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  1. That's a very generous offer. My son has played it loads and still plays it today. I'd recommend it to anyone with a child > 5 ish. Great game.
  2. It's a very US-centric question. Not sure he realises that most of those things don't exist on the majority of our planet.
  3. Would be interested in hearing and seeing more of that project.
  4. Peanut butter and banana wraps.
  5. There don't seem to be that many, and i think i've seen most of them. I read that Edd left as the show runners wanted to reduce his screentime. I also read that Muike called him a traitor for doing that. If there were an Edd show and a Mike show, i doubt i'd ever watch Mike again. My dream show would be Sam Lovegrove from Shed & Buried and Edd China from Wheelers together. I'd be sploodging synthetic oil for hours.
  6. I did something similar when Fin was about 2-3. In this instance, it was about 2.5 hours, and he did eat it. Even though, we agreed we shouldn't back down at the time, as we thought it would only show him he could win a battle of wills, even today, i worry it might have broken his spirit a little bit. I have made a point of letting him win several similar battles since. Perhaps that was his strategy all along????? Parenting can be tough.
  7. Nice try, but saying something is the world of <something>, is not the same as something is the <something> of the world.
  8. We're off to a friends house for dinner on Saturday. He's a bit of a hunter and we're eating a deer that he shot recently. Not all of it, i suspect. It's Fathers day here on Sunday. So i will be doing sweet F.A. I expect to have beers brought to me, while putting my feet up in the garden, weather permitting. My wife talked about tiling around the sink in my boys room. Tonight... Expanse, red wine, possibly some FC5. Oh, and i've just bought some art, that i want to find a place for. We have a School of Art and Design. I went to see the end of season show a few weeks ago, and really liked one of the pieces by a student. I picked it up this lunchtime. Edit. This image is very similar. It's on a different timber, as the one below is very expensive. Spalted Beech. not everyones cup of tea. But art never is.
  9. Oh. I see. I thought I was being too predictable. Yeah. Still watch it. I tend to switch between that, "Shed and Buried", and "Wheeler Dealers".
  10. No, it's the thing that doesn't pretend to include the "world", by having the word "world" in it's title. It actually includes the "world".
  11. I weigh 107 kgs. Sat on a chair, without wheels (so big traction) Molly the lab could drag me and my chair across the floor like i wasn't there. Labs are so strong pulling backwards. I was given to understand Labs were bred to pull in fishing nets from shore.
  12. I view this with what i consider to be a healthy dose of scepticism. CD Project Red have so far shown themselves to deal with honour and dignity. So, thus far, i have reason to mistrust them. This might... possibly be the in game engine. But it is not likely to be game play. The camera angles would not make it workable. Cut scenes, just maybe. Just my take. I'm in. Thanks for sharing though.
  13. I've never had an issue confessing ignorance. I love learning new things. I also love teaching people new things.
  14. OMG. I shit you not. That is written on the apron i was wearing all afternoon (well, until i realised that i wasn't actually doing any cooking, and it was basically fraudulent). I haven't even seen my girth since i was in my 30's (unless i stand in front of a mirror).
  15. So the bbq was yesterday. Started at 15:00 and finished at around 23:00. We had around 21 in total, of around 50/50 kids to adults. Turned out my uber bbq chef next door did pretty much all the cooking, which was amazingly generous. The summer punch went down very well. I have just finished off the left overs tonight. [edit]The star was Elovias bbq sauce, which i used on both the pork shoulder steaks and a third of the salmon kebabs. My bbq neighbour thinks you're a god. I'm actively trying to dissuade him of course. The kids spent all afternoon with water balloons, water pistols and... well... water. My favourite bit was after the cooking and eating was done. The sounds were going, everyone was mellow. It was warm and the red wine was exceptional (it pains me to say, a US Californian Lodi Shiraz). I didn't even think to take a photo all day. Thanks Elovia.