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  1. Yeah I realized this was a Pauper forum after I posted
  2. This is an excellent card outside of Innistrad limited or block constructed. Also, I think the reason you dont see it in other formats so often is due to the BB cost. Not that many mono-black decks out there and at that point Go For the Throat or Ultimate Price is better (they may even be better then Victim of Night)
  3. This.. either D6's or D10s .. but they sell those boxes of tiny D6s which are perfect to use as counters.
  4. Moonmist and Immerwolf and pray you can keep the immerwolf alive
  5. So I have been mulling around the idea of finally bringing my Modern Venser deck ( to an FNM type weekly modern event at a LGS nearby where I have gone a few times for drafting. I know nobody there and not super social so I'm always a little on tilt even just stepping into the store. However with Modern being so Top Tier based, I have wondered to myself if it is worth it to spend the money on the entry fee only to just lose out. Now there is a chance my deck plays well (it has in kitchen table testing against a variety of power levels) but the pessimist in me just things I'm going to get steamrolled. What are some thoughts, anyone have/had a similar experience?
  6. For me .. if I can draft for "free" on it, then it will be my go to online card game. Even if it means grinding out things to get the entry into the drafts.
  7. I have a love/hate with my werewolves. I absolutely love them 1v1.. but they are so bad, almost unplayable, in multiplayer
  8. Sun Titan Playmat, Crown Royal dice bag and a box of tiny D6s
  9. My Shadow Burn deck... a mix of the Dauthi black shadow creatures, rituals into Endless Screams, and burn (bolt/incenerate/bump in the night) My first real deck was monoblack shadow so I just cannot bring myself to not play with my shadow creatures. At least I added the burn to make it somewhat competitive to go from 20->0 as fast as possible.
  10. In Multiplayer games (EDH) I'm pretty aggressive, always nice to be the guy who wipes the board to stop aggro from being a pain. In single player games it depends. In my particular case I have many forms of creature removal in my Modern Venser Deck (see link below) so I generally reserve the Supreme Verdicts for the untargetable creatures (hexproof.. etc), or if I know they have a counterspell in hand, or if I have creatures on my side of the board that I want to kill to get onto a Mimic Vat.
  11. That is a good one.. I had not considered them. I basically looked at all creatures and if it was Merfolk then it was considered. But since the changelings are all.. they would count.
  12. Yes and no... Yes because they realize the Pro Tour matters, but No because change plz
  13. Here is the decklist: I dont own many of the new rare merfolk yet so this is more a budget version shell for now.
  14. I did a twitter deck tech on my deck. The thread can be found here: