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  1. I think its cool and all.. but honestly if given the choice between Pauper and Modern.. I choose Modern.
  2. I have updated my list. After watching modern streams I realized I had no answer to Ad Nauseam I have added 2x Nevermore to the sideboard.
  3. If used correctly this could be a powerful tool (i.e. the fight against ISIS and other terrorist groups). However it will likely be abused for lesser violent related groups and pushed by social outrage to shut the accounts down.
  4. From the perspective of a person who didn't know who he was until this all went down, his videos are very condescending toward several different groups of people who play MTG. My question is why are those videos needed? What did this cosplayer do to you? What did WOTC do to you prior to this situation which caused you to comment on the different groups of people playing or supporting the game? It all seems like he made these videos to make himself and others feel better by belittling others. If I'm missing something there please correct me. EDIT: Some of his videos (when he sticks to actual content about the game) are good such as the card quality.
  5. I saw this article and responded to Saffron on twitter with my thoughts as well. In terms of cost, I have no problem that the T1 modern decks are ~$800. My T2/3 deck is $500 so I think that's about the right price jump to make it T1/2. Modern is not a changing format, it includes many cards over many years and many sets. If a unique good card from a set long long ago is one of the top cards in modern its price should reflect that. I am against reprinting it for reprinting sake. Since Modern does not change often, once can make the investment into a modern deck and only have it change slightly over the years due to Bans, New Unique cards, New Brews. Modern is a wonderful collection of decks across all aspects of the game. By reprinting cards in a modern only reprint, they are just limiting the creativity of modern in general. Here are your goyfs and Deaths Shadows.. now go play those decks. However they miss on the other parts of the deck making those parts more expensive. And since the people now have their goyfs they are compelled to buy the remaining pieces otherwise they are wasting their pretty new goyf they got. Don't take that I'm totally against reprints, I would just like them to come in the normal sets or bring back a CORE set rather then a "Masters" set. The "Masters" set usually comes down to the 10-15 best reprints then a bunch of junk cards which are never played.
  6. Comments on the video 6: 1. Agreed.. Dont damage cards 2. Agreed.. Dont break sleeves 3. I have no problem with assassin decks. People should have answers to other peoples answers. Thats how they learn. It is a teaching moment. 4. Agreed.. Dont be a jerk. 5. Agreed.. Dont needlessly touch things. 6. See #3. As for my 5: 1. Dont Damage anything (cards, sleeves, tables, chairs,..) 2. Dont eat at the card table. Pizza/Fast Food and cardboard are not friends even though it arrives in it. Drinks with Lids are OK but not Fast Food with straws (it can still spill) 3. Be mindful of your space. You should be able fit all of your stuff in a playmat or within 3" of a edge (size of a deckbox) of a playmat. Dont take up half the table with your seven boxes and two bags of dice or your backpack. 4. Listen to the organizers. When they call table locations or that pairings are up, go and check them out. Not doing so is a huge waste of time. 5. Be ready to play. Once you have your deck/playmat/dice/life sheet/etc.. out and ready, then start the conversation about "Roll to see who goes first?".. dont just sit and shuffle waiting for someone to make a move. You are there for a social game, be social (this coming from a wicked shy nerdy guy who talks to noone)
  7. Even though I'm new to EDH.. I think this is terrible. Un cards will make EDH even more crazy then it is and much less fun imho.
  8. Hmm reminds me of a concept from a popular movie franchise.
  9. Hey.. sorry I missed this notification. I dont mind at all. I am an R&D scientist in the field of Meteorology
  10. As just a player and fan of the game, this situation bothers me a lot. Why is anyone attacking a person for enjoying a game that they like? Everyone enjoys entertainment in different ways, none of it should be personal. The only time I may attack a person is if you legit do something to my cards without my permission, since you would be potentially damaging my property. Other then that you can curb-stop my best deck and I will still shake your hand and may even give you a compliment. You can make fun of my hockey jersey (I wear them to all competitive events I go to) and i still will shake your hand at the end of the game. You can even call me 4 eyes (I wear glasses), Doom Blade my Gideon Jira, tell me what Venser need to shave and that Sun Titan can burn in a Terminate Hell, and I would still shake their hand at the end of the game. My point is I don't care who you are, you are playing a game that I enjoy and I would never harass or bully you for any choices you have made either in life or in the game. I may make my own first (second, third, fourth, ... ) impressions of you but will keep them to myself. EDIT: If anyone wants a good convo on twitter, hit me up.. I'll talk about anything.
  11. I'll likely pick up some select singles out of it for fun.. but I dont need much of it so probably not buying a lot of product
  12. It can be very fun if you make sure the emperor decks are balanced compared to each other. Typically the emperor decks are control or allyboosting and the wings are aggro or pillowforty
  13. Anyone else just pick the rares and try to build around them no matter how bad they are? I am torn when I draft at LGS because I do play commander and sometimes these janky rares are bombs in commander. In an AMK draft I ended up walking away with almost 9 rares (noone wanted the desert rares) However now I have a repeatable GY hate for commander.
  14. For reference - Anyone play Emperor? Any good decks for the Emperor or Wings?
  15. I think I'm inbetween here. I like my Venser brew and would love to see someone play it, but I also don't want someone big to play it and then have others think I "netdecked" it from them. I'm waiting for a modern tournament I can actually attend with schedule and location to pilot it and see how bad it actually