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  1. ^ This ... +1
  2. Linda Carter is the only Wonder Woman for me, thanks. p.s. Don't tell my wife.
  3. The Bard's Tale came out in the early '80s, and just released a new version last year. Arguably, they had a huge time gap between releases, but there was at least one between BT3 and the latest BT4. Would Final Fantasy count? What version/episode are they up to these days ... 20-something? I also vaguely recall mention that they might be working on a new Ultima. Might have just been a rumor. The games industry is turning into pretty much like any other entertainment media ... lack of imagination and creativity of new concepts and IPs. They would rather keep churning out the same slop, or re-boot older slop hoping for a wave of nostalgia buys.
  4. I have not tried that one, although I did try my hand at Multiplication (i.e., with similar results as Leisure Suit Larry).
  5. Firefox Quantum at home and work for general browsing. Chrome at work for certain apps that need it. Not terribly impressed. IE at work for certain apps that need it. Not at all impressed.
  6. Young boys that dress like young girls and prostitute themselves out to older foreign men? Just a guess ... More seriously ... I think his father retired and lives there.
  7. Did ya, did ya? Inquiring minds want to know. I got the same thing as last year ... naked pics of Jazz's mum.
  8. Sorry for quoting myself, but I wanted to comment back here on how the PowerPlay is working out. In short, it does what is advertised. But that isn't the whole story. I've been using this setup for a month or so, and in recent days, the outer edge of my right hand (I use my right to control the mouse) and my little finger have begun to ache. It isn't a sharp pain, but more like a dull, deep pain - especially when I bear a load on that hand (e.g., leaning). I've tried to wriggle the bones to see if it is a joint issue (arthritis is not out of the question at my age) and poked/massaged deep tissue to see if it is either a muscle or connecting tissue problem. Nothing definitive. Being somewhat scientifically inclined, I figured I'd eliminate some variables. What most recently changed in my environment? The mouse and pad. So, I set the PowerPlay wireless charging mouse pad off to the side and continued to use the new G903 mouse with an old cloth mouse pad. Obviously the mouse won't get charged running this way, but I figured I'd see if the EMF from the pad was causing my pain. I'm not a doctor so this is for my own amusement. I'm happy and/or sad to report that the pain in my hand has diminished considerably since I stopped using the PowerPlay pad as a mouse pad. I still put the mouse on the PowerPlay pad when I'm not actively using the computer but it is turned on for other reasons; that way the mouse batteries get recharged wirelessly. I haven't been able to determine from literature how many Gauss the surface emits. I'm sure it isn't something Logitech is willing to divulge. I did, however, find recommendations for maximum exposure to EMF and wireless charging specifically. The value is very, very low (i.e., "none is perfect" according to the literature). So I don't think I would recommend this product to anyone. My issues may or may not be tied to the PowerPlay pad and the close proximity of the hand to the EMF emitters, but I'm skeptical enough to suspect they might be. I'll give myself another week without using the wireless charger as a mouse pad and see if the pains in my hand go away altogether. If not, I may head down to the doc to see if they can point to another cause. YMMV
  9. Reminds me of an old (!) joke ... First guy: "The other day my wife took off for a cruise through the Carribean." Second guy: "Jamaica?" First guy: "No. She wanted to go." *Bah-dum-tissshhhhh*
  10. I'll just leave this here ...
  11. ... like Jack London's "To Build a Fire"?
  12. Not according to this post at the GoG forums.
  13. See there's your first problem - wanting to play with others. If history is any indication, GoG and Steam may not offer cross-platform play (nor with XBox or PlayStation). It's worth checking into if you want to bear the presence of others in your fortress of solitude.
  14. I haven't read anything definitive, probably because MP is still relatively new. For that matter, the universe is shared, but are there multiple universes each exclusive to their respective platforms? I kind of think not, and that's just my opinion. The shared universe existed prior to MP. The question is, "where is the repository of collected information, and who controls the data servers?" tl;dr ... Dunno.
  15. The latest patch/version on GoG (within the past week) enabled multiplayer. The first thing I did after patching up was to disable all the multiplayer options in order to preserve my single-player experience. A lot of requests for MP were made from the beginning, and when it finally arrived along with the inevidable accompanying griefers, most people either turned off the ability or heavily modified permissions to restrict who has access to their bases and stuff. Rumors abound of griefing players destroying bases, or shooting other players on the ground from their spaceships. Be careful what you ask for, because you might get it. I don't personally care for PvP anymore, and it sucks that you have to work hard for resources to better your experience in this game only to have some socially inept mouth-breathing turd destroy it on a whim. The game (NMS) is a great exploration/survival/sandbox from which PvP takes away rather than adds. It is not like DAoC where PvP was/is expected and encouraged in certain areas. Imagine if PvP-ers were allowed to freely roam DAoC housing areas and how disastrous that might be. Co-op exploration, on the other hand, might be right for some, but not me. I'm too much of a anthrophobic misanthropic curmudgeon these days to tolerate others in my sandbox. If I were benevolent dictator of the world, I'd remove all traces of other's explorations from my universe. Alas, the NMS universe is shared, and we're not meant as individuals to selfishly explore and discover it all - let alone the physical impossibility of doing so. YMMV [edit: word change, anthrophobic vs. misanthropic ... I'm not afraid, I just don't like]
  16. I'm sure I meant the metaphorical "you" ... as in "you, the player." But hey, a compliment is a compliment, so it's a check mark in the win column, innit?
