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  1. Layers are one of the trickiest parts of mtg rules I think, so hopefully someone can help me out: what's the interaction between 2 cards that grant opposite effects; say, Grafdigger's Cage and Crucible of Worlds?
  2. Not familiar with the software, so the best advice I can give you is to play around with the settings. It's one of two things: either you have a quality setting set too low, or 2) you have some sort of export setting that is also somehow hampering your quality (like a max file size restriction).
  3. fps is frames per second- and 30 should be ok. I assume by quality you mean resolution, which refers to the number of pixels in the image. You want HD quality for sure so you can read the cards, probably 1080p, and right now your video is only showing 360p. This could be because of your rendering process, but it's hard to know for sure without knowing what program you're using to screen record and edit the video. Do you know if you're using single-pass or multi-pass encoding?
  4. The Wheel of Misfortune returns today!! Check out the video, and don't forget to let us know if you enjoyed it!
  5. This won't cause enter the battlefield abilities to trigger, right?
  6. "The Scorpion God" ??? Guess they were naming that card at 4:59pm on a Friday....
  7. Weird that you could have a Samut planeswalker and creature on the battlefield at the same time... has there ever been a legendary creature and a planeswalker representing the same character legal in standard before?
  8. Ugh see at least the gift box is a deck box. I'd much, much, much, much rather get a $25 gift box with 5 packs than this.
  9. Locust God is so freakin' sweet. This set looks awesome. Can't wait to see more!!! Love that there are going to be new basic lands.
  10. Good point. Right now, as far as planeswalkers go, I'm torn between Elspeth just because she is a super potent threat that midrange decks just can't answer, and Venser the Sojourner because his +2 has so much synergy with the ETB effects in the rest of the deck. Thoughts? Also, what are your thoughts about planeswalkers in the main deck vs. the sideboard? I can free up a couple slots in the 60 for them, but would they be better in the sideboard instead?
  11. See, I agree, but it seems like I never wind up using this ability! Usually I D-sphere planeswalkers that you can't hit with Path.
  12. Interesting... I (Paul) have always thought of D-sphere as a "better" O-ring I guess... I play UW Emeria Titan, so it's a little different than straight UW Control. Seems like my meta is very control-heavy though- last night I wound up in more than one really grindy game that I couldn't get to the end of because I just didn't draw the answers I needed. Felt like every other turn I was getting Cryptic Command-ed, or having to answer a Jace or Elspeth. Anyway, at my LGS it seems like I almost always wind up boarding in all 3 D-spheres, and the full set of negates, and trading out Paths and Verdicts because I rarely see creatures. Thinking about dropping some creatures from the list for some mana leaks, and trying to decide if I want to add couple Elspeth or Gideon of my own to the maindeck to help speed up the clock. Thoughts?
  13. Off topic, but we love your profile picture. Great movie!
  14. Which is better in Modern and why?
  15. We enjoy using twitter but I think it's because we curate our feed pretty regularly to keep the dumb stuff out. We enjoy following most of you all and interacting with you there. The rest of the stuff doesn't generally bother us because we don't comment on it or put much stock in it... MTGHQ is usually good for an eyeroll/facepalm before we keep scrolling To be honest, we don't have enough followers that we can afford to alienate people by being trolls