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  1. EDH is a well-played format, that has recently been a strong dictator of prices. Kozilek and Ulamog are $37 and $26 respectively, that can be slotted into any EDH deck, or add a nice money card to a trade binder. I don't think any one will be mad at packing one of these. My top 5 is basically the same as everyone else: 5. Lower Price: I think this goes back to all Masters sets, if all the others were ~$7 a pack, and this big fancy one was $12 then it might be acceptable. 4. Larger print run: My LGS doesn't even think they'll be able to sell loose packs, they might only be bringing in enough to fill box pre-orders. 3. No booster box toppers. I think its a dumb idea that just make the rich get richer. 2. Stick to original rarities for Money rares and mythics. I think Mythics should be allotted to Planeswalkers and Legendaries for this set. Tarmogoyf and Snapcaster could have been rares. This would have allowed Mox Opal a slot. 1. CARDS PEOPLE ACTUALLY PLAY. If you want to make this draft able, add that shit to the commons: Signets, Guild Lands, whatever, but them at common. Uncommons should be PLAYED pricey cards: Finks, Path, Bolt, Eternal Witness, Inquisition, Manamorphose, Serum Visions, Ironworks, etc. If this is their goodbye to masters sets, then it better fucking look like one.
  2. The first one came out before I started playing, and Return happened during my break. So this is my first Ravnica set to play in. Honestly I wasn't that hyped, maybe it was because I didn't have the nostalgia of the other two?
  3. This video explains why the axing of Apu is a terrible idea. Its long, but worth the watch in my opinion. A lot of the info about Apu is stuff the any regular Simpson fan probably knew already. He is educated, hard working, kind, charming, etc. But also shows a range of emotions: anger, lust, regret, fear. He is a well rounded character that is literally being boiled down to just an accent. Its insulting to the show, the character, and Indians in general. The truth is, if you are Indian and were called Apu growing up, it is probably because he was the ONLY well known Indian character on Western Television. It is an interesting argument, and one that can set a bad precedent, especially given the other racial/geographical stereotypes on the show.
  4. Normally when I crack a pack I take a big whiff, first time I did that on a GRN pack made me feel like I was huffing paint.
  5. But couldn't you play against friends in Hearthstone when it was still in beta? I know, I know, smaller budget/work team, but still I'm not given Arena any leeway yet.
  6. I keep finding gems in the set and time progresses. Ritual of Soot, Risk Factor, Lazav, Underrealm Lich, Mausoleum Secrets, Thief of Sanity etc. These are all cards I think got pushed to the way side because of Assassin's Trophy. Obviously other people are finding these too (eg: Risk Factor), but I think the hype was focused too much around the Trophy. Hell, I even forgot about Chromatic Lantern reprint, which is EDH gold. I think because of this depth, this was a good set.
  7. I find conspiracy theories hard to believe, but I also find them fun to think about. I think the idea that the world or universe is so expansive that it is amazing to think about what may exist. It gives us a sense of wonder in a world that seems very caught up in being right or wrong. I'm more of a fan of crytozoology stuff: Big foot, yeti, loch ness monster. Do I truly believe in that stuff? Not really, but its fun to imagine it may be out there and just sparse/intelligent enough to avoid humans.
  8. Nope, because skred restricts it to a creature, you need to target another creature when you use shunt.
  9. Thanks! I'm going to keep it going. I think the visual explanation of combos will help a lot of people. I chose not to bring the stack into this one for simplicity, you really don't need to stack stuff for this combo to work, but I will need to bring it in for some of the more complex combos I have lined up.
  10. So I ended up going 3-1 in the prerelease with my Boros deck. Honestly don't think I deserved it, My pool was missing key cards like the Lifelink Hawk and Skyknight Legionnaire, but it still worked out. I did pack the Legion Warboss that turned out to be an all-star. I only played against two other decks: 2 Boros decks (1 splashing blue), and 2 Dimir decks (1 splashing green). Tajic and Aurelia were terrible to play against and it was Aurelia that handed me my losing round after a intense game 3 in round 4 (I was at 7, he was at 3, killed my blocker, and had 9 power on the board. My removal spell in hand - Final Justice, couldn't kill Aurelia because she was a 4/5). Cosmotronic Wave also single handedly won me a game by allowing to swing 18 damage for lethal. All in all I think it was a great prerelease, and the games were fun. Much better than the Ixalans or Dominaria.
  11. Hello! Here is episode 1 of COMBO BREAKDOWN, a series where I explain how janky combos work and cards you can use in them! Enjoy!
  12. Hello Everyone! I created a new series that explains janky MTG Combos. Here is the first episode: Niv Mizzet. Enjoy and there will be more to come!