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  1. I would love to think that there is someone close enough to either of them, with the courage to actually show them.
  2. I did consider it, but by the time i got to the build, that had already been done by a few people, and i didn't feel i had anything new or different to add.
  3. That was the bargain of the remodel. I think i bought it before it became popular. Paid about $60 for enough to do the kitchen and utility room
  4. Genuinely helpful. Thanks. The only difference, is that my model is the first order walker, and i don't know how that compares size-wise to the AT-AT. That vid also led me to this beaut. I'd buy and build this in a heartbeat.
  5. So the Falcon is still taking up space in the Kitchen. My wife still hasn't caved about having the new study. So the Falcon has gained a new admirer. Why do they always sniff her rear end? Next project is the Sand Crawler, but not the UCS version. Side question. How to scale do you think these two are against each other? I reckon not too far off. I think the walker should maybe a bit bigger?
  6. If you consider that they can make things look actually real, when they don't, I tend to think that they choose not to. Why? I have no idea. Consider the truck sequence in ant man and the wasp.
  7. Agreed. That was brilliant. But cheap.
  8. How does it feel? A proud moment, being among the last to hold true, or shame at being the last to switch?
  9. Fin (my lad) was 9 years old on Tuesday. I though i'd share these images, sent by members of this rag-tag fleet of fugitives, nearly 10 years ago. You guys....
  10. Me too. sent it loads of people.
  11. Whilst i agree, i do check my thinking, by wondering whether all "old fucks" have held this attitude at some point in their life. And nothing has changed - only our self-perceptions?
  12. Sounds more like a rapper group.
  13. Ditto. More importantly, your use of the word "couldn't" almost brought me to tears.
  14. My colleague across the hall from me is a Scout leader (of my Son's chapter). I spoke to him earlier. The scale in the UK is Beaver Scout(i know, i know), Cub Scout (my Son), Scout, Explorer Scout. After that you join The Scouting Network. There are no more ranked groups.
  15. Well said. To summarise, 'context is everything'. But you need to be culturally sensitive too. When i first read, i drew three different conclusions - and i shit you not. It was either an american car called an Eagle (which i seem to remember there is), or he was actually a bird handler, my third was that he was in the armed forces and he was referring to the pistol. We actually don't have Eagle Scouts here. The most senior section of scouts is called Explorers. So having no other frame of reference, i could only work on those three. So if i had any conclusion to draw it would be to be aware that you're audience is from a variety of cultures and background, and if you choose to use phrases that are at all local, you may not be understood, and you may be excluding people from your conversation. Cor blimey guv'nor. Stone the crows. I 'ank fer a rube 'n' no mistake. You gern ahtsoid fer an oily or wot?