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  1. Compare that with Charlie Sheen who reportedly made $1.8M per episode of Two and a Half Men. No wonder he was always smirking.
  2. ... and I bet you they could tell you exactly which iteration of the Millennium Falcon that they built.
  3. Luke did, but I don't recall Anakin (pre-Vader) doing so. Undoubtedly you meant Anakin used those skills to (unsucessfully) defend against a Deathstar run (thanks to Han's interference). /nerd
  4. Use this thread to add your own video finds that you'd like to share or that you think might interest others. Stop motion video of the day ... check it out.
  5. Literally ... AND ... figuratively.
  6. https://www.gog.com/news/release_warcraft_orcs_and_humans_warcraft_2_battlenet_edition /end public service announcement
  7. Rumor has it that Anno 1900 [edit: 1800] is on the impending release horizon. I'll be taking a close look, because I have the other Anno titles in my library.
  8. I've played a number of RTS game titles over the years. My library is littered with them. I prefer the slower ones rather than the hyper-clickfest build-rush-and-overwhelm-the-enemy-with-superior-numbers ones. Kohan (and expansions) falls into the former, where there is more emphasis on overall strategy (you can slowly lose the game far before you know you are lost); Starcraft falls into the latter because it rewards fast and efficient tactics; and the Stronghold games are somewhere in the middle. Age of Empires and sequels were fun, and also somewhere in the middle. Somewhere around here, I used to have a CD of Axis & Allies (a WWII themed hybrid board game of the same name with RTS scenes for the individual battles on the board) ... if my kid didn't make off with it. The Warcraft series are definitely on the slower end of the spectrum. RTS games have their place in gaming history. As a genre, I think they've peaked and are on a decline. As with anything, too much of something can lead to burnout ... and I think the gaming community is burned or burning out on them in favor of new game types which will, themselves, get overdone.
  9. What is this? ... I don't even ... *sigh*
  10. The insidious thing about it is that you would actually look forward to going in to work. You can thank me later.
  11. Yeah, I acquired all for my GoG library even though I already own them on physical media. The price, for me, includes them doing all the technical futzing required to make these old DOS games run on modern machines, which, if it works right out of the box, saves me and my valuable gaming time from having to do so. I'm hoping that GoG will also provide access to Diablo II plus LOD and Warcraft III with all of the extras. I'm kind of /meh on whether GoG can acquire the rights to resell the Starcraft properties; don't get me wrong ... it isn't because I dislike them ... it is because I did and played them to the point of burnout. I'm not sure I would buy them again just to sit in my digital library (I have physical copies of these, too).
  12. Can you not take delivery at your work address, or is that discouraged by your management?
  13. And here I was wondering whether, between this and Subnautica, I should dip my toes into the VR waters. I've successfully resisted the VR siren's call thus far, because I think the technology is too rapidly changing yet still far too crude (although even I will admit it is far better than it was a decade ago). That and apparently I'm much too easy to immerse without it - graphic quality be damned. I play NMS and played Skyrim mostly in 3rd person, because I don't like phantom hands floating in my field of vision (side note: I play the starship flight sessions in 1st person, not 3rd, because of my background with flight simulators). Most VR titles that I've previewed include those same floaty hands - or worse, blocky affairs barely recognizable as hands/controllers.
  14. Rumor has it that Steam is currently running a half-off sale on NMS ($29.99 US). That's a pretty good price point for the resulting entertainment value. I have logged over 250 hours with my main "normal" character, and numerous other uncounted "permadeath" characters. My most recent Permadeath character is the longest lived (by far - probably over 50 hours) and I seem to have gotten past the initial difficulty period where you are fragile and easily killed (either by my own stupidity or by getting two-shot by a pack of predatory creatures as I exited my spaceship). I'm going to dread when this latest character dies. I've been keeping manual backups of the game save files just in case my death is due to an errant glitch or bug (they still do exist, unfortunately).
  15. No Man's Sky: Beyond ... upcoming new free update with VR support. Quote source: https://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791438685735/announcements/detail/1814295005572765492
  16. I still have this on my wishlist over at GoG. I see they have a couple of DLCs to go with now, too. Great to hear it is enjoyable. I've been a fan of the Divinity series since I played Divinity II - Developer's Cut - through all the way to the end (an extremely rare event for me). I don't remember if I gave the first one (Divinity: Original Sin) a fair shot, or if I dropped it in favor of a new and shiny distraction. For some reason I have D:OS confused in my mind with Pillars of Eternity (also the first of that series). When I get a lull in my gaming calendar, I'll fire it up again to remember why I stopped. If I remember to, that is..
