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  1. Most carts (or Shopping Trolleys, as they are known in most civilised countries), in the UK have a deposit system. You insert a pound coin to release it from the one in front, and you get that pound back when you return it.
  2. I watched a BBC documentary last Sunday on Extinction. There are theories from people who know about such things that point to HIV, SARS and now possibly Covid-19 originating from species brought out into the open due to their natural habitats being destroyed by us. Another delicious irony.
  3. So, and for an out there view. I've not been too shy to share my "too many human beings" view. Unfortunately, i doubt even Covid will make the slightest dent on the irony that we are the really nasty virus on this planet. It's a real shame that it seems to be worse for ethnic races - I wonder if we would have sat up more if it had been worse for Caucasian races? So, on the basis that Mother Nature failed to wipe out the scourge this time... What's next? When will she succeed?
  4. Our schools just opened too. My Sons first day today. Not quite sure what to think.
  5. So: 1. US Protests saying the social distancing violates human rights, 2. 5 million Muricans infected 2 weeks ago. Dunno 'bout youse guys, but I'm seeing a connection
  6. VR

    Agreed. I don't use mine enough to want to create an FB account. This will stop me altogether.
  7. Just checkin' in. I've been finding work under these conditions far more challenging than i was expecting. I'm exhausted by 5pm most days, and still feel like i'm doing lees work than i was back in Feb.
  8. Bit late, but me too. I hope you all had a great day.
  9. Yes. So we show our support by liking your post instead.
  10. My mate jumps back on every now and again. Claims it's greatness once more and stops a week later.
  11. Gosh. I grew up with an equal quantity of brown and white and hadn't even twigged the white ones had disappeared.
  12. 'Cause you is rascist bruh.
  13. Great post. As an alternative, some just go quiet. Sometimes for years. Mykhal used to come here practically daily. Now he just turns up to promote his latest album
  14. Great pics. Thanks Elovia. 650 miles in one day is a helluva long day. Think i might have done half of that once. Must have been a real bummer crossing borders, just to get back and have your stuff taken. Can't you get the rifle back? Thanks for sharing.
  15. I hope it worked out well fella. Look forward to the pics. It took us 3 years to finish unloading all the boxes when we moved here. Nothing to do with the number of boxes either. Also, one of the first boxes unpacked would have been the computer. I'm ashamed to call you my Internet buddy!