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  1. Russia looks suspect too IMO.
  2. My willy is going to be the first to catch it.
  3. This might help. It's a great resource developed by a neighbouring Uni. John Hopkins Tracker
  4. Funnily enough she was treating someone who tested positive on Sunday, so we've agreed between us to try and be sensible about personal contact. Just keeping a bit of distance when there's not need to be physically close.
  5. Glad to hear it fella.
  6. I take it your Pres has stopped calling it a hoax. Fucking Numpty.
  7. How's it affecting you. Most countries are stating they are either x weeks ahead or x weeks behind everyone else. Here in the UK, we're about 2 weeks behind Italy and a fair bit of mainland Europe. We started working from home at the beginning of last week and locked down Tuesday of this week. People are now being stopped by police if it's suspected they are out without a good reason. Although shopping and exercise are good reasons - so not so strict. If you don't have a good reason, you need an exemption certificate for being a key-worker from your employer. I'm waiting for mine, as I'm facilitating remote working for University staff, which means distributing laptops to staff at home. 8pm this evening all of the UK stood outside their houses to applaud NHS workers. My wife is a acute Nurse, so went to be applauded directly by our neighbours. So nice. Microsoft Teams has been a real godsend (for most of the world i'd guess), it's allowing me to work vary much as i would have done at the Uni, and i'm an antisocial bastard who hates meeting other human beings f2f at the best of times. Many are using Zoom too, but i heard Zoom had some ugly technical difficulties last week. I'm hearing my team saying they're suffering from isolation, missing their teams mates and the usual banter. From a personal point of view, and for now at least, i'm absolutely loving it. It feels like Christmas every day. I'm at home every day working next to my new server, which is humming away next to me, waiting to be tidied up and put away. My baby!
  8. Are you still in Alaska? Had to move for the job i guess? How is covid out there? I'd expect it to be either far less of an issue, or a far greater issue. Both due to remoteness.
  9. Thanks mate. I am still mourning the loss of my Fresh Radio Paris. I discovered more great music through that station in 5 years than the rest of my life put together. It was like the DJ's were all me.
  10. <whispers> Don't tell Elovia. He'll he he's all important-n-shit.
  11. Just checking in. A quick update. I managed to establish that adding my existing data disks into the RAID array as RAID0, was not deleting the existing data. So this is the route i am taking. I'm just waiting for some connection cables to arrive, as i'm keeping all but the boot SSD in an external 5.25 inch caddy, then it should be cool. I just need to get this done before we're all sent home to work for the next 6 months, while the virus abates.
  12. It's not my thing, but i certainly wish you the best with it Mykh. I hope all is well in your life too.
  13. I used to not tell anyone except friends that i gamed. Kept it completely quiet at work, except to a few who i used to actually play DAOC with (in fact, they introduced me to DAOC and help level my first char). As i've gotten older, a few things have happened. 1. I care less about what people think. 2. I've stopped reaching higher in my career, and am not concerned about any perceptions of gaming in a professional sphere. 3. Gaming is cooler and more appreciated generally (in line with geek-cool and nerd-cool). 4. More people are playing and therefore find it acceptable. P.S. Loved Animaniacs.
  14. Thought some of you folk might be interested in this:
  15. Finished this game last night. Overall, i'd give it a solid 70%. It really felt like an SW game of old. If you were of an age to have marvelled at Dark Forces, you'll appreciate the feel of a SW game (i suspect the music score has as much to do with that as anything). I will confess that half way through i found the many boss fights to be too difficult on Jedi Master level, and decided to complete the rest on the next notch down (the bottom notch). Which was still difficult enough to be challenging and but not so difficult that it was no fun. It's not a long game. There are 5 main locations that you go back and forth to as the story unfolds. But the locations are rather large. As mentioned before, it plays out VERY much like the last 3 Tomb Raider games, and was built using the same, or similar, engine (Unreal). It is a superb engine, that made me gasp from the first few scenes. The characters are good. Your two main crewmates, are mostly dressing, but good dressing in that they contribute to the story, but not the action. The voicing is all brilliant - notably here is the captain, voice superbly by Daniel Roebuck (didn't know who he was). I have developed a soft spot for the sexy-voiced Mirren, a Russian-sounding witch, who appears later in the game. I would love to see more of her (no, not in that way). There's a lot to not be so proud of here. The game feels disjointed and too heavily scripted. As with TR, you are dumped in large spaces, but still on rails within that large space. Fighting mechanics can be a bit button-mashy at times. And there are a few bugs that don't destroy the game. I quit after several hours play due to losing too much progress between no-choice save points. But having restarted, found out that you can skip some of the bits a 2nd time round. Once it drop below £20, it's worth a punt. Graphically played great on a 1080 with a 4-series i7 and 16Gb. I'll leave you with a pic of Merrin.