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  1. Several people mentioned Sneaky Pete. So i'm 7 episodes into season 1 and really enjoying it. Complex set up which cannot easily be explained here. Giovanni Ribisi carries it in the lead role. Awesome actor, who has passed me by until now. I'll watch out for him just based on his performance in this series.
  2. Some decent songs too. "you're welcome" being standout.
  3. All i know is that the UK is quickly becoming an expensive place to be. I would say that pretty much everything has gone up by 10% plus in the past year. You really notice it when travelling.
  4. Seeing the Morrowind expansion had me considering playing again too. Just too many unplayed games to get through.
  5. Thanks. I appreciate that i could have just googled it. I wasn't being lazy, honest. I wanted to read it in your words. Interesting. I had wondered if Dutch and Deutsch were connected, and they are! I LOOOVE Apfelkorn, and have ploughed my way through several bottles of the Berentzen brand of it. I also tried their sour apfelkorn. Boy, was that a mistake. There are few alcohol drinks that remain unfinished in my house. That was one of them.
  6. Conversely, the last 6 episodes, including 9 and 10 of S06 have been some of the best drama TV in history, and surpass many movies for quality and storytelling.
  7. I thought apple in Dutch was apfel. Talking of which. I get the pointlessness of the name Holland. Although i don't recall where the name Holland comes from nor how it relates to NL or Dutch. Talking of which where does the word Dutch come from?
  8. I should be so lucky!
  9. Every time i take my underpants off, i reminded that i have no African DNA.
  10. 43 points goes to the Wolphster. It a small snatch of dialogue from True Romance, one of the best scenes in movie history (in my humble opinion). It's a conversation between Dennis Hopper, who knows he's about to die, and Chistopher Walken, who's about to kill him. Hopper basically spends 10 minutes building up to the biggest insult he can create, in the subtlest of ways. The acting, direction, lighting and dialogue are just unsurpassed in a single scene - the sense of menace from Walken and fear from Hopper is tangible. Actually, the whole film is first class, with loads of great cameos. Nice work Wolph. That wasn't easy. The film is 25 years old next year.
  11. You're a canteloupe? 43 points for anyone who gets the movie reference.
  12. If i could i would have before now. I just grow hair in that area very well. We are talking about a pubic soul-patch right?
  13. LH are so cool, i'm actually RH, but have pretended all my life to be LH.
  14. Arnold from Diff'rent strokes.
  15. Bought it for the PS4 about 2 months ago and forgot until reading this thread just now.