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  1. It's funny. A petition to Ohio to make being a Browns or Bengals fan a qualifying condition for medijane. Which may or may not make any sense to you. It's a 'murican football thing.
  2. I did. Haven't seen ep. 8 yet. I enjoyed it tremendously, although I've made the observation that while I've enjoyed it, I don't remember much of what's gone on, like it's not very memorable. After the wrap-up of what has been the main storyline for, well, ever, Disney has to be thinking "where to now?" I think the baby Yoda is obviously the stirrings of the future of SW. The Mandolorian was just the messenger/delivery man. BY has got to be around somewhere while Rey, Poe, and Finn are doing their thing(s), although still young. Is the world ready for "Angsty-Teen Yoda? And for seriously Disney, give him a name already!
  3. Man, I'm turning into an old fart. Those lands are stunning, and I doubt I'll use them. They just don't look like MTG cards. More like the "alt-art proxies" you'd buy on ebay. Maybe I'll stick em in one deck so I can trick myself into believing I'm not an old fart.
  4. SHENNANAGINS! Bought at walgreens? Not likely. Set is far to out (release-wise) for it to have been shipped and sitting at stores. By a LOT. Cool story up to that part.
  5. What was Frontier? Missed that one. I just flipped through my Dragon Tempest deck (that I can't get to work in Modern), wondering if it wouldn't work here. Been thinking of posting that deck here and seeing what you guys think.
  6. Well, it's a better idea than Brawl... I guess more formats is a good thing, but not my thing. Hard enough for me to build Modern. I don't have the cards to build any kind of functional Standard deck, and I'm gonna bet this new one will be the same. They should have added the Commander sets, just to give it enough uniqueness and not seem quite so much like the "half-way between Modern and Standard" format that it actually is.
  7. The price of Animate Artifact just went through the roof!
  8. That looks awesome. I wish I lived somewhere that could be be a full time hobby. I live in south FL, so not an option. There's trails around, but no elevation, and gravity is the fun part. I've been twice, once in north GA, once in West Virginia. Lots of fun.
  9. I like the idea that Zendikar won't be all about Eldrazi. Zendikar was one of my favorite blocks, Battle for Zendikar was a huge letdown, personally anyway. Maybe I'll enjoy this one more. Aren't 2 of those sets supposed to be related?
  10. Not really surprising, no. This is corporate murica, and Hasbro is a known evil. The goal is profit, above all else. Secondary is keeping people playing and logged in. It's like bragging rights. "We have XX number of players logged in for XX number of hours every day." Statistics. Those numbers are what the advertisers want to see. It supports goal #1. I hate it, but at the same time, I realize MTG would have died long ago without it. Same goes for Standard format. Despise the concept, love that it kept the game alive. I actually applaud them for coming down after the community blew up. You dont see that everyday. That is, IF I'm reading this right. I don't really do online MTG, paper only.
  11. And the pop culture thing goes both ways. I thought Kylie Jenner was Bruce's new name until I saw pics.
  12. I know, you outta see the blank stares I get from some of these crazy kids when I drop a Dark Ritual.
  13. commander

    Hey, I have a question. Maybe I should have just started a thread, but this landfall thing is essentially the reason I'm asking. Involving Panharmonican... Lands hitting the battlefield aren't going to double landfall triggers, as Panharmonican specifies "when a creature or artifact enters the battlefield". But what about the Mirrodin artifact lands, such as Tree of Tales, etc.? I'm assuming they would trigger any landfall you have going? (Also assuming you can even play the Mirrodin lands, since they are banned just about everywhere.)
  14. casual

    And I have completely missed this Spark Double card. It happens, not playing out much means it takes longer to get to know new sets. Well... You're telling me I can have TWO Jaces on the board? PLEASE be telling me I can haz two Jaces. Or Teferis. Or... (Hmm, on my wantlist. Apparently I did see it.)
  15. casual

    Yeah, now let's add Divine Visitation. Angels coming, Angels going!