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  1. Rare white-shelled eggs available in UK supermarkets for first time in 40 years! Sorry, it's been slow around here and I saw this...
  2. Yea, i have dropped into it once or twice, but it has been over a year or so since the last time (Bmage). Was ok for a few days/week then get bored again.
  3. Didn't read the books or like the game but like the show.
  4. Yea have noticed a lot more people out taking walks/bikes. I am a major introvert so no real change in my routine. Other than how I shop and no running the kids to sports practice, which has given me more free time to game. Other than the sickness this would be great.
  5. Knives Out is worth watching, nothing great but steady. Reminds me of a more serious version of the old movie Clue. 2 Netflix shows to try if you just want action with some plot. 6 underground and Extraction.
  6. I didn't mark 1917 up as high as that. Poor version of Gallipoli imo.
  7. Dallas got a steal in round 1 with CeeDee and round 2 looks promising. Not sure about round 3. Jerry does it right with the 250 million dollar ship for his hideout.
  8. Ah, so that is how you and the wife are keeping an arm reach apart.
  9. Heat from cooking will kill it. And just make sure to transfer the food to clean containers once home and then wash hands before eating. Also if the container is microwavable then you can just nuke them for 30 sec to kill the germs. Takes a little more time and effort but if done right it is safe. Just don't forget which hand touched what...
  10. Early access is open on Steam, that is all.
  11. Well my state has not gone on lockdown, but no groups larger than 10. Although most people are staying in, making the drive to work nice. Yea, I still have to go into work. It is a skeleton staff of 3-4 security and me locked in the surveillance room. So at least I am not around alot of people. I am also very anti social so the staying at home is right up my alley. The kids have been out of school for just over 2 weeks now and we get the online school work done in a couple of hours so they have the rest of the day. The wife is out of work but so far she hasn't gone crazy being home with the kids 24/7. Glad to hear everyone is safe, and Pas you better be giving your wife the royal treatment. Anyone in the medical field in these times deserves it.
  12. Well hope you all stay safe over on that side of the pond. I hear your PM is taking all of you out on a skinny limb.
  13. Yea, they are starting to close places here in the states. Wishing everyone the best. I could do most of my job from home, but if it gets to that then the company would go under. Casino's are not a critical business.
  14. I have always admitted to gaming when asked. But I don't get into alot of details, unless it is a fellow gamer or in most cases a parent asking about details for his/her kid that games.
  15. Well, sorry to here that. I only did the usb drive on my home pc. Did you try the usb drive on your pc first to make sure it worked? In the video I watch the guy said he had problems with different versions of Rufus other than 2.2. Talking about slow, you could try a bootable DVD to use in that drive. Or Linux, since it is just going to be a storage unit. Good Luck and let me know how things go.