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  1. I just got a new binder and started organizing by colour, then type, then set...I started thinking, god no one is going to trade for this crap, but this might be a solution!!
  2. Always nice to see how the magic is made
  3. Hey everyone, Here's the link to my channel: King of Jank and Twitter: @King_of_Jank If you don't know me, my name is Josh and I am the King of Jank. I started playing Magic a while ago, right when Scars of Mirrodin block was standard. I still look back to that block in awe, and my dream is to open a box of New Phyrexia...regardless, since then I have also gained the reputation of pulling absolute shit from packs. My friends enjoy it as I seem to give any trace of luck to them (One example: my first pack opening with a friend was when we both bought a 2010 Toolkit, his packs contained a foil Sorin and a Karn). But I enjoy the jank. The "curse" I have is funny, predictable, and....not that unique. Yet I embraced it. Looking at crap cards figuring out how to use them, getting excited over packing bulk rares, just so I could find a way to fit them in a deck (EDH helped with this). Granted it seems like the camera has given me some luck, but still I pursue the jank life. My hope is for my channel to consist of content for everyone. Right now it is focused on Pack Openings, but it is going to expand: Upcoming Content: - Pack Openings - Prerelease Openings - 1v1 EDH KitchenTable Gameplay - Deck Techs (Multiple Formats) - Online Jank (Playing the Jankiest combos and decks in any format) There are other avenues I have thought about as well: Podcast, Top 10s, etc. But for now I will stick with the above list, as I have content for all of that waiting in my "EDIT" folder. Feel free to contact me through YouTube, Twitter, or these forums! Welcome to the Realm of Jank!
  5. It has to be all about the banter/jokes. Even stuff like "So let me know what you want to crack in this set in the comments down below blah blah blah", it's nothing but filler. I haven't had the chance to do it much, but I've watched videos where they make a game out of cracking packs and have some prize at the end, like whoever opens the more expensive pack gets X points. It kind of makes you want to see who wins, oppose to just skipping to the rare of each pack. One youtuber who is awesome at opening packs is Brendan at BoosterTutor, his random buy openings are always captivating even if they're ~20 minutes, just because of the crazy stuff he finds.
  6. In my opinion, the classic free-for-all 4 player game of commander is kind of boring and is drawn out. Commander gets a bit more interesting when you add in goals of some sort. Other commander variants such as Cops and Robbers (or King and Bandits?), Star Format, and Emperor, give people objectives that they can work together on, and sometimes make the games end quicker. Also I like just 1v1 commander with the free-for-all rules (40 life, regular banlist). Games can go by pretty quick, with getting a best-of-three done in around an hour/hour and a half.
  7. In green, I'm a massive advocate of Asceticism (a bit pricey, but boy do you feel safe when it hits the table). Also have been pleased with Quest for Renewal lately. Chaos Warp is great in red, although I don't own a single copy.
  8. I'd really hate to see this site go. Like others have said about themselves, I too haven't been active on the site (life gets in the way), but I have been lurking about. Honestly, I'm with @Affinity for MTG, it's nice to have a place for discussion, oppose to verbal battles. I also lurk the MTG reddit subform and it's a fucking toxic environment the further you delve into the comments (r/EDH isn't as bad). Is the issue with the site time, or money, or activity? (If you don't mind me asking).
  9. Ok, that's what I understood as well. I guess it was a bug, I encountered. I had another card that hurt them for searching their deck, which didn't trigger upon them searching. Thanks for the reply!
  10. Hi Everyone, I'm prepping for a return to video making and have a cool deck lined up to showcase in a deck tech/gameplay video. However, I ran into an issue. Now I was playing on Xmage (I can't play MTGO because I use a Mac), so I don't know if it is the rule or a mess up in the program. The issue is Fertilid (card below) now from reading its ability, I see it as a "must" as it doesn't use the word "may" and have always played it as such. But recently in a game, an opponent was given the option to not search for a land when I targeted them (they did have to shuffle their library). Looking into it on Gatherer I found the rule: "Although the targeted player doesn’t need to find a basic land card if he or she doesn’t want to, that player must shuffle his or her library." So here are my 2 questions: 1. Does the targeted player need to search their library for a land? 2. Even if the player doesn't choose to find a basic land, does that still count as searching their library? Thanks in advance
  11. MTG and Bad Jokes.
  12. "OK, you take over Standard, and I'll try to get unbanned in Modern" But legit that art is dumb, its almost up there with Razaketh's Rite for me (that art makes me cringe hard) This guy however, is awesome! Kinda gimmicky but I love it.
  13. "People love watching videos of kids, for whatever reason", Haha that got me Great Series!
  14. I think thats a great idea! I might ask for your assistance/guidance when I jump back into the game. Posting tips on the forum is not a bad idea either, then people can get a general feel for making their channel work, and then ask you for more specific critiques.
  15. Out of curiosity, did you have to change any aspects of your podcasts for the sponsorship to work out?