  17. Divinity: Original Sin II is now out. Has anyone here picked it up or is wanting to? I got the first one and played it some, but then didn't finish it. Will probably wait until it is more heavily discounted. I still have a ton of un- and underplayed games in my library.
  18. To beat @Jazz to it ... Like yer mom had last night. *bah-dum tish* I generally avoid twitch-based First Person Shooter games. Can't say I've played any of the ones you mention except Skyrim which I thought was more of a traditional over-the-shoulder third-person perspective cRPG. The Diablos, Torchlights, Grim Dawn, Path of Exiles, Depth of Peril, Din's Quest, Zombasite, and other similar titles are more of traditional isometric view aRPGs. One of their defining features is random loot prefixes and suffixes. I consider the Dungeon Siege line a mix between classic cRPGs and aRPGs because you can pause the real time element (similar but different to Tower of Time). They do have random loot prefixes and suffixes, so they've borrowed that mechanic from Diablo, and they have significant character development like most classic cRPGs (e.g., Baldur's Gate, etc.) The only recent game I can think of that might be along the lines you describe (besides MMOs like LOTRO) is Kingdom Come: Deliverance (?) or one of the third-person fighting games such as Lords of the Fallen (?). I didn't care much for the former (couldn't get into it after really trying - that and the Witcher series), and struggled with the pacing of the latter genre because they tend to be console controller twitch button mashing exercises. No Man's Sky has some FPS elements available, but those are side distractions in an otherwise exploration-builder. Sea Dogs - City of Abandoned Ships (and derivative products such as the Gentlemen of Fortune mod) also had Action Adventure RPG-ish elements, but I'm not sure that's what you're going for either. Same with the Risen series, the Gothic series before it, and the latest in that vein being Elex. Would you consider Dragons Dogma - Dark Arisen or Mount & Blade: Warband to fall within your category?
  19. I use a GTX980ti to drive my 30" monitor (2560x1600) and generally am able to play with relatively high settings ... perhaps not ultra settings in visually complex games, but I'm not much of a graphics whore. I found that I can up the settings if I reduce or remove AA altogether ... it really isn't needed on high resolution low dot pitch monitors like mine. You may be able to get away with that too, as a short stop method to higher graphic quality, in the interim until you can afford a more powerful card.
  20. /confused Are we lumping FPS games together with ARPGs?
  21. ... that is all.
  22. I'm of the firm opinion that you can never have too much virtual desktop ... so I tend to go large and high resolution when it comes to monitors. At home I have a 20-30-20 PLP, and game primarily on the 30". I could never drop down to a 1080p monitor because I'm used to so much desktop space. Things are different at work where, over the years I've been able to accumulate a collection of 24" widescreens. I currently have three in PLP, but the portrait on the left is 1920x1080 whereas the other two are 1920x1200. Yes, that extra 120 rows of pixels makes a difference. The 1080p monitor is the newest and the department purchased those because they were cheaper than the 1200p (of course) ... this is a consequence of budget cuts. I prefer a 16:10 ratio monitor for production work, but most games are 16:9 thanks to the popularity of consoles and console ports to PC. You cannot go wrong with the larger. The only thing you may encounter is your video card will need to be robust enough to drive it. In which case, it is still a good idea to go large (monitor) and then upgrade your card when you can. Chances are you'll have the monitor much longer than the card, and your monitor will likely last through many card upgrades over the years. 2c
  23. The game hasn't changed, but somewhere along the way we did. As Jazz mentioned, the graphics haven't aged very well. They're still 640x480. The GoG version is compatible with Win10 right out of the box, and has support for widescreens. What that means is you get black bars to each side of the 4:3 viewing area on your widescreen. But the GoG package does not include the Hellfire expansion. I have not tried the classic-classic version. I've been playing the "enhanced" version most of this weekend, and if you can get past the graphics, the game play is as fun as it originally was. Arguably, more modern ARPG's have more QOL enhancements, but the game still has a great sense of progression and still challenges from each dungeon level to the next. I've got a (MP/SP) rogue up above level 20 and she is not quite comfortable on the first level of hell ... she has to creep slowly to keep from pulling more than she can handle which is two or three mobs at once (depending on type). I decided to skip the caves and jump straight to hell after the catacombs. There's better gear lower anyway. Which I need to find cause her outfit is not quite ready for more than she's doing at the moment. Need more resists and a better (faster and more damaging) weapon. I played the hell out of this game more than 20 years ago (so to speak), with multiple level 50 characters of all types (including the new ones in Hellfire). Playing through it again brings back a lot of fond memories. Not all games from this age still have positive nostalgia, but this one does. YMMV