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  1. Did way too much drinking in college. Now I go years between drinks, but when I do it is a good white dessert wine. One with some age on it, decreases the sugar and increase the % alc.
  2. Yea, VM's are the way to go now. As far as the data you can just used a shared drive off of the base OS to store it so if you delete the VM image you lose nothing.
  3. The load screens keep killing it for me, that and my reflexes. I was on Rainbow 6 siege the other day after my son had been playing and all the guys in the squad where yelling for the kid (me) to get off and put my dad (son who's 9) back on because I sucked. I am back on Ark, although I am having to split time on it with my youngest since he saw the dino's on it. My oldest (the 9 yo) moved to Destiny 2, now he is into Fortnite.
  4. Minecraft was fun. But I have moved on from it to Ark. It doesn't have the destructible like Minecraft but it does have dinosaurs. Both of my kids love it although I need to get another copy so that we can play it together.
  5. Well Beta 1, was pushed back since it is after July 4. They are looking at July 31 now for Beta 1. They have had a lot of testing the past 2 weeks. I have been able to log in a couple of times. Tried combat and crafting. It is still just rough but looks promising. Kind of reminds me of Rift combat with Minecraft building and Warhammer/Dark Age land capturing.
  6. They say they are still on track for July 4. Still very rough so have little idea of how the final product will turn out. Was in a test 2 weeks ago and see progress, looks to be heading in the right direction.
  7. I have a 40" Samsung 4k that I love the picture. IMO it looks much better than my brother-inlaws 49" LG.
  8. Traveling for my son to play in a soccer tournament on Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully the weather doesn't rain it out.
  9. Is there a way to change your POV in first person ship mode? I can't see anything while on deck of the frigate that I found. Makes aiming the cannons a PITA. Nice, I stay with the light weapons myself. Have the katana on a fighter. If I can't get a better view on the class 3 I'm going to switch back to my starter class 4. Although I do love sinking the little pirate ships in 2 broadsides. Which port is the best for buying bigger ships?
  10. Well, after restarting the game several times. I discovered I am not great, the class 1 is the starter ship for a capt. I tried a different one with a class 4 and am doing ok, I guess. Have captured 4-6 small class 6 pirate ships and sold them so have 120k or so. Lost a lot of stuff before I figured out that the quarters you go to when you select cabin is not yours but the crews. I dropped a lot of gems in the chest several times and a red pistol then a couple of days later its empty. Have 3 officers that all hate me, not sure why. Maybe I'm being too good, capturing pirates instead of being one. Just a lot more of a learning curve than I expected, guess reading the manual would help.
  11. How do I get my cannons to shoot farther than 100-200 yrds? Doesn't seem to matter how much elevation I use. They only go about halfway to the target before hitting the water.
  12. Figured out my speed problem. And some how managed to sucker a class 1 ship to run aground in range of patrol ship. The patrol ship killed off the crew and I captured it. I still can't hit anything with my cannons. But now have a class 1 with 100 24lbs cannons... I'll have to sell it because of the upkeep. Now if I could actually hit something with a cannon or hire a crew, still have less than 100 men, I would be dangerous. Ps: I am still rank 1 and have earned zero experience as far as I can tell. With about 30 mins play time.
  13. Only way I have been able to sink them is to lure them close to the forts. Don't think I have hit anything with my cannons. The guy I picked for starter has a class 3 with 24 12lbs per side if I remember right. I fire and see water splashes about 100 ft from my boat and about 300 ft short of the pirates. Tried boarding and die quickly, think the most crew I have been able to hire was 2 officers and 94 men. I have tried the early quest 2 or 3 times and can never get close to were I need to go before time runs out. Not sure why but my boat moves at a snails pace or seems to when I am on the travel map. Like 2 days pass just to get out of sight of the harbor. Maybe just me...
  14. I tried this a couple of weekends ago and it is just to slow moving for me. Every time I left port I would get jumped by pirates, sink them and have to return to port for repairs.
  15. Oh, Based on the above picture I figured he didn't want to scare the kids away with the Hammer boner.