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  1. Bit late, but me too. I hope you all had a great day.
  2. Yes. So we show our support by liking your post instead.
  3. My mate jumps back on every now and again. Claims it's greatness once more and stops a week later.
  4. Gosh. I grew up with an equal quantity of brown and white and hadn't even twigged the white ones had disappeared.
  5. 'Cause you is rascist bruh.
  6. Great post. As an alternative, some just go quiet. Sometimes for years. Mykhal used to come here practically daily. Now he just turns up to promote his latest album
  7. Great pics. Thanks Elovia. 650 miles in one day is a helluva long day. Think i might have done half of that once. Must have been a real bummer crossing borders, just to get back and have your stuff taken. Can't you get the rifle back? Thanks for sharing.
  8. I hope it worked out well fella. Look forward to the pics. It took us 3 years to finish unloading all the boxes when we moved here. Nothing to do with the number of boxes either. Also, one of the first boxes unpacked would have been the computer. I'm ashamed to call you my Internet buddy!
  9. Took me 32 years to quit, and that was 12 years ago, so i need a good reason to ever take it up again. ...and that reason is currently planned to be a certain Dunhill pipe sitting downstairs and waiting for my 60th Birthday. I dream about smoking loads and still love the smell and thought of it.
  10. I'm surprised you cannot play MTG over a video conference connection. Probably just because i don't know the game i guess.
  11. Photos, or it didn't happen...
  12. 1917 71% I really didn't want to like this. It uses that cheesy 'all done in a single take' effect, which was great the first time you see it, but then you just look out for the places where it's cut to look like a single take. I have to say it really worked really well in this film. It drags you into the action unwillingly, and you start to really feel a part of it. Beside that 'effect', the camera work is still startling, and you get a good sense of how awful it was without gratuitous butchery.
  13. Damn. I thought this was going to be a porn game.
  14. Mandalorian - good start The Outsider - Great series. Picard - good at the start. Last 2 eps not so much. Starship eating space flowers anyone?
  15. It's been even quieter in recent weeks. We had a flurry of posts around how the virus is impacting on our daily lives. Might be good to hear from you in that regard. About it really.