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  1. Nationals are in swing, but just about done for today. Will have more Sat and Sun.
  2. They are into Beta 1. Things are going pretty good, the engine is a beast. They have had over 3k bots/players logged into a fairly small map, the zone crashed but not before they topped 4k. Lately they have been pushing the building sizes. Had a 9 million piece castle under siege with over 3k bots/players. Think building like Minecraft, blocks, and fully destructible with siege weapons.
  3. Todays live streams. Here is the link to rules. Ps. the Team #'s are based on when the high school started a robotics program. Not that the younger teams can't win, they have just had less time to develop an infrastructure/support system. Team 364 is my old high school, the regional they are in today is not live streaming though.
  4. Try this link it is to the archives. Also more live stuff starting tomorrow.
  5. High School Regional robotics contests finals today. Pretty interesting. Friend of mines son is in the Huntsville finals. Their 3 team alliance won. There are more regionals next weekend for those that want to watch some live. I thought that it would be boring but figured I would check them. Ended up really enjoying them and watching most of the matches Friday and Saturday. Wish they had these back when I was in high school.
  6. You have to love the trade they pulled off for OBJ.
  7. After the way the ref's are calling games this year they will need to cheat to just have a chance. There are always bad/no calls that go against both teams but at least for Dallas they are just making stuff up. Like how can the QB be sacked by his own offensive lineman.
  8. Only have 8g on this system and there are several games that push it past 90% used. So would say 12g to 16g would be the min. if I was getting a new system. Only reason I haven't upgraded mine is the cost.
  9. I was worried about Prescott's progress last year and this but he has turned it around the last half of this season. You still need a good defense, but you have to have a QB that can help them out by scoring some points and/or drain the clock too. Watson/Trubisky need more time.
  10. Wait since when is 5'9" hobbit size... I'm 5'6"...…..
  11. Getting called in to fix equipment. Eating too much.
  12. My boys are in the Church play on the night of the 24th. Then over to my brother's house Christmas day for lunch. Rest of that week at home playing with the boys.
  13. To me racist words are like any other word. They can only hurt you if you want them too. ie Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me. And like Pas said it is more how the words are used, context/emotion, rather than the words that are the real problem.
  14. Yes, They are afraid it would cause a panic crashing Wall Street and the banks.
  15. Bet he feels better than I do about Dak……..