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  1. Ok, that's what I understood as well. I guess it was a bug, I encountered. I had another card that hurt them for searching their deck, which didn't trigger upon them searching. Thanks for the reply!
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm prepping for a return to video making and have a cool deck lined up to showcase in a deck tech/gameplay video. However, I ran into an issue. Now I was playing on Xmage (I can't play MTGO because I use a Mac), so I don't know if it is the rule or a mess up in the program. The issue is Fertilid (card below) now from reading its ability, I see it as a "must" as it doesn't use the word "may" and have always played it as such. But recently in a game, an opponent was given the option to not search for a land when I targeted them (they did have to shuffle their library). Looking into it on Gatherer I found the rule: "Although the targeted player doesn’t need to find a basic land card if he or she doesn’t want to, that player must shuffle his or her library." So here are my 2 questions: 1. Does the targeted player need to search their library for a land? 2. Even if the player doesn't choose to find a basic land, does that still count as searching their library? Thanks in advance
  3. MTG and Bad Jokes.
  4. "OK, you take over Standard, and I'll try to get unbanned in Modern" But legit that art is dumb, its almost up there with Razaketh's Rite for me (that art makes me cringe hard) This guy however, is awesome! Kinda gimmicky but I love it.
  5. "People love watching videos of kids, for whatever reason", Haha that got me Great Series!
  6. I think thats a great idea! I might ask for your assistance/guidance when I jump back into the game. Posting tips on the forum is not a bad idea either, then people can get a general feel for making their channel work, and then ask you for more specific critiques.
  7. Out of curiosity, did you have to change any aspects of your podcasts for the sponsorship to work out?
  8. Damn, I never noticed the "Then", I'd put money down that you're right.
  9. Oh man, that actually sounds pretty fun. I might try to do that I almost typed Ixalan, but thats the whole reason we're posting here in the first place ...I'll try for the one after!
  10. So I actually started from the beginning before I walked off the face of the earth, but I didn't download any to take with I figured I'll just start over again.
  11. I agree, I'm not oppose to spoilers or leaks, as they give you a hint at whats coming. I think with these (despite being so early), its the quantity factor. Yes, they are blurry, so there could be many things we can't tell right now, but I mean at this point we know how many PW and what colours, we know how many rare dinosaurs/pirates, etc. However, I know to figure all that out you probably have to dig for it, and can't get it straight from the blurry pictures. I'm not upset but...kinda disappointed in myself? Like when you find your presents before Christmas, you're excited but now the hype is gone. Regardless, there is still a lot to look forward to with these cards.
  12. Fair, at least looking at the cards doesn't have the same end result of me covered in crumbs, crying on my couch from my lack of self-restraint. I can feel good about that. Is it just me or does it look like WotC is slowing down the format again? I know their blurry, but it seems like the rares are higher costing CMC.
  13. That's awesome! Congratz Zuby! Now continuing my binging of your podcast, from the start.
  14. Great series, I love the idea behind it.
  15. Fellow commander player is always welcome in my books! Also, thats a sick intro for your videos!