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  1. The deck actually did pretty well for the first go at it. It is entirely based on Eldrazi and getting them out on the board. So all the Colorless or U/G Eldrazi which create scions or spawn, mana rocks, a few non-eldrazi mana dorks. I have all the annihilator Eldrazi which I own in there as well, I only have the old Ulamog as my lone Eldrazi titan. The only card I really want for the deck now is Leyline of Anticipation. I will post a list once I get it into a reasonable form.
  2. So building these commander decks are fun... my next attempt will be with her and all the U/G eldrazi and some of the eldrazi titans that I own.
  3. I totally missed your post in this same forum.. haha.. Thanks!
  4. Its U/G and focuses on the Pummeler and Whale
  5. Just another great Green creature to help you bring out more green creatures:
  6. I love me some Venser. However, my deck is based around abusing his +2 and just absolutely grinding the game out. I think UW Emeria Titan is more aggressive and therefore may not have as much use for Venser. I personally would love more D-Spheres but I only own one so I run O-Rings as well (Sun Titan reasons)
  7. Well I met a new friend to add to this deck.
  8. Embalm is all from Amonkhet and energy mostly from Kaldesh and a little help from Aether Revolt.
  9. I have actually recently been turning my draft or sealed decks into organized 60 card decks. My best version of this has been my Werewolf deck from Innistrad. I added some of the werewolves from the recent trip back to that plane but the deck is almost entirely flip werewolves. An very recent I built a embalm deck and an energy deck.
  10. multiplayer
  11. So my first attempt bombed pretty hard, so I wont post a list just yet. I am also going to be making a Geist of Saint Traft deck along side this. This deck has potential though but lost steam after enchantment boardwipe. I had a bunch of team boosters which just all went away.
  12. Nah that would be too evil.
  13. Just made my first commander deck with this guy! I'm going to be playing it tonight and will upload a full decklist later.
  14. Venser is dead ( RIP sideburns )... so we arnt seeing him anytime soon.
  15. I can look up the exact ruling wording but basically it works like this: Trample damage does the amount of damage needed to kill the blocker then assigns the rest to the player. Since the blocker doesn't exist at damage time it needs to do 0 damage, so the 2 damage goes through.