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  1. Has anyone noticed an increase in prices of singles? I know stuff is bound to increase in price after print runs end etc, but it just seems that the lows of cards keep increasing. I've noticed this recently when trying to build some decks, or when I'm just checking out the prices of sets. I'm not talking about massive spikes, but cards that you'd think are <$2 being worth more. For example: Zendikar Resurgent from Oath of the Gatewatch. High CMC, nice payoff, but solely a EDH card. I wouldn't be surprised if it was $1. I remember when you could probably get these for a quarter. Now: $3 USD. Cryptolith Rite from Shadows over Innistrad: A better card for sure, I'd expect a bit higher like $2-3, nope $4 USD, and big stores in Canada marking it for $6. Deflecting Palm from Khans of Tarkir: Cute combat trick, but ultimately a bulk rare. $2 USD. I'm not expecting cards to be free. But I remember building decks for dirt cheap, EDH or Casual or Whatever. But now, even when janky cards are a couple bucks, it adds up quick. I build my paper decks slowly, I want to test everything out. But I find the longer it takes me to make a deck, it now costs me more, and thats pretty disheartening. Has anyone else noticed this?
  2. It seems like you have all the cards that initially come to mind. Have you considered Wayword Sword Tooth or Exploration as repetitions of Azusa. Angry Omnath could be a finisher in this deck as well. Eternity Vessel is janky card that could save you late game. It might be nice to bring in some creature recursion and sac effects to fully get use out of Worldshaper and ETBs like Whip-tongue Hydra
  3. Welcome! I like you already.
  4. Now this is the type of Jank I like to see. Subbed.
  5. We'll agree to disagree here. Wedge does not stay away from politics, he posts political views on his Twitter, or at the very least whines and bitches about opposing views. I agree with keeping politics out of Magic.
  6. Thats a really sick idea! I love it! Also I would have never guessed that Mizzix's Mastery was that expensive...
  7. 1) Stealing. I've seen owners ban people from stealing just to let them in later. Which makes no sense. I bet they'll steal again. 2) Cheaters. I think this should be more tiered. Like after repeated offences they get da boot. 3) Assualt/Verbal Harassment. Any physical, racial, sexist, stuff like that should be an auto-ban. 4) Poor sportsman ship. I don't care how good you are, if you spaz out like a child, then I don't want you around. 5) Damaging Property. Including the store, or those of others (like decks). Obviously there are more like the unhygienic people should be dealt with, probably with warnings. And those who play with their lands up front...INSTA BAN.
  8. Yeah, some digging, it seems that "successfully" is an outdated text in MTG. And simply casting a creature, is good enough, even if it countered.
  9. Don't get good, get jank.
  10. Come on man, really? Even if you consider his videos as "critiques", they are targeted. He drops names. Thats targeted. You would say that CNN targets Trump in any of there articles about him, wouldn't you? So don't flip-flop on your definition. But a short list is: Wedge, The Prof, Sprankle, Manaleak. And I don't even like any of them, so this is me just saying the names he targeted, without any bias. He shouldn't have been attacked. The guy that did it should be legally punished. And to be clear, because you may perceive this as being shit on, this is me being neutral. I did that initially too, because I'm not blind to the fact that when you post these things, you do get dog-piled, and I don't think thats quite fair. Personal Opinion now: Now this is pretty funny. Guy mocks Wedge for having a go fund me for surgery, now he has one cause he got punched in the head. $10,000 too. What a fuckin world we live in. The way I see it is the guy got in a bar fight and wasn't quick enough to defend himself so hes wussing out. I've been in enough bar fights (including ones I never saw coming) to know you just man up and defend yourself. If the guy had a weapon, thats a different story, but from the "damages" that occurred, it doesn't look like the guy could even fight, let alone use a weapon.
  11. Looking back on it, Kaladesh and Amonkhet had a lot of good EDH cards. I'm thinking prices might increase on some cards once print runs stop/slow down (if they haven't already) Like Panharmonicon, the Fast Lands, Authority of the Consuls, Vizier of the Menagerie, Anointed Procession, Torment of Hailfire, Neheb the Eternal, Ramunap Excavator. The list goes on and on for niche cards. Also, just looking at the prices recently, I didn't realize how big of a price hit some cards from the challenger decks took. Heart of Kiran and Glorybringer only $1.50 CDN. Hazoret only $7 CDN. Crazy.
  12. Does glorybringer have any real use outside of Standard?
  13. Definitely the brewing potential. So many crap cards suddenly become feasible janky combos in Pauper.
  14. Im coming at this neutrally: It is fucked up that he got attacked in public. Especially from behind, that is cowardly. No one should feel threatened being out in public. If the worst things to happen to him from the fight is ruin his favourite shirt and get a scratch on his arm, he definitely wasn't being "beaten to death". He also claims he was surrounded by "gamers" that couldn't really help him. Ok. By that logic, the guy attacking him was probably a he probably didn't do much damage. Him punching the window does show that he probably would have kept going if he wasn't stopped. The bar not wanting to call the cops is not because he is Jeremy Hambley. They don't want to deal with the bad rep, or the paper work. Its a bar thing. Cops don't want to deal with a little bar scrum. In the end it sucks for him, and it shouldn't have happened, but now he probably knows how the people feel after he targets them in one of his videos, being afraid to step out in public.