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  1. So for all interested: Server problems are finally solved!
  2. Hey guys! Site is back up! (Example link: Sorry for the downtime! My server provider changed from IPv4 to IPv6 so my server wasn't reachable the last 2 weeks ... After checking reactivating the script I noticed some bugs / possible improvements that I will do in the next few days: (SOLVED) Set sortation isn't by date at the moment - But filter by date does still work (SOLVED) And spoiled sets (for example Dominaria) is not listed As I said I will change this the next days so we all can print us labels also for Dominaria Cheers! EDIT: Feature requests or any ideas in general are always welcome
  3. Hi, I've written a little web based helper tool to make printable labels for my card organization (with up to date (!!!) set informations) and I wanted to share it with you! There are many parameters to customize these things to make either simple small strip-labels for sticking them on divider cards or make beautiful card-size covers to put it into some card sleeves or whatever! Here is an example: Or you can print some stripes and put them onto some index cards like I did: So here's the link: Hope you find it useful and have fun with it! Cheers!
  4. Ulta Pro Matte over all!! But have to say that I've never tried sleeves from another manufacturer.
  5. You say it! Mutliplatform is a must in general these days ... And they did it already! ... When I look in Android Play Store theres Magic 2015 ... I've played it some days it was a great experience! Worked very well ... But it's an outdated game so playing it makes no sense! So a new game that lasts "forever" (like MTGO but with nowadays technique) would be so nice!
  6. I used all the time to test some cards or to make a placeholder when I moved one card from one of my decks to my commander deck and only got it 4 times. This is only text based so I don't waste printer colors! But since MetaDeck prints the cards and their text very, very comprimated (especially no line breaks in text) it is sometimes hard to read... So I found this site that I will use in the future: Nearly same thing - but with line breaks in text!
  7. One thing I forgot: MOBILE Version! That would be awesome! ... Play where and when I want!
  8. Just ordered a lot of Theros cards for my cube yesterday... Looked through them and I like them I have to say! And I hope that there will be some synergies with Amonkhet when it realeases ... Hopefully! So it will end to a "godlike" cube..
  9. Oh, yes! That's also an important thing! Or at least would be a very nice thing! Because there was a short time when I bought my paper decks in MTGO to play everytime with it ... So getting the cards back would be great! You say it! Better UI would be nice - but I would also play it as it is if redemption would be possible! But only then ... Because - for me - I will not pay for MTG cards twice anymore ...
  10. That sounds fair! So we will see where the journey leads to ... But whatever you'll do - I know it will be qualitative good stuff! So I am excited about it!
  11. Just wated to create a thread for Magic Digital Next and wishes you have .... So maybe we can place it here .... So what are your wishes to MDN (whatever it will be in the end)? I hope in the end theres an Magic Online Game that looks nice (like Magic Duels) but with all the rules and cards like MTGO ... And much more than a nice UI: I hope they finally introduce the possibility to redeem codes from booster packs that you already bought in paper form! Like Pokemon did it! These are my main wishes ... beside some smaller improvements to the MTGO experience ... So now I am interested in your thoughts ...
  12. Great idea and also very interesting! And I think also interesting independant from the cube side ... I like the booster pack friday as it is ... Or better said: It is perfectly produced and decisions are explained well. But I think that there's much more important and needful stuff you could convey to people like this archetype series instead of opening more and more boosters (of the same set) ... Especially with your great kind of video editing and explanations! Think this would give your viewers much more benefit ...
  13. That would be great! Very interested in this... How many archetypes per color and so on ... Once heard that you should support 2 archetypes per color or something like that ... Can't remember exactly ...
  14. That's nice! Think I have to collect the pack peels from now ...
  15. Yeah, I always use to search for cards. Especially for deck building. Think I should use this for cube too ... So I have to figure out what my colors should do in general an optimize it in that way ... That's a great idea! I love learning about "new" cards! That also makes sense! ... Think I should do this also! Thanks for all the answers!