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  1. Kruphix, God of Horizons EDH Deck Tech. Probably my favourite EDH deck. It is all about making mana and dropping Eldrazi. Enjoy!
  2. I find this beyond disheartening. Modern was so diverse, and now it is going to be auto include Jace in any blue decks, or splash blue for Jace. I've seen people argue that Jace was put in M25 because they were going to unban him, not that they unbanned him to sell M25 packs. But I think it is both reasons. They probably planned to unban him in the future so they reprinted him, but then had more incentive to unban him after IMA failed, knowing the secondary market price of Jace would explode if they unbanned him.
  3. Don't mind the butchered accent. My first non-budget Deck Tech, that I finally got out of the editing pile.
  4. I've played 64, Melee, and Brawl. I've fiddled with the WiiU version, but never knew anyone who owned a WiiU. I could consistently beat lvl 9 CPUs at one point, and was among the top 3 in my play group, but I couldn't even hold my own when I went a gaming club/meet and greet. Some people are just amazing at the game. What are your preferred characters? I generally play Mr. Game & Watch and Bowser.
  5. Beating a dead horse here, but everyone above is right, having consistent uploads is important. I know it is anecdotal, but a couple weeks ago I had 3 uploads in 10 days, and I was just getting subs organically. After not uploading for a while the count has flatlined. Also (something I'm trying to be better at) commenting on other people's videos. It shows support for fellow creators, and your comment/picture/name may catch the eye of another viewer.
  6. I saw those enchantments in some card searches and was thinking of trying to fit them into pauper. Glad someone got them in a deck!
  7. I really hope nothing happens. Modern seems like it is in a good place right now.
  8. Just as a funny side note, my first side board I ever built and took to FMN (during Scars standard) only had 7 cards in it: 3 Revoke Existence, 2 Doomblade, a Lifegain card, and a basic land (in case I wasn't drawing enough land) The deck was very much a kitchen table deck, and at the time, I thought sideboarding was unnecessary.
  9. ...ok...?
  10. Getting paid this week, will throw some cash at you
  11. I'm still holding my expectations until more is revealed. Any set looks good from a 3-card snap shot, even Iconic Masters, with the right cards. Granted, the Obliterator is tempting me to become hyped...
  12. I actually watched quite a bit of the pro tour, and I thought it was great. Hollowed One was great to watch, so was Mardu Pyromancer. Honestly I liked watching Lantern Control (and I'm not saying that because I just got my hands on an ensnaring bridge). I think the deck is fascinating. It is just another alternate win-con. The games only take as long as the opponent allows it. Once the lock is down, Lantern decks are fast on their end. There is no reason a ban is needed. Lantern is super disrupted with SB cards and proper execution. I've beaten Lantern with some of my janky modern budget decks.
  13. I'm really surprised that the promo tokens idea went through. It just seemed like a stupid idea from the beginning.
  14. This just happened today. The father will not be charged, thankfully. I know this isn't appropriate in the courtroom, but it would've been great for him to get hold of Nassar.
  15. Pretty much this. Foil basics, foreign basics, old school basics, even white border basics, just add a tiny bit of excitement when you draw them. All basics in my EDH decks have different art, so no two lands in a deck are the same. I also try to get the art to match the theme of the deck (eg: Recursion deck has dark themed lands, spell slinger deck has cities/buildings in the art, etc)