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  1. Thanks. I will make this.
  2. Fab report fella. Many thanks for sharing. Especially love the shirt in the last pic... I agree with you regarding the sequoia. I found it a very humbling experience. Thanks very much.
  3. Thanks both. I shoulda said i played FO3 & 4 a whole lot. So am familiar with the game in general. I really don't know how NV missed my radar at the time.
  4. ...and the recipe is?
  5. I know, i know. It's been 8 years. But i'm hoping some of you cats will remeber this classic and be able to offer some hints-n-tips to an old gamer like me. Do you remember it at all? What was great and what was crap about it? What do you wish you'd done better?
  6. Yup. That's in my booze cupboard.
  7. I was given the David Attenborough autobiograpy for Christmas. I think it's called "Life on Air". My love of DA is sufficent to state that i will definitely read this, eventually. I took it to the US in July and managed around 70 pages, by trying very hard. This is no reflection of the quality of the book. If anything, it's a reflection of having an 8YO. I'm so looking forward to retiring.
  8. Decent whiskey can be fairly smooth. This stuff is like dragging the hairy nipples of a 90 year old whore across your tongue.
  9. I have a bottle at home too. If i recall, it's like a cinnamon bourbon. Rough on the through, but macho.
  10. Fair points all. I'll retract my opinion as a generalisation, and hang fire until i've seen more. Accommodation in Orlando (outside the parks) seemed fairly reasonable. You get a huge choice, so i suspect it's led by supply and demand.
  11. When were you in the UK? I suspect Sterling is diving on a week by week basis, especially since brexit was announced. Last time i was in the US, it was around 56p to the pound. Today it's nearly 80p. The real rate is worse, once the banks have had their pound of flesh (no pun intended). In NYC we were paying between $42 and $55 for breakfast for 2 adults and an 8YO (with a good appetite). We always had bfast in the house in Orlando. Over here £40 would be an evening meal at a chinese or indian restaurant for the 3 of us. As mentioned earlier, the cost difference to eating in and out in the US seemed much smaller than the UK. Your groceries are closer to eating out costs than here. We rarely eat out and I believe eating in, in the UK is especially cheap. We were spending around $170 per week in Walmart, for food and beer ($5 on food and $165 on beer, of course). We ate lunch out most days. Here, we spend about £100 per week on groceries, including lunch fo-r two of us (Fin eats lunch at school). We were buying food in the US that was easier to cook, as we didn't have access to the same kitchen facilities or store-cupboard ingredients.
  12. I love the game design and story. Will wait to see many reviews.
  13. Steady on there fella!
  14. Thanks for the all tips. We tried to avoid the fast food places as much as possible. Just from a health perspective as much as anything. We go to McD's about once, maybe twice per year in the UK, and we've actually never been to a chicken-based fast food place as a family. I did go once to a KFC about 20 years ago. It was hard to avoid them in the States. I did see a Chick-fil-A a few times, but never felt the draw. I've spent a fair bit of time already all over the west, from Vancouver down to Tijuana, Skirted Colorado, but i don't think we actually went into the state. Too much to see between Utah & Arizona. Thinking about east to west one day.
  15. Just bought Fallout New Vegas. Heard stack of good things and always regretted not buying it before now. It's on a steam sale and comes with a dozen add ons.