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  1. Oh yeah, and Rampage. I'd go 10% too
  2. Solo 50%. So average. Paul Bettany was good, but offset by the mundanity of everyone else. Han himself was very badly cast, and in terms of historic casting errors, that has to be up there. Chewie was underused. The bot-with-character trope, which is probably going to be used on every SW movie ever now, after K2SO4, was OK. Even the transformation from old shape falcon to new shape was nothing more than a panel falling off, without any actual mention of it in the film - so obviously a shit reason to sell more models. I actually liked this less than 1-3, but i'm someone who never hated 1-3. Future world 10% I can't even be arsed to write about it. I spent 90 minutes reading my laptop instead. The best bit was the robots arse. The Fellowship of the Ring - 92% Watched this with Fin for the first time on Sunday. He really enjoyed it, and managed to last 3 hours and 45 minutes. I haven't had the heart to tell him that part 2 is longer and part 3 is nearly 4.5 hours long. Tully 59% Charlize once again show that she can method act the shit outta most ppl. Interesting twist. A Prayer before Dawn 45% Seemed like it should have been great, but was just too myopic and narrow visioned for me, and it has all been done before.
  3. Ditto. I did try one for about 30 secs and it was about as scary as i imagined it might be. Plus the puppy has chewed through a £50 cable on the rift, and it don't work at the mo. Little fukka.
  4. At last. Someone who doesn't think the sun shines out of that films arse. I mean it was fine n stuff, but nothing amazing. I also didn't Ragnarok was amazing. I watched a clip that didn't make the final cut, of Thor eating breakfast. Funniest moment of the film wasn't in the film IMO.
  5. I quite enjoyed (and plan to go back to) Subnautica.
  6. Knuckle down folks. All the best. Last news i heard was that it was diminishing in power. I hope this continues.
  7. Orbital - Tiny Foldable Cities, is probably my favourite track in a long time. Very 8-bit in places. LSD - Thunderclouds Disclosure - You and Me. Sofi Tucker - Batshit. Depeche Mode - World in my Eyes.
  8. Just looking at posting frequency will tell me that the site isn't heavily used. Unless all the use is on the MTG side, which I cannot see.
  9. I get that. She's not house trained yet, so we're having daily "gifts" in random places. Today it was the boot of my car. Lucky her crap has solidified over the past week. Pools of diarrhea on the bedroom carpet is no fun. It's certainly testing my resolve.
  10. She will need grooming. We've been told monthly, but i'm tight and will try to persuade my wife to go every two months. She also needs trimming around her eyes and nose regularly (the dog that is... badum-tish). My wife is bathing and brushing her weekly at the moment, but i suspect that will lessen over time.
  11. I do, but not often, and i only use it for playing steam games. My handle, unsurprisingly, is pasanda
  12. Sorry to hear that fella. Being a fairly mature bunch, we've probably experienced quite a bit of death between us. If you want to get shit off your chest, feel welcome to do so. Sometimes strangers have their plusses.
  13. Installed Just Cause 3 and Metro Last Light Redux. Worked through intro and control setup on both game, then checked the reviews. Metro seems older, checking... Yeah it's 2.5 years older, and both have great reviews, but Metro pips it, so i decided to play Metro. So far, not tooooooo bad. But time will tell.
  14. I've just picked up a new LG G3 battery for about $6, from ebay for my boy. It's like a new phone again.
  15. They made a superb Spiritmaster!!! And you could hide inside your Troll spirit-thing.