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  1. That's lovely. Not as much i would have thought either. I just need to be sure there will be enough wall space.
  2. she sounds hot. Dunt matter what she looks like.
  3. Blade Runner 2049 70% I grew up with the original as my joint all-time favourite film, along with SW. So this had a lot to live up to. I thought the film did a great job of being a Blade runner film. I loved the non-break-neck pace, which gave me time to think and consider what was happening, without stretching it out too much. If anything, the vision of a dystopian future was even more depressing that the first, and probably because it was even more believable. I read a view of the original only last week that said the one could tell each shot was meticulously considered; indeed, the shot with Rachel walking towards Deckard, when they are first introduced, remains one of my favourite scenes in a film, and was specifically re-presented in 2049. 2049 tried to give a similar meticulously crafted product and would probably have been superior, had it done it first. Also, you will not be disappointed by the massive Vangelis synths, which weren't Vangelis, but included many references to the original score. Definitely worth a watch. War for the Planet of the Apes 79% Unhyped. No mega-trailers, with trailers for trailers. One of the standout films of the year. Similarly, i came to DotPotA with no preconceptions, and really enjoyed it much more than expected. RotPotA was decent enough. This is another level of better. I've been discussing with friends how i used to consider the quality of effects as a major draw, yet sadly haven't looked upon them quite so appeallingly for many years. In fact, i thought i'd lost the child-like amazement for SFX altogether. I was wrong. WftPotA as just stunning. But it's not just the CGI; it's that skill at characterisation that really makes it just totally convincing that i am watching an intelligent ape. But, hey, the story was also excellent and did a first class job of moving the story forward to where the 70's show took off. And I can only imagine how hard it is to act, when 95% of the cast aren't there. Watch it.
  4. Honestly, i thought this one was the LEAST designed for the younger generation. Saying that, my 8YO loves it.
  5. Spiderman Homecoming 65% Best spidey-movie yet.
  6. Hah. I cannot stand Apple. I just usually assume i'm on my own in that. It certainly seems that way at Uni. IOS is more common with students than Android. Poor students....
  7. Critical parts... for sure. I plan to hang it from the ceiling or place it on the study wall (like clinging onto the star destroyer waiting for the garbage to eject) Might even greeble the study wall.
  8. Woot. They arrived yesterday. Anyone fancy making an offer on the 2nd box, i'll make a reduction for guildies Seriously, they are massive. 14kg per box. I reckon this is going to take months.
  9. Ingerlund!!! Nuff sed.
  10. I want those Unicorn Farts for Fin. He'd love it.
  11. 216 neodymium ball bearings. About 3-5mm. You will spend many hours doing shit with them. Rattle magnets. Just don't drop them on any hard floors, as they're brittle. An oculus rift, Project Cars 2 and a decent force feedback steering wheel. Metal detector (assuming where you live has any buried history). Beer making, or spirit distilling kit. Racing drone and accoutrements.
  12. Time is an issue for me too. Currently relocating current study/gaming room to new room and that's taking ages. With limited time, i am trying to reserve it for breathtaking options, whilst still tring to explore the Rift as well as looking for ways to replay old favourites on the rift too. But the reality is that i don't have time for any of that either. I watched a video of that game and, although it had elements that were appealing, i'm not sure i could handle the fact that it seems about 5 years old graphically. And that full sprinting around, seemingly all the time would get old really quick.
  13. Fin starts Cubs on Thursday, so took him to a bonfire on Fri to get him used to it (which is a struggle at the mo... very clingy). It was just him and me on Sat, so spent too much time building his lego falcon (the big ones are due tomorrow) and watching Spiderman Homecoming. Wasn't looking forward to it, as haven't really enjoyed any of the previous, but it was very good. Sunday, took him and his friends out to a trampoline place and then for noisy burgers at Frankie and Benny's.
  14. And happy birthday for tomorrow fella. got any plans to celebrate?