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  1. Love this!
  2. Many $$$ for the pound to aussie dollars but it's so tempting, they look sooo good.
  3. Love that Compass is getting the shift, didn't see that one.
  4. I really appreciated the in-depth write up, especially how honest you were in the writings of your play and boarding options. Keep up the great work
  5. haha you wicked person! I will be adding this in for sure.
  6. Super informative, great find!
  7. Awesome answers so far!! For me MTG is everything at different times. I will take a strong competitive deck to a PPTQ or the occasional PT that we get here in Sydney but rarely to an FNM. For Gamesday, given there is a playmat and better prizes on the line I will also take something that I know should do well. Each FNM however I like to take combo jank and just enjoy myself.
  8. me three. This worked for me.
  9. Has to be hands down the best of the best!
  10. Has to be Ponder right? Even in my Shu Yun commander deck I find a spot for it
  11. Hey All! Al (Cheshire Plays Games) and I have started up a podcast on Thursday nights (8pm AEST) under the MTG AUStream banner. There a few more of us associated with MTG AUStream, MP Numbers, Silarasary and hopefully the pod cast will give a voice to Aussie based MTG content creators. We will look to cover off current events, news and upcoming products etc as well as talking all things MTG. We have asked on twitter for questions and engagement from the community so if anyone has a question about say the new UN Sets or the upcoming PT it would be awesome to have it shot over to as or with the #MTGAUStream We are also touching on around the web styled stuff so if you have any upcoming cool/unique/awesome videos etc that you want a plug on drop us some details about it. All the love - Coops
  12. Hey all, Thanks to everyone who reached out regarding doing some work with me, appreciate all the love. Here is my first go at doing something recorded with someone else: I would love to do more of these across a whole bunch of things, state of standard, you played in a GP, got a hot finance tip etc. I know the audio etc can be improved but I also hope that people appreciate the rawness of a couple of human beings just chatting about something they're passionate about. I
  13. I just finished up my EDH video but I would love to do it with other people as new sets are released. Keep in touch please.
  14. Awesome chocies
  15. Like a top 20 video. Where say you would do your top 1st picks in draft and I would do 11-20. Hit me up on email or twitter if you were keen, if you are subbed to my channel I didn't something like it for Aether Revolt to give you an idea