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  1. I think there was only ban talk because of the GP, not because anything needed to be banned. I love Modern right now... so many viable decks. Watching the GP was sweet because you never knew what you were going to see.
  2. No reason to ban it.. it's not unstoppable. The hand disruption is the worst, but I'd rather sit across from a Death's Shadow player than a combo player any day.
  3. I don't mind it, but I absolutely see the argument from the other side. What makes Magic so great is that the world is immersive, beautiful, and intelligently designed. Wizards spends tons of money on story and worldbuilding for this reason. I can appreciate that some people feel that Un-Sets undermine the wonderful flavor of the world of Magic that so many of us take very seriously, because they do. It's satire- it makes fun of itself. The question isn't which side is right or wrong; it's up to all of us to see both sides of the issue. Really, it shouldn't be a point of contention. Don't like Un-Sets? Don't buy the cards.
  4. Arcbound Ravager is another popular card in this deck. I've always thought of it as an affinity spin-off... if I can bring in Stony Silence, must be affinity, right?!! I am also interested to know if this is a specific archetype with it's own name. By the way... love the thread. Great idea.
  5. I definitely agree that winning is a goal of the game, but I think to truly enjoy *playing* magic you have to be able to find satisfaction even when you lose. I enjoy executing clean lines of play, coming back from tough situations, or getting to go off on a big combo. I also, as a fairly new player, value learning experiences. I (Paul) play a lot of Modern, so a lot of losses I chalk up as "experience" and then go home and think about how to beat that deck in the future. That's a perfect example of how winning is the goal, but not where my enjoyment comes from. Recently I got just killed by a combo deck playing UW control. I played the deck again the next week, and still lost, but played a lot better, did much better at holding up mana for counterspells, and made better sideboard choices. That was a "fun" night of magic.
  6. Wow, Alby, this is awesome! You've made me (Paul) excited for Standard. Can't wait to try some of these out!!
  7. Paul is getting stomped by Randy's UR Control deck! How can he improve the Nissa, Genesis Mage deck using only what's lying around in his collection?? We had a lot of fun making this, and hope you enjoy watching! Thanks to @Rhino for letting us participate in this sweet challenge.
  8. My understanding is the Walmart ones are usually junk boosters right? I think it's pretty cool that CoolStuffInc is breaking them down into "common," "uncommon," and "rare/mythic" boosters and guarantees something sweet like MM13 or Worldwake in each repack!
  9. Would love to open a couple of those on the channel, but they are sold out! Looks pretty fun.
  10. Welcome! We will check out your channel. Glad to have you aboard!
  11. Love this... that's crazy.
  12. Can't wait for Modern GP!!
  13. Our store accepts bulk, usually $3-$5 per 1000 cards. I just don't want to cheat them by slipping in tokens or lands if they don't accept them. Wasn't sure how it worked usually.
  14. Ever sell your bulk back to a game store for a couple bucks / 1000 cards? If so, do they accept lands and tokens as bulk, or just "cards"?
  15. Great to have you!!