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  1. Well, sorry to here that. I only did the usb drive on my home pc. Did you try the usb drive on your pc first to make sure it worked? In the video I watch the guy said he had problems with different versions of Rufus other than 2.2. Talking about slow, you could try a bootable DVD to use in that drive. Or Linux, since it is just going to be a storage unit. Good Luck and let me know how things go.
  2. Ok, the Cloning didn't work. But the Windows to Go on a usb stick did and it sees other drives, just not other C: drives. I can see both of my external drives just not the SSD with windows. So it should work for you, but I would try and use usb 3 if at all possible. Usb 2 is very slow and laggy but works. The first link shows you step by step and the second explains the whys and whats. Main thing is to have a usb stick that acts like a HDD or fixed drive, most usb sticks are not. The second link goes into this in detail if you need it.
  3. Trying to clone my HDD onto a spare HDD in a docking station. The docking station is plugged into a usb port. Only a 2.0 so will take 3+ hours before I can try and boot off of it. Will keep you posted. I have a Sandisk usb that is set to fixed and if the HDD docking station works I may try cloning to the usb stick.
  4. Skip this one also. Here is another site I found that explains windows on usb.
  5. Bah skip this since you want to see internal drives. yea, Linux is much easier to usb. Can't believe with the docking station your still having so many problems. Here is a youtube that should help. I am following the video to make a usb bootable and had a small snag with getting the windows ISO but other than that the install is still in progress, using a slower usb 2.0 stick, it is a 32g sandisk that shows as a fixed drive.
  6. no, it was a form of linux that was running on usb drive. We have since switch those units over to windows server software, in November, but I haven't had a chance to check were it was installed. Are you using a 128g stick?
  7. We boot from USB stick on the 5 i have at work. You would only notice the slow down when booting, after that it should be fine.
  8. yea, they are nice. We have an HP 380 at work that we use for file storage. It looks a different from this one, has 3.5" bays. Surprised it uses so little power with the Xeon's,
  9. I liked the first 3 on Syfy, but don't have Amazon so can't watch.
  10. So who is happy with their teams draft? Dallas is ok, only pick I really didn't like was Pollard in the 4th. Think that messed up the picks following it slightly.
  11. Yea, I keep expecting to see Clint Eastwood with a poncho.
  12. He would really get your team up to speed on clapping. Well we hired Mike McCarthy. Not sure what to think about him.
  13. Got a Google smart clock and a few smart outlets for Black Friday and the kids have been having fun with them. As part of the setup it pairs voices with login for security.
  14. Was not really impressed with the first few episodes but 7/8 were better.
  15. Dallas really underachieved this year and now we are looking for a new coach. And not sure what they are going to do with our QB since he still hasn't signed a new contract.
  16. Anyone watching the women's WC?
  17. Saw this on Yahoo today. "The women’s team’s games generated $50.8 million in revenue from 2016 to 2018 compared to the male team’s games which made $49.9 million, according to U.S. soccer’s audited financial statements obtained by The Wall Street Journal" Of course this is just game revenue and not total revenue. I would like to see what total revenue is for both of them.
  18. I like watching soccer, male/female a good game is a good game. The Chilean goalkeeper put on a great game against the US on Sunday. The men flop so much now that it is getting harder and harder to watch. I am not saying they need equal pay, but they could be treated alot better.
  19. I was of the same opinion until I learned it is not just about pay amount. They are after equal treatment. Like the men's team only plays on natural grass, the girls don't get the option. The men get chartered flights, the women only get commercial flights. The men get paid for every game they play, the women only get paid for the first 20 games after that they are playing for free. There maybe more but these are the differences that I have found so far. And it is not just the USWNT, Ada Hegerberg (she won the award for best female player) of Norway's national team is boycotting the World Cup, to protest against the inequalities. Would be like Messi or Ronaldo boycotting.
  20. Yea, I wasn't on his bandwagon but he showed some promise in the second Giants game this year even with the O-line being pretty bad. He still needs to improve a lot just to be average. Yea really excited to see them this year, with our center back.
  21. Dallas is the same for the most part. Although there is a split on Dak being good/bad.
  22. Nationals are in swing, but just about done for today. Will have more Sat and Sun.
  23. High School Regional robotics contests finals today. Pretty interesting. Friend of mines son is in the Huntsville finals. Their 3 team alliance won. There are more regionals next weekend for those that want to watch some live. I thought that it would be boring but figured I would check them. Ended up really enjoying them and watching most of the matches Friday and Saturday. Wish they had these back when I was in high school.
  24. They are into Beta 1. Things are going pretty good, the engine is a beast. They have had over 3k bots/players logged into a fairly small map, the zone crashed but not before they topped 4k. Lately they have been pushing the building sizes. Had a 9 million piece castle under siege with over 3k bots/players. Think building like Minecraft, blocks, and fully destructible with siege weapons.
  25. They are shooting for July 4 for Beta 1, so I would guess release next year unless something breaks.