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  1. A quick ranking. “Solo: A Star Wars Story” (May 25) “Deadpool 2” (May 18)"Oceans 8" (June 8) “The Incredibles 2” (June 15) “Ant-Man and the Wasp” (July 6) "Avengers: Infinity War” (April 27) “Sicario: Day of the Soldado” (June 29) “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,” (June 22) “Mission: Impossible — Fallout” (July 27) “Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation” (July 13) “The Equalizer 2" (July 20) “The First Purge” (July 4) “Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!” (July 20)
  2. Had our first 2 barbecues last night and lunchtime today. Went to a garden centre to buy a pond plant, which has been re-potted and sunk into the pond. Hack away the top foot of my lawn with a strimmer, which has (obviously) been put off far too long.
  3. You needed this to tell you that?
  4. Ya can see the offsetness of that ankle. Best of luck with the recovery pal.
  5. I looked into it to top my pond edges, instead of decking-boards. I loved the fact that it's made of recycled plastic bags-n-shit, but it was around 5-10 times more expensive.
  6. Nothing much here. Put my pond back together. Try to decide what game to play next: Elite Dangerous, Started but not even finished intro sessions. Wolfenstein II not installed Just cause III not installed Borderlands not installed Continue with MGS... Not yanking my chain really. Metro last light Redux - not installed Go back to Bioshock Infinite (not played for a few years and didn't get far). I really want to get into something new, that plays like fallout4, Skyrim, or DA:I. It's time for something EPIC
  7. You didn't say it was a top-down game. Sick! Count me in!!! Sorry... out. I meant count me out.
  8. Dunno why, but reading that made me hungry.
  9. Finished the game last night. Overall... The game is too short, by a long way. I've had far longer senses of satisfaction for less expense. I suspect the sense of poor valued over-payment is related to the new technology delivery (Oculus rift), which i get, although am not happy to be part of. The story is overly simplistic, carried along by over-complexity around factors that are not relevant to the story. The graphics are breathtaking. If you've not experience the graphically detailed worlds that can be generated through the rift (and presumably other VR setups) then you've no idea. When you've been effectively called a perv by your commanding officer for staring at her skin and eyes waaay too close up for too long, then you'll know what i mean (seriously, Viv accused me of perving... when i actually was - for technical reasons of course). The immersion stayed with me from start to finish, and i miss the game now it's finished.
  10. I get it, and i understand it from putting myself in their position - why work when my life is at least as good, if not much better than it would have been in my home country were i working hard and full time. Not being an expert in the subject, i suspect the answer is to only permit support where there is a proven willingness on the part of the claimant to contribute as much as the individual is capable. Clearly that statement is choc full of grey areas. But as a principal underlying it works for me.
  11. Never let little things like relevance and truth get in the way of a good racial slur. IMHO.
  12. I bought 4 cheap chinese rechargeables, which i've been using for the past 5 years. 2 on charge and two in the barrel. Never misses a beat. Stop using resources like there's no tomorrow, you... you... you... AMERICAN!
  13. Just started Lost in Space. Not a terrible start, and i can watch it with Fin (so far anyway). Waaay too early to judge though. Jessica Jones. S02. Again, one episode in, so too early to tell. I have heard it's not as good as S01. Designated Survivor S02 - quite enjoyed s01, but have just realised that the whole show has absolutely nothing to do with it primary premise, which was about the only person surviving the presidential office. Now it's just a show about a president. Still, it's a very easy watch, and a bit of a guilty pleasure.
  14. As a lefty, beggars can't be choosers i'm afraid. All of my mice at home, for the last 15 years have been the Microsoft Wireless Mice. They are symmetrical in design and perform well.
  15. Fin had a birthday party yesterday. I had a tiny job of replacing the UV bulb in the pond filter (stops algae build up very effectively). When i moved the filter, i snapped two of the hoses, which have all gone brittle in the intervening 4-5 years. Had to buy some hose and a connector. The connector was the wrong size, so had to make a return trip. The hose was split in a few places, so had to make another trip. 15 minute job took a whole afternoon. Still waiting to see if it's leaking (just a few drops leaking will eventually empty the pond.) Played some Lone Echo. Did a spot of shopping today and made a slow cooked beef curry from scratch this AM. Started watching Lost in Space with Fin.