humanity at its worst. This forum is as close to social media as I get, and it is a happy bubble. For all of you here, I've come to know you as you've revealed and let me know you over many years ... you've shared your joys and sadness through great times and trials. And dammit ... I care about each one of you for it. Gaming brought us together, and even though we may no longer play video games together, we're still a community - a community that has grown and matured; we were once kids ourselves, but we now have our own kids, and over the years they've grown. Each loss to this community, whether because of real life events or through disinterest in continuing to participate here, gets more difficult to absorb. I've never met any of you face to face although I've chatted with some while gaming - good times. Regardless, I worry when a member goes silent. Would it be too much to ask to either leave a good bye post (so we can ridicule you), or let us know where your keys are hidden so we can get in to delete your browser history for you?
  17. No. It (technically) was illegally brought onto Canadian soil and therefore subject to forfeiture. They could have taken everything. I think they were lenient because the law making the rifle illegal came out the day before our trip, and the agents had to double check to verify what they needed to do. It was new to them, too. I was actually given three options: forfeit the firearm, turn around and take the firearm with me (not an option), or leave it with them for up to 30 days and retrieve it when I next pass through that crossing (not an option - it was a one-way trip and I don't plan to return back that way anytime soon). In order to catch the ferry in Haines, I had to ensure I reached the US border by midnight (the border is closed from midnight to 8am), so delay was not in my interest. The next ferry out of Haines would be five days later. Forfeiture was the quickest and easiest option. Besides ... I can get another one. This is 'merica after all.
  18. ... is on. Going silent for a while. Maybe I'll bring back pics. It could happen!
  19. OK ... now things are starting to get right in the world. I have finally (mostly) set up my computer and office at my new home. Sure, it's just a spare bedroom with a desk, but gosh darn it, it's my happy place. So I promised pics of the move ... I'll hide all images in spoiler tags to help with page loading (dunno if that works, but it sounds good). First, the route ... My wife and I traveled from Fairbanks to Haines (~651 miles) in one long day of driving. From Fairbanks to Delta Junction, Alaska, we traveled on the Richardson Highway. Then from Delta Junction to Haines Junction, British Columbia, Canada, we traveled on the Alaska-Canadian Highway (aka the ALCAN Highway). We passed through Yukon Territory, Canada between the US border and British Columbia, Canada. The ALCAN is notoriously rough riding and poor road conditions throughout. Some spots are ok where you can drive the speed limit (55 mph or 90 kph depending on which nation), but at some stretches, 25 mph is much too fast if you want your vehicle to remain intact. From Haines Junction to Haines, we traveled the Haines Highway (wonderfully descriptive, don't you think?) We spent the night in Haines and then continued on to Juneau the next morning (more on that later). The day was sunny and warm ... a good day to travel. And with COVID precautions in place (general prohibition against non-essential travel), there wasn't very much traffic at all. I took the lead in a U-Haul box truck while my wife followed behind in my GMC truck. The road was a little rough ... ok, a lot rough ... between Tok Junction and the Canadian border; it was very bad on either side of Northway, Alaska. The rest of the trip was relatively uneventful. And we arrived in Haines, Alaska, much later than originally planned. Upon re-entry to the United States, the US Border Patrol welcomed us back to American and together we commiserated how much our experience in Canada sucked. By this time, the weather had turned overcast and rainy (typical south-coast Alaskan weather). You may ask ... "hey Elovia, I thought you said it wasn't possible to drive to Juneau." It is true that Juneau (Alaskan state capitol) is not on the road system. The only way in is by boat or air. The next leg of our journey was, as my wife refers to it, our dream Alaskan cruise. We drove ourselves and our vehicles on the Alaskan Marine Highway System (AMHS, aka the Alaskan ferry system). We took the ferry. But we had some time to kill while waiting in Haines ... Obligatory waterfall shot ... Haines, Alaska is quite scenic. Our ferry, the MV Tazlina ... And finally, the weather in Juneau this past week has been uncharacteristically sunny and warm. The leaves on the deciduous trees will soon appear, probably this coming week.
  20. I arrived (more like survived) and have a monstrous pile of boxes to unload. Internet will get enabled later today, but I won't have my computer set up for several more days until I rebuild my desk and the new office space is set up and arranged. Pics forthcoming. I took a few along the way. I'm accessing this site with my phone, and unfortunately I'm not sufficiently tech savvy to post pics here with it.
  21. Ah ... Bannerlord ... it's still in Early Access, which means it isn't officially complete. The few times I've bought early access titles, I've been burned, so I don't do that any more. From what I can tell, early reviews are mixed and players either think it is a re-skin of Warband with not much new to offer, or they love it in typical fanboi-ism vigor.
  22. ... for Jag. Hi. My name is Elovia and I play Warband. Hi Elovia I'm not a vanilla Warband player, oh no ... I've gone far beyond with Mods and can't stomach the thought of playing a vanilla campaign ever again (it is fun, so you should try it if you haven't). I tried the popular Prophet of Pendor ... or Prophesy of Pendor ... or whatever it's called ... I don't care. It sucked. I couldn't get into it. It was too plain. People say it's hard, but so is crossing a busy street when you're blind. POP is too close to vanilla with respect to UI and game mechanic elements. Sure, it has a fancy fantasy setting, but game mechanics leave a lot to be desired especially after playing Mods like Floris or A New Dawn. I will admit that neither Floris nor A New Dawn are perfect; in fact, they contain bugs that can ruin your game experience and those bugs are not going to get fixed any time soon. No, they're the product of cramming too many sub-mods into a single mod, and exceeding the base game's limitations regarding number of factions (among other things). Some bugs are annoying but livable, others can cause save file corruption and you'll have to start over. That's fine with me, for the most part. The most exciting part of the game is when you're building up your first (viable) warband. I briefly flirted with Perisno ... but then when I encountered a bug (pretty serious one in my opinion) and politely brought it to the attention of the developers (who are still actively working on the mod), I was told that my problem was with one of the sub-mods they had included in their mod and I should take it up with that sub-mod's developers. WTF??!!?!? It's in YOUR frikkin' mod. YOU chose to include it and it is somehow MY problem? Needless to say, I'm not impressed so I stopped playing that mod. Maybe I'll try POP again ... sometime. I'll just miss some of the wonderful UI enhancements otherwise missing in POP.
  23. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. - Sigmund Freud
  24. Same with me and the games. Just couldn't do it.
  25. My missus has it on all the freakin' time now that she's working from home. It is background noise to her. She's got a metric crap-load of the episodes recorded on the DVR, so she just runs them back to back to back.