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  1. Nice write up Elovia. Thanks for sharing. It looks really pretty. Some of the shadowing is first rate. From the video footage, it seems that this game is all about fighting. Would that be fair to say?
  2. That makes me want to play it now
  3. Gotta say, it looks like my kinda thing. Thanks for the steer. I've just dropped a year of both EA games pass and Xbox games pass. On top of the 178 unplayed games on Steam and several other big names on my gaming PC unplayed. So less buyin, more playin.
  4. Aside from the occasional text message, i use Whatsapp or MS Teams. Teams is more for chats with folk at work, whether social or professional. Whatsapp is great for communicating across small groups for me. We have groups for Fins sporting clubs, parents in his class, and a group for our immediate neighbours, which has proved very useful.
  5. "I swear i ain't been dropping no eaves". Bit of a long story, but the point is to ask whether you've had any clear experiences with tech "listening" to your business. About 4-6 weeks ago, i started getting very itchy bites all on my feet and lower calves - about 6-10. I knew they were insect bites, but mosquitoes don't tend to care which part of ones body they bite. They were also significantly itcheir than mossy bites. I started developing hypotheses about where they came from and quickly my favourite suspect was a sheeps-wool carpet in the lounge. I'm the only one who puts their feet on it, and no one else had any issues. About 3 weeks ago, my mate came over to watch a film and sat in my spot, with his feet on the same rug. 2 days later I asked him via Whatsapp if he'd had any itchy spots. And indeed he had the previous day; also on his feet and lower legs. I hadn't discussed this with anyone else, nor looked into it until he'd confirmed my fears. We've also not had any insect problems since my last dog had fleas about 5 years ago. As soon as he had responded, on the same device i nipped into Amazon uk to buy something to sort it out. The Amazon landing page included a full page advert for flea-repellant. I can think of no valid reason for Amazon trying to flog me that product unless it had access to whatsapp conversations. I hadn't even discussed it with my wife yet - i was waiting to get the story back from my mate, before giving it to her to worry about. So, 1) what do you think? and 2) do you have any similar stories?
  6. I'd say it's well integrated into our life. But slowly becoming moreso over time and without any cajoling. The most common use by far is my son using it to read books. Books we've bought on Audible. He listens to it morning and night as he's getting up and going to bed. He's only got about 5 books on it, but he's been listening to those same 5 for nearly a year. He also plays music quite a lot. There are innumerable comedy aspects to it coming out every week, but these are usually 1-2 shot uses, apart from the fart machine, which was my sons first ever online purchase with his own money. Probably the 2nd most common use, which is also every day, is room awakening. In the lounge i have 3 lights hanging off 3 wifi socket and my hifi hanging off one of them too. So whenever we want to use the lounge for TV/Xbox/PS4/Music, we need to ask Alex to "turn on the lounge". The cabin lights are also attached to another outlet, but we don't that very often. Alex-driven wifi sockets have been a bit hit and miss; i've had a batch that I just couldn't get up and running and even the simpler options require tech-familiarity - especially when they don't behave as they should. But being as low as a fiver a pop, they are great value for home automation. In all, i think Alexa is a good thing that we have used to enrichen our lives. But i am also starting to witness invasions into my privacy than can only be down to eavesdropping technology. And that is a little concerning.
  7. That's a really great video Las. Surprisingly good to watch. You live in some great spaces for doing that. Although we have good rides, they're almost purely through forest - which have their own beauty, but never as sprawling. I felt sure you were going to come across a meth lab in a trailer at any point.
  8. As known in the UK... at least. Caravan - towed behind vehicle. Often transported around the UK to various camp-sites and connected up to services (water, electric, etc) when parked up, but also sometimes parked for years at a time, like a static caravan might be. Static Caravan. Usually stays in one place for many years, or forever. Can only be relocated on the back of a large truck. Permanently hooked up to utilities. This is what i think of when you guys say Trailer. Motor Home - UK style Motor home - US style
  9. That's pretty much how campsites are across Europe. Having camped in the Rocky's, i am aware of the other side - log-piles bigger than my house, 132 miles to your nearest neighbour, RV's the size of a small country, etc. The other cultural difference is - what you guys refer to as trailers, along with all the bad press that goes with them, we call static-caravans, which are prized and sought after holiday homes. They tend to live alongside camping pitches. Often exceeding brick-built homes for their elegance and refinements.
  10. We overspent last Summer in the US. So went cheap this year. At the end of August we had 9 nights under canvas (well poly-propylene anyway) at Oakdown Campsite in Sunny South Devon. And sunny it was. Scorching every day, except the last, when it began to drizzle as we were packing the tent into it's bag... I'll take that. The region is lovely, dotted by superb beaches and seaside towns. One in particular was called Beer and is now my favourite place in the world. Most of the beaches were pebble, which wasn't great for us or the dog. We had some issues on the campsite, which didn't spoil things too much. But as it's supposed to be among the top 5 campsites in the UK, I was hoping for more. I've written a review on trip advisor, if anyone's interested, here: I'd bought a couple of board games with us to try out, for some evening family fun. One that we really enjoyed was Forbidden Island. One thing that's novel is that it's cooperative - you play together to beat the game. This is remarkably good at avoiding any arguments, and i'd recommend it for 9+. Oddly enough, we've found it easier to beat with just 2 players, than with 3. Pics inc. The last picture is of Winnie waiting patiently for Mum's return. The 3rd is us playing Forbidden Island. The panoramic is from above Charmouth, which is famous for it's fossils.
  11. Great setting. 'Dishonored'-style steampunk, but with fantasy creatures instead of technology. Surprising performance with a passable Northern Irish accent from Cara Delevigne, scraping her acting chops off the floor following Valerian. A couple of producers with a good pedigree, including lots of star trek. On the down side, the chemistry between Cara DL and Bloom just isn't there. Could be interesting thought. I watch in hope. Anyone else?
  12. Spider"men"
  13. In some respects i'm looking forward to getting old. I am hope the demands on me will reduce. I am looking forward to retirement, but not necessarily the drop in income. I have sooo much that i don't have time to do now. I am not wishing my sons childhood away, but i have been looking forward so much to showing him some of the great games and movies that he just cannot watch today. Actually, the Alien movies are some of them.
  14. Same. Caught me out. Even knowing it doesn't help. That blonde hair really changes him. And not for the better. Overall, fantastic series. Over way too qucik.
  15. I made your meatloaf yesterday. It was an interesting experience. I'd say i followed about 80% of the recipe, with some variances around the bbq sauce - using a little too much of the left over Elovia bbq sauce from last summer. I had no soup, so used a stock cube, but probably too much water in it. All in all, the resulting mix was too sloppy to form into a loaf very well. It sort of collapsed a little in the oven. I also used mozzarella cheese instead of colby, as it's a very good melting cheese. I also covered the loaf with streaky-bacon in strips, rather than a lattice. Mostly because i was behind time and my way took about 15 seconds. Myself and my wife both enjoyed it. My son didn't love it. There was loads left over, so i had it for lunch today with some noodles. Tonight, i chopped the remainder in a medium chop - not too fine, maybe half inch pieces, and rolled it up in wraps/large tortillas. Placed the wraps in a baking dish and covered it with a large jar of bolognese sauce. Then baked it in the oven at 180c 360f for 30-40 mins. We all really enjoyed it. So there's a tip back at ya! Thanks for sharing Elovia. Our first ever meatloaf.