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  1. I got link was invalid.
  2. I can't believe i am such a monster........ well the 25% or so of the time . Although one could look at it as helping someone out by helping to keep them employed.
  3. I guess it could be a asteroid, aliens, virus or ecosystem. But I put my money on us to kill us off. Humans are just too human (stupid/greedy) to not do something and kill most/all of us off. Technology was too slow or primitive to allow one or very few people to do it but it keeps getting closer all the time.
  4. Instead of editing the above, so as not to change my answer. I answered before reading the article. After reading it I can't say that I fit in any one category, since I have both returned and not returned while under all of the listed conditions. Thinking back and adding other conditions like good/bad mood among others and I still don't find a pattern.
  5. Sometimes I do (75%) and sometimes I don't (25%).
  6. But But you can't spread it if your protesting.... right...
  7. VR

    So my kids are wanting a VR setup for Xmas this year. Any suggestions or opinions about the different units out. PS. it would be the PC version.
  8. VR

    Ick that is terrible news.
  9. There have not been any school closings in my area, yet. Although there has been several groups of kids and teachers sent home for 14 days. The teachers seem to be embracing the virtual learning and as with in person classes some teachers are better than others. My two are doing good with it so far, even though there has been a learning curve. The school district has already made changes to the virtual classes by decreasing the number of virtual students in the class down to 20 or less. Which is actually a lot better than the normal 30 or so they had in each class in past years. My youngest is actually participating more in class than he did last year. He is very anti-social, like dad and only participated when made to by the teacher last year. So far this year he is raising his hand to answer questions whenever the teacher asks the class. Stay safe.
  10. I find it hard to believe that some people don't notice it. Had 3 of the kids try and all 3 saw the gorilla.
  11. So school is about to start and for those of us with kids how are you handling it? My two will be staying home and doing a virtual school. I just don't see how they can make the schools safe enough to keep it out. It will get into the schools and spread. I give schools til Labor Day.
  12. I had a play for free month back in May and tried it. It was ok but the controls were very clunky to me. Astroneer or Stationeer both had better control with Astro being the best of the 3 IMO. Thou Sky has the most area to explore. All in all it was ok/good but there are other games that I already own that give me the same type of game play.
  13. Just staying home, I have half a day of work.
  14. Rare white-shelled eggs available in UK supermarkets for first time in 40 years! Sorry, it's been slow around here and I saw this...
  15. Yea, i have dropped into it once or twice, but it has been over a year or so since the last time (Bmage). Was ok for a few days/week then get bored again.
  16. Didn't read the books or like the game but like the show.
  17. Yea have noticed a lot more people out taking walks/bikes. I am a major introvert so no real change in my routine. Other than how I shop and no running the kids to sports practice, which has given me more free time to game. Other than the sickness this would be great.
  18. Knives Out is worth watching, nothing great but steady. Reminds me of a more serious version of the old movie Clue. 2 Netflix shows to try if you just want action with some plot. 6 underground and Extraction.
  19. I didn't mark 1917 up as high as that. Poor version of Gallipoli imo.
  20. Dallas got a steal in round 1 with CeeDee and round 2 looks promising. Not sure about round 3. Jerry does it right with the 250 million dollar ship for his hideout.
  21. Ah, so that is how you and the wife are keeping an arm reach apart.
  22. Heat from cooking will kill it. And just make sure to transfer the food to clean containers once home and then wash hands before eating. Also if the container is microwavable then you can just nuke them for 30 sec to kill the germs. Takes a little more time and effort but if done right it is safe. Just don't forget which hand touched what...
  23. Early access is open on Steam, that is all.
  24. Well my state has not gone on lockdown, but no groups larger than 10. Although most people are staying in, making the drive to work nice. Yea, I still have to go into work. It is a skeleton staff of 3-4 security and me locked in the surveillance room. So at least I am not around alot of people. I am also very anti social so the staying at home is right up my alley. The kids have been out of school for just over 2 weeks now and we get the online school work done in a couple of hours so they have the rest of the day. The wife is out of work but so far she hasn't gone crazy being home with the kids 24/7. Glad to hear everyone is safe, and Pas you better be giving your wife the royal treatment. Anyone in the medical field in these times deserves it.
  25. Well hope you all stay safe over on that side of the pond. I hear your PM is taking all of you out on a skinny limb.