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  1. Thats what I'm worried about too. If it does take off though, I'd be more interested in going to these events, especially if the lower prices hold.
  2. Really laying into that thing lately, eh @Lasraik?
  3. Whether or not there is any "good proof" about this particular incident (I don't see how there isn't, a video from 6 months ago is still evidence, albeit temporally lagged evidence), there has been mounting things against Jeremy, and this was the breaking point or, if you don't think this is valid, the scapegoat opportunity to deal with him. WotC wants their fans to feel safe when at events, hence why that other Top8 guy that had a past rape charge was banned. Regardless of whether you believe being critical to feminism/trans/etc invalidates someone safety is questionable (I personally don't think critiques can harm anyone) but, some of his past actions, like tweeting photos of you gun collection saying "I like to see them come to my neighbourhood", is valid enough to make people question their safety around him, and thus Wizards took action. Although I'm sure many MTG players are advocates of guns and post themselves with their weapons, the issue comes to the responsibility of being a public figure. You actions have ripples through your followers and you cannot be sure how they interpret your words, so it is always best to err on the side of caution. Jeremy didn't do that. Charles Manson never actually killed anyone. But the actions of his followers fell on him too.
  4. I think the difference is if something on this forum were to get to the point of targeted hate at an individual or talking about which women in MTG are the most bangable, you would shut that down immediately. Travis Woo basically created an area for MTG players to be "Bad" in and then did little to stem the bleeding when it got truly bad, until the group was exposed.
  5. Is there a replacement for twitter for #FridayMTG? I've never seen the Google+ Community for MTG. I still don't understand what Amino is. I've tried to look into it, but I just don't really get it...
  6. The 'committee' idea is a bit terrifying, especially because in his post he suggested some pretty bias people in terms of decision making. Agreed. This side is a glowing hidden gem of the online MTG community.
  7. Hey Guys, Here is my 2nd Deck tech. It is a 5 colour janky brew, that can win out of no where, will hopefully get some gameplay out for it. Let me know what you think!
  8. Enjoy this 5 Colour Deck Tech!
  9. Welcome, glad you found the place!
  10. I am not a fan of this one bit. I know commander is a for-fun format, but silver border just makes it chaotic, more so than normal. I'm going to be that stick-in-the-mud, that refuses EDH games against silverborder cards.
  11. Lol, I wanted my first post to be the only one I post here, but my mind got thinking. Sorry for the confusion, you can gtfo... I kid I kid
  12. Its amazing that people you don't know or associate with can cause so much turmoil in a game you play with friends. The kitchen table players, casual players, and children that love this game are blissfully ignorant of whats going on, and I envy them for it. Honestly I started dreaming about the drama last night, even though it had zero effect on me, or so I thought. But Lasraik is right. Harassment is going to occur to anyone in any situation. I in no way condone what happened this weekend, and being harassed strictly on your gender, sexual preference, race, religion etc etc is unacceptable, but no matter where you go, you're going to run into an MTG, in sports, in school, work, everything. Being in the public eye facilitates this easier, unfortunately. Although anecdotal, I can 100% say that in my playgroup, no girl or minority has been harassed based on their identity. It wouldn't be allowed, by the playgroup or the current LGS we play at. I feel like the community needs a Moderate voice. People would argue that TCC is that voice, but I think he already leans to the left, and even if not to the extreme, has been painted as such by the right. WotC and the creators they endorse all lean left, some to the extreme. If you have a game dominated by straight white males, and then have the loudest voices of the game (WotC, etc) say all straight white men are shit, what is going to happen? You get a sizeable amount of people who use MTG to escape the world, gettin shit on by the the Company that fuels there escape. They don't feel like they can rally behind TCC, Wedge, etc because they just got shit on by that "team". Enter Jeremy who leans right. A toxic right extremist, yet someone that still pushes back against the others. Thats where his following is. Now he is literally just pure shit and profits off harassment of his critics, but he still has the support of those that felt pushed out by the initial Left movement. If there was a moderate voice, that said "Hey, don't be an asshole. Play MTG. Girls, Guys, Blacks, Whites, Gays, Straights, Trans, just play MTG. I you have a beef with a group, don't play in public, play in your home. Don't prioritize one group over another. Just play MTG." and WotC got behind this moderate voice, then power would be taken away from both extremes, and de-politicalize the MTG community. But this probably won't happen. The extremes will still be louder, and accuse the Moderate of being blind, or a cuck, or a bigot-sympathizer.