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  1. I have actually recently been turning my draft or sealed decks into organized 60 card decks. My best version of this has been my Werewolf deck from Innistrad. I added some of the werewolves from the recent trip back to that plane but the deck is almost entirely flip werewolves. An very recent I built a embalm deck and an energy deck.
  2. multiplayer
  3. So my first attempt bombed pretty hard, so I wont post a list just yet. I am also going to be making a Geist of Saint Traft deck along side this. This deck has potential though but lost steam after enchantment boardwipe. I had a bunch of team boosters which just all went away.
  4. Nah that would be too evil.
  5. Just made my first commander deck with this guy! I'm going to be playing it tonight and will upload a full decklist later.
  6. Venser is dead ( RIP sideburns )... so we arnt seeing him anytime soon.
  7. I can look up the exact ruling wording but basically it works like this: Trample damage does the amount of damage needed to kill the blocker then assigns the rest to the player. Since the blocker doesn't exist at damage time it needs to do 0 damage, so the 2 damage goes through.
  8. Well there is a new 1-2 of in every modern deck ever.
  9. Good video. I would suggest showing a play example of the ability next time. Sort of like "use this word in a sentence" type learning.
  10. One of my favorite cards. If it was a 3 CMC I would be in total love. I just like how, when its ETB is abused, you can completely shut off a win condition of your opponent. And since most decks rely on combat to win, you can really turn the tide if you can get at least one trigger of it per turn. Fun fact about the Rhino: Since it is a replacement effect (it says next combat phase, not next turn's combat phase), the effect stacks to the next available combat phase to skip. So if you can get multiple bounces/triggers in a turn you can stack turns up that your opponent doesn't have a combat phase. Skipping 2 combat phases is common in my deck as I would cast the creature then bounce it with Venser. I have had as many as 4 triggers in one turn though. (Cast Rhino, Cast Phantasmal Image, Cast Phantasmal Image, Bounce Rhino).
  11. This is a good idea. I feel sometimes like Magic is a "good ol boys" club which is hard to get into. I know many people who enjoy strategy games who would probably like Magic if they knew all the nuances of the game.
  12. I was a pretty sweet cycle. I would love for them to reprint it for modern legal.
  13. Thats pretty good too, but seems like a hit or miss sometimes. Yeah I hear you on the once it gets going. I have had people just want to stop playing because I have them in the combat phase lock.
  14. Sunblast Angel was a staple for a while.. the problem I found is if they have no tapped creatures on the board (path, O-ring, not attacking).. then its usefulness drops for 6mana. It combo'd amazing with Gideon Jura. The touch looks like a possible 1-of I can include. Flash would be awesome but I don't know what to cut from the 60. 6 CMC on the Whelk I think is too slow against most decks, but I will keep that card in mind .