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  1. Yeah, £60 for cheapest entry (no playmat), £80 for everything. I am not a modern player and am not paying £80 for standard events and a playmat. I was hoping there would be a side events package but looks like not.
  2. anyone going to GP Birmingham (UK) in August. £80 pass for main event is a bit steep so I am going and will probably just do side events.
  3. Too many around and the mirror match just seems a bit dull. Although the recent video on commander replay was a laugh
  4. Nice to see you here. Also nice to see the UK represented. Where about about in the uk are you? I am from good old Yorkshire
  5. Great vid, makes me want to brew a new deck. Not atraxa though.
  6. I don't mind running and setting this up, if there is interest in it.
  7. Splash caused no issues at all. I found I was using painted bluffs for red more than black. Throne of the God I think it was called was mp, it's an artefact and causes on damage at end step for each tapped creature. Meant I could attack, exert and still cause damage next turn.
  8. Saren_86 I am on regularly, mainly playing commander
  9. The issue with a pauper tournament is that everyone needs to be available at the first time, this can be really hard, especially with people on different sides of the world. Would a pauper league be better? Everyone signs up to the league, submits decklist and then is allocated an opponent, they then have a week or two to play the game. Results are submitted back and following week New opponents are sent out. What do people think?
  10. I played two colours and splashed black at my pre release. I had two painted buffs, an evolving wild, 5 mountains, 5 forest, 2 swamp and the legendary land that creates zombies. I had no problems with land base. What I did find though was all of my opponents where playing three or four colour decks.
  11. This was my deck, i went 2-1-1 and came 7th out of twenty
  12. I will be honest, during spoiler season amonkhet really didn't appeal to me, other than the red dragon for my edh deck. but I went to pre release yesterday and opened a great pool with some nice bombs, the green god and the dragon I wanted, and can honestly say I had the best fun playing mtg I had had in a long time.
  13. kolaghan storms fury. decklist based off this but updated with a few of the newer dragons and more return from graveyard shenanigans http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/they-say-hell-hath-no-fury-like-kolaghans-st-copy-2/
  14. love tribal decks. the first modern deck I built was a vampire tribal and I am building a edh dragon deck right now.
  15. not to brag but I opened two lilianas of the las hope in the same fat pack. my second bundle for kaladesh i opened a Chandra and a sculpting steel masterpiece. ok I am bragging a little