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  1. Thanks! I'm going to keep it going. I think the visual explanation of combos will help a lot of people. I chose not to bring the stack into this one for simplicity, you really don't need to stack stuff for this combo to work, but I will need to bring it in for some of the more complex combos I have lined up.
  2. So I ended up going 3-1 in the prerelease with my Boros deck. Honestly don't think I deserved it, My pool was missing key cards like the Lifelink Hawk and Skyknight Legionnaire, but it still worked out. I did pack the Legion Warboss that turned out to be an all-star. I only played against two other decks: 2 Boros decks (1 splashing blue), and 2 Dimir decks (1 splashing green). Tajic and Aurelia were terrible to play against and it was Aurelia that handed me my losing round after a intense game 3 in round 4 (I was at 7, he was at 3, killed my blocker, and had 9 power on the board. My removal spell in hand - Final Justice, couldn't kill Aurelia because she was a 4/5). Cosmotronic Wave also single handedly won me a game by allowing to swing 18 damage for lethal. All in all I think it was a great prerelease, and the games were fun. Much better than the Ixalans or Dominaria.
  3. Hello! Here is episode 1 of COMBO BREAKDOWN, a series where I explain how janky combos work and cards you can use in them! Enjoy!
  4. Hello Everyone! I created a new series that explains janky MTG Combos. Here is the first episode: Niv Mizzet. Enjoy and there will be more to come!
  5. You are building this for modern right? Well 3-colour decks are viable but generally cost a lot of money in order to become consistent. It really depends on your meta as well. Is your local modern group janky or fairly competitive? In all hoensty, I probably wouldn't consider a deck with the land base I suggested to be viable, but you never know!
  6. This is interesting! It seems like a more complex game of Kings and Bandits, where there is a King, Knight, Usurper, and Bandits.
  7. Okay, so if you want it to be consistent, there are fetches and shocks you could use, but that is going to be pricey. If this is just for fun and casual, I would suggest Unclaimed Territory, Savage Lands, the check lands, and maybe a city of brass or two? Do you have a deck list we could look at?
  8. Green, red, black is Jund, which is a somewhat prominent deck in the modern meta, but very expensive. What were you aiming to do with your deck? The mana base is an expensive part of most modern decks, but you might be able to get away with a cheap manabase depending on what your build is going to be (Ie: Tribal you could use Unclaimed Territory, splashing one colour; you could use Aether Hub).
  9. This just shows that reprinting a $80+ card isn't going to affect the price when its in a $15 booster pack.
  10. I'm going to one this weekend. I chose Boros, even though I find it rather boring, I think the mentor mechanic will be good in limited. And that limited generally has little ramp, so the disadvantage of going R/W is minimal compared to constructed. The surveil mechanic seems better in limited than I originally thought. Playing useful limited cards with an additional scry affect is going to be nice to get rid of late game lands on the top of your deck.
  11. I'm disappointed they brought Shocks back. Yes, I know they are the cornerstone of Ravnica, but they could have made something new. Feels too safe to me. On the other hand I love all the mechanics in the set, but I'm concerned WotC is going to under-evaluate the power level of the graveyard, like they have before.
  12. HANK! Welcome aboard!
  13. I've seen a bit of resurgence in Modern Infect, but the lists don't seem that different from what I can remember, aside from a playset of blossoming defence. Any ideas why Infect is starting up again?
  14. Thats a cute dog. Do you know if that cross has coat-matting issues? I know Labradoodles (poodle-lab retriever mix) need to be brushed daily, something most owners of that breed have no clue about.