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  1. casual

    And I have completely missed this Spark Double card. It happens, not playing out much means it takes longer to get to know new sets. Well... You're telling me I can have TWO Jaces on the board? PLEASE be telling me I can haz two Jaces. Or Teferis. Or... (Hmm, on my wantlist. Apparently I did see it.)
  2. casual

    Yeah, now let's add Divine Visitation. Angels coming, Angels going!
  3. I've been doing that a lot lately too. It's hard to let some of that stuff go, even though a lot of it sits unplayed. Using MtG hobby to fund guitar hobby.
  4. Hmm, Dragon Eggs and Rukh Eggs would trigger this, wouldn't they? Now we just need a bacon card. Or ham for the green Eggs!
  5. casual

    I just posted this in the angel thread, but Purphoros is awesome with Assemble.
  6. casual

    Boros angels are fun. Kinda weenie-ish though. Firemane Avenger with Balefire Liege and battalion attacks is a good bit of fun. Gisela to put it over the top. Purphoros and Assemble the Legion is cool. Hard to protect all that though. And after a bit, you realize the angels take a backseat to the burn. I imagine the internet scene would call it Angelburn. Or did?
  7. Cool. I guess I should also mention I'm old. 49 and still tappin'.
  8. Hiya folks, new around here, although been lurking a bit before I signed up. Great site. Been playing since just before 4th Ed. came out, although very little competitively. I'd get into it for a few weeks every couple years, but mostly I'm just not a huge fan of Magic the Sport, I just wanna play Magic the Game. It's becoming harder to find people who even know what that means. Seems like there might be a few around here though.