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  1. That was great. Reminiscing on both an amazing film and an amazing game simultaneously. I won't tell you what i just did in my pants.
  2. Exactly the same colour as my thoughts...
  3. That was one of the original reasons for relocating in the first place. And remained so, until i found the Rift cable chewed through. I'll get around to it when my hearts back into it. And i've killed my dog.
  4. Yes. The bolt is screwed into a wall plug (wikipedia says you call them anchors or rawlplug). I used 8mm coach bolts , which felt really sturdy. In the UK, power for sockets on floors above the ground floor is supposed to be fed directly from below the socket, in a vertical run up to the socket. On the ground floor, it's supposed to be fed vertically down to the socket, directly from above. So in a two storey house, all the electrical runs are centred on the cavity between the ground floor and the one above (we call it 1st floor, you call it 2nd). With a dot and dab wall, or a cavity wall, yes, it would be run, more or less, in the cavity. When the wall construction is solid, plaster directly onto block or brick, you use a technique called "Chasing", when you cut a channel into the wall using a chasing cutter. Walls of older houses were built to last better than the newer houses. Anything older than, say, the 1960's would be more commonly built of brick, for both external, and internal walls. More modern houses would be built of brick or cinder block external, and for internal walls, often just "stud" walls, made of wooden frames with plaster board covering. The beer is my current favourite (and it's been my favourite since last Summer). It's called "Life & Death". It's an American style IPA, made from citrus hops. Quite strong in alcohol. Quite stunning on a hot day, when you've built up a thirst.
  5. That also crossed my mind.
  6. So I am around 75% through SoTR, and have been pleasantly surprised. Reviews weren't great, with the general consensus being that it was the weakest of the three. It feels like the longest. It looks like the prettiest (although that could be the GPU upgrade), and it feels like the biggest in terms of play-area. They've also toned down those slightly annoying rush scenes, where you have to react fast to a choreographed scene. Jonah has outstayed his welcome, being little more than baggage in a pony-tail, that needs rescuing from time to time. He's clearly in love with Lara, but just can't push it beyond friendship (although the game is not yet finished!!!). The story is ok; still against Trinity, of course. Located in various parts of South America, but largely within Jungle terrain, and featuring several of the indigenous tribes, both as historical notes and to play with. I'm assuming Trinity will be wiped of the face, as it's the end of the Trilogy. That bit is fine, although I feel I was never taught to properly hate Trinity. They're all a bit faceless, and i suspect the whole series could have done with one person at the top to focus on. The puzzles are not difficult, but you need to be in the whole Tomb Raider head-zone, for them to make more sense. I would definitely recommend this title, even if you'd not played the previous ones.
  7. Finally... After a year on the kitchen island, the Falcon has been mounted. Repeat... The falcon has been mounted. Considering that it was just a Lego model, it was a mammoth project, requiring a special mounting bracket, as a i wanted to mount it twisted, and it's heavy - very few brackets fitted the bill. Secondly, my walls are block covered with dot and dab plasterboard, which means there's plasterboard, then air and then a block. So i need to buy special longer coach-bolts. 15kg when extended on the bracket arms, creates a high weight load on those bolts. But it's well fixed. And it's fully adjustable, both in and out, swinging right and left, and it can tilt 15 degrees and rotate 360 degrees. A few bits exploded onto the floor, struggling with my wife to get the model up on the rig, but 30 mins rebuilding in place should do it. Finally, i attached the electrics to a Echo compatible electrical socket, and renamed the socket "Falcons Engines". So now i can turn on the engine lights by asking Alexa to "turn on the Falcons engines". Woo-hooo. I will be tidying up the electrical stuff at some point.
  8. Good times my friend. Great times. With your hound woofing in the background and me eating Fish-mash n beans. Hunters rock.
  9. I really don't know what you see in her.
  10. I think the last DC film i liked was Superman in 1978. Although the first Wonderwoman film wasn't too bad.
  11. I get you, but i'm not sure i agree. I see so many hundreds, if not thousands of indie-games released each year. It's possible to get access to most of them if you look.
  12. Yay for quoting oneself. I got curious. Both Mario and Wolfenstein could be argued as still releasing games. But you might argue that Mario games are not the same style of games; they just have that character appearing. Comparing Donkey Kong to Mario Kart is a bit of a stretch. Wolfenstein, however, is still the same style of game, featuring the same main char, doing the same things, to the same people, and still FPS. Both are 1981.
  13. ... and still going after 32 years. Last game was released late last year: "Wet Dreams Don't Dry". Is there an gaming IP lasting longer than that?
  14. Firefox private window for untraced security. VPN to remain anonymous to your ISP. I'd recommend PIA.
  15. What's the draw for Thailand?