  17. I popped on briefly last night. I didn't have much time to play - a half hour to 45 minutes. I noted I've logged over a hundred hours on my main character, and probably a total of over 30 hours with various other starts that eventually were deleted. Before playing, I surfed over to the NMS wiki (link: https://nomanssky.gamepedia.com/No_Man's_Sky_Wiki) where they keep a detailed list of updates and patch notes. The last major update was not NEXT, and instead was one called Visions which added more variety to environments (i.e., new flora, fauna, atmospheric effects, etc.). Even though I didn't have much time to play and explore, I was able to catch up on some much needed housekeeeping by sorting and organizing my various storage and inventory repositories. I discovered one of my shuttles had 22 empty inventory slots whiched greatly helped to declutter my daily drivers. If your TV is heavily utilized for non-gaming entertainment, you might consider picking up a discounted copy for your PC. I doubt anyone but you would be interested in watching the more mundane details of space and planetary exploration.
  18. The game is No Man's Sky. The latest major (free) update was called NEXT. Previous updates were Foundations, Atlas Rising, and others not immediately available to my recollection. I jumped on board after NEXT was a couple months old. There have also been many minor updates over the years - presumably bug fixes and light balancing in between major updates. I don't have a PS4, and can't say for certain, but I'd expect that you'll update to the latest version available. I don't know if that is an automatic action or a manual one on Sony's network. You'll probably know better than I. Think of the major updates such as NEXT like all of the DAOC expansions over the years, except they're free rather than paid for. The major updates add new content. It's not a perfect analogy because you're not gate-locked out of the new content if you don't have the update as was the case in DAOC. The whole (shared) universe is updated with each update.
  19. It's a fun way to pass the cold, dark winter nights. My mind stays sufficiently engaged, and I control how mindless or complex my adventures will be. For reasons expressed in another thread on this forum, this game seems to hit my sweet spot for entertainment. The Steam and GoG community forums are still active (Steam more so than GoG), and the NMS community seems more helpful and lightheartedly fun than toxic or bitter like some others degenerate into. So ... yeah.
  20. Couple view shots of the little husky jewel ...
  21. I'm reminded by rereading what I wrote that yesterday I traded in and bought two new fighter spaceships. I was visiting a Vy'keen trading post when a distinctive looking large fighter landed. I owned a medium-sized fighter at the time. Note that size influences the maximum number of inventory and tech slots whereas class determines operating bonuses to systems such as damage, shields, and hyperdrive. So I had enough cash for trade in to exchange my medium A-class fighter for the large B-class (a minor downgrade in operational capabilities for a significant increase in slots). As I was standing there admiring my new acquisition, another distinctly different large A-class fighter landed (Vy'keen systems tend toward being fighter-heavy). I simply had to run over and take a look. It turned out that the new fighter was more "perfect" in almost every way (at or near max values in every category). Again, I still had the cash (barely) for a turnaround trade to an even better ship. Now I'm near broke and heading back to that extreme weather planet to see if I can dredge up more of those storm crystals, and while doing so, spend a little (or lot) of time and resources working to increase my nanite bank balance. Daddy needs to trick out his awesome ride with some sweet, sweet tech mods. I'm good on fighters for now and will only consider any future fighter trade-ins if I hit the RNGesus lottery and come across the quintessentially perfect exotic fighter. Haulers on the other hand ....... I still have room for growth.
  22. So .... the Rams and the Patriots are headed to the Superbowl. There is only one important question, and it isn't "who is going to win?" It is, "how will New England cheat this year?"
  23. Yesterday, I happened upon an extreme weather, fiery storm planet in a new star system that I explored a few light years away from my home system. Extreme weather planets are mostly a PITA with their rapidly recurring storm events, where if you're short on exosuit hazard protections (like me), you need to hunker down in your ship or other shelter for the duration (could be several minutes real time). But they also provide decent risk vs. reward. I took time to setup a phosphorous mine during the calm between a couple of the raging storms ... aaaannnnd ... look who showed up. Yes, it was as mean as it looked. On the bright side, I got the phosphorous I was after (I needed it to recharge my thermal protection), and as I flew around in the storms, I found quite a few storm crystals (translate to fast, big bucks) which enabled me to pick up a new fighter later that day.
  24. Welcome to Action RPG's. The loot is great at the beginning, because you have nothing so it all looks good. But later as you get more advanced, you'll target hunt for a specific type of drop with a specific type of bonus to complete your outfit, and suddenly the fun will turn into a grind as you find everything except the one thing for which you're looking. Pray to the great RNGesus and everything will be fine.
  25. I originally passed on the title based on the description of in-game environmental setting. I live in a (nearly) perpetual frozen land, and did not think the game would provide sufficient escapism from my reality (i.e., a fundamental prerequisite for immersion). Understandably, I'm just not as enthralled by snow and cold as others who may dwell in warmer climates.