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  1. I had the exact same thought. Really really well done.
  2. Hey all, check out our fat pack battle if you haven't already, and drop us a comment to enter the giveaway! Thanks for watching!
  3. I wish I had more opportunity to do that. We have several dumb janky decks but seems like we never wind up playing them.
  4. Splashed double-black for Tetzimoc at Draft Weekend. Went home with him and Ghalta. Weirdly, I got to play Tetzimoc twice, and never found Ghalta.
  5. I'm still waiting for the day WOTC messes up and gives me an extra booster! Continued my tradition of getting an average pool with no real bombs. Made a fun deck though and had a great time!! Played White/Green Goodstuff and went 3-3-1 I believe. Was also thrilled to have my wife join me for her first prerelease! She opened the red Elder Dino which was definitely better than anything I've ever opened! -Paul
  6. Honestly, the lands and tokens will probably just about pay for the packs once they stop printing it, but I hated to not use all those silver bordered cards, so I'm building a very simple "cube" for my wife and I to draft for fun. 3 of each common, 2 of each uncommon, one of each rare or mythic that we pulled. Adding in Evolving Wilds and Traveler's Amulet for fixing. Removed the cards that care about players outside the game.
  7. I think the worst thing I've seen is the being a poor loser syndrome. Completely takes the fun out of being on either side of the table. Magic has a large component of luck, and we all have had games where we flood, and we all have games where we are mana screwed. I'm a firm believer that our responsibility to the community is to not be a d-bag when it happens to us. Laugh it off. If the guy looks across the table apologetically, say, "It happens to everyone," and cheerfully discard to hand size and pass the turn. No reason to ruin their night (or yours).
  8. Jon is one of the best dudes on YouTube- we could not have been more proud to be on his show. He definitely deserves the support.
  9. Is it though? The fact that it would be so easy to deny is sort of proof that there is something else going on here. If I was WoTC, I'd want to stay as far away from Unsleeved Media as possible. Sometimes by responding to things, you give these people a bigger audience. There are plenty of Magic players who aren't plugged into the online community and haven't ever seen one of his videos. Why make him famous among the rest of the Magic playing world (especially since it's a reasonable assumption that most of the people who watch his stuff know to take him with a grain of salt)?
  10. Let's see what we can find in our Buy-A-Box Promo Pack!
  11. Yeah! They definitely have some similarities, but ours was "all-in" on the "constellation" mechanic, whereas @Affinity for MTG was able to branch out and get some great value from cards without the keyword printed on them. Love Eidolon of Countless Battles and Rally the Ancestors in his build. Affinity's also has the benefit of being modern-legal- we assumed casual play and used Daxos' Torment, which isn't playable in Modern. Also, if you're willing to "break" the $5 budget, I think Cast Out is great in both decks (replacing oblivion ring/banishing light, etc), since it counts as an enchantment and lets you interact at instant speed. Here is our Constellation deck tech in case anyone else missed it:
  12. I really don't think Gideon is that obnoxious. I play him in my Modern deck, and more often than not I don't even bother embleming, because if I'm losing, he is so easy to kill, and if I'm winning, I don't need the emblem. I can't think of one time when the emblem has saved me the game. Some other planeswalkers' emblems are worse, and are designed to be win conditions. I do wish some planeswalkers weren't game ending- I prefer the incremental advantage engines like Saheeli or Samut. I think Mark Rosewater has said before that the point of emblems are that you can't interact with them. Think of it like this: emblems are to enchantments what the exile zone is to the graveyard. It's added design space in the game that gives them a way to essentially print enchantments that can't be removed. -Paul
  13. Thanks for all the support @Lasraik!! We were truly blown away by the number of responses.
  14. Today we open the first half of our Ixalan booster box! 9 packs each, and today we find a couple mythics and a foil rare! Don't miss out on today's pulls. If you enjoyed the video, we would really appreciate you "liking" the video and subscribing to our channel!
  15. I agree it's a flavor fail, and I think Mark Rosewater does too, but his philosophy was to put gameplay ahead of flavor if it clashed. I guess I don't see how this improves gameplay other than condensing two rules into one.