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  1. I used to not tell anyone except friends that i gamed. Kept it completely quiet at work, except to a few who i used to actually play DAOC with (in fact, they introduced me to DAOC and help level my first char). As i've gotten older, a few things have happened. 1. I care less about what people think. 2. I've stopped reaching higher in my career, and am not concerned about any perceptions of gaming in a professional sphere. 3. Gaming is cooler and more appreciated generally (in line with geek-cool and nerd-cool). 4. More people are playing and therefore find it acceptable. P.S. Loved Animaniacs.
  2. Thought some of you folk might be interested in this:
  3. Finished this game last night. Overall, i'd give it a solid 70%. It really felt like an SW game of old. If you were of an age to have marvelled at Dark Forces, you'll appreciate the feel of a SW game (i suspect the music score has as much to do with that as anything). I will confess that half way through i found the many boss fights to be too difficult on Jedi Master level, and decided to complete the rest on the next notch down (the bottom notch). Which was still difficult enough to be challenging and but not so difficult that it was no fun. It's not a long game. There are 5 main locations that you go back and forth to as the story unfolds. But the locations are rather large. As mentioned before, it plays out VERY much like the last 3 Tomb Raider games, and was built using the same, or similar, engine (Unreal). It is a superb engine, that made me gasp from the first few scenes. The characters are good. Your two main crewmates, are mostly dressing, but good dressing in that they contribute to the story, but not the action. The voicing is all brilliant - notably here is the captain, voice superbly by Daniel Roebuck (didn't know who he was). I have developed a soft spot for the sexy-voiced Mirren, a Russian-sounding witch, who appears later in the game. I would love to see more of her (no, not in that way). There's a lot to not be so proud of here. The game feels disjointed and too heavily scripted. As with TR, you are dumped in large spaces, but still on rails within that large space. Fighting mechanics can be a bit button-mashy at times. And there are a few bugs that don't destroy the game. I quit after several hours play due to losing too much progress between no-choice save points. But having restarted, found out that you can skip some of the bits a 2nd time round. Once it drop below £20, it's worth a punt. Graphically played great on a 1080 with a 4-series i7 and 16Gb. I'll leave you with a pic of Merrin.
  4. No. To be honest, i couldn't see the USB boot drive as being a permanent solution anyway. I think the performance would have been too poor. I just wanted to experience it and learn more about the servers limitations.
  5. Built the USB and tried to get it to boot for a few bays with no luck. Just stuck on the swirly. Then bought a slimline-to-fat sata cable to swap the DVD drive for a bootable windows disk. Seems HP checks for genuine drives attached. Bastards. Talking to the server guys, one of the reasons they're selling off the servers is they found HP very difficult to work with. HP try to tie you in completely to their ecosystem. That's possibly what i'm seeing too. Almost given up. Borrowed a sata PCI card that i might try. My last option is to rebuild a raid array, as it originally was and copy my data onto it somehow (slow external USB drive possibly.)
  6. It's great when game devs show you that they love their game. Reminds me of No Man's Sky a bit.
  7. It's all gravy.
  8. well you do run sometimes as well, if that helps...
  9. Nice to see you fella. Was thinking of you only yesterday.
  10. Booting into Linux or Unraid using a USB is relatively trivial compared to W10 i think. As in, they're built to enable that, and W10 is not. No, it's a 64Gb stick. I don't have a 128gb and don't want to buy one just for this project at the moment. I have reached around 25 dead ends so far and have a host of kit in front of me, that i've bought, but is no use because this thing never pans out how i expect it to. Ta-da!!!!! Pretty much everything in this photo (aside from the phone and darth vader), has been bought to get this working, including the 5-bay caddy on the window sill.
  11. Into Windows 10? W10 was loading when i left on Fri. It had been loading for around 1 hour. I was in no rush, so i left it running. Had the Windows log and swirly, but i'm not hopeful.
  12. This could in all honesty be a huge update, but i'll spare you, as i suspect TL;DR would occur. Heck it probably will anyway. Worth a read if you ever get the chance to try anything similar. So the aim was to install windows 10 and transfer my existing media disks across with the media on them. I have been on this for a few hours most days in the past few weeks, and i am literally no closer. For every tiny speck of fortune, i am met with hordes of resistance. Bear in mind that i have access to an army of server experts (who i am desperate not to piss off with constant demands for attention and help - this is my personal toy after all). In a nutshell, the server is built with a raid controller, which will only see logical drives. Making physical drives into logical ones wipes the data (all my media content = bad). I gave up on the first server, which i could not get to recognise any drives. Although i now realise it was no fault on the server, i did manage to get a newer model with 350gb RAM /evil grin. The only SATA interface on the machine is for the DVD drive, and it's a slimline sata cable. It's taken me until yesterday to work out that you can fudge the controller away from RAID modeo, to HBA mode - which means it will only see standard physical disks. Woo-hoo, There is an idiosyncrasy that, in HBA mode, you cannot create or boot from bootable HDD disks. Boooo. I have two options left to me. I've just ordered a slimline sata to sata convertor, to see if i can put the bootable windows SSD in place of the DVD drive. This should work, but then so should at least a dozen of other things I've tried. As i mentioned, every positive step forward has been met by at least 1 negative step backwards. My 2nd option is to use an app called Rufus to create a bootable Windows USB stick. This should work, but it could be very slow. If none of that works, i'm probably looking at buying Sata expansion cards for the PCI bus. At which point i might just give up. Although the thought of a server with 32 cores of Xeon processor and a 1/3 of a Tb RAM does keep me going.
  13. Still trying to get the damn server up and running. Experience has been a real challenge with 2 problems occurring for everyone 1 solved. But once resolved, yes, i think i'll give fallen order another try. How about you?
  14. I grimaced.
  15. I lol'ed. Thanks.