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  1. Here is a quick Pauper Deck Tech...oh look it is artifacts again, what a surprise!
  2. Did you ever end up finding anymore allstars in this?
  3. Wait, if it hasn't done damage yet. Period. So not this turn. Huh, that seems like the type of effect "tracking" that wizards says they avoid.
  4. I just imagine playing this, and then responding to the ETB effect by giving it deathtouch for a one sided board jank senses are tingling.
  5. Even if the price drops a bit after rotation, I would try to load up. It quickly made itself a staple card, and knowing wizards, a reprint of it might shift it to Rare.
  6. Just quickly adding it up, I think I've spent ~$275 on MTG so far in 2018. More than I thought, but I have been super frugal when it comes to buying stuff. I've bought no Unstable, Iconic, M25, Dominaria, RIX. I do the prereleases, and then buy singles if need be. I did buy BBD packs for a draft with friends but thats it for sealed products. I built an EDH deck recently that is fairly expensive, but I only spent $21 CDN on it plus ~$12 for the sleeves. My goal was to try to trade for as much as I could, and although it took a LONG time (like 8+months), it felt really rewarding in the end.
  7. We got a surprise (sorta) from WAS3MTG!
  8. Here is my first ever Top10 video! Enjoy!
  9. I have a Myr tribal deck that is Modern legal, and everytime I play it I find new infinite is gross but way too slow for any type of competitive play, it is better suited for Kitchen Table free-for-alls. I also have a casual zombie deck that goes infinite with Phyrexian Altar, Gravecrawler, and Diregraf Captain. Might make a deck tech on it one day. I guess it is Vintage/Legacy Legal, but no where near the level to compete.
  10. I completely agree it is underrated. My only issue with it, is what you said: it can't take out Gurmag Angler, unfortunately that is the biggest threat (P/T wise) in the meta more or less. Most other things can be taken out with either a bolt, a doom blade, or a disfigure, all of which are either 1 mana less, or less colour intensive. That being said it can take out Palace Sentinels, Dinrova Horrors, and Ulamog's Crushers, but these are seen less than that fucking fish.
  11. guys... Guys. GUYS! G U Y S ! ! !
  12. I gave my unexperienced thoughts on the finance side of Battlebond reprints. What do you think will happen to the price of these cards?
  13. I thought I'd try a different type a video and be topical instead of late for once! Let me know what you think!
  14. I recently got a box of tiny D6s in a collection buy, and they're really useful for counters, more so than D20s.
  15. I'm with you. I was hoping for a return to Theros (I didn't even really enjoy theros, but it was flavourful) or a new plane, not 6 months of Ravnica. Also does that mean shockland reprints?