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  1. The Haunting of Hill House 74% Very reminiscent of an HBO series. Top quality. Superb actors. No one famous (aside from ET's Elliot - who was superb BTW). The beautiful and very talented Carla Gugino is well worth watching. It is scary, but it doesn't do scares for scares sake.
  2. I thought that too. But that was about 10 years ago.
  3. There may be more to it than this, but in that 399, you also get the awesome wireless xbox one controller. I already had two xbox 360 controller and the xbone one controller is another level of quality up, and is itself 40-50 quids worth. Another one you might want to consider is the Acer Mixed Reality headset. Escpecially if affordability is an issue (which it doesn't sound like it is if you're thinking of the Vive). It's similar to both in terms of specs, has camera's on the headset to map the room etc. And retails for £199. We have both at work, and people who wear glasses like the Acer, as it has more space within the headset.
  4. Having chosen the Rift, i'm interested to know what led you to choose the Vive, especially considering the not-tiny cost difference.
  5. Sorry it was 2080 vs 1080ti that i was looking at. From what i can see the 2070ti is not yet out. So the 1080ti is going for around £150 less than the 2080 (non ti) and froma cursory glance seems abotu 5-10% lower performance. So it's still bang-per-buck better value. But the argumetn goes, that as games are written to exploit RTX cards, they will further increase that gap. If it was me, i'd be buying the 1080ti. Cause that's what i could afford, and i can wait for games to mature a couple of years.
  6. IIRC the new series are offering a lower spec card that's faster than the 1080ti, or close, for a similar price. Something like a 2070ti I'll try and dig up what i read today.
  7. I'd be amazed if there wasn't an abiding agreement to do just that with his visage on MCU IP for some period. He's a bright bloke and its something i would have considered years ago and 1000 times, if i were him. And i'm not as bright.
  8. Or digitally map his face onto other actors forever.
  9. Yeah, they definitely worked hard on giving him a happy ending. Several different outcomes, with different old flames coming forward to spend the rest of their days with you. The warmth of the Regis friendship. Humour coming from Geralt!. Loads of humour being built into the game itself (The Major Domo being Barnabas "Basil Foulty" tickled me). Two completely different story endings. My mate ended up with Triss and i ended up with Yen. But he did kill Yen in the main game, so that might have been wierd. Several warm & fuzzy quests - taking on the Spoon Wraith/Old Lady as home cook. The character obsessed by precious spoons being called Smeagol Serkis. Scraping Thumbelina off the sole of your shoe, after taking a misstep in fairy-tale land. The list is very long indeed. Just great writing.
  10. It is a shame that his life ended amid loads of litigation though. I hope it didn't affect his end of days. Lucky Man.
  11. I got the notification from GOG and signed up straight away.
  12. So after the first conclusion, i suspected there was another outcome to see. So i reloaded a game that was about 2 hours back from the first, before i'd made a key decision. Wow! I've never seen such a dramatically different outcome to two different parts of the same game. Like 2 hours different gameplay made for your choices. I've finished both and i'm very happy with Geralts life now.
  13. Yeah. You won't like 3 either. One unusual thing about Witcher is the the char you play is also voiced. Which means the "character" is not very flexible. The skills you have are, but no so much how you behave and interelate to other people. So the "role" in RPG, is more about the skills and abilities, than demeanor or communication skills.
  14. OK. So you can anticipate how i'd respond, given my opening post. Let me just say that i thought 1 & 2 were also little more than OK. Both my own and general opinion is that 1&2 cannot be compared to 3. They are completely different, both game styles and approaches. Only thing they share is the main character, lore, and boobies. None of which guarantees you'd like it, of course. Although i would suggest that if you haven't gelled by the time you'd hit Novigrad, you're probably never going to. That can be as little as around 4-5 hours game-play in. but usually takes 10-20 hours.
  15. Did you see that guy. He had a "Grammar Police" T-shirt on. Ran right by, he did. Only stopped to make one minor correction. Legend goes that he has a pet-hate for mis-used 'then' and 'than', prevalent in US edumacation.