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  1. Exactly the same here. EDIT - just checked and i had an annual subscription.
  2. If gaming is in there at all, i would have gone minimum 1060. But i'm not sure how that stands up to the 1050ti.
  3. Slightly OT, but i got this in the post last night. I was happier than any time I've ever received and ACTUAL Credit Card.
  4. You give it a name?
  5. The Eames Lounge chair is the British standard of comfort. But we have Lay-Z boy from our cousins cross duh waddr
  6. Still trying. On about Ep 3.
  7. It does look VERY comfy. From the photos it appears they've stuck the padding from one chair on top of another. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  8. He's been moaning and deflecting responsiblity around those Dragons for YEARS. Yet they're stiiiiill there. No one believes you any more, and it's OK to be a kid.
  9. A friend recommended this game to me recently and it came on Steam sale last week. My son played it for the first time tonight. Spent around 2.5 hours on it and (i'm proud to say.... not) is totally addicted to it. The main mechanic is using something akin to spiderman web-slingers to grapple from treetop to treetop through a fantasy landscape. The back story is just an excuse for the mechanic and the graphics are quite simple. But it has something very satisfying and the ability to behave in a VR environment very much like spiderman is quite compelling.
  10. The idea is appealing. It's just never floated to the top of things to try, is all.
  11. The successor to the P182 is the P280. Same gun metal colour too. It's probably what i'd buy tomorrow if i was in the market. But, part of the point is, that my P182 case has lasted me a dozen years and will probably do nicely for the next PC too.
  12. One of the few things that actually lives up to its reputation, in my opinion. I reckon you need a certain non-presumptuous character to make it work it Canada though. Americans are quite a lot more easy-going.
  13. Spent 3 weeks there a long time ago. My favourite place on Earth. ...and that was well before LOTR movies. I wanna go back. I wanna live there, but my wife won't let me.
  14. They do say most of the art of a good photo is in the person holding the camera.
  15. Nice. I am very envious. It's a beautiful place and even more beautiful people. Extraordinarily hot most of the year. Getting off the plane really is like opening an oven door. I spent 2 weeks in the thinnest white linen, soaked through. The night market in Bangkok is amazing. Even at 10pm, it's unbearably hot though. If you've not booked, i can recommend the Amari Atrium hotel in Bangkok, for affordable luxury. I can also recommend a Royal Suite at the Sand, Sea and Spa resort on Koh Samui, for that beach-front grass-hut experience. Again, very affordable for the quality. It was $92 per night when we stayed, room and b/fast. My wife was totally hooked on these pancakes the street vendors sell, with palm sugar, banana and coconut, and sometime nutella.