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  1. They are shooting for July 4 for Beta 1, so I would guess release next year unless something breaks.
  2. lvl 24 now ;0
  3. Made a new toon on your server, darkside (Boagauder), lvl 13 or so now. What lvl are you? I can make a 60 or 65, just didn't think you were that far along.
  4. yea if you can get Kirk and with the 5 top draft picks you guys should be ready to kick ass.
  5. So who thinks the Browns will pickup Cousins?
  6. I know, I have like 6 lvl 50+'s that I leveled solo. I just wanted to group for a change.
  7. lol you would be on the other server.
  8. What server are you on? I had to break it back out, now half my toon names need to be changed since they merged servers.
  9. Want to say it was in the 75,000 to 100,000 range. I know they didn't break 100,000 til well after launch because they made a big deal about it on the herald. I want to say they were around 50,000 after the first few weeks and highest ever was in the 250,000 range.
  10. I think it will do ok, they are not trying to kill wow. They are shooting for 2 - 4 servers about the same sub size as DAOC was at first expansion. If I remember correctly. Trying to decide if I should get a second account for my son.
  11. So far Hue is still there..........
  12. I cut way back on my drinking when I got out of collage. And like Elovia, my consumption has dropped even more as I have gotten older/married. So maybe 2-3 drinks a year around the holidays.
  13. Have Ark, got it about 2 years ago when it was in Alpha. It is fun to play, but is very resource hungry. Don't think they have done a good job of optimization. Have not tried it on xbox, got my son a copy for x-mas this year.
  14. Whats your RB6 handle? My son plays it a lot, or did before Christmas. He uses my account and now when I play the other guys tell me "kid get off your dad's account, you suck".
  15. Picked up Cities: Skylines myself also Democracy 3. Yea X-Com was good.