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  1. Split 72% One of the best films of the year, so far for me. And all down to the acting talents of James McAvoy. If he doesn't get an Oscar for this, there's something wrong. Although, it must be said, it is an actors gift, as the lead plays a guy with 24 personalities - aach capable of almost physical transformations. It's neither the best nor most original story ever, but that didn't spoil my enjoyment one bit. I won't give any more away. Worth a watch.
  2. Anyne know if coop will be an upgrade, or a new game altogether. i.e. if I buy it now, will I have to buy it again for coop.
  3. Same here in the UK. Had a lovely day in the back garden drinking cider and ale, watching my lad playing in the wee inflatable pool and listening to music. Wife and son made my favourite breakfast of bread rolls with sausages, and she made me a curry in the evening. The weather over here is glorious at the mo, peaking at around 28 (84). I don't recall my father every giving me advice, unless you call him telling me to 'stop doing that ya fecker ye' advice. He wasn't that sort of Dad.
  4. If it was supposed to be new-new, I would have returned it and argued the toss with amazon. If it was a WH deal, I would have accepted it, along the lines of what Elo wrote.
  5. Fin seems to like this stuff, and it's part of my soul. If you don't like the first half, try it from 1:45. It's like a different track.
  6. I LoL'ed IRL.
  7. I've never voted. I don't feel any allegiance to this country. I pay my way and receive a service from it. If i really felt i'd seen someone who honestly deserved to run the country i'd probably feel compelled to vote for them. There have been a few who came close; mostly because i felt they had a sense of integrity and truth about them. Such as Michael Foot and Tony Benn. But they were a long time ago. I feel very sorry for US Citizens who have such a pathetic bunch of glory seekers to choose from it's just very sad.
  8. Done yellowstone, glacier, sequoia and yosemite. Of the four, Yosemite made the greatest impact on me. Although i also loved Bryce and Arches.Parks. I'd seriously recommend NZ too.
  9. I mentioned the cooler because you hadn't, and the stock is usally great for any except o/clockers. Amazon warehouse, in my experience, are very honest about condition, sometimes have v good deals and their returns policy i good. i've bought many things from w/house which you could easily mistake for being brand new.
  10. I've not lived a life that lends itself to longevity, and I've always tend to live as though I could die at any time. What that means in reality is that I don't like to sit back and watch life pass by as an observer. I try to take part and experience everything I reasonably can (like kite-boarding ). But one needs to balance risks. I've recently stopped the mortgage over-payments I've been making since ever, to spend that on living now instead. Fin is the last person in 3 branches of family and will be well set regardless of anything I put aside. We'll both have a decent pension. So why bother saving for a future that we'll enjoy more now, and when either of us could go 'pining for the fjords' any day.
  11. Bit late to this party. Only query I would have raised was whether you were using the stock cooler. Seems you are. I would have guess that this would be a fine rig for gaming at less than maximum settings. Only thing I might have suggested was looking at a GTX 970 on an amazon warehouse deal. I can see some for £170, which isn't much more than the 1050ti new. But it's a fair bit more grunt.
  12. I 'fessed up fully anticipating a barrage of well deserved piss-taking. You've been surprisingly gentle IMO.
  13. Much abated today. It was co-codamol and ibuprofen. Labels says that the liver converts the codeine in co-codamol into morphine, so yeah.
  14. Fin says to me yesterday, "Daddy, you've got a purple moob". The bruising 9 days later is rather impressive.
  15. Need to get this out of my system. So 15 mins in to 1st practice, fell and landed on my right shoulder. Compound fracture of humerus. Completely separated the top from the rest of the bone. 6-8 weeks in cuff and collar if it heals straight. Will need to get it pinned if it dont. up to a year for full recovery with physio. 'ave at it. First broken bone.